How to make a purse using newspaper

How to make a purse using newspaper

To make this purse you need: newspaper, colors, velcro, ruler, paperclips, paintbrush, glue, scissors and pins. Take a sheet of newspaper and cut it half
horizontally. Fold in half. Again fold in half. Open and fold both sides to the middle. Fold in half, open, apply glue and fold back. Mix color with white glue. Paint the strip with this mixture. If the mixture is too thick add a few drops
of water. Let it dry and paint on the other side. Make 12 such strips. Place 6 strips horizontally. Take another strip and weave over first, under
second, over third, under fourth, over fifth and under sixth. Weave other 5 strips alternatively. Use paperclips at the four corners. Using ruler bend the base to form edges. Leave two strips up and two strips below. Bend the corner strips at 90 degree. This strip comes from above this, so it goes
behind this. Use paperclip to keep it in place. Similarly do on all the corners. Weave the strips to make the sides. Leave two and cut extra length of third strip. Use it to extend this strip. Try to hide the joint behind. Similarly do on other side. Finish weaving the back. Apply glue at the boundary where the paper
strips end. Divide a sheet of newspaper in four parts. Roll using a thin stick to make paper tubes. Mix color and white glue. Paint the tubes with this mixture. Make 6 golden tubes and 12 black tubes. To make the chain. Take 3 tubes. Use a pin to hold them together. Bring the right tube between the other two. Now bring the left tube between the other two. Bend the right tube. Now bend the left tube. Continue weaving in this manner. Remove pin and bend the chain in half. Place the chain here. Cut extra length, and apply glue. Now weave with six tubes. Bend one tube from lower chain, then next tube from uppeer chain. Similarly do on right side. Continue weaving in this manner. Measure equal length of chains and adjust the pins accordingly. Divide a sheet of newspaper in 4 parts horizontally. Make 4 golden strips and 2 black strips. Bend the upper one from below and bend the lower one from above. Bring the lower strip from below this. Now take this below the golden strip. Repeat the same steps. Cut extra length. Try to hide the joint behind. Use a pin to hold it. Remove the pin on other side and seal it similarly. Fold a golden strip in half. Measure along the edge. Use paperclips to hold it. Similarly cover all the edges. To close the purse we attach velcro. Cut it to appropriate size. And stick it using glue.

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  1. Creative idea…but u were too fast..i couldnt follw this …tried many times…plz make it step by step or else beginer cant follw this

  2. Hello my daughter is at a stage where she has to choose her career. Deep in her heart she is born for paper craft but realistically there seem to be no options to take it up professionally in India or atleast I am not aware. Can paper craft be a fulfilling and consistent earning career? Kindly advise….

  3. What is the best paint needed to newspaper craft? Thank you coz I'm planning to make for art with a purposd project,.😀

  4. This is AMAZING!! It is NOT DIFFICULT if you do each step and then pause the video while finishing each part! This looks so wonderful and I can't wait to make it! EXCELLENT VIDEO!

  5. What a great idea!
    Ur voice to explain is really v clear r brief also.
    But mam due to black colour used things aren't getting clear completely.had it been some light colour r combination of dark r light ,I think it 'll do wonder.
    R video should also b somewhat slow.

  6. Plz make slower and clearly plz so confusing for me plz make slowly and put this video again making clear video plz I like it sooooo much

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