How to MAKE AN AMAZON AFFILIATE ECOMMERCE STORE Website with WordPress Woozone & Woocommerce

How to MAKE AN AMAZON AFFILIATE ECOMMERCE STORE Website with WordPress Woozone & Woocommerce

65 thoughts on “How to MAKE AN AMAZON AFFILIATE ECOMMERCE STORE Website with WordPress Woozone & Woocommerce

  1. I see you like godaddy but I suggest going straight to You get same or cheaper pricing and automatically are the verified owner of the site which helps with searches.

  2. Hii..I am not able to login into my wp website bcz when I login then wp installation page appear..which I already done.
    Plz answer ..

  3. I can't even get into the WordPress page. HELP?!
    The video you are showing here and the siteground application are a little bit different.

  4. When I use WZone, it doesn't import the 5-star review rating from Amazon. It shows empty five-star bar. I checked WZone page and they mentioned "Yes you read that right! You can import Amazon reviews! Unfortunately this is a theme feature that can be found in the Kingdom Theme." Any idea how can we import Amazon reviews using this theme (Astra) in this video?

  5. Hi Alex, thank you for your videos.
    I was following your another video tutorial ¨HOW TO MAKE AN AMAZON AFFILIATE WEBSITE BLOG 2019¨(I´ve watched and done the work of an hour of the tutorial) and now I saw this one. Which one would you recommend now? Shall I stick to the one I was following or shall I switch to a new one (How to MAKE AN AMAZON AFFILIATE ECOMMERCE STORE Website with WordPress Woozone & Woocommerce)? Which of them do you find more effective?

  6. Can we add "Buy here" buttons instead of Add to cart buttons? And can I use more than one affiliate store on the same site or is it just for Amazon ?

  7. Hi! This is my first website (second in my life) created following a few videos from you and this video in particular: Thanks for your great work. Respectfully. Dan

  8. This link has good info for EU webiste creators : I hope I comply.

  9. Alex – I love your videos! Thank you for all you do. I am re-watching this video and the similar video about and I noticed that in both you had a bunch of content already prepared along with pictures chosen from a stock photo service, Presumably, you did some keyword research first, along with some Amazon research and then had the articles written and so on. Would you consider doing a "Prep" video that shows these steps and explains your thinking process prior to the actual website creation? I have an idea for a niche and got as far as buying the domain name. I was planning to follow your videos to build it out but realized I don't have any content or photos and a tutorial would be awesome. Some things that I am stuck on are how to pick the products and what instructions to give the writers about the products. Is it 1000 words about each product or 1000 words about 10 products (which is better)?

  10. Hey Alex, I watched the video and just wondering if you had to go through and edit each product description from amazon for seo on the site at all or did you just leave everything as is?

  11. This tutorial is GREAT and I have used it to create 4 new sites. The only thing I found missing was the shortcodes that you talk about in Step 5, and say you will show on your site… but I can't find it. Can you please add?

  12. Hello, I'm starter of Amazon affiliate program

    And I really get a lot help from your content.

    But I have one concern about the post thumbnail.

    I use only amazon image link using SiteStrip, but I cannot use thumbnail(featured image) of post using this link.

    Could you please tell me how to solve this problem on your website? I'm struggling of this for a long time.

  13. i purchased the wzone plugin instal it with my license but when i tried to importe products to my site i have this message '' product ASIN is missing '' is there any issue please thank u

  14. Alex, I am so glad you put this video up, as I have joined Amazon Affiliates, but I haven't made 3 sales yet. So, no access to API Keys yet. Unfortunately, I do not currently have the $70 to invest on WooZone. I have gotten a good look at the plugin, and see that it is a major key to setting up the site both easily, and rapidly. I have purchased 2 years of hosting, I have 3 domains, but I am focusing on my site for dogs. I am also using a free theme. As a Network, and Systems Engineer, I have the skills with the systems, and WordPress. I even have a great pro theme that is Woocommerce ready. My question is; is there a way to get started without the plugin at first. I will get the plugin, but trying to get at least 3 sales in the next 90 days. My site has done nothing, so I am following this video, using the exact same theme, Elementor, and will add the plugin as soon as I can. Any assistance, and advise would be greatly appreciated.

