How to make an AMAZON AFFILIATE WEBSITE 2017 – With WordPress, Woocommerce and Woozone.

How to make an AMAZON AFFILIATE WEBSITE 2017 – With WordPress, Woocommerce and Woozone.

100 thoughts on “How to make an AMAZON AFFILIATE WEBSITE 2017 – With WordPress, Woocommerce and Woozone.

  1. i make a website like u and import product also but product show only me with wpadmin but another person can not show product how it make visible pleash tell me

  2. Hi Alex, I've researched for some niche ideas and for keywors and came up with some ideas but I'm still confused. I've found a niche product that on Google results has no niche sites competitors, the only giant competitors are stores like Walmart, Homedepot etc..
    My question is: can I build a niche site based on these results? I mean can I rank my site if the only competitors are giant stores? Or should I choose a less competitive, less known niche?
    Example: my niche is like "home>furniture>kitchen furniture>my product niche (ex. tables, storage etc..)", is it a good choice based on the Google results? This product (and others of the same niche) on Amazon sells well and have many reviews, I'm only scared about the giant store sites that dominate the first Google results.
    Should I go forward and build my niche site based on these types or results or should I find niches with less giant stores competitors?
    Hope you could reply and hope I was clear enough, thanks 🙂

  3. only 12 products show up on my page, and there is no other way to see the rest that I have imported. Where do I change this as I cannot find out how to.

  4. I tried to install the Kingdom via FTP because it wouldn't install in WP but it just destroyed my whole WP login info. Now can't get into my admin area because I get an error. Can you help because the support is just plain BS.

  5. Hello WP Eagle, i'm have difficultly when displaying all my products. At products category it shows 36 products but when i click view or go to the main website it only shows 12 products (one page of results)- i cant get it to show the several pages of results. Can you help? Thanks.

  6. The CSS you mention for creating the Featured Products on the home page is not working. Here is what I have
    [kingdom_box_headline]FEATURED PRODUCTS[/kingdom_box_headline][featured_products per_page="6" columns="1"]
    [kingdom_box_headline]LATEST CHANEL PURSES[/kingdom_box_headline]
    [product_category per_page="12" columns="4" category="chanel"]
    [kingdom_box_headline]LATEST GUCCI PURSES[/kingdom_box_headline] [product_category per_page="12" columns="4" category="gucci"]
    [kingdom_row] [
    kingdom_box_headline]LATEST FENDI PURSES/kingdom_box_headline] [product_category per_page="12" columns="4" category="fendi]
    [kingdom_box_headline]Latest blog posts[/kingdom_box_headline] [kingdom_blog_slideshow per_page="3"]

    Please help

  7. Im gonna check entire video but tell me – How did you that thing t when it don't redirecting to amazon store?

  8. Could I use the pictures on my blog from amazon affiliate store ? Because there is copyright on everything on google.. or what is your advice for adding pictures generally ?

    Thanks for it!

  9. Hi,
    Great video (& channel), liked and subscribed!
    I'm currently in the process of setting up my own affiliate website. Would you recommend setting up a non trading limited company to accompany the affiliate website? Or is that not necessary?
    Many thanks

  10. Hi Alex, when I'm adding the shortcodes [kingdom_row]….etc and preview on website I see the code I've inserted, any idea why?

  11. Hi Alex. Thank you for your helpful videos
    Hi guys. Please visit my website and give your opinions. .It is an amazon affiliate website selling rugs and carpets

  12. Hello Alex. Thank you for an excellent video. I liked it and I subscribed because this is a great channel.

    I noticed that your products have options like choosing size and color and after that you put them into the cart, so people can chose everything inside of your website. It looks more professional.
    When I click on product on my website I don't get these options and an option to put it into the cart that finally sends me to Amazon, but it takes me directly to Amazon. I imported products via WooZone as well.

    My question is: did you use special plugin so you can have these options and cart inside of your website or is it because of the theme?

    Thank you in advance Alex 🙂

  13. Hey Alex, thank you for the video. My woozone page looks different. When I enter access and secret keys i get the error.

    Amazon Error: 1 – SOAP Fault: (faultcode: aws:Client.AWS.InvalidAccount, faultstring: Your AccessKey Id is not registered for Product Advertising API. Please use the AccessKey Id obtained after registering at
    WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates was not able to connect to Amazon with the specified AWS Key Pair and Associate ID (ASSOCIATE ID IS CORRECT, I CHECKED it). Please triple-check your AWS Keys and Associate ID.

