How To Make a WordPress Blog ( Tutorial 2019)

How To Make a WordPress Blog ( Tutorial 2019)

WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg said whatever I do I always come home to my blog, but wouldn’t you rather come home to a blog? That’s built to get you lots of traffic social statistics comments and generally a place where you can blog for a living with confidence as Opposed to a blog where you are still figuring out how to edit the sidebar Hey, what’s up guys? I’m Greg and you can go ahead and read more Matt’s work at Matt his domain name is literally just ma TT anyways I’m the founder of a slightly smaller blog called dear vlogger org where we help people start a blog blog for a living get traffic and generally do anything in the world of blogging and I made this video because when I Started blogging professionally, I was so nervous about my blog design I wasn’t sure if I was publishing my content to some place where people wouldn’t even be able to read it or find it Even if the post themselves were good I was worried that the whole blog would just look like baloney but over the years I Tancred a ton I read a lot of other blogs and I was able to come up with the design that works for me And in this video I want to pass that design off to you I want to show you guys in this more anticipated than my other videos video how to make a blog exactly like dear bloggers I’m talking about how to register a great domain name set up hosting install WordPress Get the theme that do blogger uses and build up the entire blog along the way I’m gonna pass off things to you like an Adsense template from Google themselves that tells you exactly where to put your ads to Optimize your income and revenue from blogging I’m gonna show you a coupon that’ll get you over 20 premium themes for the cost of one And I’m gonna show you how we built the original dear blogger logo among other things Chopped liver. That’s what I was going for just like every wordpress tutorial. We create everything we do here It will be made easier for beginners, and it’ll also come with a blog post guide a PDF guide so you can learn WordPress and learn blogging when you’re on the train in the car or on a flight somewhere without Wi-Fi and It’ll come with of course the video itself alright So if you’re ready to get started so my I’m still pumped to get going me some when working on this blog And it’s designed for over five years to figure out what works and I’m finally ready to so over the reins to the sports car the keys to the castle to you guys and See what you can do when you build a blog with the proven design like dear vloggers alright So grab yourself a cup of coffee or whatever your favorite beverages soda tea What have you and let’s hop over to my computer and see what it really takes to make a blog come on. Let’s do it All right, I’ll see you guys on the inside Starting a great blog is a lot like building a house You need an address where people can find you which is your domain name? You need a plot of land where you can start building the house? Which is going to be our web hosting and we need an actual home or we can live in and store all of our belongings? Which will be WordPress our content management system or CMS? of choice For a really fast domain name and because I was worried someone would take my idea I went to GoDaddy so I had to go to Atia The best domain names these days are no more than two words if you think about sites like Home Depot or TripAdvisor or even eBay or Ebates GoPro Netflix or even YouTube Or Facebook are all catchy and two words that we can easily remember so try to select a domain name That’s two words or even just one word although those are going to be mostly taken and very expensive It’s also good to put in a keyword if you can which is just a popular word within your niche Now click search and we can’t get the original domain name, but we can definitely get an example And if your domain is available click the green Add to Cart button Now click continue to cart And you can uncheck all the additional options because you can always add those later And we’re operating on a budget right now and click continue Change your term period from two years to one year if you’d like to spend a little bit less right now Try adding a promotional code from a website like fatwallet calm to get your domain name as far under the cost of fifteen dollars a year as you can which is the standard price of a domain name and once you’re ready click proceed to checkout if you’re new to GoDaddy just go ahead and click create an account right here and Then you’ll be asked to continue with Facebook or better yet set up your own email username and password then create account Now that we’ve logged in we can see I’m getting 44 percent off my dot-com registration so the price is a little bit lower I’m not positive all you guys can get that discount too But it is incentive to try to get your domain cost as low as possible Maybe you can call GoDaddy and tell them about this price couldn’t hurt and now we’ll click proceed to checkout Sign in just Fill in your billing and payment information if you haven’t done so already don’t worry GoDaddy is a hundred percent secure and now it’s time to take our domain name off the market and actually buy it by clicking Place your order Congratulations, you just bought your first domain name or your hundreth and You’ll get a congratulation screen, which means you can now click on the upper right corner? Where it says your name and click now on my products And now we can see our dear bloggers esque domain name sitting right here Perfect we’re all done with our domain name our house has a beautiful address with two words And one keyword in it and we can now just open a new tab and go Ahead and get our plot of land which is our hosting now Just type in H OST dat o are calm And I’ll tell you a few reasons why I chose Hostgator to be the plot of land from a wordpress blog They’ve been around longer than any other web host and they specialize in web hosting of course They’re always doing cool stuff like this and they’re recommended by a ton of great blogs. I read like these ones down here The prices are also really low and the best price at Hostgator can be found when you click on web hosting Once you click web hosting we’re gonna focus on the basic plan right here also notice the hatchling plan Which is what it was called when I send up With this plan you can run one domain name like one WordPress blog You get the easy tools to install WordPress called the one-click in cells and you get unmetered bandwidth Which means no matter how much traffic your site gets if you go viral one day It’s not going to slow down or be limited I got the basic plan on day one and then I upgraded to an essentials plan When I wanted to run more than one blog like my college blog and my blog about blogging and my mom’s blog but that’s the only difference between the basic plan and the essentials plan you can also click technical specs right here and I’ll scroll down and you can get to this section or it shows you that Hostgator is a slightly better choice then GoDaddy where we were before Their prices are a little bit better and more importantly they don’t limit you on storage like GoDaddy does this 100 gigabyte storage is sort of a question mark in my opinion because I know I want to upload videos and post images on my Blog which take up several megabytes and gigabytes alone alright enough chitchat. Let’s get set up At the top we can click sign up now under basic plan And I’ll walk you through the Hostgator order form by the way Registering web hosting and setting up our plot of land is just as easy as getting our address or our domain name in Step one you need to choose a domain But we already own a domain so click on this tab and go ahead and write in the domain name that you got from GoDaddy All done just Make sure you only have that one domain name selected You can always add the other ones later on and if it says add domain privacy protection uncheck that Next in step two make sure you have the 12 month cycle selected at least when I say at least I mean that you’re gonna need at least 12 months to really get the hang of WordPress and Possibly blog for a living I want you to give your blog a good chance of success and the 12 24 and 36 month term periods are also the best deal as we can see the price goes down significantly But when I got to your blogger it was a 12-month billing cycle Now entering your username and security pin All done in step three entering that billing info Just like you would at Amazon Apple eBay Ebates or wherever else you shop online And if you’re an international user you might want to consider using PayPal it might be a little bit quicker But I like using credit card all done and we can scroll down to step 4 which is add additional services or Rather on add them because like I said before you can always add them later on Great job all done. We can come down to step five which is really important. This is where we get to save some money The coupon I want you to enter instead of what they have here Which is pretty nice to them by the way to offer us a discount on their own is called big bonus? And it’s not case-sensitive. You can just write it in like that big bonus, or if you want to write it in Like that that’s fine, too. Just make sure that you click validate That’s the important part, and we can see when I did that if you want to go back in the video. That’s fine we can see when I did that the discount goes up because this will actually save us 50% off of our web hosting I Don’t know any other web host on the planet that offers you 50% off when you sign up and has such good Recommendations as Hostgator, so go ahead and use this deal We also want to scroll up and uncheck the hosting add-on which could get added on again when you enter in a coupon so scroll up and uncheck that one and We can make sure that that’s a 50% off coupon in step 2 very good It would be slightly more advantageous to get 36 months, but I think 12 months is a nice sweet spot and we can scroll down and we’re all ready to click checkout now I Know getting web hosting or self hosting or self hosted blogging whatever you want to call it is a big step for us bloggers So I want you to save as much money as possible This is the biggest coupon available at the moment And I’ll make sure to update the video if any other coupons come out if you do use this coupon It will give me in my business a small credit just for referring you to Hostgator, which comes at zero additional cost to you Really appreciate it if you use this coupon and save a greater amount on your hosting And I really appreciate you using this video in the first place you guys are awesome Nml is around to help and so is this little snappy character sitting in the swamp down here Alright, so 53 70 is a very standard price This looks good to me comes out to under five dollars a month if you divide this number by twelve under five dollars a month Which is just like sparing a trip to Starbucks or caribou coffee or Tim Hortons every month? We can all do without one trip over there in exchange for an amazing WordPress blog So that said it’s time to check I have read and agree to the Terms of Service and all that and we can just click checkout now Congratulations and welcome to the Hostgator family when you see this screen it’s now time to check our inboxes and we can come play around in the hostgator customer portal later on So back in your email You’re gonna get a couple important emails from Hostgator from billing and from sales You never want to delete these because they contain really important information about the piece of land where our house is now living Which by the way is done being set up whoo-hoo so we can proceed now and start building our home by Installing WordPress to do that we’re gonna want to click on the billing email So we’re going to get back to the same place where we saw that Congratulations welcome to the Hostgator family message, but if you left it open that’s fine, too You can just use it because you’ll see where we’re headed right now What I want you to do is just copy the password in this billing email go ahead and copy that and Now click on the link that says Hostgator billing portal right here this link so This is going to get you to the Hostgator customer portal where you manage everything from billing to hosting and beyond And we’re just going to want to log in Now we’ll just paste in our password and click login great job So to install your copy of WordPress your new home that we’re gonna build just click on the hosting tab Next you’ll see this little icon so click here and you’ll be taken to Hostgator new and improved control panel WordPress installation This is like really new because Hostgator is always upgrading their services And we even get a little progress meter for 25% done so that’s pretty cool So we don’t want to use a wordpress expert because you have me here. We’re gonna be wordpress experts by the time We’re done by the way So we just want to come down and select domain for installation Which will just be the domain name you entered in in the Hostgator order form Alright, we can see I’ve worked on like a ton of domains but I’m actually just going to use an example one because we can’t build another website on dere blogger and So I just have a domain name. That’s going to be used as an example for this tutorial which is WordPress blog tutorial com appropriately, and I didn’t want to buy dearest blogger comm because that’s just silly Alright, so once you select your domain leave the directory box completely blank and click Next we’re gonna also skip this section below We’re not gonna do any of that pro stuff click Next Now just enter in your blog title so that’s really easy it’s just gonna call this one exactly what our domain name says Order press blog tutorial, so that’s the easiest way to not confuse anyone is to have your blog title match your domain name Enter your new user which will be your WordPress username when you login to WordPress Version four point eight point one which is pretty cool. I think when I set up to your blogger it was like version two or something and You can’t forget her name And you need your email WordPress will just email you your login link and your password Right there to go ahead and put that one in Alright once everything looks good. Just check this box again, and now we’re going to click on install all right so take a deep breath and We’re gonna have to do all the techie stuff right now So like get prepared get all your notes and text books out and click install. I’m just kidding You don’t need any of that because Hostgator is gonna do it all for us all right, so let’s do it All right It’s the first most important thing is that that worked great job installation complete Congratulations our overall upset powers is now like 60% which doesn’t mean much, but that’s cool anyways and The second most important thing is just not to click on this link right here I know you want to check out your site, but there’s an important step now that we have to do first So leave this window open guys, and I want you to come back to your email Where we’re gonna now connect our domain name with our hosting so now that our plot of land has something on it We’re gonna put that address in the address book and let people know how to get there That’s just my analogy for connecting your domain name to your hosting All right to do so we have to go to our email from sales so this is the next step just open the sales email and In this email you’re going to see a lot of important information But right now all we need is our first name server and our second name server these two alright So go ahead and copy them down or write them down if you’re old-fashioned whatever you want to do My case I’m gonna open up a new notepad Where is that new notepad There she blows and I’m gonna paste those in And now what you need to do really quick is just come back to GoDaddy And go ahead and login if you need to log in again then find your domain and Where it says add privacy DNS or manage just click on DNS? Alright and what’s you here? Alright your DNS stands for your domain name system, and it’s a fancy hierarchical Internet way of storing a bunch of information for your domain and like telling the internet all about it So what you want to do now is change your name servers and that will tell people that When they visit your domain name to go to Hostgator because that’s where our WordPress site lives There’s a lot more to it, but that’s all we need to know for now So on name servers we want to click change now in this drop down make sure it says custom and not default and Yours are going to say something different because everyone has different name servers But what I want you to do and what you need to do is just make sure that your first name server in This top box right here And your second name server in the lower box match the name servers that Hostgator sent you exactly All right here and right here, so I’ve already done that mine are just NS 119 dot and NS 122 Hostgator comm but you’ll go ahead and do that too and once you’ve done that just click Save alright, so GoDaddy will save them and Now a really fun process called propagation begins which can take up to 72 hours And it just means that the internet is updating everywhere And it’s connecting your domain name with your hosting if things don’t work as they are in this tutorial for you anywhere between now and 72 hours from now it’s because propagation is going on although It’s usually much less time for this connection to you know work successfully Especially if you’re in a big city Although it shouldn’t take that long for me when I set up dear blogger it only took about Two hours for my domain a my hosting to start working together at which point you can log into WordPress But I really hope it takes you even less than two hours If you’re in a populated city, then servers are updating really quickly and it hopefully only takes you like under two hours But let me know any questions because I have a video on this exact process in fact, and I’ll help you out But it’s either way a really good time to take a break and go for a hike get a snack So I’m actually gonna go for a walk, and I’m gonna come back in one hour and then we’re gonna log in and use WordPress, so I’ll see you guys right here soon, so I’m gonna leave that Hostgator So I’m going to go back to that cPanel window it’s okay if you close this by the way because you should have gotten that Content emailed to you from hostgator marketplace. It’ll say install complete Alright, so we can actually leave it right here, and I’ll see you guys in an hour Alright, I’m back. I just wanted a nice hour-long walk and got a snack and By the way Steve Jobs. I know is a big advocate of taking walks And I fully agree because it really can clear your head, and you know come back refreshed So you can really tackle building a blog so if I’m ready. I hope you are, too Let’s go ahead and make a blog like dear bloggers and build the home that all of our content will live in So we can start by clicking on our shiny new link in the URL area right here Alright, and this is what your blog looks like so that’s why I wanted to connect your domain name and your hosting after we installed WordPress so that if you installed WordPress for like a company blog or a corporate blog and Your boss visits the domain name to check it out Then he’ll see at