How to Keep a Gratitude Journal And Find Your Joy with Yasmine Cheyenne

How to Keep a Gratitude Journal And Find Your Joy with Yasmine Cheyenne

– So in this exercise
we’re gonna be talking about cultivating joy. I thought joy was about
having fun with my friends, hanging out, being
successful in my career, all of the kinda external things and I didn’t realize
that a lot of my makeup and my understanding of
joy was with a mind frame that it would be brought
to me by those in my lives, that there will be people
that would make my joy a priority for them and it was a long journey into realizing that it was my responsibility to make joy something
that was important to me and I don’t think we often
think about joy that way. We wait for it to happen, wait
for something funny to happen we wait for someone to bring it to us but this is a way where
we can have this list and then when things get tough, we can have this to reference back to and begin to bring that joy
back into our own lives. So I’m gonna be using the list format here and I find this really
easy because I mean, you could just go on and on and on about the things that bring you joy. So for me I’m gonna start with
a title before I do my list. So what brings me joy and the first thing that
I always think about is people watching. I think being a New
Yorker in general, my God, the things you see when
you’re walking around like someone being
helped across the street, watching someone, a couple in love and you can tell they’re
on their third date and it’s still all new and fresh. All of those things really bring me joy and are just fun to me and help me remember the
easygoing parts of life and kinda get out of my
TV, social media mind frame and just stuck in the negative parts that are a natural part of life but that can kinda bring us down. Another thing that brings me a lot of joy is when I wake up the first
time my alarm goes off. That is not often but
it really makes me feel like I prioritized my self-care in a way where I can
actually wake up on time. This is another small thing but when Trader Joe’s has eucalyptus. Joy. It smells great. I’m gonna jack up this spelling but that’s the beauty of journaling. It’s just for me. Only every one of you guys and me knows I can’t spell eucalyptus. I love fresh flowers. I love when my kids laugh. Them laughing makes me laugh and then we just are like
three crazy people laughing. I really love really good wine,
preferably red and Malbec. I am from New York and
I’ve said that a few times but New York City is just, as
soon as I can see the skyline, I’m like yes, joy. The ocean. I actually have a meditation
app that I listen to and it brings me a lot of
joy hearing that before bed. Memes on social media innate joy. Cuomo on CNN. I love his dialogue with Don
Lemon before they pass it off. This is how you know I’m firmly in my 30s. It’s hilarious to me. I stay up for that every single night. I’m finding the joy as I’m
doing this, if you don’t, just thinking about the
things that make you happy, it really changes your mood instantly. So I’m gonna stop here but I think this is a really good example of how focusing on the little, I mean, these are like really small things that throughout the day
just reflecting back on them remind me of how much
joy I get out of the time that I spend focusing on
the small things in life like Trader Joe’s for example. That’s during my errand time
but tons of joy from that. Same thing with fresh flowers. Kids’ laughter. That’s a completely free experience and sometimes I get that
even from people watching. So sometimes I circle back and I’m like, oh, wow, that’s double joy there. So one of the things that comes up a lot after you finish your joy
list is that was great but how can I integrate this into my life and so I just wanna
reflect back for a second into the pie chart and
I think finding ways that you can integrate it into your life and be more actionable about it helps you to again take back your power and it’s an empowering experience. So for me, the Trader Joe’s
experience is in my errands and blah, I don’t really like my errands. Remembering that during that errand time I’m actually having joyful experiences. So even though I don’t enjoy
running errands all the time, this is an amazing time
for me to be more present to the things that do bring me joy. Another thing is during family time for me seeing the places
that my joy shows up that I often forget when I look at my day and I’m overwhelmed by
the amount of things that I have going on, remembering all the joyful
things that take place in them. Adulting time often leads
to that glass of wine. Lots of joy. The ocean. That’s in my downtime. Listening to my meditation app. That also usually comes
from adulting in itself. Work leads to more time in New York City and I love New York so this is more joy. I think that just being honest about there are parts of
these charts that really suck and that can be draining
to our day to day lives and our experiences but trying
to change our mind frames to being more present to the places that joy
already exists within these helps us to change our mind
frames, helps us to get back to this is what actually makes me happy, this is where I actually shine,
this is where I feel good and it doesn’t mean acting like these other sucky things don’t exist but we can have both and
that’s the important piece, understanding that it can
be sucky by five o’clock but by 5:30 I’m looking at
eucalyptus and I’m happy and so just bringing that
into your experience more and understanding that
this is all created by us. There are people that influence it. There are people that
come in and out of it but we are in charge
of this experience here and we’re also in charge
of bringing this in. So I hope that this was helpful for you to see how you can kind of
intersect writing practices and you can take things that you learn from one writing practice and bring more perspective
to another and I mean, this can lead to so many
different writing prompts but I hope that this really
helps you to understand and gain more clarity around
how journaling is so expansive and we can make it look very different in so many different ways.

4 thoughts on “How to Keep a Gratitude Journal And Find Your Joy with Yasmine Cheyenne

  1. Aside from unexpected joy like finding money or a one night stand, something most of us can relate to, I can’t seem to figure out those “little things” that bring me valued pleasure as suggested in the video. I guess if I count my blessings daily for things such as my eyesight, good health, my career, etc., I can remain in a state of joy. But I’d think that’s more of a state of thankfulness.
    I desire so many things in Trader Joe’s but I lose that euphoria while waiting in line. Or I spend money I didn’t intend to. Lol
    Nice video, tho. By the way, I gave you a thumbs up.

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