How to make a basket using newspaper

How to make a basket using newspaper

To make this basket you need
newspaper, thin cardboard, glue, paintbrush, a thin stick,
colors, pins and scissors. Divide a sheet of newspaper into 4 parts. Now using a thin stick roll paper tubes. Apply glue at the corner. The number of tubes required
depends on the size of your basket. For this basket I have used 25 tubes. Now, take a thin cardboard
and cut out two circles. The size of your basket will be
equal to the size of this circle. Take a paper tube and cut it in half. One of these will open up. Apply glue at this corner. Take one of the circles
and glue tubes around it. Use only odd number of tubes. Here I have used 15 tubes. Attach another tube at an angle. Glue the other circle above this. Place something heavy until it dries. Weave using this extra tube going over
and under the tubes all the way around. Over, Under, Over, Under, and so on… Add a drop of glue and insert another tube. Continue weaving till the
basket is of desired height. You can use pins to hold the tubes. Cut the extra length and apply glue. Use a pin to hold it. You can leave it like this or paint it.

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  1. I'M honestly so impressed. THAT is soo smart. I mean like HOW. That would be a PURRRRRfect gift for my grandma's birthday next week on Friday. I'm pretty sure she likes baskets

  2. Very nice, however, in the very first row, when you said "over/under/over/under" you were actually putting the paper tube only on one side most of the time (over, and for every 4 or 5 "stitches" you put one only under) how so?

  3. it's so cool I love this video it helps me to keep things in
    and my mother love this basket really really so much.

  4. Самый простой способ, без плетенного дна👎

  5. 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  6. I tried making one… it looks like a volcano 😅😅
    I realized where I went wrong tho🤣🤣🤣

  7. इसे मै अपने बेटे का स्कूल प्रोजेक्ट में बना सकता हूँ ।

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