least this with this cute little cactus and the title of it instead of like an you know Set up screen at Hostgator or GoDaddy that says you need to install WordPress, so it shows that you’ve done your work And it actually has some English and some text and a search bar so it’s functional It’s not just code because it’s WordPress alright, so good job, and this looks pretty cool But we’re gonna log in and make it look really cool, and we’re gonna make it look amazing because it’s not quite amazing yet All right, so to login you actually need to click the admin URL link right here And while it’s opening we can copy our password. I’m just gonna double click it to highlight and copy and This is your wordpress login screen by the way That’s pretty cool. This is the screen that everyone who uses WordPress like New York Times Time jay-z Forbes, Walt Disney Beyonce Katy Perry and everyone else uses to log in Pretty awesome screen right here, just gonna write in the username Paste in our password and now we can click remember me and also bookmark this link so you can get to it in the future Couple best practices and now let’s click login For our very first time well not for me, but maybe for you All right now. We can see I don’t need help. Thanks anyways And we’re gonna go ahead and setup the blog just like dear bloggers So you know it’s ready to get comments and traffic and become a successful blog for all of your blogging endeavors So let’s just click this button in the upper left where it says our blog name And get a feel for how WordPress works clicking that button will take us to the home page also notice the front end of your website, which is what the world sees and Clicking it again will take us to the back end also notice the dashboard where we do our editing That’s just how WordPress or any other website like you know Facebook or Twitter or Google works? There’s the front end at the world sees and then there’s the back end which is like What all the developers and designers and bloggers are working on and they publish content here? And then it shows up on the live side of the business So we can actually get rid of all our other windows and focus on WordPress we don’t need this We don’t even need the Hostgator windows anymore, although. Those are pretty cool, and we can just set it up so we have our dashboard in one window and our front-end in another window so Close that So what I like doing is right clicking on your blog title upper left, and then click open link in new tab Which will give us? how the world sees it on the front end and how the Designers or bloggers which is us sees it on the back end? All right close this And I’m gonna Also make sure our you know our dashboard is as clean as possible because this Pretty cool, so now let’s talk WordPress themes your theme right now is the default WordPress theme of Generally whatever year you installed WordPress right now WordPress is running the 2017 theme So this is called 2017 with baby cactus All right, but there’s also other themes you can check them out by hovering on appearance and clicking themes And this will show you the default themes that WordPress comes installed with which are generally the last three themes so you could try out 2015 or 2016 for free you would just click to open them and click activate and Then when you refresh your homepage right away it’ll be wearing the new theme So these are all really successful really beautiful, and they’re used by millions of people Which is actually the downside? We want your site to look unique and not be used by millions of people so while they’re great We’re not gonna use them the next greatest thing you can do is click on this huge plus icon on the right to add a new theme and Then you can see the other themes that WordPress comes with and because we’re connected to the Internet. Hopefully you have all these other themes from WordPress like the featured ones laurels Pinzolo Lavvy ow popular themes which we’ve built with in previous tutorials like Sydney Alright other really cool things like kale, Oshin WordPress So on and so forth and these are all free to try out Vantage really good one just like the default themes named after a year are free to try out so you can just click install and You’ll get the new theme like that install and then you click activate Alright, and there’s really no limit to how many free themes you can have or how many premium themes in fact You just don’t want like more than 50 themes here because then your site will start slowing down All right, but because we just installed and activated a new one Then you can see our set looks different It’s really easy to change how a wordpress blog looks and even make it into a WordPress website But that’s for a different tutorial At the moment we need to install the right theme, and you can also delete themes if you want all right you can just click to open them and Click on the red delete button if you end up installing too many and click OK, and it’s free to get it back Alright, so at the moment We want to go down the street the old internet street to a 3rd party theme vendor so open up a new tab and type in theme – junkie, that’s th eme – Ju n ki And theme junkie is where I got the theme for dear bloggers so only a few people know that but The look for dear bloggers is actually made by this company And you can get it too for your own site and believe me, and it definitely works so you’re gonna have a lot of time to design your content because Now your theme homework and research will be done for you alright. You’re gonna get that all done So we’re gonna click on C themes And now we’re gonna click on news and magazine Do you blog it runs a news and magazine style theme? It’s very general works for a lot of different kinds of websites like Huffington Post or New York Times Or you know any news site really that a lot of people read Because this theme is good at showing a lot of content and making your site look like You have a lot of articles which is a good thing I think So here it is it’s called daily, and we’re just gonna want to click on a theme itself. Just click on the picture of it All right pretty cool, and now we can click on demo So once everyone is here on demo if you want I recommend opening up dear blogger and a new window Show you a little side-by-side tour, and we can see the similarities between dear bloggers and daily Alright, so you have the upper navigation the logo the lower navigation upper navigation logo lower navigation featured posts and an image slider right here With the content in it. I think it’s really cool to have the excerpt of our content right there in the slider so Not many themes have that All right featured posts and we also have the latest entries latest posts you can change that wording no problem and You can see the thumbnails and the borders and the posted on and the comment counts Alright, so I’ve always been working on this blog in terms of popularizing it more than theme junky and Radek have been so a few more comments, but Theirs is the template for all the magic that happened here You can see everything looks pretty similar, so we’re gonna learn how to create Everything you see right here using Daily because that’s the theme you also get the random posts you get the advertisement boxes and A couple other cool features that I chose not to use but you might want to up to you Like the social media links in the upper right corner pretty fancy Alright, so what to buy daily you just want to click Alright, so to get your copy of daily. Just click on download in the upper, right and now click Buy Now and so if you’re anything like me you’re on you’re gonna want to spend a couple nights like researching the other themes to see if a Different theme junkie theme is right for you But I’m gonna save you some time as a thank you for using this video and for sticking with us for so long I’m gonna show you how to get all the themes for the price of a single theme Alright, so that you don’t have to like ask everyone, which theme is best And you know bug your family and your friends and have a vote you can just get all Access to all themes for a year and won your supports and updates For a really good price all right, so follow me and click buy now And we can see our coupon is already Active right here, so it’s start your blog is the coupon that you guys want to use that’s kind of Anticlimactic, but there it is I’ll just run through how the coupon works remove On your guyses screen you’re gonna have a little box at the top refresh You’re gonna have this little box that says have a coupon click here to enter your code click there And then just right in start your blog not start a blog or just build a blog, but start your blog and click apply coupon and voila Alright, so it was revealed already and now it’s revealed again, and this is how you can save $12.25 on the all themes package so we have a awesome price of thirty six dollars and seventy five cents Which is less than the individual price of a theme of? $39 and by the way much less than the price of a theme elsewhere on the web I know some themes like if you looked on like Genesis theme This is like a really popular theme I don’t really know why because it’s actually just like really simple looking and It’s like obviously really popular, but it costs a lot more Like on this site if you wanted to get a magazine theme like this one Then it would cost you $100 so just to compare prices good to know what’s out there These are really pretty, but they’re just like more expensive, or if you want to get all the themes from studiopress Then it costs you like five hundred dollars so pretty good savings on theme. Junkie. I think you’re gonna like it And I’ve definitely built a health living with dear bloggers and the daily theme So once you’re ready remember you get all the themes from themed junkie now So you don’t need to go back and look at all the other ones although you can if you want Once you’re ready. Just pop in your name last name your address and all your info Sorry, we have to do this for a third time in the tutorial once you do that just click proceed to PayPal and go ahead And complete your payment. It’s all really easy and secure Once you make payment you can find your way back to the my account screen by clicking on my account in the upper right hand Corner, and this screen you’ll get access to your theme downloads. We can click that You can see all the themes you’ve bought so I’ve bought a couple other ones before they offered this lifetime package But you’re probably just gonna see like one Package right here, and you’re going to want to click download on your package This is also by the way where you get access to the affiliate program at theme junkie We can check that out together So this window lets you create your own affiliate links to theme junkie that way you can refer people to your theme website And then you can track them and see like who signed up like if someone really liked the look of your blog then they’re gonna click that link and you know by the design themselves so they can make a blog like it and You can go ahead and make a little bit a side cash this way by recommending the theme that your site is using That’s pretty cool For now let’s go back to dashboard rather let’s go back to downloads And once everyone’s in downloads click on the download link that you got And then click Save Alright now you’re gonna want to open up your finder, so I’m using a Mac and I have finder But if you’re on a PC this might be like a slightly different window Most importantly though we want to go to our downloads where that theme is Alright and usual probably just say without the one whatever the title is Like mine was right here the first time I downloaded it so what you want to do is just double click on the dot zip file and That’ll open your your new theme purchase You’ll get a folder like this again mine. Just has a two because I already have one file named after that name, so you’re gonna get a folder now you’re gonna double-click the folder and See everything you just bought which is nicely Organized so these are like all these cool wordpress templates that you can use to run any sort of niche blog or website Really awesome you get plugins too And you get all these different themes so each one of these themes is basically worth thirty nine dollars, and you know You do the math so we paid under $39 for all these pretty ridiculous value all right, so I’ve never known anywhere where we could do that, but now we can and Thanks a lot for use in my videos all right, so I hope you enjoy that deal what I want you to do is just open up the themes folder again and Now just find daily alright, so if you want to try out the other themes go ahead. You know it’s free to do so If you have time you know outside of your day job or whatever you do you? Go ahead, but for now. I just want to drag daily. We’re gonna drag them to the desktop off the screen All right, you’re gonna hear it cool Now we can come back to WordPress finally. We’re done with theme junkie for now that is until you need support from them they have a really cool free support forum that answers the same day and Now in our wordpress blog close up some windows That’s my wordpress not your wordpress this is our wordpress I want to go back to the dashboard and in appearance themes just click on upload So now that we bought and downloaded a theme, but we can upload it and our site will be ready to go So now just click upload theme and choose file, and now we’re gonna find on our desktop desktop Date modified date modified date modified We can see I have a few other themes lying around from other projects, but just find daily zip Click it to highlight it and click open Alright and now click install now Alright, so you’re literally stealing the look of dear bloggers but you have my full permission to I think you’re gonna love it and My only request is that you complete this tutorial and you do amazing things with the blog. It’s a big responsibility But I hope you build better blogs then what’s out there right now Alright, so now we just need to click activate Very cool, and now we can just come back to our front-end and refresh the homepage We’ll see that things look a little bit different, and we’re all ready to create a wordpress blog like dear blogger So now that you know how to make a wordpress blog and set up a theme What should we do to build a blog and how should we create the blog? well when you start a blog ultimately it should be a place where you can write freely and Express your opinions and give advice It’s a philosophy that never led me astray Onto your blogger so so let’s keep it that way And let’s start with a new post and then we can see how that new post fits into the whole blog itself So let’s hover at the top. I like just hovering on new and clicking post from here You can also do media for an image page and so on and so forth Let’s click post for now And we’re gonna get the famous WordPress new post editor, so I’ll walk you through it right now Let’s just click the little Reminders to get rid of them X out and Now you know our new post entry form just click on the kitchen sink and toggle toolbar this little button All right, so we expand to get more tools now. I’ve written out a little blurb for our first intro post so I’m gonna just grab that and Set it up for us right now Alright just a couple sentences about what? Blogging means to me So we can see that we’re in the visual tab right here by default you can also click to the text tab Where you could insert any HTML or code and stuff like that? But right now. We want to be in visual I’m gonna right click paste Then we’ll see of course our text and if we click text tab we’ll just see that same text although it Looks a little different. There’s no font It’s just this one stock font, which is the same font it gives us 4 code And there’s also these like p classes What does that mean? Well that happens when you paste in a piece of text from Microsoft Word from notepad or something it can get these little formatting things So what I want to do is In the text tab right here and remove those Just couldn’t delete them What you could do also if you’re gonna paste a lot of text in from Microsoft Word And you don’t want it to keep the formatting is you can just start fresh in the text tab and paste Right there so pasting from Microsoft Word or something into the text tab will get rid of all the styling Just a heads up on that There’s no absolute right way to start a blog post to so we started with the content But you could start with the title you could start with an image or something like that because we started with our content Let’s just move to the title right now And give it something that matches what we wrote Never hurts to be clear alright now We need a little more text because this isn’t enough for a blog post so I’m gonna go to a site I know of called pan epsom com If everyone can follow me here, then you’ll see that we can get all sorts of dummy text That’s really good when you’re designing a blog or a website for someone, and you just need some text to show what text looks like within a website The nice thing is we can get coffee text and we can get Maybe Seinfeld episodes too and grab a mixture by clicking generate Epsom and now we’re just gonna copy some placeholder text like that which will have little excerpts from Seinfeld and coffee and come back make a space and paste So you can see that by default when you hit enter it gives you that nice little break in paragraphs, too If you don’t want that just hold shift and hit Enter Perfect So there’s some formatting here that WordPress does for us If we go back to the text tab we can see we still just have text But let’s go to visual and let’s add something a little more complicated Let’s say we wanted to add a link so in my first paragraph. I mentioned BuzzFeed for example, so we could open up BuzzFeed in Google And we can click the link to BuzzFeed right click copy it and come back in our post To add a link you just want to highlight that Anchor text for your link click on the insert edit link button and Then paste in the link of choice and make sure your link has all the necessary parts like HTTP and all that now we can click on the gear to open link options and make sure this opens in a new browser tab and update and we have our first link now if we go to text we can see that WordPress will have created the HTML for a link which looks like that eh Then the H ref and so on and so forth which looks weird for now But you’ll get familiar with as you blog a little bit more Let’s go ahead and expand on our text a little bit so copy that and Paste enter paste enter paste now. We have five paragraphs now Let’s say we want to add a newspaper style image right after the second paragraph right here Well to do that you can just put your cursor right by where you want the image So we want it right ahead of aftertaste right here and before we upload an image into WordPress Let’s find one on the web. We like alright so for dear bloggers. I always go to That’s p IX ABA. Why comm we can see one image comes up automatically that I visited often It’s just this cool laptop Sony camera image Cool thing on pics of it is you can search at the top for any sort of niche or a theme like ocean And you’ll get lots of oceans and then when you find an ocean that you like you can click it And then you have similar categories like rocks or a long exposure and you can find the perfect image for virtually