100 thoughts on “How to Make a Journal Entry

  1. Hey Im from England and im doing AAT and I am still struggling with t accounts and im so thankful because now I understand.

  2. My professor assume that we already knew accounting but helo maam no all of us ! So I am having a hard time so I am learning all by myself .We can do it !

  3. jeez this lady explained everything in 8 min. while I been trying to understand this for hours in my online class.. Thank you that was very helpful!

  4. Journalizing shows you the second entry so you don't have to look for it. Novody else explained that. thank you — she keeps it simple !!

  5. You just saved my life.. I’m writing my financial accounting semester test in a few hours and you just done something in 8 minutes that my lecturer failed to explain in more than 2 months 🙌🏿😫

  6. the squeaky sound makes me feel bad :v
    But thankyou for this tutorial <3 i have learned journal entry in under 9 minutes. It is better than what i have learned sitting in the class for one semester

  7. Excellent explanation! Thank you very much! I work as a financial analyst and many coworkers just can't explain journal entries all that well.

  8. Thank you Professor!
    Maybe I can simplify a little more for the CPA's here.. I always use ALEDER it's an abbreviation let me break it down!
    For Debits I go by the first 3 of ALEDER thus:
    Assets. A
    Liabilities L
    Expenses E
    Always on Left side!

    while for the Credit side I go by the last 3 of ALEDER thus:
    Drawings. D
    Equity/Owners E
    Revenue. R
    Always on right side!

    God bless y'all Accountants !

  9. i understand that lesson but i am struggling in making the particulars or explanation, i dont know why, can you give me some tips or advice😔 thank you in advance🙂

  10. ACCOUNTING Curriculum
    Under grad
    Intermediate Acctg I II
    Financial Acctg
    Cost/Mgr. Accounting
    Acctg with Computers
    Federal Income Tax
    Auditing I
    Advanced Acctg

    Graduate Acctg Curriculum
    AIS Acctg Info Systems
    Advanced Issues Taxation
    Advanced Acctg Research
    Financial Statement Analysis
    Contemporary Problems
    Public Accounting
    Hope this helps…
    A killer jb

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