  15. Hello Alex,

    Thank you for this great video.

    On my website (after learning carefully from you) somehow the currency is £ and not $.

    How can I fix it?


  16. Hi I've run into some problems where my products doesn't show up on my menu categories after imported from woozone. Is it required to setup the exact steps on your tutorial for the woocommerce to work?

  17. I've read quite a few bad reviews of this plugin lately, does it still work well or it's buggy like some say? I've just got access to the Amazon API and I would like to import products and synchronize prices.

  18. Hello, I have the following question.

    I want to open a blog specific for Spain and the Spanish market and another one for Uk or English speaking countries.
    With my current API keys products are imported from my main affiliate site which is the US
    Woozone only allows me to set up the main affiliate ID and imports from that countries Amazon website.

    Is there a way to import ( in insane mode) from the countries amazon website that I want?

  19. One Question While we add new Product and Want to send through affiliate product is there any possibility affiliate product open in new Tab without leaving our web page. Any plugin which you advise?

  20. Hello. I have had an amazon affiliate website for a couple of years, thank you for your excellent tutorials. Recently, amazon pulled my primary affiliate account but I have another. Can I change the affiliate ID in my website and continue?

  21. Hi Alex, I have installed woo comm plugin and download the products. Text , Images and currency is not properly aligned. How to modify the products. Please send your email address so that I can send you screenshot.

  22. Hello WP Eagle
    You have one terrific set of videos; I have learned so much from them.
    But here's a silly question – possibly…as an A. Associate.
    A friend of mine told me that if they could get discounts or special deals on products they purchase from Amazon, they would buy from me more often.
    So the question is, is it possibly to do this, as an affiliate, on certain products selected by me?
    Stop Laughing! 🙂

  23. Hello WP Eagle
    For some reason my site has developed an unwanted sidebar to the right of my homepage.
    I have been to the widgets section and there doesn't seem to be a way of deleting the sidebar.
    I tried deactivating woocommerce and the sidebar disappeared! Wonderful!
    Then when I re-activated woocommerce the problem is back.
    I have searched the woocommerce plugin settings but can't see anything.
    Do you have any suggestions?
    Thank you!

  24. Update:
    Problem solved! I had the shop page set to homepage in woocommerce > Products
    So I set Shop Page to 'Blank' and all is good again!
    That'll teach me not to fiddle with settings without knowing what they do!

  25. Hey Alex!
    I'm giving a chance again to this WooZone thing.
    Did it once years ago but back then I was not doing my homework when it comes to SEO and so on.
    Plus, probably not the very best niche ever.
    I'm now thinking about re-doing it again, this time targeting English speaking market as back then it was an Italian website.
    I'm starting applying to Amazon Affiliate UK, US…ecc.. and I've just realized the application process is different: as soon as I score 3 sales, they will check my website.
    Question: how often does Amazon ban people using this plugin and setting amazon affiliate ecommerce stores?

  26. Hey Alex

    Very easy to understand videos, nicely done.
    i have a dilemma thou i started a making a amazon affiliate site after your 2018 video and there you are using kingdom theme but after a while i did see you have a new 2019 video and you are using a free theme Astra , so if i my hosting is at host gator should i follow the 2018 advise and choose kingdom or should i choose a free theme ( Astra )? i am trying to do a book nice amazon affiliate website. tnx for your answer.

  27. Great Tutorial Alex! Im preparing to create a similar website thanks to your video…Im from Europe too, tell me, even if we create a website only for the US market with (not for Europe) do we still need GDPR to setup, cookies etc…!? Thanks!

  28. Thanks Alex for this great tutorial! I am doing mine and I have a doubt about if I still need Yoast seo for amazon lings being determinated as "no follow" or woozone does the job for me? Thank you!

  29. Problem is with this kind of website, its hard to get rank on Google. No point having a beautiful website but no one know about it. Just another snake oil sale person!

  30. hello, wp
    I am from India, and I face the problem is that when I create an Amazon "Affiliate" Account it is from -"" but I can't apply for "" from -"USA" site.
    plz help me how to I can create affiliate program for the USA – "".

  31. Thanks for the video. Regarding WZone plugin, I checked the reviews here They are having kinda worst support system. Do you have any other video with some other plugin recommendation.

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