any type of blog post in my case I actually just like images of workspaces computers desks tablets computers you know lots of computers, so Workspace is a good keyword alright, so I think this image is actually really cool right here because it’s a clean desk and It also gives you some space to write in a title on top of the text if you wanted to write here Alright, so if you go to do blogger You can see that like all the thumbnail images are images from pixabay of like really cool computer desks Workspaces Globes artwork all in the same theme Alright so to get this image You just need to click free download and click the size you want which is pretty good at 1920 by 1080 That’s big enough and click download Mmm. If you’re not signed in it’ll ask you for a CAPTCHA But you can also just sign in for free with Facebook or Google which I always do Let’s give this a name and call it clean desk and Save it This desk will be a role model for my desk Alright now that you’ve downloaded an image one is enough for now Let’s go back to our post make sure your mouse is wherever you want the image And click right here before aftertaste hit add media and now select files And now we’re gonna want to go to our downloads or wherever you download images to or better yet, you can just search and There’s our clean desk so we can click it and click open It will upload to your WordPress into your hosting space and now you have some basic attachment display settings So we want to actually align it aligning it will Nestle it with text around it just like a newspaper and Clicking none will actually just put your image on top of the text without any text wrapped around it, so let’s try left link to Media file and size medium for now and click insert into post beautiful great job While we’re at it, let’s make this image also the featured image of our posts because if our post is about Desks and computers and blogging then we want a featured image that matches what our post is about To set our featured image and scroll down and in the lower right you’ll see featured image So just click this link set featured image Choose the image, so it’s check marked and highlighted and click set featured image super easy Alright now that that’s done. We’ll have a thumbnail image that featured image is our thumbnail image. You’ll see on the homepage Now we can scroll up and we’re gonna leave the format of the post standard because that always looks good We’re gonna give it a category categories we’ll go in our navigation menu and that lets you create a page all about Posts about desks or posts about computers or posts about coffee So click add new and we’re gonna call this category my workspace and click add new category Lastly, let’s finish our post up with the video Google loves when posts have videos in them because it means there’s more useful information it’ll rank your post higher in Google and considered a better resource and Users, just love watching videos sometimes more than they like reading not always Let’s go to my favorite YouTube or favorite video streaming site YouTube And let’s grab a video by my friend John Chow right here so John Chow is a really cool guy Got to meet him for dinner recently And he knows what he’s doing there he definitely has a good sense of style god, I love those race cars I wouldn’t know but He definitely loves them so to embed a video. It’s really easy um you can just click share and then click embed and You’re gonna get this little code munch right here. This little code segment that can be pasted into WordPress So what we want to do is just copy the entire part. I know it’s a little complicated We’re getting a little Cody here, and we might I said we wouldn’t but we’re not writing the code We’re just using it, so this is something you need to know how to do highlight everything here and right-click and copy And I’m gonna show you how to put any YouTube video onto your WordPress site And this one is of John driving his really cool car I should find out what kind of car that is by the way, I thought I could sound like I know cars We’re gonna go back to WordPress, and you’re gonna click the text tab Now you can see this really intimidating piece of code even though it’s not that bad And you’re just gonna make a couple spaces where you want the video to go and right click paste Alright, and make sure there’s just space above and beneath the entire little code munch Now when you go back to visual the nice thing is that video will show up? really cool and Depending on how it’s set up in the text tab with the width right here And the height that’ll dictate how big it is on your on your blog, so that’s pretty cool Let’s go back to visual Alright, and now that our post has enough content. I think it’ll be useful for our audience and we can just publish it Let’s see how it looks. Let’s finally click publish So we’re going to close the resource tabs are used for this video And we’re gonna click view post at the top or you can click view post right here your same thing Alright and we can see we have one nice blog post So we have our featured image at the top right here By default daily will make it pretty large so that the whole world can see it And then we also have the image we inserted below and this nice video that spans the whole width of the post very cool Alright, so it’s looking pretty good. It’s not an amazing blog post but shows you how to use WordPress tools and it’s a good start now after I wrote my first dear blogger post I realized I wanted it to be as simple as possible and One area that it wasn’t simple enough was in the link at the top In the link it has an index and a date And then our blog post title and we don’t want any of this stuff like the index or the date because I can confuse Google Alright, so I wanted to get rid of that and I went back to the dashboard right here, and I hovered on settings and click permalinks and We want to get rid of that complicated stuff just by clicking the post name and saving changes So now only the name of the post like sample post for example will show up in that link you can in fact. Just refresh and It’ll say the pages not found because this link doesn’t exist but if you go to your home page You’ll see the link for our post We can click it and then now the link is super simple so WordPress will update that automatically and you’ll just get the keywords for the post perfect Alright, so now that we’ve written one cool. Blog post. We’ve got the content flowing I think it’s time to work on our home page because when people land on our site We want them to see something pretty and organized and not this right here, so let’s go ahead and clean this up For starters I want to get rid of this middle column right here I think the demo daily theme put a Twitter box there or some random post But we don’t want that until we have like a ton of content like BuzzFeed or The Huffington Post or some So come back to the dashboard, and I want to introduce you to a really cool area called customize So follow me to where it says appearance hover on appearance and click customize And this will take us to a lot of the different settings that dictate how your blog looks We can click layout now and by default we have three columns content sidebar – saibra 1 But we want to get rid of sidebar – to accomplish that we can just go with the default two columns content and side part 1 And right away. We’ll lose that Middle sidebar great job. You know is get it back later Make sure to save and publish and that part is done The same time I want to delete widgets because we don’t want these widgets here by default that looks like just a standard blog We want our say to look like a famous blogger a blog that really knows what it’s doing So let’s go back and let’s click on widget now Let’s open up our primary sidebar, and I’m gonna delete some stuff right here. Delete your recent posts I’m by the way just opening by clicking the arrow here open a widget remove it Remove archives we’re gonna remove categories because we can create those on our own and remove meta. That’s pretty cool Our blog is sort of shrunk, but at least it doesn’t have that demo content. I’ll save and publish Less is more in this case You know you don’t want to fill up the blog with a bunch of default WordPress content You want to fill it with your own custom content Alright so speaking of shrinking the blog we’re now gonna get rid of our default post Sadly alright, so let’s click X right here, and this will take us out of the customize window Now let you save your changes and let’s go to post and we can see the post we made together and hello world and we can trash it and You can always get that post back. You know big. Thanks to WordPress for writing it for us, but Not gonna work with our blog right now All right, so now. Let’s go to the blog And we can also refresh it by clicking on the title it’s like a really lazy way of doing it And we’ll get this site itself So our blog post is looking really cool, but we still have that annoying sidebar on the home page Let’s go back. Let’s hover on appearance and now I want to take you to theme options And when we’re in theme options we can make more changes than we can in customize so if it’s not in customize It’s in theme options if it’s not in theme options. It’s in customize sort of like two different closets for your blog All right, everyone wants more closets, so now we’re just gonna find that little middle section It’s probably in home page right because on the home page click home page And we’re gonna see home featured number post home layout home column so we want to change that to two columns like we did for our global content and save options and Now when we refresh your home page well cyber will be gone and because we save options we now get a slider So sort of a little golden nugget just popped up a little golden Mario coin that we snatched And our blog mat looks even cooler because we told it officially to save these options with the home featured slider All right sometimes you have to just save in WordPress and then magic will happen Next we’re gonna add a couple more blog post to our home page Just so it looks a little bit more like a normal blog We don’t want to look too busy, but having three posts is perfect It’s the strategy I used to launch dear blogger in fact So I’m also going to show you what types of blog posts to write and I think you’re gonna love this strategy because I think it can work to get you traffic and get your readers Excited and after that we’ll make pages Alright, so follow me again to new post And we’re gonna write a blog post called the ultimate Guide on how to start a blog Alright, so it’s really helpful to have one of these types of posts I’m just gonna tell you now which is a long form guide It could be the ultimate guide on how to create a garden bed The ultimate guide on how to save for retirement or the ultimate guide on how to make your triceps look cuter But it shows you’re an expert every blog should launch with an ultimate guide And it gives people something to really chew on and read alright So if you don’t know what to work on this is always a good place to devote your time and your efforts Unfortunately we need some more that pan Epsom So we’ll grab it people get some Arnold’s horse inator and some Dinosaurs that’s pretty cool Maybe just dinosaurs actually alright generate absum And we need some dinosaur text, so this is a long post we want a long amount of text And we’re just gonna hitting command V coming V And we have a nice long post perfect Alright, so this is just to show you what type of posts to write again Alright so for categories now. We’re gonna call this one Ultimate guides so when you write your next ultimate guide then you can put these all on the same page Add new category perfect Layout is good at default because we already changed that in customizer. We just need a featured image all right So let’s get another feature damaged and Why not just get this popular image right here free download 1920 download Perfect and now we can click set featured image upload files select files Find the pics of an image you get the picture I’m just going to double click it. It’s a little faster than clicking and hitting open with my mouse and Set featured image Awesome work guys alright, so I think this post is ready to go let’s click publish and What we’re gonna have here is the kind of post or page? It could be either like this one right here at dear blogger Which is the ultimate guide on where and how to make a blog and it’s brought a lot of traffic to my blog? Over the years. I think I published it around 2012 or so So this post is done. Let’s add one more new one and again You can totally use my ultimate guide as like a template for ready roll your own ultimate guides like intro picture of myself with my tie looking weird video header instructions you know nature image traffic screenshot blah blah blah blah blah videos Totally go for it And I hope my strategies save you time Later on that I spent you know building them and researching them if I can save you time, then my work is done Alright, so the third post we need is just a welcome to the blog post It has to be a welcome message on your home page, and there’s no better way to make it than with a blog post There’s no better way to say that it’s a cool blog than making it a little bit clever with a joke So how about uh welcome to the blog? It’s about cats who blog because cats are never go out of style anytime soon that no of The Rob’s gonna have to back this up and have a little bit at a cat blog content Which shouldn’t be hard I’m just gonna paste in Some posts by the way to add a quote, which is really good on a welcome page. You can just section off some text Like this and highlight it and click the block quote button right here And it’ll indent it and make it a nice quote on the post side of things All right really cool, and so we’re just gonna click add new category and right in my mission Cool and then at the top, I’m just gonna write my mission is to teach cats how to vlog Alright, that’s pretty cool And people – of course not just cats and now we’re gonna come down choose that featured image set featured image and before I Upload it I want to actually open my photos, and I’ll show you how to take off iPhone or Android image and put it on your blog so what I did was I took some photos with my iPhone 6 and Connected them to the cord and then uploaded them into photos If I click photos, then I’ll get the images themselves So now I can just find the one I want to use for this tutorial and click there You didn’t think I had blogging cats to you, but proving you wrong And then I’m gonna drag it to the desktop so we can use it Should hear it Alright, I think it went and now back in WordPress. We can click upload select and We’re gonna go to the desktop Date modified, and we’ll see that image. We just took right there Alright, so I’m gonna highlight it and click open and in fact what you can do with an image so that it ranks in Google if you want your images to like help your blog ranking Google is you can go back to your desktop and rename them like cats who blog and hit enter and now we’re press will read that name and Google will read that name once you publish the blog post Alright, it sounds like open Alright so if an image takes a while to upload it’s just because it’s a large file You might want to consider using a image crunching service? like Yeah an image compressor in Google I Like tiny PNG All right and that will help your blog upload it quicker and load quicker All right, there’s just a tutorial so this image is perfect set featured image Alright and now we’re gonna publish our welcome post And we forgot to add a category so instead of Uncategorized let’s just make it my mission Add new category Uncheck that one and update the post alright, so we’ve updated our first blog post Now when we go to our blog? We can see this looks a lot more like dear blogger with ELISA posts We’re just not getting the featured images right here on the home page So I really want to get those little image thumbnails to do that let’s go to theme options Now let’s click on Let’s click on home page And for home layout let’s try a magazine Alright and then save options Crossed my fingers. That’s gonna work Refresh the home page and now we get the magazine style layout and by default we have the post in a slider each one has a computer in it so it’s in line with our theme that we love of blogging and Technology, and we also have the post in a slider at the top Alright, so as promised. We’re now going to create pages So dear blogger has a bunch of pages, and we’ll make the important ones Alright, so we’ll come back to your blog and let’s go to the top hover on new and click page We’re going to see how to make a page in WordPress Let’s just write about Alright and we’re gonna click publish Now let’s add new and let’s write community all right and click publish and Add new And write for us which is just a cool page where you can get people to guest post for your blog and build your voices and publish Alright now let’s go back to the home page We can see those pages don’t show up anywhere So it’s actually time to create a menu alright so having pages created the need for a menu And a menu is just gonna go either above our logo or below our logo. That’s pretty cool Let’s look at how to create a WordPress menu right now All right, so we can go and hover on this button there We’ll go to the dashboard, but instead of clicking we can just click menus right here Really cool, and what you want to do is give the menu a name So main menu is certainly good enough and click create menu Alright now we’re gonna. Have a structure and some settings and this looks really crazy at first I never really knew what to do until someone showed me here, so I’ll show you how to make the menu right now And it’ll seem really easy afterwards So what you want to do is in the pages tab right here make sure this parts open Hit select all and then on select pages you don’t want and then click Add to menu and they’ll populate Now you can drag them, so maybe you want your about page in the first position and then community and then right press Now you just need to select a menu location like primary menu and save menu Alright and what we can do is open that blog in a new tab And we can see we’ve created our first menu above the logo, which is the primary location the primary menu goes above the logo? Alright, so let’s say we want that home link we want the link to the home page in the menu too well That’s got to be a custom link so open custom links and you can just grab your homepage URL. Which is your domain name? highlight it Copy it and back in WordPress paste that in over this HTTP blah blah All right, and then just write in home Alright if I can type and add to menu and Drag it to the top which is standard formatting and save menu And now you should get the home, and you should get that nice little Home icon, which is just a little gift from theme junkie Very cool, so we have our main menu, which will get us to different pages when you write them When you take the time to really build out your blog, but we also want a category menu, so that people can read all about blog for money for example all the posts about blog for money Category blog for money Maybe someone wants to read all about writing style So how do we make these pages of categories? So that when you write more posts in this category you get like a really