How to Make $100 a Day Blogging | Step-by-Step Tutorial

How to Make $100 a Day Blogging | Step-by-Step Tutorial

hey guys this is Ben Arkell with I wanted to talk to you about my last couple days online where
one revenue stream I’ve had has made on average a hundred dollars a day and I
want to walk you through how I did that so you guys can hopefully replicate it
and do the same thing now this for those of you don’t know this channel is all of
a passive income through affiliate marketing so if you want to click the
subscribe button and the notification bell I promise I will provide
information that will be valuable to you in your business every single day what I
want to do is just quick give this quick screenshot this is my earnings from my
dashboard on media my media vine is a ad network for blogs that you can see that
on 7:15 I made one hundred and thirty two dollars 716 m 887 so those two days
I made two hundred and $19 very limited work probably a couple hours worth of
work I wanted to walk you through what I did so first of all this is an example
of how he’s blogging to help drive revenue online now there’s lots of ways
to make money online most of them deal with publishing
content okay I love blogging I started blogging
probably five years ago and built a good little website it’s in a niche that is a
religious niche so it’s in the religion sector and then beneath that my sub
niche is it’s specific to a specific religion the Church of Jesus Christ of
latter-day saints and I’ve also started another blog in the make money online
niche and trying to develop that and help that to grow using the same
principles I’ve been applying in this religious niche okay so I want to take
you through kind of what I did to show you how I made this
one hundred dollars a day now first what happened so this is my website called to
share there’s a story that happened okay so one of the concept you have to use in
blogging is trying to take advantage of events that are happening people call
like a been hacking or basically you want to take advantage of stuff that is
happening right now write about it and use it to your benefit so you can see
below here these are the ads that have running okay that is one of the main
sources of revenue the this $219 I made it was all through ad revenue people
just reading my articles and showing up on my site so what happened this past
week in New York City there’s a choir called the millennial choir they’re from
the western regions like Utah Arizona California they actually flew out to
Carnegie Hall in New York to have a performance they had a couple of couple
performances on a Friday couple on Saturday and they’re having one in the
nighttime and then there was a power outage in New York City and Carnegie
Hall was affected and so everyone that was in the concert hall the lights went
out and they kind of like what we do so they went out in the street that quieted
this belen you acquired I started performing and like singing songs about
Jesus in the streets of New York City and people had their phones out there
recording at all so one of these songs they sang is actually written by an
apostle who is in the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints like like
1972 he wrote the song so it was it was relevant to my niche to the Church of
Jesus Christ of latter-day saints so that’s why I wrote this article because
this song and is very well-known in our faith was being sung in New York City
and people were you know filming it and it kind of went viral so I took those
videos wrote an article about it let me just pull this up real quick I just
talked about it says New York City power outage
forces choir and Carnegie Hall to sing to sing to Street the saying I believe
in Christ gate and then I talked about it
share some of the video clips but as you see in the scrolling through here you
know there’s the ad down here and I think sorry my computer there’s a couple
ads here right okay so I basically use this relevant topic creating an article
about it posted about it and then I’m getting revenue as these you know video
ads are showing and if anybody clicks on it I’m getting revenue and if I go back
here yeah that on the fifteenth about you know they’re both close to six
thousand sessions of people showing up to my site I want to talk about how I
got people to my site obviously use social media posted it on some Facebook
pages and then share those within groups but my main source of traffic was
through email marketing and if you guys do not do email marketing you need to
start your number one asset online in your online business is your email list
so you need to start collecting an email lists if you don’t know how to do that
leave a comment below I can point you in the right direction you’ll want an
opt-in something to collect the lead basically you want to provide them some
value something free in exchange for an email just leave a comment in the video
and say hey tell me more about how to capture leads and capture emails but
what I did I’m gonna show you this campaign I made K so I use lots of
different email autoresponders one of them is mailer light I used mailer light
for this particular group okay so one of the ways I mainly as a drive traffic is
through email marketing okay so what I did
is I actually created this one email and I sent over well here you go 13,000 168
