How To Make A YouTube Subscription Widget For Your Blog [Free from InboundNow]

How To Make A YouTube Subscription Widget For Your Blog [Free from InboundNow]

Hey guys, It’s Ileane from I have this to YouTube social
engagement box on my contact page on my blog. And I’m going to show you how to get it. Notice at the top there’s all kinds of
sharing buttons then there’s my video embedded, there’s a facebook like box at the
bottom, and there’s also a youtube subscribe
widget. Don’t you want one of those? I’ll show you how. Come over to the site called And this guy David Wells,
he’s the founder. He’s created all of these fabulous
social media and apps that are interactive. Now talk about offering value to your
community David is doing just that and he has all of these free tools available
for us. Let me just give you an example. Now when his about page or any – probably
any- page on his website, if to go up to the top where there’s apps and tools you’ll see of these
free apps that he has available for us. So let’s just check out the one that I
mentioned at the beginning of this video. Now just to give you an idea of all the
apps that David has over here – he’s got landing page plugins, call-to-actions, linkedin buttons, twitter, call-to-actions, pop-ups for YouTube, uh… there’s uh… like-to-download feedburner subscribe, Pinterest, okay i’m not going to go through each
and every one of them but I want you to just see that there’s just tons of value here on this page. The one we want is called the “Social YouTube Embeds”. This is where you create the “Social YouTube Embeds”. You’re gonna need a couple of things. The first thing you’re going to need is your Youtube username – you could enter that here – your Twitter username and by the way I’m
sorry, i forgot to mention that earlier, on that box you’re also going to get at
twitter follow button. your fanpage URL, your YouTube video that you want to have embedded, and the page that this is going to go on.
And of course, you’re going to fill in your email address there as well. So i filled in everything as you can see
you’re not going to put your whole URL of your YouTube channel just the username. Same way with twitter, you not going to
put the whole URL there just the username no @ symbol but on Facebook page you are going to
type out complete URL including the “HTTP” part You’re gonna grab a video URL. Like I said you’re going to also let
David know what page this is going to be embedded on and give him your email
address. Now i’m going to get a YouTube URL just to show you just in case this step tricks you up a little bit. Now
there’s a couple of ways of course you can go up to the address bar and grab the YoutTube URL up here. But sometimes there’s extra code at the
end of that depend upon how you got to that page. So the fool proof method for doing
this is to go to the share button on of the youtube video and grab this
URL. Now come back to the application and just paste that URL in there and click go, And there it is. There’s the box. This is what it’s going to look like. And here is the code that you need to
paste. Come back over to WordPress and go
into the page that you told to David that you were going to embed
this on. Now go into the edit mode. Make sure you have “text” turned on. Now I wanted mine at the bottom of the page. I pasted there. Now don’t go away because before we look
at this I wanted to let you know you know there’s a bonus tip coming in a minute. OK now we’re back on the contact page and Voilà! There is the box there. Now here’s your bonus tip. One thing that I wanted to do is have the color of the box match my blog. So anytime I want to do any color matching on the web, I use an extension
that’s called “ColorZilla”. Now you guys doesn’t think I was going to get
through this whole tutorial without talking about Chrome extensions,
did you? So You come up use ColorZilla, page color picker and just hover over the color that you
want a pick. Notice in the box next to where it says “RBG”, you also see that it gives you the hex number after the pound sign, that’s the number
we’re going to need. Okay, go back over into edit mode. Now, remember that code we pasted, just to look for the word “background”. Here you see the background is FFFF
which usually indicate black. So now we’re going to paste that code that matches the color of our
blog we’re going to get rid of that you replace it. So here i typed the hex color. Update. Let’s take a look. Now you see the border at the top matches the color my blog. So there you have it Check out all those tools that David has
over on InboundNow I also decided I would use a “like-to-download” button. You know, I have a free e-book on my blog but hey why not just get people to like so they can download it. So i use that. There’s just so many tools here. i’m sure
you David is updating this page all the time. So give this one a try. Sign up for my newsletter that way you
can stay on top of all the latest with blogging, social media, YouTube, and
podcasting. And, in order to sign up just go over to and I’ll chat with you soon.

25 thoughts on “How To Make A YouTube Subscription Widget For Your Blog [Free from InboundNow]

  1. Lawrence! You're so right. White not black. Thanks for the comment and the heads up. I'll add an annotation. 🙂

  2. Hi Cathryn! David from Inbound now offers a ton of value and I just had to share it! I love ColorZilla and I use it every time I make graphics. Thanks for watching and the comment.

  3. Thanks for the share Ileane,I have a YouTube box similar to the one you're talking about but it might be kind of outdated, I'll definitely check this out,thanks.

  4. That's pretty cool Ileane but I already have that box set up. I'm actually fixing to take it down mainly because I'm trying to do away with as many plug-ins as I can. I understand this is not what that is which is why it's pretty cool. Thanks for sharing this and I'll have to check out his site. Looks good.

  5. Hey Adrienne, I think you had the subscription box on your sidebar. I only put this one on my contact page. Hopefully that makes a difference. Thanks for leaving a comment here!

  6. Yeah, I think having too much on your blog is not a good thing but we do want things easy right! I love the idea though.

  7. Hi Ileane,

    Just wanted to say you've done a fantastic job with this video. I've never watched a full video on a blog tip because at some point the presenter ignores the most important of details. However, you delve into the process, bring up the screen, make it easy and that makes this whole thing seamless. Fantastic Job!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Ian Johnson for President! lol
    Thank you so much for the positive feedback. Let's stay connected – I just added you to circles on Google+

  9. Ahaa.. About Us page makes more Social proof and which improves the people trust 🙂 Great job Ileane ,

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