nice healthy list of content in your archives It’s pretty simple come back to menus and just close pages and open up categories now Before you do that we actually want to create a new menu because otherwise they’re going to come in here alright So I forgot that step, let’s click create a new menu And we’ll call this one categories menu and create menu good job And now we’re gonna open categories select all and add to menu and they’ll populate So we only have three categories, but hopefully as you build a blog you’ll have like 10 to 15 categories is a good number just make sure to put them in the secondary menu or they won’t show up and save menu and Now when you refresh your site you have this nice dear blogger ask lower menu And people can click it and read only that type of post pretty cool Great job, so I just spent hello And I spent I spent exactly one hour and 27 minutes making this logo and this sidebar quote what the heck I Used a tool called the free Photoshop editor with old-fashioned layers to design this palette for our logo and I got fonts and graphics and colors Because that’s how the dear blogger logo was made originally and that’s how the do your blogger side bar quote right here Was made this little flipper but Then it hit me that I could just use logo maker To design it instead so this is Pixlr, and this is logo maker and logo makers a lot easier And it’s gonna save us time here and save you time It’ll be more valuable spent on your content believe me so Sometimes you try and fail in blogging And you just have to cut your losses and move on so I might give you guys the tutorials on how to use because it’s still amazing and useful for some things but right now When you do accept that times have changed Let’s go to customize and remove this logo I’m just right here in customized logo until you remove a hideous-looking logo And now let’s go back into widgets, and we’re gonna remove the sidebar quote because it’s also pretty goofy looking Save so now we can start fresh, so we’re gonna make it really fresh and close up all our browser tabs Close pics or sadly closed Bezos and we’re gonna Try out logo maker together now alright, so go to l OG. Oh ma k are calm and hit enter and there’s a cool video on how this works we can close it cuz we’re gonna figure it out ourselves and just click on the white space Alright logo maker is really easy it might go kind of quick, but I’ll explain every single step right here So we know it, and there’s not a ton of tools. You just need to know how to use the few tools here The right way and as well as we can so I’ve learned it and anyone else can learn it, too For starters, let’s just get our color wheel and our old text palette in the right positions over here And now let’s click in the search graphics bar and look up whatever sort of logo you want to make So in my case it has to include some sort of coffee, but why not iced coffee for a change in flavor hit Search Search all the available graphics in logo maker Once you find your graphic just click on the graphic once Now we can move it just by clicking and holding and dragging it We can resize our graphic by clicking in the corners and pulling it in smaller or larger now We need some text to add text to your logo just click on the tee and then type something Like whatever you want your logo to say To move the text just click off it then click it again and now click and hold and Drag, so that was one click away, and then another click on it And then you can click again and hold and drag now we can resize everything Proportionately we can click in the corner to text and drag to make it bigger and make our graphic a little bit smaller to change the font just click on the text to highlight it and change the style of the font in the first drop-down and Then change the font in the second drop down We might need to reposition again now Let’s change that font color, so it’s easiest to change the entire color of a piece of text first Let’s say we want our text to be the same color as this coffee right in the center of the cup Well to find that color you could just click where the color is and our color changer will pick it up on the Left right here Alright If we click elsewhere we can see it will also pick up that color Or just a simple white it will pick up any color And you’ll get the exact code combination which is called a hex for that color Right here beneath our color wheel so let’s click on that coffee again And now let’s come down and double-click on the hex to highlight it and then copy that copy all six digits right there Now we just need to highlight the text again and come down and we can see it’s in black which is six zeroes But we can change that by double clicking on the zeroes right click and pasting in our new hex and hitting Enter Great job now if we wanted to change the color of just one part of the text back to black That’s really easy you can just highlight the text and go ahead and manipulate your cursor so it’s just the part of the text we want and Now we can click on the color wheel itself and drag to the right spot Like all black perfect you can do a ton more in logo maker, and I’m happy to help below in the comments But this should be a good start once our logo is ready make sure to hit the crop button in the lower-right And it’s gonna guess the right size so we might have to help it out just by clicking and dragging that in We want the slimmest possible Section of our logo so there’s no white space around it Perfect and once you’re ready. Just click on the Save button in the upper, right We’re gonna go with option two which is giving credit to logo maker So just click wherever it says to copy this code or in this case it says paste this code click on that and it’ll say credits copied and Then click download and agree to give credit write a name Like blog logo a volume one or logo blog volume one and hit save Now back on our blog before we insert that logo we need to make sure those credits are in the right place So let’s leave customizer Let’s come back to our all pages list and click on credits where we actually were before Alright, now. Just go to text and give yourself a little space and paste in those credits. Which are just a little munch of HTML Make sure there’s another space and update great job now. Let’s test your on our new logo So hover on appearance and click customize Logo select image upload files select files and Let’s double click on logo blog volume 1 All right now click Choose image and cross our fingers So it looks pretty good WordPress just wants to stretch out the logo a 100% so we’re gonna have to tell it to size the logo down but seeing it this big with white space beneath the logo gave me the idea to write in a Custom tag line for our logo so we can definitely do that let’s go back to logo maker close out and You just hit command or control Z to go back and uncropped the logo Now I’m gonna click T for a little more text and type in The WordPress tutorial behind the blog Alright, so we can click in the corner now this obviously needs to be smaller if it’s going underneath the text and you can also Flip it like we just saw if you are clicking like I’m clicking and holding So we get the pink corner, and you just need to bring your mouse up above that dash line That’s pretty cool. You can flip text we Alright once you have the right size Just make sure that it’s dragged another position so click off the text click again and hold and drag Alright, and we might need to resize it again Excellent work we now have a volume 2 of our logo, so let’s make sure to cop it Get it perfect And save it and download and we don’t need to give credit again because we already credited that logo and that icon I Just like I just like writing logo first because sometimes I do a search in my computer for the logo and You know makes sense like that save Now back in customized. We can click remove select image upload select files and grab the version 2 and Choose image Great job guys now. We can save and publish it Now we just need to get our little sidebar quote back with the logo of the company from whatever that person came from so on dear blogger Itself that was pro blogger Which we saw before Down here and I’m gonna leave it up to you guys as to how to set up this little sidebar quote in either logo maker or I’m just going to go back to widgets click primary and then click add a widget Which is also how to add any widget like a Facebook like box or an advertisement to your sidebar? But in this case we just want to add an image which is the quote itself? It’s just a little image that we saved before from Pixlr So we could do this with the default widget for image right here displays an image But it’s actually going to be a little bit easier and look a little bit better and have a few more options if we use A plug-in a special plug-in for this so this is a really great segue to our next section which is going to talk about plugins Let’s go ahead and add our first plug-in right now, so we can add that quote back to our sidebar We can delete the image actually never use image. I’m not sure why and now let’s just save and publish And we need to X out a customizer so X out and now come to plugins Alright, and I’m gonna show you how to add our first plug-in just go to add new On the right put your mouse in the search bar, and then do a search for tiny MCE space black Which basically means nothing except for it’s the name of the plug-in and as you start using more wordpress plug-ins You’ll get to know them by name You’ll get to know which ones work really well for your blog and get the job done and which ones haven’t worked So this one is definitely worked time and time again 900,000 active installs it’s a ton compared to other plugins as you can see by the numbers and It’s really great for adding anything to our sidebar, so we can install now on it and then click activate That says this is compatible it’s updated recently awesome plugin Alright, so just by installing and activating the black studio tinymce widget Now when we hover on appearance and go back to customize. We’re gonna have a new widget So let’s go to widgets primary sidebar Add a widget and scroll down and we get this new little visual editor option, which we didn’t have before So we can click on the hat and Whereas the image widget just gave us like an option to paste in the link to an image? We now have a full blog post editor here in our sidebar We can write a blog post in the sidebar See there we go we did it, but in this case we don’t want text we want to delete that text We want to click add media and grab our quote from Jeff Bezos here, which again I made in And I’ll make sure to give you guys this image And any other demo images we use in the notes below the video on YouTube so that you can just try them out and play with them Alright, but we got it uploaded right here already so we can just click to highlight We can change our attachment display settings Center will look good in our sidebar centered linked to media files good and full size is good now in certain post Alright And it should get the job done. Just like that. That’s pretty cool and The final step is linking this quote somewhere so on to your blogger. It was a Quote from somewhere add guest posted and when people clicked on the quote. It just took them right to the guest post If we look at the blog we can click on the little pro blogger flip icon Goes to problogger this post I wrote Way way back. It’s pretty cool, and then if someone clicks on The link here it goes back to the blog so a full circle Alright, so how do we add a link to an image in WordPress? Well, you just click on the image and click the pencil And you can just grab a link by clicking in your browser tab to highlight copy and just go ahead and paste that link in right here in the link to area, so it’ll say media file, but we can change it to custom URL and Then we can just paste over Whatever is there? Alright, and then we can also use Advanced Options to open this link in a new tab and unless you want to get deep into The SEO you don’t need to enter anything in these blanks alright now click update It will save automatically so we can close and save and publish Alright and now when we refresh We’ll have our beautiful logo in our sidebar quote and everything’s working great job Alright so as promised we’re gonna talk about plugins now do your blogger doesn’t use a ton of plugins to run smoothly? But it does use a few really important ones and it’s my goal to show you exactly what those plugins are and A little bit on how to use them and how to set them up So let’s go to plugins on the blog itself and Do the normal updates? And from this list of plugins we’re gonna set up Yoast WP super cache a TF social share Site origin CSS insert headers and footers And a kismet on our WordPress blog tutorial alright, so let’s get to it Follow me and just X out a customizer and Now we’re in plugins So that’s pretty cool. We can just start with the low-hanging fruit and activate a kismet Which is the spam protector so when you get a second you’re going to want to set up? Your a cosmic key for free and then you can start blocking spam just click settings and then It’ll take you to this area right here, and you’re gonna want to click get your key Which will take us to a key isn’t it, and if you want to say goodbye to comment spam? which we definitely do as your blog gets more popular click get an academic API key and So you can just follow the directions It’s really easy especially if you already have a account and it’s free to use So I already signed up to and got my API key for a kismet I’m just gonna try to take it from do your blogger right now Settings API key Copy and come back and paste it and connect Hope it lets me I think it had the premium version And it let me awesome Probably because I get two sides pretty cool So like I said when you have some spare time go ahead and set up a kismet And if you want you can go for the premium version, I don’t recommend spending money on very much in blogging But this is one of the few things I do recommend a little investment in Alright, let’s go back to plugins and proceed now Let me know any questions in the comments on any of the plugins or how to set them up We can scroll down and we can activate Hello Dolly Hello Dolly is a cute plug-in that puts a little song lyric in upper, right? So the founder of wordpress made that one so you know it’s good And we’re gonna delete jetpack because it takes up too much space bye-bye Now we’re gonna deactivate mojo marketplace And delete that one also takes up too much space and by the way any of these free plugins or plugins that you’ve bought before You can get them back for free. There’s no negative impact on your site by deactivating and deleting them Same for optinmonster really cool plugin, but just not for our needs and Bye to WP forms light as well alright now let’s get down to business to add a new plugin click add new at the top and just Like the themes library you’ll get the plugins library, and if you’re connected to the Internet you can search all WordPress’s amazing plugins right here Plugins extend the functionality of WordPress so it just means they let you do more for example WordPress doesn’t know that you want to rank in Google with Yoast SEO or Sell things with WooCommerce, or you know create special sitemaps with Google XML sitemaps But a lot of us bloggers do so we’ve made plugins that let us get the job done But the default WordPress copy doesn’t come with it. So you need to install a plug-in to do it Too many plugins will slow down your site But too many is a lot of plugins if you’re just starting out You don’t have to worry about installing too many plugins right now all right So let’s shop for what we need and the first one is just sitting right here. It’s Yoast SEO So I’m going to install now Activate great work Now let’s add a new again, and we’re gonna get WP super cache a which is sitting right down here on this little shelf So let’s grab it Install Now Activate WP super cache a is a plug-in to make your site go faster and make your site load faster now let’s grow up again add new and Once I said we don’t need to we don’t need to listen to these warnings. It doesn’t apply to us dismiss and Now we’re gonna do another plugin, which is just kind of boring but super helpful, and it’s called insert headers and footers So we can search for it and WordPress will almost always find the right plug-in Perfect it’s this one by wpbeginner Really awesome company you should check out by good man named Syed bulky so we’re gonna install now and Activate Actually got to have dinner with Syed as well, but didn’t get to talk to him as much as I wanted so next time buddy Now let’s click add me again And we’re gonna search for a plugin called site origin CSS This one will help you edit the styles of your WordPress blog without affecting the rest of it So you don’t need to use a child theme when you use a plug-in like site origin CSS It’s a lot easier to make design changes Without having to know any like big-time wordpress coding and we probably didn’t want to put that space in between site and origin So let’s give it another shot Beautiful, there is all right set errors and CSS by site origin Install Now and Yeah, like I said this will give us our own custom style sheet, just like a child theme would do except for it’s attached It’s like to the side of the blog It doesn’t like go on top of the whole blog and it lets us use all of our themes features and just modify like little pieces of other ones So I really recommend site ORD and CSS activate And last but not least we want to click add new Do a search and search for TF social share enter Alright, and this one in the middle by Kunal. Chakkar another really awesome developer install now and BAM activate this plugin will give you Twitter Facebook Google +1 LinkedIn and more buttons above and below your posts if you want them So you can start building up those social counters? Alright, so now. Let’s open our site in a new tab and let’s just see what changed if anything I’m going to close all those other windows Alright, we can see the home page did not change So we just made our site basically stronger But we didn’t really change the design and if we click into a post like our welcome post We can see we actually do have one change, which is the social icons all right? So you just learned how to add social icons to a wordpress blog or website That’s pretty cool. I don’t love this design on them right now though I actually like them a lot more simple without the background and the border So to change the style on this plug-in we can go back to plugins and now that we’re in the plugins tab just click on Just hover on settings and you can find the settings for TF social share All right super fun of using this plug-in for years and years like lost track of how many years but in this window we can easily remove the Social sites we don’t want to use and we can also change where this button shows So just on single posts is what we want Alright people can interact with our blog posts, but they’re probably not gonna like our author archives Now we can change where the position of it is so maybe you want it like above and below to give everyone a good chance of hitting the like buttons No border remove background color and Down below are just some nitty-gritty details like how far apart the buttons are spaced You can also Float these buttons on the left side of your screen