How to Journal Using Your Subconscious & Conscious Mind | Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

How to Journal Using Your Subconscious & Conscious Mind | Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

hey guys Michelle here so I’m actually
on vacation this week and completely off the grid no internet no anything but I’m
making this video because I want to talk about something that I do whether I’m
home or on vacation and it has to do with being able to journal in such a way
that it also combines your conscious mind with your subconscious mind to
really create change I used to journal or at least I would
try to journal in the past and I used to feel like it didn’t do anything you know
I mean I enjoy writing and it was nice to write about certain things certain
thoughts or feelings that would come up but I’m kind of a solution-focused
person and I didn’t feel like it helped me to kind of change the things that I
wanted to change and at the time I didn’t realize that a lot of the times
when we’re trying to create change we are staying within the realms of our
conscious mind whether we realize it or not and it wasn’t until I learned about
subconscious programming and how to utilize your subconscious mind to help
that I began to use certain techniques in my journaling and I’m going to share
them with you so the journaling book that I use it’s called living with
intent you can find it on Amazon or you can listen to this video because I’m
going to give you three powerful techniques that you can utilize in
journaling that can help you to combine your subconscious mind so it’s
completely up to you you can get the publication on Amazon and have it all
spelled out for you or you can just begin applying these in a blank
journaling book okay but make sure you watch the video to the end so that you
get all three techniques that combine the subconscious mind with the conscious
mind okay so the first technique that I utilize in this journal that helps
people to combine their subconscious mind is using coaching questions what is
that it’s funny because a lot of people come to coaching and they don’t really
know exactly what to expect I think sometimes people come to coaching
thinking that I’m going to tell them what to do but a real life coach or
somebody that coaches in alignment with the ICF
the highest standards out there for coaching doesn’t tell a person what to
do rather we use different questioning techniques that are designed to shine
the light in the blind spots of our clients in other words a lot of people
recognize where they want to go in life a lot of people recognize what they
would like to do or who they would like to be what they don’t understand is why
can’t they get there and so these questions are designed to help shine the
light in those blind spots so why is utilizing questions to shine the light
in those blind spots so valuable I’m going to read the foreword in this
publication or at least as a paragraph it says anything in our life that we
find is unwanted can be traced back to our actions or lack of actions behind
those actions like the feelings that are responsible for those actions or lack of
actions peeling it back even further we would find that beneath those feelings
are the thoughts that are the driving force for those feelings when we realize
the truth when we truly grasp this reality we conclude that the secret to
everything that we have or don’t have in our life whether external things or
internal empowering beliefs and high vibrational emotions are all the results
of our thoughts when we fail to grasp this truth we go about trying to change
our external reality thinking that this will result in the happiness joy
confidence and success that we longed for
however the external alone is not enough so we wind up hitting roadblock after
roadblock stuck in a pattern of striving for a goal beginning to see a small
amount of change and then BAM our subconscious mind sabotages it since it
is out of alignment with our inner reality and we’re back to square one
over and over again stuck in a loop with no way out and here’s the key part to
that it says we must come to grips with the fact that if there are things about
our current reality that we do not like whether they are external internal or
both the fur step toward changing and improving our
circumstances is not anything external that we need to do rather it is the
internal we must first change our mindset since this is the birthplace of
the feelings that will govern and motivate our actions so what this is
basically saying is that in order to create change we have to first figure
out what our mindset is what our beliefs are what actions and feelings and
thoughts are keeping that belief alive which is keeping those feelings actions
and current reality alive and we need to change that on the inside and that’s
what coaching questions helps with I always tell my clients that if they are
stuck in a loop where they’re setting goals to create change and they start to
see those goals beginning to change and then boom they some how sabotage those
goals the reason that they do that it’s not coincidental they do that because
there’s something in their subconscious mind that is out of alignment with those
goals because the change for lasting change anyway it doesn’t start with the
external it starts with the internal so that’s one thing that that journal helps
with the second thing that the publication helps with when it comes to
involving your subconscious mind is using visualization visualization is a
simple technique and I’m going to read right here from this part of the
publication for it explains why it’s so powerful I’m the kind of person that if
I’m going to try something I need to understand the whys behind what I’m
going to do so that’s why I’m not just giving you the tools but I’m trying to
help you to see why they’re beneficial okay so it says visualization is a
simple technique used to create a mental image of a future event when we
visualize our desired outcome we begin to see the possibility of achieving it
through visualization week of our subconscious mind a map to our preferred
future when this happens we are motivated and prepared to pursue our
goal okay so normally we accidentally strengthen
the beliefs that are keeping us stuck in a loop so for example let’s say I want
to be confident in public right and I struggle with social anxiety so
accidentally one thing that a lot of us do when we’re trying to create changes
we strengthen the belief that we don’t want anymore
and we do that by repeating it in our head I can’t believe how anxious I am
look at how confident I’m look at my lack of confidence they’re judging me
