How to Make a SIMPLE Bullet Journal (Really)

How to Make a SIMPLE Bullet Journal (Really)

(claps) (clears throat) – Who remembers these? Nobody? Thought not. Hello friends, how ya doing? How’s your 2019 been? I hope your January was fun and productive and not at all a shit fire. Mine was okay. Not as productive or
creative as I’d have liked. But that’s okay, it’s a fresh month now. Which means it is once again time for me to fill out an new month
in my bullet journal. I’ve often talked a little
bit in my stream about my bullet journal and
my methods and my style and people have often asked to see it and just start trying to maybe
get some kind of inspiration and learn a bit more as
to how it works for me and see if that’s something that they could also do themselves. Before I started filming I tweeted that I was going to be doing this so I got a bunch of
questions from you guys about how to make the most
out of my bullet journal and hopefully I can teach
you some of that as well. But before I get ahead of myself I’m gonna explain a little bit so those completely out of the loop as
to what a bullet journal is. Essentially it’s a notebook, but instead of lines or
a grid or even a diary, it’s just like a dot matrix. It’s all, can you see that? It’s a dots instead of, instead of anything else on the page. What that basically creates is a blank canvas with guide lines. So you can turn that into a table, or you can turn it into lines or you can just turn it into a doodle. Whatever you want to do. But as well as just the style of the page, there’s also like a
symbology in the way that you sort of handle your to-do lists and your meetings and your dates. It’s essentially a self building homebrew diary that looks pretty. But on that note, the reason that I’m doing this video today is there are a lot of
bullet journal guides and templates and stuff
on YouTube as it is. But a lot of them do focus a little bit more on the aesthetic side of things. A lot of people like to
use a lot of Washi tape and calligraphy and colored bush tip pens and things like that. And I as a person who
struggles a little bit with my attention span,
finds that those methods don’t really work very well for me and there are people who feel
sort of the same way as well. Those are great methods,
don’t get me wrong, if you are a person who likes to do the visual part of your bullet journal and you find that that
helps you, chase your bliss, you do your thing. This is a video that sort of acts as an alternative to that. So, this is it here,
this is my second book. I have been steadily and
solidly bullet journaling for about two and half years. I got my first book, this is it here. It’s one of the original sort
of bullet journal styles, the little embossed logo there by, I always get the company name wrong, its Leuchtturm. It’s Leuchtturm 1917. It’s a very German name and
I’m probably butchering it, so I apologize in advance, it’s not advance I’ve done
it now, the damage is done. I was given this book by my old
boss and my job at the time. I was kind of having a
bit of a funk at work, where I wasn’t really motivated
with the stuff I was doing and I wasn’t being able
to focus really well. So my boss sat me down
and instead of firing me, like a normal person, he instead said, “Here’s my method for
getting stuff done in a day,” and he showed me his bullet journal and then surprised me with my own. Which was really nice and to this day I have continuously filled one in. I sometimes worry I’m depending
on it a little to much because I am obviously using
it to fill in my day to day and if I miss then I feel a little bit, kind of, spacey in the head. But that’s fine, I just make sure that I’m keeping up with
it as best as I can. And I’m going to show you
how to do that as well. SO I’m going to show you a visual guide as I fill in my bullet journal
for this month in a second. But essentially the way
that I break everything down is by year, then month,
then week, then day. I’ve seen some people who like to track the hours that they
spend being productive, that shit stresses me out. Absolutely not. But as you’ll see as I go
through my design in the book, I tend to just sort of go
for function over form. It’s not very pretty, its not
very well doodled or anything. It’s just lines on a page,
it’s just written in black pen. But I find that that
works for me the best. And if that something
that will sort of help you focus a little bit, then stay tuned. The most common question I
got vis-a-vis bullet journals, was how to stick at it and
how to not lose interest after just a couple weeks. And the best answer that I
can give is keep it simple. If you get too bogged down in
the aesthetics and the system, then you might just find that
that’s not worth the hassle. You want something that you can keep using as a reference guide like once a day, have a quick look, fill it in, and that’s you done, you’re happy. It just becomes a part
of your daily routine to keep looking at this little book. Like, ultimately the only person who’s going to be looking
