How to Make $2K a Month Blogging in Less than a Year

How to Make $2K a Month Blogging in Less than a Year

Are you still not making enough money on your
blog? Do you just want to make some extra money
and don’t know where to start? You’re in luck because I’m going to answer
both of these questions with the exact strategy I used to make over two grand a month blogging
within a year. We’re talking making money blogging today
on Let’s Talk Money. Joseph Hogue here on the Let’s Talk Money
channel. I want to send a shout out to everyone in
the community, thank you for taking a part of your day to be here. If you’re not part of that community yet,
just click on the little red subscribe button. I conducted a blogger survey recently and
asked people questions like how much they were making with their blog, how much traffic
they were getting, a lot of questions we bloggers have all the time and I’ll put a link in
the video description below to those survey results. Now it didn’t surprise me that about one-in-five
bloggers said they made less than $100 a month. What did surprise me was that some of these
bloggers had been around for a long time. I saw a couple of bloggers with sites four,
five years old and even older that were making less than $100 a month. It’s typical to not make much your first
few months blogging but there’s no reason you shouldn’t be making at least $1,000
every month by the end of your first year. In fact, I’m going to show you exactly how
I built my blogs to make over $2,000 a month by the time my first blog-o-versary came around. This is going to be a complete six-month strategy
for making money on your blog but first, a couple of rules to live by while you’re
trying to make money blogging. #1) Don’t wait to build traffic to make
money. I hear this one all the time. I’m building traffic to my site first or
another blogger told me to just focus on getting visitors. It’s true that more visitors means more
money but if you have one visitor, you can still make money. You’ll never be done building traffic to
your blog. I know bloggers that get millions of visitors
a month and still spend a lot of time trying to boost their traffic. Get started making money now, like right now
after this video. #2) Don’t make all your money from one income
source. I see a lot of bloggers focus exclusively
on affiliate income or Google Adsense, those pay-per-click ads. The problem is that blogging changes, like
a lot. Affiliates drop their programs, Google changes
its Adsense program. If you’re dependent on just one source for
income or one or two affiliates, there will be a time when something happens and your
income will crash. Diversify by making money on at least three
sources. In that blogger survey I did, bloggers reported
using up to seven income sources. The most popular sources were affiliate marketing,
about 70% of bloggers are using that one, sponsored posts, PPC ads and freelancing. #3) Last one here, learn a little about search
engine optimization (SEO). More than half of your traffic is going to
come from Google search and this is some of the best traffic for making money. You need to learn what Google looks for when
it ranks pages and make sure you’re checking all your boxes. SEO isn’t technical and it’s not hard
to learn. Just a couple of hours a week will put you
way ahead of most bloggers and ranking on that first page. These three rules will give you a bigger picture
to making money on your blog, that overall strategy, but now let’s talk about tactics. Let’s talk about that six-month plan you
can use to make over $2,000 a month blogging. Now I’m assuming here you have a new blog
and you’re just starting out. Even if you’ve been blogging a while though,
this plan can work to jumpstart your blogging income and really get it going. Your first two months blogging are just going
to be doing roundups on your blog and guest posts on other blogs. So a roundup post is just reaching out to
other bloggers in your niche and asking them one or two questions. You then turn all those answers into a post. You’ll also be asking other bloggers if
you can write a guest post for their site, something relevant to their audience. Now don’t just write up some spam email
asking for a guest post. Follow the blogger on social media for a few
weeks, commenting and sharing their stuff. Maybe invite them to participate on your roundup
post. This is going to put you on their radar for
when you ask for a guest post. These two techniques are great because it
gets other bloggers talking about your blog and linking to it. That not only gets you some of their audience
but some strong Google SEO juice to start ranking your blog for traffic. By your third month of blogging, you’re
ready to start adding some ways to make money. Apply for the Google Adsense program so you
can put ads on your site. Also apply to a few affiliate networks, I
recommend CJ Affiliates and FlexOffers. Now pay-per-click ads and affiliate sales
aren’t going to pay out much but they are a significant percentage of bloggers’ total
income. In that survey, I asked bloggers what percentage
of their income they get from each source. Freelance and membership sites were the highest
sources but affiliates and PPC accounted for between a third and half of most bloggers’
income. Pick a few affiliates that really fit with
your blog niche, that offer a service or product that helps your readers specifically. If you’re not sure, check out other blogs
in your niche and look for the resource they recommend most. When you get approved for Adsense, you can
start putting ads on your site. The best spots are within posts, usually a
few paragraphs down and again towards the bottom of an article. You should also start working in affiliate
posts into your writing schedule. Plan on doing at least one review of an affiliate
every few weeks or writing an article around a problem that the affiliate solves. You might not get a lot of conversions on
these if you still only have a couple thousand visitors a month, but you will start making
money and that’s going to be the motivation you need to keep going. By your fourth or fifth month of blogging,
you’ve been writing about the topic a lot and are becoming an expert. You need to start thinking about creating
your own products. These are going to be much higher value and
make more money than the commissions you get on affiliates or the per-click you make on
ads. There are a lot of product ideas you can go
after including courses, coaching and creating a membership site. At this point in your blog, my favorite is
self-publishing. Self-publishing is almost entirely passive
income and a natural fit for bloggers. I make nearly $2,000 a month from my books
alone and hardly do anything to promote them after their launch. So what you can start doing is working self-publishing
into your article writing. Pick a topic on which you can write a book
and do some research for the chapter ideas you want to include. Brainstorm six to ten chapters and outline
what will go in each. Then write a chapter each week, maybe two
a week, and post them as articles to your blog. This is a great way to get content up on your
blog, keep building that traffic, and be creating your own product to make more money. After a couple of months, put all the posts
together and format it for a book. The best part is that after you launch, you
can go back and link your Amazon book page into each of the articles on the blog. They become easy marketing for your blog and
you’ll start getting sales immediately. I’ve got a whole playlist on the channel
about self-publishing and how to get started so I’ll link to that in the description
below. By your sixth month of blogging, you can easily
be making a grand a month. You’ll average around $200 a month from
each book you publish and quite a bit more from affiliate conversions. Do another book or two over the next few months
and you’ll be up to $1,500 a month easy. Finally, by the time you approach the end
of that first-year blogging, you should be getting a few thousand visitors a month. You’ll also have built a social media following,
not a huge following but a thousand or two followers across Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. Now you can start accepting sponsored posts
at between $125 and $200 each. You’ll already be getting spam offers to
put a post on your blog for $40. You can respond to these with your rates but
most are just spam and won’t pay more than $50 or so. You will find two or three legitimate offers
a month, enough to add three to five-hundred a month to your income. Adding all this together from ads, affiliates,
self-publishing and sponsored posts and you’re easily at $2,000 a month within a year. Even better though is that your income is
going to be diversified so if one source drops out, you’ll still have a stable income. Join us in the Let’s Talk Money community
by clicking on that subscribe button. We’re here Mondays and Wednesdays with the
best videos on beating debt, making more money and making your money work for you. If you’ve got a question about money, just
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