How to Make Birds Nest Craft Using Newspaper | DIY Birds Nest Home Décor Craft | Paper Nest

How to Make Birds Nest Craft Using Newspaper | DIY Birds Nest Home Décor Craft | Paper Nest

Welcome to Studio StylEnrich How to Make Birds Nest Craft DIY Home Decor Using Newspapers Things You Need… Adhesive, Newspaper, Pencil, Cutter, Scissors, Fevibond, Divider Tool & Brush, Plastic Bag, Cello Tape, Ruler. Dried Branches, Sandpaper, Plastic Ball, Wood finish Oil, Ceramic Powder, Colors. Artificial Flowers, Leaves and Grass, Artificial Birds & Eggs, Empty Plastic Bottle, Hair Dryer, Mount Board. Take an inflated plastic ball and place it inside a plastic bag. Seal the mouth of the bag using cello tape. Now, take a newspaper and fold it as shown. Cut the folded paper into small pieces. Take glue and add water to it to make a solution. Soak the paper pieces in this solution and apply it on the surface of the plastic bag as shown. Coat 8 or 9 layers of newspaper on the surface and let it dry completely. Now take a mount board and draw the circles as shown. Cut out the circles with the help of a cutter. Now draw the markings on the mount board as shown. Cut out 2 strips from the markings as shown. Take the first circle and paste the strip on the edges using fevibond which is an instant glue. Now take the other circle and paste it on the top of the connecting stripe. Now take the ball arrangement and deflate the ball to remove air. Take out the ball from inside the craft. Gently remove the plastic bag as well to which the newspaper pieces were pasted. Now again take the circular arrangement which is a base of our craft and draw a small circle on it. Cut out the circle using a cutter. Make some cuttings on the ball shaped paper as shown. Take ceramic powder in a container and add water to make a thick paste. Add glue to it. Now apply this solution on the newspaper design as shown. Let it dry completely and create a smooth surface using sandpaper. Take white color and paint the surface of the ceramic nest with it. Now take the circular base and paint it with different colors. Take some dried branches, cut and paste it on the sides of the circle as shown. Apply wood finish oil on the dried branches for extra sheen. Now paste the ceramic nest on the surface of the circular arrangement. Lets make some plastic leaves. So, take a plastic bottle and draw the leaf shape pattern as shown. Cut out the leaf shaped pattern from the bottle. We need four such leaf patterns of the same size. Use a hot air blow dryer to give the patterns a leaf like shape. Paste the artificial grass at the base of the nest. Now place some cotton inside the nest. Place some artificial eggs inside the nest. Stick artificial flowers at the sides of the nest. Place an artificial bird inside the nest and stick one at the top of the nest. Paste the plastic leaves on the sides of the nest as shown. Wow! what a beautiful Birds Nest for Home Decor. Try this craft and do share your valuable feedback with us. Thanks for watching and Happy Crafting!!

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