at your bullet journal all the time, really, is you. Unless you’re sharing it online, which again, chase your bliss. But if you want something
that is just gonna act as a reference guide for
your day then keep it simple and that will help you stick with it. So, one of the most
important things to create when you are starting your bullet journal is a key, which is just sort
of like a guide of symbols that mean something to you
and they don’t have to be what I’ve written here,
you can do something that’s sort of relevant to you. The key ones I would recommend, are maybe like the first
five under Bullets there, task, completed, in
progress, and migrated. Those are like the default
bullet journal guides. The task I something that can be completed or rescheduled if you find that you’re not fitting it in your day. And it means that your personal system of productivity is quite forgiving. The signifiers I don’t really use that often, except for the one that’s there to denote that something is important, that’s one I tend to use quite a lot because of stuff I put off quite a lot until I need to actually get it done. Then I’ve got like an
overview of the year. I started this particular
bullet journal in September, so I started from there and then, just filled in the
months up till December. And that’s just a really
quick overview of things that are coming up in
the year like birthdays and particular events
that I need to remember, stuff like that essentially. Then you get into the
breakdown of the month and this is the monthly future log. This is probably the most elaborate part of my whole process. Where I just block out
the month through days and then goals I want to
accomplish within that month and then tasks that I need to do in order to complete that month. With this second book I’ve also started using a habit tracker, I’ll get into that in a little
bit more detail later on. And then just to fill in the empty space, I’ve started to make a note of good things that are happening in the month. So I still need to fill out
my monthly log for February and I’m gonna do that as
I talk over it right now. If you’re gonna buy a
bullet journal that you’ll use as a companion for all your stuff then its probably worth getting
one that’s got a wee pocket in the back so that you keep
sort of stickers or a ruler, like the one I’ve got here
or just any little bits of spare paper that you need
to carry around with you. I use the ruler to create
underlines, and tables, and things, just when I want
it to look a little bit neater. But I try to make this a
very self forgiving exercise because I’m always gonna make
smudges and mistakes and stuff and that is part of the
functionality over the form, that I like to do when it comes
to making my bullet journal and I hope that that is a system that would work for you as well. So I started just by making a quick note of all the days of the month I go down sort of one half
down one side of the page and the other half down the other side, just to try and conserve
space a little bit. On the second half of the page I will leave space for goals and tasks. I’ll fill that out later on, those really aren’t super key
at the moment for this video. Then, next to the days
I’ll make a note of things that I know are happening in the month, whether it’s birthdays or events. Usually I’ll be referring
to a digital calender that I already have in place
for this sort of stuff. But I find it helps to write it down and it’s good to just have it
there as quick go to reference when you’re not at a computer, you know? I find writing stuff down
does help me remember it a little bit better even if it is already spelled out for me on my phone. Then on the second page of my monthly log I start building my habit tracker. This is just a good way for
me to hold myself accountable for doing basic adult shit on a day to day basis every month. Like getting up at a decent hour and going to bed at a decent hour. So I’ll build myself a little table here, I’ll leave enough space
for each of the habits that I know I’m going to
be doing in the month. So I’ll draw up the
lines and a 28 day grid for the 28 days of
February as I’m doing that. And as you can see here,
while I’m building the table I’ve done a whole bunch of smudges. You’ve just got to let it go, leave it in the past, it’s fine. Functionality over form. Now one thing I’ve done in previous months is sort of spread sheet style, use a pencil to shade
in every second line, just to break them up a little bit better. And if that’s something
that you want to do, then feel free, go ahead, I’m
not gonna do it right here. So, everyday I’ll check whether or not I’ve done the thing that the habit denotes and then I can cross off and check back at the end of the month
to see how well I did. Usually I haven’t done very well. But again, it’s quite a forgiving system, it’s just a case of holding
yourself accountable. Now this specific bullet journal came with a little thing of stickers, so what I’ve been doing just for those is cutting them up using
them to denote the months and not using them for