I’m this I’m that and we’re repeating the negative and we repeat and repeat
and repeat we’re mad at ourselves but what we don’t realize is that by
treating ourselves that way and by repeating it
we’re actually strengthening that reality that we don’t have confidence
that we can’t do it so when we begin visualizing we actually
begin showing our subconscious mind what our preferred future is what it looks
like and how it would feel if we were to accomplish that and so there are tons of
prompts in the publication that help you to begin doing this also another reason
why visualization is so powerful and again from going right back to the
journal right here I’m going to read this it says according to research using
brain imagery visualization works because neurons and our brains interpret
imagery the exact same way as they interpret a real-life action when we
visualize an act the brain generates an impulse that tells our neurons to
perform the movement this creates a new neural pathway that Prime’s us to act in
a way consistent to what we imagined all of this occurs without actually
performing the physical activity yet it achieves a similar result seeing really
is believing again I’m reading this I’m telling you this so that you understand
the why why do we visualize it’s not a fantasy it’s not just entertaining a
fantasy it’s actually helping our brain to create the neurons that help us to
achieve what we want to chief okay so so far we have two ways
that we engage the subconscious mind with the conscious mind to create change
the first way is by utilizing coaching questions that shines the light in our
beliefs our mindset our thought patterns that are keeping programs or
subconscious programming alive that we don’t want anymore they’re not working
for us the second way is by utilizing visualizations and the third way is by
using a trick with your mind okay so I’m going to now go to the last section of
the publication where it talks about using the phrase I am now I am
statements don’t always work with the subconscious mind and I’m gonna explain
all of that now okay so so if you look up any Law of Attraction videos they
always talk about the most important words that we can use are I am right
those words convey our belief system regarding who we are and what we think
we should have in our lives the words we use after saying I am are extremely
powerful however if our feelings and our I am words are not in harmony the
feelings will always govern and dictate our life for example if I say I am
enough and this is the part you need to pay attention to because this is the
part that explains why if you’re using I am statements and you’re not seeing
results why this is happening okay so if you’re saying I am enough but you feel
worthless you will continue to attract and be attracted to things people and
circumstances that support the feeling not the words because that belief is
what is in your subconscious programming in other words our conscious mind is
where we can say affirmations I am enough I am lovable I am successful we
are utilizing our conscious mind when we say that but if our feeling underneath
that is the opposite of the words the feeling is
what is in our subconscious programming the feeling is what is in our
subconscious mind and that is always governing the show our subconscious mind
will never accept a lie so if I think that I’m a horrible person right but I
have this belief I am bad because maybe I was raised with shame and that belief
was strengthened by years of toxic abuse right if that’s my belief and I say I am
a good person everything I do everything I everything I do and everything that is
in my life is going to not reflect those words I am good but they are rather
going to reflect the feelings of feeling bad so the technique that I utilize to
trick my mind right and it’s in this publication to trick my mind is rather
than saying I am enough I put one word in front of that how am i enough and
then I think about all the ways that help me to see that I have value what we
begin doing by putting the question how am i enough our mind begins to look for
answers our subconscious mind begins to hunt for evidence to answer that
question and by doing that consistently you begin training your mind to change
your beliefs from limiting beliefs to more empowering beliefs that are helping
you in your life our subconscious mind will only begin changing its reality
when it sees evidence of that reality so by putting the word how how am i enough
how am i lovable how am i a good person how am i confident how am i successful
by asking our mind in that way we will find answers we will find little tiny
pieces of evidence and done consistently our
subconscious mind begins to see the new reality and so we’re not trying to shove
a new reality into existence we’re growing it in a slow consistent way
which is in harmony with how our subconscious mind learns right it’s a
habit mind it doesn’t pick up things and learn from one day to the next like our
conscious mind it learns by the everyday little things we do so those three
prompts those three tools used in journaling have a very powerful effect
the publication that I mentioned that’s on Amazon is written to give you six
months of prompts that utilize those three techniques I encourage you if you
are looking if you have found yourself in a loop where you begin to change and
then you’re sabotage you begin to make take steps forward and then you’re stuck
again in the loop again try this publication try this journaling
technique if you don’t want the publication like I said earlier then try
these prompts because this is a way that’s gonna help you to engage your
conscious mind and your subconscious mind in a way that’s really gonna help
you to grow and to change if you’re still with me here at this point in the
video I just wanted to say that I am on vacation I am on a cruise we had an
earthquake on this cruise yesterday it was crazy
everyone’s okay it wasn’t like a huge thing but you definitely knew something
was wrong by the way the boat was moving so I just want to share that with you
and let you know that I’ve been off-grid for this whole week I’m like completely
disconnected from internet from emails from everything but I did want to make
this video for you because this is something that changed my life or is
changing my life because it’s something that I put into practice every day and
I’m hoping that it changes your life too if you do get the publication please do
me a favor and go on Amazon and leave a review let me know how you enjoy this
publication because it really does mean a lot to me you

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