How To Learn Faster

How To Learn Faster

This episode is supported by Whether you’re headed back to school or just wanting to pick up a new skill like a language or an instrument learning new things is AMAZING! But, is their a better way to learn something quickly and retain that knowledge? First step is: Skip the laptop Although you might be quicker at typing Writing with pen and paper is the way to go when taking notes Not only are their oodles of distractions online But researchers have found that those who type process the information at a shallower level As opposed to simply train scribing verbatim re-framing the information into your own words while writing out physically leads to better performance on tests. And to retain those notes STUDY, SLEEP, STUDY! In a French experiment 2 groups were taught the Swahili translation for 16 French words Over 2 sessions Group 1 studied in the morning then took a break and studied again in the evening. But group 2 studied in the evening slept for the night and then resumed studying in the morning Though their was the same amount of time between the 2 study sessions, The sleep group could recall 10 of 16 words while the no sleep group could only get 7.5 Learning a new motor skill? Try modifying your practice slightly A study of 86 happy volunteers were asked to learn a computer based motor skill over 2 training sessions One groups second training session had them learn the task in a slightly altered way While the other repeated the task with the exact same practice Those who used two different strategies nearly doubled the speed of accuracy of the task compared to the control group What does this look like in the real world? Say you’re perfecting your tennis game, try switching between rackets with slightly different weights between sessions.

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  1. how can i study in the afternoon while that is full of my extra class, i go to school about 7am and back at 7pm 😂

  2. Learning new things are amazing

    Don’t go to the laptop
    Write with paper
    Write with your own words

    Group 1 ❌
    Am + pm

    Task + repeat task

    Group 2 ✅
    Pm + sleep + Am

    Task + modificated task
    ❗️not a big modification

    *Get some exercise *

    Use acronym sentences to let it stay in long term memorie , the weirder the sentence the better you will remember

    Be hydrated

    Say it out loud

    Give yourself a reward better the reward better the study

  3. I think that by hearing, reading, saying what you have learned out loud, then writing what you have learned done and finally repeating these steps at least 5 times will allow for you to learn so much quicker than normal.

  4. step 1 spamming Hqhahhq but thqt make you type fast wait your talking about to be a electra pro at this then you need you brain so trillion books right now woo

  5. 3.141592653589793238462643383279528841971693993751 just out of my head being a lazy potato check me numberes but I did do it out of my head

  6. I like the suggestion of 2:43 say it out loud 😄😄😄😄haha I never learn in loud voice thanks to tell me now I will learn all subjects in loud 😄 voice .

  7. How to learn faster
    1) skip laptop and write it in your words
    2) study sleep and study
    3) learn task with slight different strategies
    4) exercise
    5) say it loud
    6) hydrate
    7) give yourself reward after doing work
    8) stop using mobile right now until that work is done

  8. Thanks. The video is easy to understand even though I'm from Indonesia and don't speak English very well. But I can understand that.

  9. But what if you you need to study through your phone….keeping ur phone away in such case doesn't help………even if you mute the notifications….when ur using the phone…you can see the messages that come to u and you get tempted to look at them

  10. Thx now I skip my laptop know it really doesn’t help because we have tests on our laptop and iPhone we don’t do on paper because we see each others I didn’t was in the exam and got an F+ it really helps

  11. Water helps to process and to learn things me: Goes to a water bottle factory and drinks every bottle they made

  12. Notes to be taken:
    1) Write using pen and paper.
    2)Get enough sleep
    3)Modify practice slightly
    5)Use mnemonic (wierder the better)
    5)Read out loud
    6)Stay hydrated
    7)Reward Yourself

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  14. I know that some of you need a text because your reading comprehension is better.

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  16. I was REALLY smart back the and rode bikes but now im dumb af because im too lazy to ride a bike
    So that's why im dumb

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