  14. i followed your video but Amazon do not allow me to use the API until i sell three products using ads and product links, please help me because i got the theme and the plugin and the domain name in order to start my website….:( please help me

  15. I am getting a soap error when trying to add the access key and secret access key, it says "Amazon Error: 1 – SOAP Fault: (faultcode: aws:Client.AWS.InvalidAccount, faultstring: Your AccessKey Id is not registered for Product Advertising API. Please use the AccessKey Id obtained after registering at
    WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates was not able to connect to Amazon with the specified AWS Key Pair and Associate ID. Please triple-check your AWS Keys and Associate ID." I have tried to delete the keys generate new ones on multiple occassions. any idea?

  16. That's the most complicated video I've ever seen. I'm sure it's great though. Does anyone set these sites up for a price on my behalf?

  17. Thanks for the great videos! With your help we have today launched our first affiliate website selling Gift Sets. Check it out at

  18. Great videos, you've been super helpful. I have 2 questions. The first one is, now, when going through the woocommerce wizard, it asked for not only my country, but an address for "where my store is based." Is this my info, or the amazon headquarters info? I don't actually have a store lol. The second is when i connect with WinSCP, it successfully connects, but there are no folders like the ones that show up for you… It's folders already on my computer on the left side, and nothing on the right side. Any idea what I need to do to make them show up so I can increase my php memory limit?

  19. hi bro i have a probleme how to customize add to cart to redirect byer to amazon how can i do it

  20. Hello again, I'm at 37:25.     I do not have the WELCOME TO WOOCOMMERCE – YOU'RE ALMOST READY TO START SELLING 🙂  [RUN THE SET UP WIZARD]  button.   How do I proceed?   Hope to hear from you soon.   Thank you always.

  21. Hello WP Eagle…I'm reaching out to you because I've purchased both plugins through your provided affiliate link but when I upload them the error message reads…The link you followed has expired. I've submitted tickets to the help center but needed to know if there is anything that you can assist me with or suggest. Thank you!

  22. hello…do you have an email so that when i start…i dont just have to come here. looks like there are a lot of problems doing it. im nervous. i also wanted to know…will i be able to add other adds and links to my website or am i only going to be able to have amazon stuff..thanks so much for your time

  23. Is the kingdom theme the best option when using woozone? What theme would you recommend for an ecomm site with a very simple design with very few products? Thanks!

  24. wow this is dumb, i was looking for a video for programing tips and i came to a guy that just buys his shit done from other ppl

  25. Instead of importing all the boots from all the sellers is there a way to just import the boots from one seller?
    BTW I loved the video.

  26. Alex
    How can we fix the image at the top of our blog post? The blog featured image is 200×200 which looks fine but it takes that same image and stretches it badly at the top once you click on the blog post.
    By the way, I have no sidebar on the right hand side of my blog page.

  27. Could I use another web hosting instead of hostgator like bluehost and apply all the instructions , theme and plugin as well or not ?!!!

  28. Is there a way to manually add products that will not import using WooZone. I am using the Chrome extension for WooZone and importing the products using the ASIN CODES under the Insane Import mode.

  29. Heyo Alex! Great video! I am working on my homepage and things seem to have changed, what is the best way now to customize your home page with menus, sliders, pictures, etc. Also, I am curious if will we see a mega video on creating and customizing a site with wordpress like this updated for 2018 in the near future?


  30. Hi
    I have an amazon affiliate I use for my channels and in content blogs. I am building my store and want the woozone to stream line adding products. My question is can I use woizone to create a store as just a affiliate or do I have to sign up for API first.

  31. Im having a really hard time with my acess key portion. Its saying that Registration for the Product Advertising API is only available to Associates that have been reviewed and received final acceptance in to the Associates Program. but the WooZone app is telling me : Your AccessKey Id is not registered for Product Advertising API. some help would be much appreciated.

  32. The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.
    trying to install plugin any ideas

  33. Could you please advice me what will be the other option or plugin in my case!!! Hawever, just to let you know that my web is a busissines plan.
    The experts informed me that the WooZone plugin is incompatible with

    The unsupported plugins are listed here –
    Let me explain – that means you cannot use the WooZone plugin on your website.

    The plugin scraps content from various sources and creates excessive burden on the servers.

  34. Alex, I really enjoy your videos and I know you are trying to keep them as short as possible but you are really going too fast for the novice such as myself. Kingdom is now on version 3.5.1 and that is what I downloaded and purchased due to your recomindation. My site doesn't work at all and I am so confused on what to do because you keep loosing me. Any way you could do a new complete Amazon Affiliate Website for 2018 with all the Wzone changes and Kingdom updates? Even if it is a series??

