How to make a blog on WordPress step by step for beginners (2018)

How to make a blog on WordPress step by step for beginners (2018)

okay by the end of this video here’s
what you’re gonna have you are gonna have your blog up and running you’re
gonna have free access to my 20 lesson blogging course that will teach you
everything you need to know about your blog and how to use it and additionally
you will have your blog set up in a way that will be the best possible chance to
make money from it because unfortunately there are so many different types of
blogs you can start that actually hinder your ability to make money from that and
as someone who’s been making full-time living for my blog for a decade now this
is important it’s important that we get compensated for the work that we do that
we put into our blogs and so I’m gonna help you do that and maximize the amount
of money that you can earn from your blog alright so with all that out of the
way if you’re ready to get started let’s dive right in so we should be able to
move through this pretty quick and get like all this underlying stuff taken
care of and hopefully about 10 minutes or so so just feel free to pause the
video and just follow along right along with me as we go through this now if you
do want to get our free 20 lesson course after all of this then here is a link
that you can use and you should be able to click on it down below but if it’s
not there you can just type this in and you can use that additionally if you go
through this link you’re gonna save 45% off of the standard price for hosting ok
so that sounds really great and you might be wondering why we would give you
this course for free well the truth is is that almost any guide that you follow
on how to set up a blog they’re gonna get a commission from the hosting
company that they’re pointing you to so in our case you know we’re gonna get a
commission as well but I just feel like let’s just kind of toss that back to you
a little bit and kind of share in that reward but anyway we can get into those
details in a little bit but for now let’s get going let’s get you up and
running and get your blog started and then we can kind of talk about those
details later now I’m not gonna spend a whole lot of
time talking about why we’re choosing Hostgator but I will say this I’ve been
doing this for 10 years I’ve used six different web hosts from price points
from the absolute cheapest to really really expensive and I have recommended
Hostgator to thousands of new bloggers over those years and all in all this is
just my favorite host for new bloggers once you’re a bit more established I
don’t think it’s the best host I think there are better options for you but as
a new blogger I think this is the best place to start it is the best
value in terms of price that you’re paying and customer support that you are
going to get alright now that we have all that out of the way this should be
something similar to what you’re seeing when you land on the page they’re always
tweaking and changing these pages so it might be a little bit different don’t
worry about it but essentially they should have a hatchling plan which is of
cheapest and then a baby and then a business plan for most new bloggers I
would recommend the hatchling plan or the baby plan the big difference between
the two he was with the hatchling plan you can only have one domain on your
hosting account meaning you know if it’s that’s all you can have so
if you wanted to start and then you wanted to start a cooking
blog and then you wanted to start you know a travel blog you would have to
purchase a separate hosting package or upgrade your hosting package to do that
so if you’re thinking that you might want to create another blog in the
future the baby plan might be a little bit better because you can have multiple
blogs on that one hosting account we’ll just start with the hatchling plan for
now so you can just click the little button to get started so if you do not
have your domain picked out here’s what I recommend doing go over to a website
called and this is one of my favorite places to
find domain names that are available so if we’re looking for “joescookingblog”
so what we can see so whatever we’re typing here you can see what is
available so the red is not but the blue is so if we wanted to get Jose cooking
blog we could get that com we could get that .com or we can get that .net or that .org and so that’s what we’re looking for something where you’re seeing blue here what’s cool
about this is you can just kind of search different keyword phrases related
to your blog that you’re thinking about doing and this will help immensely
all right so let’s just say we’re gonna go with so we know
that that’s available so what we’ll do is we’ll come back over to Hostgator and
then we’ll enter in that domain that we’re gonna get cooking blog we’re gonna
get the .org which they have down here and then it says that is available it shows that
it’s available and there’s a whole bunch of other ones but all we need to do is
get that one right now now if you already have your domain what
you can do is just enter that in over here so now that we have my cooking blog
org what we’re gonna do is come on over here select our we got this selected
hatchling plan now to get the absolute cheapest price you need to sign for the
longest term so the they have a three-year term and that’s how you get
the $3.82 a month so what you can do you know if you don’t want to sign a 3-year
thing which you know I understand you can get a much shorter term it’s short
as even a single month and so it’s gonna be a little bit more expensive but it’s
still six dollars a month so it’s still ridiculously cheap and what you want to
do at this point is just so we’ll just change that to one just for this one you
can enter in your username you can enter in your security pin and then you can
enter in all of your billing information as well now for the additional services
personally what I don’t do the SiteLock I don’t do the site backup I don’t do
any of their stuff the only thing I might do is back up above where we have
domain privacy protection I might do this it’s a $1.25 a month and so
essentially what this does is when you buy a domain your information is out on
the internet so it shows people who owns that domain so my cooking blog it’s
gonna say that Bob Lotich owns this and it’s gonna show my business address and
possibly even whatever phone number I provide so if you want to stay private
with that and keep that information private then you can add this on for a
$1.25 a month so it’s your choice but I tend to do that with most of my
domains oh and I should add that $1.25 a month is not tied to your hosting
but to do domain itself so in this particular example even though we’re
only getting one month of hosting we’re going to have the domain for a year and
it’s gonna charge us a $1.25 each month so that would be fifteen dollars
additional that we would need to pay today for that but all these additional
services I don’t get you can always get them later if you’d like and then enter
in the coupon code it should put this in automatically if you click the link if
not you just type in “seedtime” and then I’ll knock off 45% for you
all right and then down here we can see everything we’re going get 365 days
a year phone chat and email support which is great
instant account activation money-back guarantee see 45 days to get your money
back if you decided not to do it you’re having your domain registration
for one year and then you have the hosting plan for one month in that six
bucks and then you have the discount there and that gives you a total of
$18.97 today and so then you just click checkout and one more thing I should add
they are changing their prices somewhat regularly so these prices might be a
little bit different for you and I do apologize if they’re a little bit higher
