How To Make A Blog Post On Wix

How To Make A Blog Post On Wix

Hey, so you got your blog up and running
on Wix. You got all the layout ready to go and now it’s time to actually put
some content on there. So I’m going to walk you through a screen by screen
play-by-play tutorial, right here on the Six Figure Mastermind. Keep watching. Alright, so it’s time to write your
post on your Wix blog. I love using Wix. I love to just take a Sunday afternoon or
a Monday morning or whenever I have 15 to 20 minutes that are free and just put
some content out there. What I love about using Wix is that you can… if you like
take a few hours and you have a bunch of content that you want to put together,
you can just create scheduled posts. If let’s say if you write seven days worth
of blog posts, you can have those pushed out over the course of the next seven
days by scheduling them. I love it. So, let’s just walk through really quickly
and I’m going to show you on my screen right here how to get through Wix and
how to write a blog post. Okay? So, I’m logged in right here on my Wix account
and go to You’ve already got your set up. What you’ll need to do is go
to your sites, okay? I’m going to go to this site right here and I’m going to say,
“okay, I need to add some content to this site and I need to add a blog post.” So,
it’s going to open up to my sites tab, right over here and I can say manage and edit
site. Once I click on that, it’s going to open up this screen that you saw a just
a minute ago. So this is how you got here, alright? So, what I need to do is click
edit site. Now this isn’t necessarily going to make all these different kinds
of changes. But I am going to be able to write another blog post. It’s going to take
me to a page where I can edit everything in my site. From the banner to the logo,
to the menus, to the buttons, every gadget and do-that that you have going on on
your site. But all I need to do is create a blog post. So, I’m going to hover over here
to these buttons. This is my home base here and I’m going to click on, “My blog”. What
do you need to do? We need to add a blog post. So, once I click on that, it’s going to
take us over to the page where we manage all of our blog posts. Now, again, it’s
easier to do on a desktop than it is on the mobile device. Although it can be
done in both places. I prefer to do it on a desktop if I, you know, want to make a
lot of changes and move things around and add pieces and HTML and all of that.
It’s just easier but you also if you just want to put some content down there
and you want to do on your app, we’ve created another video for you to walk
you through how to do that on your mobile device. So, first things first I
need to create and engaging title. I’m going to say, “top ten
things you need to know when traveling
internationally”. Now, I do a lot of speaking gigs internationally. I travel probably
four times a year or overseas. So it’s really, you know, very cool thing for a
six-sigure community to know. Say, author name, I’m just going to put myself on there.
Sometimes I have other contributing authors that help me out with this. If
you do have other contributing authors for your blog that’s totally cool, just
make sure they’re giving themselves credit. Okay, and then I’m going to start
writing my post here and I’m just going to fill this in with random stuff and then
I’m going to create a new line right here with a divider. Put that in there
and then I’m going to say, okay, I’m going to go bold and say, control B. Bold language
and then I’m going to go, number “1”. Okay, so how do i do my numbering system? I’m
saying it’s the top ten things here. I’m just going to do it like you normally would
on home. So, I’m going to take the bold off and put in number 1. This is what you
need to know. Number 2, this is what you need to know. Number 3, this is what
you need to know, okay? And I can even take all of these and create little
subheadings. So maybe I want to take this and I want to make it, you know,
italicized and you know maybe put an underline on it. Maybe I want to make it
a link to a store. One of my top ten things you need to know is you need to
buy this thing. I can put this link to my Amazon affiliate if I want or if I can
just put it to someone else’s affiliate. Wherever I got the product I would
link there. If you are going to do affiliates, make sure you’re putting on
your website that you do have an affiliate link and that you do get a
thank you check from wherever you’re getting that affiliate. It’s just good
business to do that. You can change the colors here, you can change the
justification, left, right, center alignment. You can change the size here,
you can change your default settings here, whatever you want. Your body of your
paragraph to look like. Okay, I usually just leave it alone. Leave it cohesive
for all your posts. I don’t really need that italicize and underline so I’m
going to take those off. Okay, what’s so cool about doing this on
the desktop, is you can add video. Let’s see if you have a YouTube channel you
want to put your video in there. You can totally click video and put the video in
there. You can put that directly from your YouTube link, okay? You can do video
search and add other videos, it’s totally great. You can also just get rid of
that. Add a gallery of images if you want, add a single image if you want. What I
like about Wix is you can upload a bunch of different images directly from your
phone to your Wix site. See all of these that I’ve already uploaded,
they’re available to me. So I can just go ahead and upload those or I can use
stuff that’s been posted on other posts. I can also use social images, it will
connect to my face… This is so cool you guys. It connects to my Facebook
Instagram, Dropbox, Google Drive, Flickr and Google Photos. All automatically. This is
going to save you so much time, okay? It’s also going to give you free images directly
from Wix. So if you’re cool using stock footage, they have that available. Also
from Shutterstock you can purchase images using Shutterstock if that’s
something that you want to have on your site, okay? Now, for a blog post. I don’t
think that’s really necessary. But you can use it if you like it. Okay, so here’s
the cool part. You can save this is a draft, you can publish the post or you
can click this this little downward arrow and say schedule post. So if I just
hammer out a bunch of content in one day and say I want to publish once a week, I
can hit that scheduled post feature and I can tell it when to schedule those
posts for. Before I publish, I can preview it. I always, always, always
recommend doing that. You can make it a featured post which means it’s going to
bump it up to the top of your page. Also, add tags. If this is something that and
the reason we want to add tags is to make it easily searchable on Google. So
top ten things you need to know about traveling, I would tag travel, I would tag
travel for business, I would tag helpful hints. Lots of
different tags to put in here. You can also… if you also have a related post
already up on your blog, you can have the related post be shown at the end of this
blog post to kind of drive readership to your blogs and have people stay on your site
a little bit longer, okay? So when we do that, we’re going to either
click publish or click post. You know, This is really cool. I
accidentally clicked off this post but Wix was like, “hey, Marianne I got your
back.” We’re going to save this for you. So it
saved it automatically as a draft. Now, if you watch our other videos, you’ll see
that I created a couple extra drafts on my phone just in those videos and it’s
already saved them as mobile drafts right here. Thank You Wix. You got our
back. That’s awesome, okay? So this is what is available here and when you’re ready
to post it, all you need to do is click post. You’re going to be able to see it
on your website up for everyone to see. Share it on social media platforms. Let
everyone get to do some comments and some feedback on your post and you know
it’s going to give you some really great statistics when you do that. It’s going
to track all that information for you. See what people are liking, see how
people want more of, see what people don’t want to see. Using Wix is a great
platform for design and for pushing your content out there in a really beautiful
way. Okay, get those posts out there. Sometimes that can be the scariest thing.
Just push that aside. Get your content out there for the world to see. Hit the
subscribe button. I’ll see you tomorrow.

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  1. Great video Marianne.. It was very helpful for someone like me who wants to create a blog but not knowing where to really start.. Thanks again..

  2. I feel so inferior to you. You travel internationally at least 4 x a year. I am struggling to afford bus fares in my own town and nobody is employing me. I am 23. I am still a student and volunteer. I am current;ly attempting to create a blog using Wix.

  3. Do you have to create a blog archive page to show your blog catalog of posts or when you active the blog page for Wix does Wix activate the the page repository automatically?

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