How To Make a WordPress Blog ( Tutorial 2019)

How To Make a WordPress Blog ( Tutorial 2019)

54 thoughts on “How To Make a WordPress Blog ( Tutorial 2019)

  1. Greg love this video! Graphics are awesome. Great tutorial for anyone starting a blog start to finish! Looks like this one was a ton of work!

  2. Bro I made a wp website im trying to change the url name but my main domain expired i still have the website in cpanel databases i think on my hosting server. How would I recover the website to point to a new domain just through cpanel. Do i quick install wordpress again? My servers are already setup for the new domain. Do i change the wp config info? I need help

  3. Running all these blogs you guys make sure ain't easy 🙂 Please push THUMBS UP for Greg's wordpress tutorial and let me know any blog questions you have! 😉

  4. Could you please make a video how to edit actual blog page using elementor and Ocean WP free Theme. I/we/everybody would appreciate it so much. 🙂

  5. Is it better to resize your images before uploading them to WordPress, or could I just crop and resize in wp? Thanks.

  6. I am curious about the newsletter. How does it work and what gets emailed out? Can you point me in the right direction?

  7. Hi, I've watched a couple of tutorials including more of yours. I wonder why you go through godaddy first and then to hostgator. When you create a site in hostgator doesn't it also register a domain? Just asking because others also just register via hostgator.

  8. I have two websites with different topics. One of them has my blog for the past 5 yrs and I would like to move one category over to the other site. How can I do that easily? There are 468 posts I want to move. Sites are free wordpress hosted. If you need to see the sites, just let me know.

  9. I think I’ve been watching this video non stop for the last 2 days! So easy to comprehend. Thank you for that!

  10. Just a recomendation, you should really make this video into a course! Have people pay like 10 bucks for it on udemy

  11. Hi Greg, It was an excellent instructional video to help potential bloggers on understanding the basics to setting up a WordPress blogging environment. It was helpful especially to see how bloggers can use menus and categories to build heading structures. Other great topics were the asides where you showed how to create logos and code snippets for static and dynamic widget customisation. You finished it off well by providing some options for receiving payment through advertising. Thanks again. Hope you enjoyed your holiday to Greece.

  12. The adsense works for someone who has it already up and running yes but I AM STUCK AT THE POINT WHERE YOU NEED TO INSERT THE CODE BETWEEN <head> and </head> TAGS, where are we meant to insert that ?

  13. I got Safari can't Open the Page when I tried clicking on the URL and Admin URL after I got the Congratulations Instal Complete email. Why do I see that?

  14. All I get at the 'select domain for installation' word press stage (13.49mins in on the video above) is a blank page on the HostGater site – anything you can advise that I try? Thanks!

  15. Hi Greg, this is amazing and so helpful! Thank you! I can't find the category widget code that you're talking about around 2:00. Where do I find that?

  16. Hi Greg, First of all thank you for such a wonderful video and content. I will follow your entire process since it looks very good. I am new to WP and have this one question. My question is that if I start with HostGator and create all my content directly there then can I transfer all of the content to my local machine if I wish to at some later stage. I don't want to rely on any site or even hosting provider for my content and want all of it to be synced in my local wordpress instance in my machine so that I can push the WP DB and site to my cloud account later. Can I do this?

  17. Hi Greg, just want to say a huge THANK YOU!! I have very basic understanding of all this, and finding your video was an answer to a prayer. I will now start to customize my blog to take on a more personal appearance, but you will be able to see that my blog now is exactly the format you outlined in your video. Now I have a more basic understanding and do not need to always revert back to your video, but again, thank you so much. You did an awesome job walking through all the steps and for an old dog like me, it proves your video was spot on. Thank you again, look forward to watching more of your videos to see what else I can learn. -Darren at

  18. Thanks for video, that is quite a video. I think it would be quite useful if you can also split this videos in parts and Theme junkies have put affiliation program on hold right now. Learned it by the hard way

  19. Greg, thanks so much for this! First time blogger just starting out. I see in the video you use Hostgator, but I have read an updated review at Dear Blogger where you say that Bluehost is the way to go. So I'm a bit confused, as you also have tutorial videos on setting up Bluehost as well. So which way should I go: Hostgator or Bluehost?

  20. Just wow! Well done Sir. Really very informative video. Well I saved it and watched in a week. Oops.

  21. Hi Greg. Thanks for the tip on the Classic Editor plugin, that works perfectly, and gave me the same editor you are showing! Much better! When it comes to the logo size issue, I'm still very much lost. I right-clicked and did the inspect, and got this … … of which the pertinent logo bit would be …. I think. Your next advice is to find the logo ID, which I'm assuming is somewhere in the highlighted area, and then … and here I really get lost … you said to "Then you can change into css in appearance customize….. " That's pretty much beyond what I understand. I had to look CSS up to find out what it is, then looked at the customize menu … …. but now no idea where I go from there to change the size of the logo. So for now, I'm just leaving this and moving on with the video. I've also read the initial WordPress CSS guide, but it leads into a lot of other reading, which I'll also set aside for now. BTW, I'm having the same "sizing" issue when I try to duplicate putting a quote into the sidebar. Any quote I use is coming out really tiny when it appears on the page.

  22. Interesting problem now. The changes that I am making in the Dashboard are not showing up on my website.

  23. Quite frustrating… do you know of a tutorial that does this where what you're teaching is actually what you see when you are accessing your pages? Because this is totally different.

  24. Hey Greg this is really helpful! I have a quick question; why do my previews look drastically different from yours? I'm only about 29 minutes in and I can't seem to figure out why my theme previews don't actually put the photos and preview content on the website… Can you help me please?

  25. Greg, Wow! I have been reading turorials, watching videos, and creating content & ideas etc… but nothing yet, I been so afraid to get started with the blog bc I wasn’t sure if WP was the best option, someone told me I would get stuck with all the coding etc…but after watching this step by step, I feel comfortable and ready for the challenge! Thank you so much! I can’t wait for you to come see what I create! What theme you think would fit best with a parenting/relationship blog? Im creating a blog for blended families- content on relationship building, communication, advice, guide to, personal experience, etc. I want to use a combination of stock photos but also use real pics to connect with audience. Also Do I need to have a specific blog email for all of my stuff all the different programs, apps, etc? Do you use like paypal or a seperate checking account to keep track of income and expenses?

  26. This is the best tutorial ever. I will even subscribe despite the fact that I won't necessarily need to see any other video but I am so grateful for this throughout explanation that I feel I HAVE to subscribe. I am happy I found this before I embarked on this journey. Thank you very much.

  27. Question, I recently set up hosting through host gator and thought that the WordPress Installation link on hostgator was to install and not I decided to watch your video because you specify that you are working with WordPress.ORG. However, I set up my website the exact same way you are demonstrating through host gator but when I go to to sign into my account it says "No username or email registered" but when I go to it allows me to login. So it seems as though the wordpress hostgator is working with is WordPress.COM and not .ORG. I want my blog to be registered under Am I doing something wrong or is there any advice you can give me so I set up my blog correctly?

    Thank you,

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