people and I said viral video of choir singing I believe in Christ in New York
streets goes international because you know the The Daily News and the UK was
writing about it you know CBS News and then all these Fox everyone was sharing
this story so what I did is I sent this email and 34% of the people opened it so
4,000 people opened it and it’s you click within this is kind of showing you
what was in that email so I have this picture of people outside Carnegie Hall
I have this link to click on what I also did as I put hey here’s 7 free books you
can get on Amazon I’m some other latter-day Saint updates I included
actually a little thing about how to make money online and some other Amazon
Prime stuff so this was actually Amazon Prime day these two days and so I took
advantage of that I actually got a lot of people who actually make more money
than just the two hundred because people were going to Amazon to buy things for
Amazon Prime day so 34 percent again s and close to 2,000 people clicked and so
of these views of these 6,000 views a third of those came from my email list K
sorry I just wrote some highlights down here so I talked about higher the call
to actually go to Amazon Prime so the next thing I did was one day after I
sent this newsletter you’ll see that the very next day I sent another email to
the 9,000 people who didn’t open the first one okay
I said Carnegie Hall blackout video choir singing I believe in crest it’s
five million views so I changed up the subject line a little bit and out
actually don’t normally do that but I just decided to do that here and there’s
an extra thousand people so guys just a simple recent of an email a lot of times
they’ll send an email and people don’t open it and you’re afraid to resend it
just resend it there’s an extra thousand people so another 400 views so for Ana
clicks for me so again the next day I had you know 3,500 views and this was
you know not as many came from the from the newsletter but still it’s an extra
400 people so yeah so I made that that’s equated to like I said two hundred
twenty dollars in two days now what I would say is I probably spent an hour
writing the article maybe an hour and a half and then maybe 30 to 45 minutes
creating this newsletter okay with all this yeah all this in here
okay so for those of you who want to make money online find a niche find a
sub niche start writing content publishing content and trying to focus
focus on stuff that’s relevant so as an example my my passive income niche I
know that pretty soon Russell Brunson is gonna be releasing a book called traffic
secrets and so as soon as it releases the book called traffic seekers I’m
gonna be right on that another example is in the affiliate marketing online
business niche there is a membership group called the core and Jordan metric
is the man behind the core and he didn’t really good funnels that went viral
started this group and sure enough I jumped on that and I became you know if
you go on an incognito window close up like what is
or just typing was the core Jordan Meldrick you know what is the core
Jordan medica membership site that’s me okay it has my blog article and then
also my youtube video and then here’s another one how to become a core or
filly member yeah so as you can see I kind of jumped on a timely and relevant
piece and kind of was the first one to get on that article and it’s similar
this article I was the first site that was niche down for members of the Church
of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints to publish this article and so I got there
were other sites after me they did but I kind of got first dibs on the traffic
okay I just want to walk through that guys lots of ways to make money online
this is just kind of a little case study of what I did if you guys would please
subscribe to my channel and like that Scooby hit the little notification bill
so you can be notified what I do again when I’m notified of other people’s
videos I would go in comment add some value to their videos that has my
channel too so do the same for me and I’ll recognize you wanted to recognize a
couple of people who have been great on my channel John Davis he’s an awesome
guy he actually he’s been doing a hundred videos and a hundred days and
he’s unlike date 51 publishing on YouTube he’s a self-starter trying to
learn this affiliate marketing games like me trying to produce passive income
and you got this comment on one of my videos talking about click falls he said
great explanations Ben I love clickfunnels
such an easy way of creating quick effective landing pages
yeah thanks John and I talked about building an email list click funnels was
a great way to do that through landing pages and if you have a question reach
out to me also wanted to highlight a calm
from finding freedom and he said thanks for helping you explain things in a way
that anyone can understand so really appreciate that comment finding freedom
actually don’t know his name I should that’s his channel name
okay guys that’ll wrap it up for this video if you please subscribe hit that
Bell mode of education and leave a comment below and this is important tell
me your favorite kind of ice cream okay tell me your favorite mine but have to
be peppermint stick with jimmies Jim use your little chocolate-covered sprinkle
things anyway well catch you on the next video

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