than what we’re showing here but the bottom line is trust me this is a really
low cost host that provides great service so it’s still worth it
alright and then now we’re just waiting for them to get the account all set up
and this just might take a couple minutes for you so just be patient all
right and then this is the page you’re gonna land on after your account is set
up so the next thing you want to do is head over to your email you’re going to
be getting two separate emails from them one is for all the billing information and then the other is for the account login information normally it comes pretty quick
but if it happens to take a while for you you can jump on the chat
box with the folks over at Hostgator let them know you just set up your account
you’re waiting for your login information and sometimes they can
expedite that for you so this is an example of one of these account information emails and what you will be receiving it’ll look something like this
so right here where it says control panel you can just click this link and
open this in a new tab and then you can copy and paste your username and we’re
gonna paste that in and just second here and then just go ahead and copy your
password and we’ll paste that in as well alright and now that we’re logged in
this is what you were going to see and this is the cPanel area and this is kind
of the under the hood area of your hosting account and so honestly like I
almost never come in here this is one of those things where you just setting this
up at the beginning and you really shouldn’t have to come in here very much
and honestly there’s still a lot of stuff in here I just don’t even know
what it does and so you just don’t need to know much about what’s in here but we
need to get WordPress installed and that’s why we’re going to come in here
so what we’re going to do just go ahead and click this click
install button and then click WordPress we’re just gonna select our domain name
from the drop-down and then hit next now we’re entering the information for us to set up our WordPress blog so we have our hosting account set up and now we’re
setting up the WordPress blog and that is where you’re going to spend most of
your time as a blogger is in the WordPress blog itself so put it in the
blog title we’ll put in the admin user first and last name and then our an
email address and then you can just hit Install Now and we can get WordPress
installed all right so now it is installing so just hang tight
and then once it is complete you will see this little installation complete or
some variation of it again this is one of those things that they occasionally
are changing so if it looks a little bit different don’t worry so what you can do
at this point is just click this link here this will take you over to your
blog and you’re not gonna see much yet but will you just click that and your
site again might look very different than this but at the time of this
recording this is how they’re handling it after you have installed your
WordPress installation and so what you’re gonna want to do here is click
admin login alright and I should add if you click on the link of your blog and
you are seeing something here showing that it’s not set up then what that
probably means is that the DNS is still propagating around the internet and
essentially what that means is that it’s just gonna take a little bit more time
for this information to get all through the internet over to
where you are and so a lot of times this happens really really quickly but
sometimes depending on where you’re located and what kind of Internet
service provider you’re using it takes a little bit longer in some cases it can
take over 24 hours like I rarely see that happen in most cases it seemed to
happen within a few minutes and sometimes an hour but it is possible so
just be aware of that if you’re not seeing it and again this is a great time
to jump on chat support with Hostgator if you’re having any issues and if
you’re seeing something different than what we’re showing you here but if you
are seeing something like this and you have this admin login option just go
ahead and click this button and we will get you logged in and this is where you
go to get logged in your WordPress dashboard so I would
bookmark this link because you’re gonna need to come back to this often every
time you write a new blog post you’re going to come here and this is where
you’re gonna be spending a lot of your time okay so the username and password
information is what you just entered a minute ago to create the quick install
for WordPress and so I know there’s a lot of usernames and passwords and
things so but I’m gonna break it down into three main things you have going on
so the first one email that you got was billing for Hostgator and so that’s
gonna manage all of your billing stuff it’s all gonna be taking care through
that the next one is for cPanel and this is like the server stuff with your
hosting and both of those two things I very rarely go into in and the third
username and password for WordPress and this is where I spend most of my time
and where you will spend most of your time as a blogger so that’s the one that
you’ll be using on a regular basis but the other two are important and I would
save them for those times when you will need them and are in the username and
the password that you just entered when you were setting up your WordPress site
all right so you are now logged in and this is the backend of your WordPress
and this is gonna be where you create pages where you create posts you know if
you were gonna upload any kind of videos or audio any of that stuff this is all
where you’re going to be making those changes so our start your blog 20 video
course is going to teach you everything you know about WordPress and how to
actually use your blog and to get access to that course all I need you to do is
forward one of the Hostgator emails that they sent you over to [email protected]
and as soon as we get that information from you we will forward you
a coupon code that will knock off a 100% of the price so you can
get that course completely for free but for now I want to talk just for a few
minutes and give you a little bit of a primer on what you need to know to start
making money from your blog first thing you need to do is you actually have to
write a little bit of content and so I would suggest getting about ten articles
out on your site before you actually start trying to make any money from it
the other reason is that one of the best and easiest ways to make money from your
blog is a ad program called Adsense and this is Google’s program it’s and I’m
sure you’ve seen these ads because they’re probably on like 80% of all the
websites on the entire Internet they’re just really really common
and it’s one of the easiest ways to monetize a website or blog and to be
approved for the Adsense program you have to have a little bit of content on
your site the Google Adsense people want to know that you didn’t start your blog
yesterday and then you actually have a good amount of content on there before
they allow you to put ads up so to get you started off on the right foot here’s
what I suggest write 10 articles on your blog and then
I would go over to and sign up for their Adsense program once you get
that they will give you just a little piece of code that you can easily add to
your blog if you go through our video course there will be a lesson in there
that will show you kind of where you would want to put that and if for some
reason you don’t get approved for the Google Adsense program there’s an
alternative that I would recommend called they’re pretty big
competitor to Adsense there are some things they do a little bit differently
but if you can’t get into Adsense that’s probably the next best option of how you
can start monetizing the articles on your blog

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