if you’d like You might have seen some vlogs doing that so they’re like off over here, and they just don’t move when you scroll So that’s pretty cool, but for now let’s save changes now Let’s come back and refresh our blog post we can see we have these beautiful simplified little social buttons that are almost unnoticeable until someone wants to click them You can see they work. Just like any major blog would use like Huff Post or time or Vogue or Forbes? It’s really cool people can now go ahead and interact with your blog Can’t tell you how much it helps to have these numbers and social proof your site for example on dear blogger When you start building? social statistics and traffic on a post the effect can really become a snowball effect and like comments become more comments and People just start clicking these buttons more and more because they know that other people have it’s social proofed. It’s trusted and You know hopefully at the end of day. It is helpful content, too Because that’s what’s gonna help you and your audience the most Let’s jump back over to the blogger building and let’s just change up this welcome post I kind of wrote it as a joke But now I’m realizing that the welcome post is actually you know a very serious formal message So let’s edit it, and let’s make this something that’s going to impress readers, and we could still keep that cat picture, too And if you forgot to rename the files you can always reach itíll them here like log set up Austin Hotel Cool, and now go to the other one And title it Meeting snappy Yeah, update one more time great work Now let’s check out our blog or building alright. We’re definitely on the right track now as for our other plugins that we installed like Yoast SEO and insert headers and footers Setters and CSS and WP super cache a we’re gonna learn how to use them as we go alright So it’ll be easier to absorb how to use them if we actually are like using them instead of me Just telling you what they do if that makes sense so now that your blog has the necessary Plugins to run a blog like dear blogger. Let’s see what they do and let’s install some social media onto our blogs home page in the sidebar at dear blogger that would be the Facebook Like box right here where people can like or share your site And the Google+ badge and also the fonts that make these Little areas look attractive, so let’s go back to our blog, and I’m also going to close the unnecessary windows here I’m sure we’ll come back to those and now we can open up in Google Just look for Facebook like box and you’ll get the right tool so it’s called the like box click that and Facebook’s gonna say, okay. We made a change so Please use the new page plugin okay The like box is a special version of the like button so you’re gonna be like alright Which one do I want to use Facebook? Thanks for this change But we’re gonna choose the like button because I already know that one’s great Alright, so this is what we’re creating down here in the like button configurator What you need to do is just give Give Facebook a URL to like so when people click like Where do those likes count on what page and you can actually put in a blog post here for this link? Like if you want people to click that button and then adds like two adds likes to our ultimate guide you just take this whole link and put it in right here and Then that button could be anywhere, but whenever someone clicks it. It’ll add likes right down here to this post So we don’t want to do the homepage It doesn’t make sense to really add likes to the homepage It couldn’t hurt, but we can’t really display that anywhere unless we just keep that button right here saying people like the homepage Anyways the best thing. I think is just to get your Facebook page So that when people click the like button it adds on your pages total So you could just open up Facebook and in my case. I’m just going to go to do your blogger community shortcuts and Just grab the short link without this little ref so we can just click in the URL bar and take that link and so it’s free to set up a community or a business or a Personal page on Facebook if you haven’t done so already Then you can just paste it in the URL to like All right, and it should tell us the count so that’s pretty cool. You can change the layout Different options depending on what sort of space you want to put this into like a blog post or a page or just a tiny? little spot in your header But I really like the standard Like I recommend Small or large button size, and now just click get code once you’re ready and You can also do the include share button of course show friends faces? Facebook lets you customize everything Once you’re ready just click get code, and I’ll show you how to put this on the blog so The first step is to add this little upper piece of code. You can just click anywhere on it it’ll highlight the whole thing and now just right click copy and come back to our blog and We’re gonna go to the insert headers and footers setting where we need to paste this code so if you hover on settings click insert headers and footers Like I said this plug-in is really simple, but it gives us these two boxes where you can insert code, and it’ll like apply to everywhere on the blog just like Facebook wants it to So we’re gonna put this in the header. Just paste that first piece of code from Facebook in the header alright Very good, and then just click Save Now we need to go to the place where we want the button so that’s a widget So you can hover on appearance and click customize? And now widgets primary sidebar Add new widget We’re gonna stick with our friendly visual editor because it lets us do anything we want All right and down just back to Facebook grab a second piece of code. Just click it right click copy and now we’re gonna go to the text tab remember if you’re pasting in code has to be in the text tab as Opposed to the visual tab and paste great work And now let’s see if it works, and it does alright, so hooray congratulations. It’s really cool The width might be a little bit much. I don’t like how that one image is kind of hanging off so What you can do actually is adjust the width on Facebook, and it won’t really won’t really break anything on your site We can go back to Facebook and just say we want a width of 300 in Pixels, and it’ll shorten it up a little bit, and then when we click get code We’ll have that new width right here it sort of adds that for us, so Let’s just copy and let’s use this piece of Facebook code instead Paste and Now it’ll understand. How wide it should go right there a Little white space and we can close and save and publish so great job You now know how to use Facebook to add a lightbox to the blog on WordPress? and Also, how to use our insert headers and footers plugin? Let’s add that Google+ badge to because it’s the same process and then you can build a social following on your WordPress blog on Facebook and also on Google+ So we’re going to come to the Google tabs or and search for google Plus badge These things are already made for us out of the box, we just need to insert them on the blog and then build your following click Google+ badge at the top Alright, so sometimes you’re gonna get a page that’s like kind of developer II But this one looks like the right page because you can actually make the changes without knowing code if you get a page with code And you’re not sure what to do then. Just let me know and I’ll send you to the right place Alright, so first we have to choose the Google+ user Salton the cat is a beautiful kitten that lives at my parents home He has his own profile as you can see we’re gonna go with us There we go icon or badge Badge is clearly superior Landscape is good. Definitely optimize the space or portrait it knows we want a 300 to it Light or dark So you know lots of customization options to fit your blog? Pretty cool, so I like the tagline because I used to just write out and about me blurb in the sidebar But this does that for me Alright and We’re great. Good to go. So it says look. Good. Copy the code alright. Thanks, google so we’re gonna copy this code and I’m just gonna copy this whole thing and take it back to WordPress, and then chop it up and show you what to do So just copy this with me come back to the blog make sure you saved customizer and X out and Now just come to the header, and so we can put multiple Third-party pieces of code like from Facebook and Google up here. Just make a couple spaces Alright, and then you can just right click paste Get those spaces back So they’re not touching each other and now what we want to do is just remove the directions, which is this top line So it says place this tag in your head or just before your close body tag Perfect so that’s this tag that they’re referring to Remove the directions we will follow them And then we’re just gonna leave this little script right here And now it says place this tag where you want the widget to render so that’s this tag and that needs to go in customized widgets So we were actually gonna cut this out and Delete these directions now that we know them All right, so it’s very much like Facebook One little script test to go up here, and then one little tag has to go in widgets Let’s save it Alright now. We have our Facebook and our Google code in insert. Headers and footers should be working hover on appearance click customize Widgets primary sidebar add a widget Visual editor text tab right click paste our Google+ badge, and we’ll watch it appear. Just like magic Alright, so it’s really that easy to build a social following on your WordPress blog All right, we can just go bloop rearrange it What you will want our headers for your individual sections that tell people what to do so on do your blogger? I’ll just show you exactly how those headers work And I’m also going to show you how to use a google font to write in easy there right in exactly the font you want For categories and as seen on and so on and so forth so we have founded by right here. Let’s focus on that one Let’s go to the widgets dear bloggers Follow me here, and let’s try to find that Google+ badge Great so what I’ve done is just inserted that Google+ badge, and then I’ve also created my own custom header And I want to show you guys how to create that custom header right now? So in this case I’ve used the font-family:arial Arounded MT. Bold or Arial or Tahoma if the browser doesn’t support? These fonts then it’ll fall back onto these fonts alright, but let’s see how to create one of those on our own So if we go to our blog what I like doing when I create a custom header is actually just using a new post So it’s kind of crazy. We’re not writing a blog post. We’re just gonna use this window as an editing window and Then you can always delete it later, so Let’s let’s do it. Let’s see how this works, and I think it’s a really innovative strategy for designing So let’s just write out founded by Alright, and we’re gonna jump back between visual and text so right now. It’s just the same thing founded by But let’s go ahead and make WordPress add some code for us to use and I’m gonna actually show you some intro HTML and CSS We just learned how to copy/paste some code from Google and Facebook But now it’s time to learn to how to actually edit it so The first thing we need to do to learn code here is just highlight the text and click Center but I want to go to the text tab now you’ll see that you’ve already added code Which looks like this P style blah blah blah, and then a bracket, and then a closing P so every piece of code has like a starting portion and then The meat and potatoes, which is what’s happening this Text is being aligned Center, and then just the finishing tag And if it doesn’t have a finishing tag like the P then anything else after founded by could be affected by This little piece of code Alright, so that’s pretty simple to take it one step further I’ll show you how to add another command like text align, which is called font size So what you have to do is put your mouse after the semicolon and that’s where we add a new command So the semicolon finishes off the centering Now just put your mouse here make a space and write in font – sighs : 24 pixels or px exactly like this and semicolon so if you write it any other way without the dash Or if you just write it like with the typo it won’t work so That’s the font size command and once you get it in right you can check the visual tab and see what you made So we just made that font a little bit bigger We go back to the text tab great job. By the way, and you could go ahead and make it like 240 pixels and now we can see we’ve really made a change So WordPress will respond right away You might be wondering. Why it changes right here, and that’s because this little window in WordPress can Respond to any sort of commands you give it it can respond to HTML CSS and beyond Pretty cool All right And what we’re doing now is just testing it out and once we get this text looking right we’re gonna put it on the sidebar pretty cool We also want to change the font family and instead of using a normal, fault like Georgia I want to give you a really interesting font from google fonts So what we can do is just open up Google fonts Click on google fonts, and i’ll show you how to use google fonts on wordpress blogs and websites So you need to tell me which font you like and I can’t hear you right now, but What we want to do is just pick one that we think will look great in the sidebar and get people to more importantly like and interact with the blog So what’s standing out here? What’s standing out well for me? What’s standing out is? Railway I really like the simplicity of railway, I also like open sans. It’s really cool But these two railway and open sans really cool Roboto is also really popular Well, let’s try using all right fine change your mind. Let’s try using open sans. Let’s do it, so let’s click the plus It’s gonna say family selected and now open this tab and Now it’s gonna say to embed your selected fonts into blah blah blah copy this code into the head of your HTML document We know how to do that now because we did that with the Facebook and Google Plus code so all you need to do is just click on this area and highlight it everything in this little link Copy it. Make sure you get the brackets to Come back to WordPress, and we’re going to X out of the widgets oops Same publish X out of the widgets and come back to our headers and footers which is in settings I’m gonna add another space and then just paste Doesn’t like our spaces great job, and now just save and this gives us access to that one font from Google You can use more fonts if you want, but we just you know try out one and you can grab like four or five later So now it says specify in CSS use the following CSS rules to specify these families I would have no idea what this means at first if I was new to CSS But we’re not new we know what we’re doing so I’ll show you right now You just need to copy it Copy that entire font family Copy all of it alright If you want to be really if you want to be really old-fashioned you can write this out you know letter by letter later So come back to the post and because we’ve got ourselves this nice little WordPress HTML mantra already You can just put your mouse after the semicolon I bet you knew it already make a space and then just paste And make sure you don’t paste over that quotation mark like we just did we need those quotation marks here and here awesome Alright, so now. Let’s see if we can see what this is if you go to visual Alright, it’s not quite showing us the font alright, so I’m confident this will work because we did all the coding right So let’s go ahead and copy this HTML Munch, that’s ready And let’s put it in our widgets and give it a good look So let’s add this into our widgets I’m going to show you how to add it the old-fashioned way because I think we’re gonna like seeing that window, too If you hover on appearance instead of customize you can click widgets And this is how would just used to be done before customize? It’s just the same little stack of widgets though So let’s open up the Google+ one click text Make some space above our Google+ badge and right click paste So now just like dear blogger we have the header and the widget itself and save And open up our blog And really cool WordPress now understands that we should have this header And it should have our specific font size and font family that we got in our little wordpress post editor set up Great great job. The only thing I would change is making it bigger So we can just come here to the widget again and make this like 48 Save and now on the front-end WordPress will understand that change Awesome great job everyone let’s do the same thing for our like button now, okay, so let’s go back and Copy our header. We can copy the work. We’ve already done Save a little time And come to the widget that includes our Facebook lightbox text tab a couple spaces Paste this in and You get the picture we can really save time by using the work. We’ve already done We just want to write get vlog tips on Facebook now Save Refresh the blog and we’re in business great job Next let’s see how to add the categories and the content is king section on to your blogger So if you go to the blog it’s just this section With the little icons, I copy pasted from Wikipedia I think and then the links and the numbers so you might think this was done with a plug-in that like counts the comments but It’s just manually created, and if you click through To why blogs fail to get traffic for example? That number doesn’t even like count it Just was the amount of comments at the time, so that’s how you can do it I like doing things old-fashioned as you might be able to tell and You know if you can do it without a plugin, then you should so to set up content is king Whatever you want to call it like popular posts or popular articles. We can just come back to widgets close the one we’re working on and Then let’s open a new visual editor click Primary sidebar add widget, so we’re adding the widget in appearance widgets now instead of appearance customize Just to get a feel for both ways of doing it and you can decide what you want to do later So we can just start with the title of our post like Copy it from the home page rather if we don’t want to write out the whole thing Copy Widgets and let’s go to our text tab because we’re going to add some links which are code and Command paste great, so now we’re just gonna add a number of comments on this which is zero And we’re gonna add that little coffee icon, so you can get like tons of icons around the web I usually just search for the type of icon followed by the word wiki So we can just copy it right off a dear blogger if you want to use this one No problem and paste Alright we lost of this and now we just need our link, so we’ll go to our home page again And you can just right click on any blog post and copy link address All right, and I’m in Google Chrome, which makes that really easy But I’m pretty sure it should be just as easy in Safari or Firefox or Internet Explorer highlight the anchor text click link command paste our link and add link we won’t open link in a new tab by the way because this is all within our blog and People get annoyed when they click links on a blog and all of a sudden have like 10 tabs of that same blog So add link and now we’re good to go alright, so you can see what it looks like individual Very cool and now what you can do is just copy