How to Make a Blog – using WordPress

How to Make a Blog – using WordPress

Hi local search Canada here and we’re
gonna show you today how to make a blog using WordPress I’ve heard allot of people say they don’t have the technical know-how or its too expensive but I’m gonna show
you how to do it in about three minutes flat so how to make a blog using Word Press we’re gonna show you how to join a hosting
company buy a domain or transfer a domain. 1-click WordPress blog setup pick a free theme, add your first blog post, upload some images, add additional pages to your website and as a bonus for we are going to show you some quick SEO tips in WordPress. So first we need to hosting company, I use up to ninety-nine point nine percent up time and a good price get started now is where you will click on you can get a new domain
bought through bluehost or transfer domain if you already have a domain and I have through Godaddy. So I’m just
gonna use that one to build this site quickly and congratulations it’s gonna work so i
sign up using chrome autofill so boom its done just like that and you are signed
up and next step is just paying. Then the next
step is picking the package 36-month is the cheapest $4.95 a month
price here are some extra domain options I usually do not pick these and then you
put in your credit card info and you are done. you are signed up so you now have access to the control panel on bluehost now and I’m just gonna click on one button here which is the
install WordPress button and that’s basically I have to do to
get the process started. You then get taken to this screen where you click Start the install you will then
pick what domain. I have a couple domains on this
host account on the pic the one we just
checked and here it does a further check to
make sure the domains ok to use. It gives you a warning that there’s files on the site but you can proceed and accept there terms and it loads up the blog and it actually takes probably about three minutes so I am going to jump ahead here and magically the process is done. But it is probably about three minutes and next you click click on the credentials and this will show you how to log in to your blog your sites done. It is officially a blog
now so you just a scroll down to login
information I will highlight the password here and then click ont he admin URL to sign in which is there and you click there and
you’re taken to your sign into for your blog which as I said is officially live now with no data but so we will sign in we’ll take a look at what we have here start to finish probably about three
minutes so we are cookin so now we are entering the dashboard for
WordPress this is where all the work is done in
Wordpress and we’re going to take a look at what the site looks like just at the box and
this’ll have the standard team and so it’s pretty bland but that is in
fact a the first blog post that comes with
the install and first thing we can do is look at
changing the theme So you click on appearance then teams and it’ll take you to this themes that
are loaded automatically I’m going to load up the new one by
adding new I’m in fact going to load up Montezuma which I’ve previously loaded, so you search for … you click on Search and
then tape in Montezuma and I do recommend
using the this theme and it is free but its pretty sweet next you will be taken to the theme and here’s where you would
install it but I have it installed already we’ll take a look at it its four and a half out of 5 stars and it really
is quite nice so you go into themes after you’ve
installed it and next you will activate it by clicking the Activate button at this
point the theme is installed but now you wanna
customize it you gotta give your site a title it comes with “my blog” as the title
so we are calling it Dog Site and then a tagline so this goes right under neath dog site so we are going to call this “a blog dedicated dedicated to all things dogs if you love dogs this is the site for you” and save and publish now that’ll be your homepage let’s take a look at it just see the difference compared to the
more land site that comes preloaded and it looks pretty good I
mean there’s not much content but to pretty nice overall. Lets go back in
the dashboard now and try to add a blog posts so there is already one post that came with
the package it’s called hello world so we will just edit that, maybe just add a picture and click on Add media to add a picture and you would upload file our look at the
media library. I’ve already uploaded to pictures of dogs and will just click on this picture and
add this white puppy and there you have it is still part of that post and then click Update
and thats going to update the blog post and then we going to add new and show you how to add a new post it’s pretty simple you give the blog post whatever the title of the post at the top here and it will actually populate the URL, it’s important to ensure that the keywords are in your title and in
the URL for SEO purposes so this will have a URL that looks good and we will add media by clicking “Add Media” and then we are going to to click on its good lookin dog here and click
insert in post and up pops the dog. We are then going to add a little content here and of course you’ll be adding a lot
more content but word just trying to illustrate how this works I would add and categories as well in this and some SEO type titles and descriptions but I’ll
show you some tips on that at the end is video. Click publish and this post will be published. It will be
your first post we will look at adding a couple pages. It comes with a sample page and we’ll just click edit to create our first
page you can delete it and add a new one if
you want to but it already exists so lets change this our “Contact us” page by just changing the title and I would also change the URL, so click on
Edit and change this to contact-us and click OK and then you can add your information
for the contact page and we’ll keep it simple you probably
want one that has a little bit more detail maybe some
pictures and possibly a map or that could come on another page Google Map
easy to insert and then click “Update” and this contact us page is now live, now we will show you how to add a new page so click on +Add New” at the top and will create an About Us page, and this
will populate with a good URL. It will be about-us no need to edit that URL. We will add some media. Click on add media, click on that puppy picture and insert into page click on that so this will show up in this post or page and we’ll add some information this is what we’re about
click Publish and that page is now live. So we are goig to review the site This is exciting! So here’s the site I do like the way the Featured Post
shows the images. And it looks really nice so we have our blog page, these are the
posts that show up on the home page you can change the home page to have a static on page and have the blog
on another page here’s the about us page. I love those menu
items Contact us page. It is all pretty sweet I really
like the looks at this montezuma blog theme and it’s free. Back to the homepage we’ll
take a look at post and this is where people can leave comments
down below and overall I love the looks of this blog theme so there you go you are good to go for WordPress and if you like this I’d love
a thumbs up at the end of the video and you can join me on Google+ by clicking on the
Google+ button and if you’re looking for more videos
like this we would love for you to subscribe and don’t forget to look at the
description because I’ll have links to Blue Host as well as some other links to associated videos to help you with your
WordPress site and thanks for watching How to Make a blog Now I haven’t forgot that I was gonna at
some SEO tips at the end so there’s a plugin we’re gonna add new go to Plugins that new plugin that is
just dynamite for SEO in WordPress and type in WordPress SEO you’re
searching for plugin and one of the top ones will be WordPress SEO by Yoast, it is four and a half out of 5 stars and everybody is using this it is pretty sweet and click OK will install that plugin and then we gotta click on activate plugin and that will
activate this WordPress SEO plugin by Joost and it is the ultimate so we’re go into post and
show you what you see it adds this whole new section on SEO those buttons will be green under SEO if the post is good. It shows you the title and shows you the description, there is no description focus keywords. There are no focus keywords so let’s go into edit a post and this will just become
second nature for you on each blog post so down below posts now there’s this new
section that shows you all the SEO info shows you what the title is right now. It is not exactly spectacular but down below here we have the option to change it, so let’s change
that title and meta description and you look up top and it’s changed to
something that makes sense. You can click on focus keywords. I’ll put
dog site there. It will show you how you rank for those words and then click on page analysis. This tells us everything you need to fix on your site to get ranked higher. It couldn’t be much sweeter than that if you enjoyed it love a thumbs up and
please subscribe or join me on Google+ and
thanks again

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