  35. Hi Alex. Did you have a How to video like this for 2018? If so, can you give me the link? I can't find it. Thank you in advance.

  36. I tried setting up my Amazon Affiliate website, but am missing the cart page and checkout page. How do I add these so I can move on with the rest of the setup?

  37. Hello, great video and content. I wanted to know whether you need to buy (Wozone) for every site, or is it a one time purchase for several websites? Thanks!

  38. created website, created content, amazon didn't approve to become an Amazon Associate or grant access to the Product Advertising API, and I am no longer able to access my affiliate account, I don't know why but I know hands away from them, your videos brought me to become an Amazon affiliate but this was the worst decision ever and I am not the only one who experienced this….

  39. HELP. woozone is not allowing me to search anymore products and obtain affiliate links. I have only searched aroun 10. Has anyone encountered this error? Do i need to pay for more?


  40. Thank you very much 🙂 It is truly a great help.
    Btw, I am going to sign up for lazada affiliate program, and these are my questions,
    1) Does this website can be used for lazada affiliate program as well?
    2) What kind of plugin shall I use if I am using another affiliate programs?

    Thanks again!

  41. Hey so my product categories look good on the desktop. However when I click on a product category from a mobile device it just shows one item at at time and you have to scroll down forever. How do you optimize it? Any plugins? I can’t find any videos on YouTube for this problem.

  42. Amazon do not provide Access Code or Secret Key unless you already have a website that is sending sales to them before they can give you those access. In your video you showed us how to get those access code and key but a warning shows up explaining the reason. Any suggestions?

  43. Need Help! I was cleaning up my site, getting rid of a bunch of products to concentrate on the ones that have sold and afterwards this code appeared on the top of my site: (Warning: Illegal string offset 'woozone-debugbar-session-check' in /home2/charlesfra/ on line 343) and i cant figure out what to do to get rid of it. Please let me know if you have an idea of what needs to be done.
    – Charles

  44. I bought the WooZone licences for a previous website I no longer use. Can I use the same license for a new website if i delete it from the old website?

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  47. On amazon page and when I try to use the Wzone Direct Import I am receiving an error message stating that I did not add my website. Why?

  48. Great video, and thank you for sharing. I have one question. I have a life insurance website ( I am thinking about adding a page dedicated to sell, as an Amazon Affiliate, books, videos, etc., about life insurance, finance and related topics. The question is is it OK to use a page on my website for this, or should I create a new website for the purpose of selling the life insurance, etc., related books and videos?

  49. I have started a woozone amazon affiliate and my question is, should I put that I am an affiliate of amazon somewhere at the top of the site for all to see or should it just be at the bottom somewhere? Please respond. Thanks!

  50. I searched for a mentor I trust which is you I installed a plugin woocomerce affiliate first one crashed my site second one won't install get fatal error message AA support is terrible I need this plugin I cant to go any further to get my site running any suggestions?

  51. hi Alex your tutorials are very helpful Thanks a lot, let me ask you a question "can i use kingdom theme for multiple sites?"

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  53. Could you tell me please how much different is 11.0.04 compared to the version you are talking about which I think is 10.0. Thank You.

  54. Hi Alex, I'm going to build my website tonight from watching this and your updated video, can I ask how your boots boutique site is doing in terms of sales since this tutorial was uploaded? cheers mate

  55. Hey great video. I used all your affiliate links for hosting, theme and plug ins. Im stuck on API access keys. I contacted AMAZON and being that I am still in the approval stage I do not have ACCESS KEYS. Please help/

  56. DO NOT FOLLOW THIS SITE: This guy is a total fraud. He's only trying to sell you products. He is in violation of Amazon guidelines. Waste of time and money..

    From: Amazon Associates <[email protected]>

    Sent: Friday, April 2, 2019 4:13 AM


    Subject: Your Amazon Associates Application –


    We’ve now reviewed your application to the Associates Program. Unfortunately, it did not meet our program requirements. As a result, we have closed the account under which you had been temporarily approved.


    Your Site was found unsuitable per our program requirements found here: <Website> in that static prices were built-in to the website.

    What’s next?

    You will be paid for any outstanding fees accrued prior to this notice. You’re welcome to reapply once our program requirements are met.

    Thank you for your interest in the Associates Program.

  57. Can you change the “Add to cart” to “Buy from Amazon” with WOOZONE? And can WOOZONE also ensure you get sales from your non-home countries like you can with EASYAZON?

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