this structure if you want you can just copy the whole thing Enter paste enter paste because we’re going to need three of these we just need to change up the content now So back to our blog and let’s get the ultimate guide on how to start a blog We can open up another visual editor at the same time and our header Copy that close him Now let’s put that header in our content is king section and you can definitely call this like popular posts if you want That would be great as well Just give it a line break as well Let’s call it Content is king and now let’s hit save alright, so let’s see what made this step again is really easy Won’t take you long So if you notice that your sidebar is getting cut off at any point because we’re putting in too many widgets like Facebook’s getting cut off right here then I’m gonna Give you a piece of code from dear bloggers to use to make sure that you can add unlimited Widgets on top of each other and that won’t happen Alright, so I’ll definitely put this in a blog post guide to this video, which you can grab right below the video on YouTube I’m gonna show you the code right now Let’s go to dear bloggers custom CSS where I have Used this code, and it just looks like this one with primary content height, and then a bracket So we’ll just copy that and again you can find this in the blog post guide And then you can just come back to your blog and now we can make use of another plug-in So it’s kind of cool. We’re gonna use a plug-in right now because we need to you and it’s called custom CSS so in your dashboard just click custom CSS and Right here on line one. You won’t have anything written yet, but we’re gonna paste in This new little piece of code so theme junkie wrote this for me big. Thanks to erratic and tanveer at theme junkie and this just tells our blog that we’re going to add more to the sidebar and Upgrades it a little bit so that it can handle all of our content So save it and now When we refresh? Scroll down we can see our sidebar is like super super powered it can handle everything Alright, we’re really crossing things off the list so you now know how to copy paste and edit a little bit of CSS and HTML code this is of course CSS by the way and Then now we’re going to just do the categories thing because it’s just like content is king Yeah, well it’s actually a little bit different because the categories go side by side So I know of at least a few of you are gonna be curious and want to set up category side by side like this It looks cool. I originally got this idea from Daily blog tips which is like one of the most legendary famous infamous. Whatever you want to call them blogs in Blogging online marketing social media. They make a killing and they’ve been around forever And they have these categories so I wanted to design my own widget like this But like even more simple So I did and I’ll show you how to make it right now Alright, so what you want to do is just grab the code from the blog post guide So again, I’m gonna give you all that really easy to just copy paste But what we’re gonna look at right now is how this actually works, so You’re gonna want to use the blog post guide because we’ll copy/paste some more custom code. I’ve written for you Alright, so it dude bloggers in widgets I’m just gonna go ahead and copy paste the code I’ve already written, so it’ll be just like what you do except for you use the guide. I’ll use the blogger here Just got to find the categories there they are So this is what our little categories widget looks like It’s basically a bunch of links, but it also has some specific details like float:left right here and categories widget So it’s pretty simple. I’m just gonna copy all of them and Then we can chop it up at the blog Alright, so you’re gonna copy something that looks just like this from the blog post guide come back to the site Alright and we got to go to widgets again Scroll down visual editor will do just fine I had widget Text tab and then paste in the code. I give you in the blog post guide cool Alright, so I know right away that I can change up the links right because we don’t have these posts But we can actually just leave it for sake of example Just generally what we have here is a div which is like a piece of space Called categories widget, and then below. It are two differ Divs which are pieces of space called float left and float right and one of them is the links on the left And the next one is the links on the right and then at the bottom is just some Some basic commands to make it all lined up like this clear fix All right, so we don’t need to change the thing right now unless you want to unless you want to add in your links Right now, but I just want to make it work for us, and then you can use this template later So let’s click Save Great and now you’re going to go back to the blog post guide And you’re gonna get a little code munch that looks like this which I’m going to highlight, right? now This part right here Copy it and it’ll say categories widget and then float left and float right Now come back to your blog and instead of being in widgets we want to be in custom CSS Just make a line underneath that first piece. We got and paste Very good and save what will happen now is this CSS will communicate with this HTML, we just put in our widget This is all just HTML with the div and the AHF and the class and all that and this is all CSS styling with the width and the actual numbers and the actual like pixels and all So these are going to talk to each other and they’re gonna explain. You know what happens on the front end of our blog Let’s check out the blog We go down we see we have this beautiful little category stack on the left and on the right with the dashed line perfect So if we just use the HTML in the widget it would just be like a list of links But the CSS tells this line to be in the middle and it tells things to go left and right and that’s basically it Now you can go back to your widgets and you can replace those links and you can also add a header So let’s copy the header from our content is king Cool and let’s come down and put that right above our custom categories widget that we made for your blog and for mine now paste Use that categories Save and now you have your own custom categories widget. Just like daily blog tips and just like dear blog org Alright guys. We’re really cruising now And I want to show you how to insert an email subscription form on the sidebar So that people can write in their name and email and then sign up to your list Everyone on social media all these sponsored posts and like you know people in their 30s and 40s that are like Build a list you need a list a list is like everything on a blog Build a webinar have a webinar for your list all these people are like they don’t know what they’re talking about But if you want to build a list which you should then I’ll show you how to set it up now and then you can just ask me how to build an email list because I’ve actually gotten a lot of subscribers without paying for any courses or reading any of that noise So to stay true to do blogger we’re gonna set up this forum with Aweber Right here. It’s the big one That says building your blog community join ours, and this has definitely changed in design over the years I had my ebook graphic right here, and then if you click on Community I have another forum with Aweber and this one has the pretty little bye-bye bounced rate ebook they Helped me build my list it’s an incentive to subscribe and you get this it shows you how to reduce bounce rate and keep people on your blog longer and This is all just like an offer that I set up for the e-book and it’s worked really well So I kept it here, and you’re gonna want your own ebook It doesn’t take many skills. I just designed this cover in Photoshop, so you can do all that and Then the forms and the technology are what we’re gonna see how to install right now so that you can insert your content later So into your blog reform, let’s go to a weber We’re gonna login So a Weber’s really awesome tool. I will be talking however about constant contact soon because I’m gonna Import my email marketing business over there because I like the way they design forms, and I like their Program in general. I like the way they’re headed And I think constant contacts tools are even easier for beginners to use and their designs are even sharper than a Weber’s But I loved a weber I use them for my first 5,000 subscribers As we can see right here, and I’ll use constant contact for my next 5,000 It’s sort of just like switching from adidas shoes to Nike shoes both look really good and work really well of course I just want to try something new and improved So we can set up a weber really easily though, and it’s a great place to start if you’d like to You just you just need to be logged in and go to signup forms at the top and This list we have all the different forms that i’ve inserted on the blog you can create unlimited forms For example the community form is one of these It’s sitting right here at DB community, and you can see how many people have seen it and subscribed through it and the conversion rate Really nice data, so it’s gotten 1095 people signed up through this form so pretty successful not like massive scale But successful the sidebar one is done even better That’s DB Sidebar, it’s gotten like 1.7. Million views and Three thousand subscriptions, so like pretty bad conversion right but more subscriptions Again not huge Gil but you know enough to blog healthily and Do your blog for a living and also help out a lot of people three thousand people’s a lot of people So yeah, you’ll get this if you sign up for a weber and I’ll definitely give you more guides on how to set up the list and how to you know sign up in the blog post guide For this video, but for now we just want to go to the forum and put them in so here We are in forms, and we want to click on the sidebar form And I’m going to show you how to insert it just to Show you how easy it is to get one of these forms from Aweber or Constant Contact on your blog? I’ve already created it here. I’ve chosen the color and the text and what it says This can all be really easily edited And you can make an image gallery with a link and You know all this is drag and drop so you’re going to have fun setting this up We’ve got a full video on how to set these up so click save your form when you’re done And then you’re just going to go to you Step two and Then what I did was save my form Go to step three And I always click. I will install my form because you know I am my own web designer, and I think you should be too All right jack-of-all-trades, it’s the best way to be and then all you do is paste this snippet right where you want the form? So just click once to highlight and copy and Then we can come back to our blog and we’re gonna want to be in widgets again as you might know Widgets Visual editor again click add widget Text tab because we’re pasting code and paste and save All right and because this Form has some text in it it doesn’t need a header like we gave for the Facebook box or the Google badge I just want to drag it to the top up here and then let’s see what we made and So voila just like that. We’ve inserted an email marketing subscription form on the blog someone can go ahead and fill in their name like Greg and an email For example we could use my old University email I Don’t think I’ll subscribe with that one yet, and then they’ll click join the community or whatever text you have there whatever button you have and then a weber will take care of the rest or Constant Contact would take care of the rest Really easy really fun great way to build your list and it’s how the pros do it to daily blog tips problogger HuffPost all these blogs use email marketing tools, just like these that we just set up Alright, let’s go back to the blog now, so we have our email marketing form Okay, let’s look at do blogger and see what else we need to create so that you have a blog just like this We’ve done the email form we’ve done the sidebar quote for the flip if you’re lucky. I’ll put that in the blog post guide It’s a little bit advanced, but I think you can handle at this point Categories you’ve done advertisement we have to do as Seen on so these are just like sidebar quotes Just little images – of different places that you could have guest blogged with links to those post themselves So pretty simple, and if you’re lucky. I’ll show you how to make them tilt like this like little wooden posts or wooden logs Again check out the blog post guide. We’ve done our Google+ badge. We’ve done content is king. We’ve done the Facebook tips and Advertisement so clearly the next step now is I’m going to show you how to insert google ads on the blog so Now it is clearly time to set up ads on our blog. We’re going to put Google Adsense onto your WordPress blog and In this tutorial it’s time because we’ve already designed Almost everything else in terms of timing when you should add blog ads to a blog You’re going to want to wait until your audience is familiar with your content and comfortable with your voice You can kind of Stunt the growth of your blog if you put ads on a blog too soon You don’t want people to think you’re just trying to make money you want them to think and know that you’re there to do good and help the world and When people like your content and share your content, then your ads will ultimately do better All right, but we don’t have time now to make like you know six months or years worth of revolutionary content So that’s why I’m going to show you how to put ads on the blog right now And to make it easy a dug up a little guide I’ve used from Google In the past it’s been really helpful Now if you’re wondering where to put ads on a blog then you could look at other blogs You could look at daily blog tips or pro blogger But I figured why not ask Google because when your ads do well when people click them and look at them Then Google does well And you get paid per clicks and views on an ad but Google gets paid You know even more for when the customer visits the site and the things they do on the site So Google wants us to do well, and they want us to optimize. They’re gonna make money either way, but they make more money When your ads do well, and that’s one reason why they’re willing to pay you more So okay, this wasn’t it. I’m just showing you like nonsense So I think it was actually this one the content page there it is all right, so this is our guide on where to put ads on your blog and it might look simple but You know this is one two three four five different advertisement spots and If you ask me which one was the best spot. I might have guessed like one of these right But it’s the combination, and it’s where you put them And it’s having a blog and now you have all the knowledge so let’s put it into action all right so let’s do it, so I have a full video on how to get set up and Accept it into Adsense and once you do you’re going to be led into this wonderful world of advertising and revenue and I’ll show you my Adsense which is by no means an by no means like huge I get a check from them every now and then and they email you like Recently got that check I Have like so much spam that Simon phony, so they’ll send you an email like this Got one on August 21st That says check your recent payment we sent the payment for Google Adsense earnings August 21st 2017 it’s pretty cool so today. It’s the 23rd and I haven’t even found the time to check that yet, but that money’s definitely in my bank account already I mean So it’s pretty cool. Google takes care of us bloggers, so you’re gonna want to set up an adsense account like this Again, I have guides on how to do it how much content you should have when you should set it up and how to get approved
But if you followed this tutorial you’re more than halfway there because Google really likes WordPress blogs and more press websites They like when you have your own self hosting because that means you mean business you’re willing to You know invest in your site, and you’re not a spammer So right here we can see like which links are getting clicks, and which links are getting the most pageviews We can see how much money I’ve made Last 7 days this month Last 28 days and again, it’s by no means anything big because I really don’t optimize through Adsense I spend more of my time focusing on affiliate marketing which I’m also going to show you how to set up With our blog theme from daily from theme junkie So all right enough chat you can explore this all on your own. Let’s set up an ad let’s click my ads And So let’s go back to our little new site guide And it says the first one we want is a 3 to 1 300 by 250 medium rectangle embedded into the content That’s this guy right here, so let’s set that up Let’s do it and just like any guide with da blogger I want you to get things exactly correct And I want you to have the setup that works the best in this case to make money blogging and make money on a blog And you’re getting all the inside info alright, so We already fortunately have one ad that’s active we have 5 of them But this one will be perfect so we can just use this one It’s really easy that if you want to add a new ad you just click new ad unit And then click text and display ads right here Then you name it like Blog content you choose the size so in this case we really want that 300 by 250 the harsha blows Again, we just choose text and display which is recommended You should always give us direct go with the recommended options for potential revenue, then you can change like the colors if you want So up to you a lot of fun Once you have the right color like this could be good for our little coffee scheme. You can just change all the other details Not sure why we can’t save it yet, but For some reason it wants us to pick up it wants us to pick up font-family So we just pick one of the people I really used to seeing like Arial Adsense a super advanced and intuitive, and they know what people want to see So will keep the options to a minimum Just save it, and then you click Save and get code all right, so this ad might not be ready yet And I want an ad it’s already ready So we’re gonna use my greg narayan calm sidebar tad Alright so we can actually use this ad because we created it together It’s like our own little ad and I think by the time we insert the code It’ll be working on Google’s end because they’re pretty quick these days So what you need to do to insert an ad on a blog just click on this code and right click and copy it Alright very good now on my first Blog ever on his college. I have this feature going on already Have this nice ad in the posts And I can’t quite remember once you get old and you build a lot of websites and blogs you you start to have knowledge from blogging kind of come in one end and then old knowledge falls out the other end So I need to look at this blog to remember. How we put the ad right here But it works really well of course people click it a lot So let’s take it to revise college. I’ll let’s see how that ad works in Copy that style mm-hmm give my full permission All right here, we are a nice College proof that I own it I guess and we’re gonna go to appearance Editor see how that Will add mix teens works alright, so we’re gonna go down and we’re gonna Click on single dot PHP where I remember putting that code and apologies if we’re going kind of quick But I just want you to absorb a lot of knowledge and you can ask me questions