really anything else. So they’re just there as
a good reference point. Now, it’s time for a quick
overview of this coming week. I like to start the week on a Monday, just cause that’s how weeks work. And what I’ll do is create
an overarching to-do list of everything I need to do within the week and I’ll try and fit those
individual tasks into a day. So the things I have to
do this week include, updating my Patreon page, I’ve
got a whole bunch of stuff I need to do this week if you
guys want to check it out. I have an upcoming charity stream I want to do in the next couple of weeks, I need to start planning for that and I also need to-do a
food shop at some point. Another thing I like to
have a quick overview of, is things I’m doing on weeknights, so I’ll break down every
single day of the week and then just mention things
I’m doing in the week, just so when it comes to
planning my social life I know whether or not I’m busy. Normally I stream on a
Monday and a Thursday, this week is a little different, I’ll be streaming on Tuesday
and Thursday instead. So, I’ll make a note of that, just so that I know that Tuesday
and Thursday I’m not free. Now it’s time for the daily log. Which is where I just write
down everything I’m doing today and then I won’t write
anything for tomorrow, that’ll be tomorrow’s job. So I write down a simple daily
task that I need to-do today including filming this
video, doing laundry, tiding my room, and doing my emails. I’ll also make a note of any
social events or meetings I’ve got going on later today. But, hold up, plot twist,
I’ve already done my laundry, so I can cross that off as done. That’s a completed task. I’m filming right now so I’m
gonna mark that as in progress. I probably won’t have
time to tidy my room today, so I’m marking that as rescheduled and then emails I’ll leave ’til later, to figure out whether or
not I need to do that still. And that’s my daily
log, it’s super simple. So this is essentially, a version of the system
that I’ve been running with for the past two and a half years. I’ve developed it a little bit since then, but I am still, at it’s core, trying to keep it as simple as possible. And honestly that’s been the
most practical method for me and that’s why I’ve managed to keep at it for as long as I have. Other things that I’ve
done in my bullet journal but haven’t included in
this video are sort of, resolutions for the year,
writing down personal goals, things I’ve learned
form the previous years, as well as my little note of good things, that’s something I like to do every month. Like, write a little list of good things that happen over the course of the month, so that when it’s over I can look back and just be reminded of some
nice stuff that happened, if I feel like the month wasn’t as good as I thought it could be. So even if I don’t feel productive at least I know that I had fun. So again this is a system
I found works for me, but everyone is completely different and everyone is going to find
something that works for them. Whether or not it’s creating a more stylistic aesthetic style or something as simple
as what I’ve been doing. But I would really like to
compare notes as it were and see what you guys have
been working on as well. So if you are an active bullet journaler, come join us in my Discord server, there’s a link in the description, you can come, I’ll create a channel for bullet journaling exclusively and you can share your pages and all of the different
methods that you use and hopefully we’ll inspire a bunch of other people to join in. If you are inspired by this video and you want to get
into bullet journaling, my first recommendation for the first step is finding a book that speaks to you. I really like the simple
sort of brown leather style, with a pen loop, it’s very important because I always lose my pens. But dotted journals do
come in so many more styles and colors now. We are honestly spoiled for choice. And I actually curated a list of journals that I’ve found that I really really like and there’s a link to that on
my Amazon store front page, that’s a thing now. You can find that in the link below. But that’s all. Honestly it’s a lot simpler then people make it out to be sometimes. You can find a system that works for you, if that’s something that
you’re interested in doing. And while it is the
second month in the year, that’s not to late to start a new thing, as long as you are willing
to forgive yourself as much as I am when it
comes to writing your stuff. So, that’s pretty much all
I’ve got on the subject. I hope that this was helpful
to you in some small way. Feel free to check out my list of recommended bullet journals below. And I also want to thank my Patrons, Alex Wilson, Tori Anderson,
and Michelle F for making this video possible. Thank you again folks. Hopefully I will be
seeing you a lot sooner than the last time. Come hang out in Discord and share your bullet journal stories and I will see you whenever. Goodbye. (soft guitar Music)

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