later So it’s important that we learn while we’re together now Content single dot PHP. That’s where the ad is perfect Alright, so I remember here’s the ad this is just a bunch of code that decides how all the content single page looks and I put the ad in right here. I inserted it right here took a little while to figure out where to put the ad and how to design it, but It worked and so we’re gonna use this strategy Alright, I think I can remember it follow me back to our blogs now and let’s come to appearance editor Let’s close up some tabs here to keep it simple because we’re going to be doing some Some designing you want enough space up top and now come down and let’s go to Let’s try going to single dot php’ I think this will work there. If not then we have content Page PHP as well and content single PHP as well to try it in Alright, so I can already see it’s not gonna work right here Okay, so let’s go to content single dot PHP once you see these WordPress files a little bit You know kind of how they work or what you need to do to them, so we can see in on its college In content single dot PHP this code goes in right under div class equals entry content So let’s find the entry content Where is it where is it? I think it’s right here. I think this is the entry content line Alright, so it’s pretty cool. I’m gonna make some edits to it right now I do recommend copying this into a text tab backing it up Before making any changes just in case anything goes wrong So we can hit command a command C. And We can open up our notes that we took before with our name servers in them Now that we’ve entered those we can just delete and Paste in this text file so that if we make any mistakes we can just copy paste this back into WordPress Perfect so now let’s insert Adsense Copy that Edson’s code Bring it back to the wordpress editor and just make some spaces right under this line on your blog that says div class equals entry content blah blah blah so hit enter like a couple times and Now just right click and paste so spaces won’t like ruin the code. It just gives us some space to work with So now we have an ad inserted into content single PHP We just need to give it some styling so it Nestle’s up in the upper left corner of that text perfectly Alright folks so we’re gonna go back to on earth college, and I’m just gonna Use this little piece custom HTML and CSS And I’ll give you this in the blogpost guide of course We’re just gonna paste it in so we don’t have to even write it Hit enter and then at the bottom of the essence code do a little close div tag that looks like that with the alligator bracket /div close alligator bracket what this will do is make this add float to the upper left and Now let’s update file across your fingers All right, so nothing broke. We got the green a successful message now. Let’s check out the block So let’s look at like the ultimate guideposts Now let’s scroll down No ad whatsoever No ads on this blog post Interesting what could be going on? Well, I have an idea and I think we might have an ad blocker preventing that ad because I see this little red Stop sign with one now whereas before it just had no no numbers there Let’s click it and let’s click don’t run on page so nice domain Exclude And voila now we have an ad or at least this space for an ad once it starts working all right But that ad is just pushed up above our content and we want it nestled inside it so this is a perfect chance to ask themed junkie in that forum how to move our ad Within the content So I’m gonna show you how to do that now. Just Google theme junkie forum and Then while we insert an ad in our sidebar. We’ll hope that they get back to us help in forum We’re gonna want to find Daily, and now we’re just going to explain to them the problem in live YouTube video form Say we because it’s all of us together Now we need to give him some links to show them like the examples of what’s going on And once you’re good to go click Submit and team junkie will respond within 24 hours, or if not the computer right now maybe within about 15 minutes, which would be awesome so Cool so while they’re doing that we’re gonna install an ad in our sidebar because that’s also part of Google’s New site content guidelines So let’s go back to Adsense and let’s make one of those 100 by 600 skyscrapers. All right the new ad unit Text and display ads But but um put it on put it down so instead of recommended we actually want to change it up now we want to do Vertical banner and try this 160 by 600. They made it a little tricky for us Now we can come down and click Save and get code. We’ve got to call it the blog skyscraper Sidebar and save and get code click copy and Back in the blog we can go to appearance widgets And we can just paste this code in our sidebar choose visual editor click add widget and make sure you’re in the text tab because we’re pasting in some code from Google and paste and save and Now when we refresh the blog we should see something in the sidebar Although it won’t be an ad quite yet all right, and the interesting thing here is you can actually do two ads? You can do like one ad next to another ad which is kind of cool Alright, so we also want to add unit below the content which is either 468 or 728 We’re gonna want the 468 by 620 I don’t think we have enough room to do the 728 So back to Adsense New ad unit text and display Recommended and we’ll do the horizontal banners for 68 by 60 like our Content page guidelines from google recommends right here. It’s this one Alright, and now name it Below blog content Saving a code Click copy and now back in your WordPress. You can go to theme options Because theme jockey gives us this gives us this special spot on a single post to put content After after content to put advertisement after content like this so we can just right click paste and save and Now on our blog post we’ll see like this other advertising section right here and in fact you could make it wider if you want to all the way across Alright, so we’ve now done one two three And you’re just gonna want to add a link unit and a link unit now right below and above your content these ones I would strongly recommend you wait until your content has developed in popularity because Seeing 3 ads on a page is a lot, but seeing 5 ads on a page might scare some of your visitors away Let’s see if team junkie responded Alright guys So I had to jump over to my travel computer because I had to go on a little vacation here to Greece So I’m sorry if there’s a little background ocean noise We’re on Mykonos here. I definitely recommend it the people are really great but I want to finish the saga of showing you how to put this Adsense ad Inside the blog post in this position on the upper left that google recommends So we’ll do this quickly and then I can Save you some time and I can get back to the beach and talk to you guys from there so to do this It’s pretty simple We’ve missed a couple steps though and theme junkie helped us find them on this little support thread which I’ll give you in the notes you just need to go about to the dashboard and Then come to appearance hover around appearance and click custom CSS and Then in appearance CSS we’re gonna make sure you have dot single dash left this entire section of highlighted in your Your site origin custom CSS windows so it’s dot single dash left open bracket float:left Padding:10px little padding bottom ten pixels, which theme junkie wrote for us Thanks to them so once you have this in there, which will also give you in the blog post guide click Save now We can come back to appearance editor and Scroll down and find your content – single dot PHP Again, sorry about the background noise here about on the balcony, and then just roll down to where it says This part right here so it’s like div class equals entry content this line that I’ve highlighted and make sure your ad code is pasted right below it and Around your ad code you want div class equals single left, and then a closing div tag So we don’t need any of that custom CSS. I wrote at honest College We just need this one line just one line that theme junky wrote for us And then inside this div put your ad code are a little 300 by 250 Adsense unit which people love clicking on blog posts once it looks just like this make sure you get it in between this line in your daily theme and this line PHP the content, then just click update file and The last step, so if we just do this and look at our blog post it won’t quite work It’s just gonna look like We have right here the ads on top of the post so the last step is to go to your dashboard column to settings and click on TF social share and Now you have to make the choice to put the position of the like box tweet box Google+ button all that below the post or wherever you want it so when we put it below the PO and Save it Then it gets out of the way of the ad right here, so it’s kind of blocking the ad So when we refresh now? You have a perfect looking at sense unit and we actually just completed our task right here so you have to make the choice whether you want people to click on your Facebook button your tweet button or your ad People can’t click on everything on your blog, and I personally recommend this option because then you can build a lasting revenue for your blog And you also get the social buttons below the post so up to you There’s also a lot of different plugins that will help you put social buttons anywhere on the blog This is just one way of doing it Almost beat the helicopter takeoff Alright, so now You know how to do this and just make sure that you remember that people can’t click on Absolutely everything on your blog if you put too many things you might wonder. Why people aren’t clicking on any of them is they’re overwhelmed So now we can move on and we’re gonna talk about how to recommend your premium WordPress theme to your readers And we can see how to set up affiliate marketing for our theme on our site so that you get a nice little effect like I Have on theme junkie where you can click on affiliates and click on statistics and start to see the people that you refer to theme junkie because ideally, and hopefully they like the way your blog looks and then they can come here and buy the same theme for their blogs because WordPress is humongous Everyone’s starting a wordpress blog these days and a personal recommendation about a theme goes a long way So we can see I’ve like referred Well about 138 people recently I don’t know if this is lifetime But it certainly helps to pay for the domain name and the hosting I think both of us can see that pretty quickly All right, so let’s just set this up. Let’s get you going So now that we have our daily theme. We can just go to affiliate URLs and You’re gonna want to get the link to daily – how do we do that well we can click? themes and open in a new window And then click news and magazine and find the link to daily, or is it Perfect open up Click in the URL bar and right click Copy it and now we’re just gonna come back and paste it in this page URL box It’s really cool Just paste and can’t pay name if you want. I don’t usually use this and then generate URL and So now you have your own custom affiliate link with theme junkie so it’s pretty cool See it says the link to theme junkie question mark ref equals honest college. That’s me just Need to copy it and by the way if you don’t have an affiliate account You might just need to ask theme Junkie to set one up for you so when you click affiliates if you don’t see these options Then just sign up to their program It’s a hundred percent free and I can Help you get in and like send your recommendation if they don’t process your you know affiliate application, but you should be accepted right away So now we can go back to our blog, and we just need to go to Customize Widgets Scroll down and so we could put this in a footer like which would stack down here be like 1 2 3 4 But we actually want to put this in our copyright I want to insert an affiliate link right here super stealth so when people are looking at a design They’re like. Oh who designed it. Do you do that sometimes? I always do that. I’m like designed by ping Jackie Oh, that’s so cool when I click it, and then I’m like so excited that I might purchase So let’s go back Click theme options where our other theme information is and now let’s go to footer and Here we can just edit the copyright to our hearts content so copyright our link designed by We’re just gonna stealthily very subtly paste in this affiliate link right there So now when you do this, it’s a nice little interpunct right there The little middle period now you do this someone’s gonna click and go to theme junkie when they’re browsing what theme use And we can even add target equals quotation mark underscore blank so that They open in a new tab and stay on your blog Let’s save and test it out Back to our home page scroll down and so now someone’s like curious about ooh. This is a cool theme design by theme junkie nice I’ll click it and Then they’ll be like oh wow it’s a daily theme. That’s so nice I want to get it too and Then someone can buy it and because they use your link you’ll get 50% of this price back and that can like right away it make up for the cost of domain hosting the theme itself whatever you want to look at it as if You want to do it exactly like do your blogger you should write a post on why you? Recommend the theme and make that post as vital as possible so if you go to like Themes onto your blogger you can probably find Hopefully that category is working dusted off You can find the truth about premium WordPress themes which I wrote way back in October 2012 and this just says that like all premium themes are almost exactly the same and then goes on to explain why I actually use theme junkie and Why you need them, and why they look different? You know it just solves the problem of getting someone a premium theme they’ll actually like This is how theme junkie used to look so you get the picture and then you can add your affiliate link in like this right here and That’ll help people get to know themed junkie as well and help you earn those affiliate commissions for your theme So you just got to try to make this post popular. You know I got 26 responses That’s pretty cool You can write one post you can write three posts whatever you like to do and there’s no limit, and then you can also affiliate market for themeforest so I Use a lot of themes from them like mr.. Taylor flats. Um I have some new ones coming out oh That’s cool for years Wow getting old And so we can see my earnings up here which are from recommending themes Just show you quickly profile you just go to earnings This part is kind of tricky go to item sales referrals, and you can see your Affiliate referrals, so I was doing really well in July and May, but not so well now. I’ve got to step it up guys Make sure to buy those themes through my links. No. I’m just kidding but Seriously if you need the themes Go for it Just a couple examples of how you can make hundreds if not thousands of dollars and make money on your blog through affiliate marketing Then you can also withdraw it or you can use it towards future investments so you know how to earn income on a blog it’s not that tough if you blog for a good six or twelve months and Put some heart and soul into it and if people see that they’ll definitely respond by using your affiliate links That reminds me you need to write an affiliate disclaimer on the blog so before we cap off this section Let’s go back to our blog and go to new page And we’re gonna write affiliate disclaimer and on this page. You need to say something really quick along the lines of Please assume that any link on this site to a To a product is an affiliate link When you click through and sign up I stand to earn a small Commission at no cost Thank you so much for so you need to say something like that so that people should know that your links are affiliate links and Can’t be confused You could publish it and put this link in the footer and you’re good to go alright, so that does it for affiliate marketing and Now you know how to earn some revenue and earn back those costs of starting a blog and then some All right, so what else can we do right now what I literally think you guys are good to go What do you think let me know alright? Post post your thoughts and ideas and let me know what we missed from dear bloggers of course I could show you like how to write 10 posts or how to design the sidebar exactly like do your bloggers? so on and so forth But that’s gonna be up to you guys as you customize it you now have like 90% of the framework to make the blog Look like to your blogger and to create a blog that has a foundation for success. You just need to add in your own content So I hope we save you some time, and I hope you enjoyed it, I literally have to go pack right now because My partner michelle has vacation now. I know I said partner It’s just like I like Chile like that word She actually has vacation now, and when she has vacation I go along because my job can’t be done anywhere I’m a blogger and I basically just sit around So we’re gonna go to Greece. I have to pack we’re leaving tonight at 7 p.m.. Direct and I’m sure I’ll talk to you guys from there, but it’s pretty fun Just tagging along and I like shouldn’t be in WordPress right now because she’s gonna come home and want me to be done packing So before we go why don’t I show you how to make that Louis molar if you want? and then I’m off to Greece and I’ll talk to you guys in the comments and Yeah, just another day alright, so let’s go to Dashboard And hover on appearance custom.css Open our vlog in a new window Right-click on the logo and click inspect And you’re gonna get this so on the right we can look at the code for it Huh, we don’t want it that big maybe if we do Logo so let’s right Let’s right at the bottom Hashtag logo open max with 50% just Kind of winging it here and save Refresh all right so that worked so we just wrote some CSS to target this HTML, and it says id equals logo So it highlights the right area when we’re hovering on it. It’s clearly the logo. You know it’s not The daily custom CSS. It’s the logo That’s the most specific area we need and because it’s ID We want it to be a pound sign If it were class we’d need a period so maybe we can drop this down to like 30 save Refresh, and now you have a nice cute little logo and even better yet, you can put an advertisement in the header now How cool is that? All right, so let’s drop it up to like 30 Dang good day. Maybe 38 Super random number, but well I’m people to read our tagline alright guys. Thanks so much for watching I really gotta run and decide what shoes and swim suits. I’m doing into Greece Again, I’m tagging along with Michelle, so I’ll have some time to talk to you guys over there from the islands Hope you enjoy the keys to the castle and use these skills to build better blogs on the web You can definitely beat those other blogs out there and do it better always stay inspired enjoy the little moments in blogging like every comment every share every tweet every like you get And keep that perspective and it’ll really Guide you it’ll it’ll you’ll ride it to success alright So I hope you enjoyed watching because I really liked making this for you guys I’ll put all these links right below the video and in the blog post guide and in our PDF and Yeah, it’s all I got right now. Thanks. I’ll talk to you soon. Okay. Thanks for watching guys

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  1. Greg love this video! Graphics are awesome. Great tutorial for anyone starting a blog start to finish! Looks like this one was a ton of work!

  2. Bro I made a wp website im trying to change the url name but my main domain expired i still have the website in cpanel databases i think on my hosting server. How would I recover the website to point to a new domain just through cpanel. Do i quick install wordpress again? My servers are already setup for the new domain. Do i change the wp config info? I need help

  3. Running all these blogs you guys make sure ain't easy 🙂 Please push THUMBS UP for Greg's wordpress tutorial and let me know any blog questions you have! 😉

  4. Could you please make a video how to edit actual blog page using elementor and Ocean WP free Theme. I/we/everybody would appreciate it so much. 🙂

  5. Is it better to resize your images before uploading them to WordPress, or could I just crop and resize in wp? Thanks.

  6. I am curious about the newsletter. How does it work and what gets emailed out? Can you point me in the right direction?

  7. Hi, I've watched a couple of tutorials including more of yours. I wonder why you go through godaddy first and then to hostgator. When you create a site in hostgator doesn't it also register a domain? Just asking because others also just register via hostgator.

  8. I have two websites with different topics. One of them has my blog for the past 5 yrs and I would like to move one category over to the other site. How can I do that easily? There are 468 posts I want to move. Sites are free wordpress hosted. If you need to see the sites, just let me know.

  9. I think I’ve been watching this video non stop for the last 2 days! So easy to comprehend. Thank you for that!

  10. Just a recomendation, you should really make this video into a course! Have people pay like 10 bucks for it on udemy

  11. Hi Greg, It was an excellent instructional video to help potential bloggers on understanding the basics to setting up a WordPress blogging environment. It was helpful especially to see how bloggers can use menus and categories to build heading structures. Other great topics were the asides where you showed how to create logos and code snippets for static and dynamic widget customisation. You finished it off well by providing some options for receiving payment through advertising. Thanks again. Hope you enjoyed your holiday to Greece.

  12. The adsense works for someone who has it already up and running yes but I AM STUCK AT THE POINT WHERE YOU NEED TO INSERT THE CODE BETWEEN <head> and </head> TAGS, where are we meant to insert that ?

  13. I got Safari can't Open the Page when I tried clicking on the URL and Admin URL after I got the Congratulations Instal Complete email. Why do I see that?

  14. All I get at the 'select domain for installation' word press stage (13.49mins in on the video above) is a blank page on the HostGater site – anything you can advise that I try? Thanks!

  15. Hi Greg, this is amazing and so helpful! Thank you! I can't find the category widget code that you're talking about around 2:00. Where do I find that?

  16. Hi Greg, First of all thank you for such a wonderful video and content. I will follow your entire process since it looks very good. I am new to WP and have this one question. My question is that if I start with HostGator and create all my content directly there then can I transfer all of the content to my local machine if I wish to at some later stage. I don't want to rely on any site or even hosting provider for my content and want all of it to be synced in my local wordpress instance in my machine so that I can push the WP DB and site to my cloud account later. Can I do this?

  17. Hi Greg, just want to say a huge THANK YOU!! I have very basic understanding of all this, and finding your video was an answer to a prayer. I will now start to customize my blog to take on a more personal appearance, but you will be able to see that my blog now is exactly the format you outlined in your video. Now I have a more basic understanding and do not need to always revert back to your video, but again, thank you so much. You did an awesome job walking through all the steps and for an old dog like me, it proves your video was spot on. Thank you again, look forward to watching more of your videos to see what else I can learn. -Darren at

  18. Thanks for video, that is quite a video. I think it would be quite useful if you can also split this videos in parts and Theme junkies have put affiliation program on hold right now. Learned it by the hard way

  19. Greg, thanks so much for this! First time blogger just starting out. I see in the video you use Hostgator, but I have read an updated review at Dear Blogger where you say that Bluehost is the way to go. So I'm a bit confused, as you also have tutorial videos on setting up Bluehost as well. So which way should I go: Hostgator or Bluehost?

  20. Just wow! Well done Sir. Really very informative video. Well I saved it and watched in a week. Oops.

  21. Hi Greg. Thanks for the tip on the Classic Editor plugin, that works perfectly, and gave me the same editor you are showing! Much better! When it comes to the logo size issue, I'm still very much lost. I right-clicked and did the inspect, and got this … … of which the pertinent logo bit would be …. I think. Your next advice is to find the logo ID, which I'm assuming is somewhere in the highlighted area, and then … and here I really get lost … you said to "Then you can change into css in appearance customize….. " That's pretty much beyond what I understand. I had to look CSS up to find out what it is, then looked at the customize menu … …. but now no idea where I go from there to change the size of the logo. So for now, I'm just leaving this and moving on with the video. I've also read the initial WordPress CSS guide, but it leads into a lot of other reading, which I'll also set aside for now. BTW, I'm having the same "sizing" issue when I try to duplicate putting a quote into the sidebar. Any quote I use is coming out really tiny when it appears on the page.

  22. Interesting problem now. The changes that I am making in the Dashboard are not showing up on my website.

  23. Quite frustrating… do you know of a tutorial that does this where what you're teaching is actually what you see when you are accessing your pages? Because this is totally different.

  24. Hey Greg this is really helpful! I have a quick question; why do my previews look drastically different from yours? I'm only about 29 minutes in and I can't seem to figure out why my theme previews don't actually put the photos and preview content on the website… Can you help me please?

  25. Greg, Wow! I have been reading turorials, watching videos, and creating content & ideas etc… but nothing yet, I been so afraid to get started with the blog bc I wasn’t sure if WP was the best option, someone told me I would get stuck with all the coding etc…but after watching this step by step, I feel comfortable and ready for the challenge! Thank you so much! I can’t wait for you to come see what I create! What theme you think would fit best with a parenting/relationship blog? Im creating a blog for blended families- content on relationship building, communication, advice, guide to, personal experience, etc. I want to use a combination of stock photos but also use real pics to connect with audience. Also Do I need to have a specific blog email for all of my stuff all the different programs, apps, etc? Do you use like paypal or a seperate checking account to keep track of income and expenses?

  26. This is the best tutorial ever. I will even subscribe despite the fact that I won't necessarily need to see any other video but I am so grateful for this throughout explanation that I feel I HAVE to subscribe. I am happy I found this before I embarked on this journey. Thank you very much.

  27. Question, I recently set up hosting through host gator and thought that the WordPress Installation link on hostgator was to install and not I decided to watch your video because you specify that you are working with WordPress.ORG. However, I set up my website the exact same way you are demonstrating through host gator but when I go to to sign into my account it says "No username or email registered" but when I go to it allows me to login. So it seems as though the wordpress hostgator is working with is WordPress.COM and not .ORG. I want my blog to be registered under Am I doing something wrong or is there any advice you can give me so I set up my blog correctly?

    Thank you,

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