How To Make Money Blogging (and How I Made $30k Blogging Last Year)

How To Make Money Blogging (and How I Made $30k Blogging Last Year)

hey guys welcome back to my channel I
hope you’re having a wonderful day I’m so excited you’re here today
because today I am going to be talking about my most requested topic on my blog
and in person which is how do I make money blogging I’m not only going to
talk about how I make money blogging but also how other bloggers make money too
because not all streams of income online are treated equally there are so many
different ways that bloggers make money and I want to share with you how they do
it so let’s get started the first way that bloggers make money blogging is
through display advertising this is probably the easiest way for you to
understand how bloggers make money blogging whenever you go to a website if
you see any of those ads on the site bloggers make money from it so if you go
to right now you’ll see ads throughout some of the posts and
you’ll also see on mobile there’s a little ad in the footer of the screen so
I make money blogging that way the thing with making money this way is that it’s
all dependent on your traffic the more traffic you have on your site the more
money you’ll make blogging so I think that display advertising is very passive
and it’s a great way to make money blogging but it’s really hard to make a
consistent income blogging just on display advertising alone unless you
have millions of followers on your blog and millions of pageviews monthly so
usually bloggers use display advertising as one of the many ways to make money
blogging it’s a good way to diversify their income the next way that bloggers
make money blogging is through sponsored posts what this means is that a company
will work with a blogger to get them to promote their product or their service
on their blog or social media sites so you might see this with a review post
maybe the company sent a blog or something for them to review or maybe
the company is paying the blogger outright for a review of the product on
their blog or social post I think I’ve only done like one or
two of these in the last three years they’re just not my thing but I know a
lot of bloggers can make money this way the downside is that it’s not very
passive you have to constantly be building your relationships with brands
making sure you have your social media package you know ready to pitch to them
and it’s really more of a b to b type of way to monetize your blog which
means you’re a business working with other businesses b to b
versus b to c which is business to customer which would be like your blog to your
readers which is kind of what I prefer but a lot of bloggers make money through
sponsored posts I just don’t see it as the easiest or fastest way to grow your
blog and monetize over time the third way to make money blogging is through
affiliate marketing now this is where you can really make a lot of money
blogging I make about one to two thousand dollars maybe a little more
sometimes per month blogging from affiliate marketing so with affiliate
marketing the easiest example I have is if any of you follow fashion bloggers on
Instagram and a lot of times in their description or even on their blogs
they’ll have links to products that they’re promoting because it’s what
they’re wearing if you go and click on one of those products and buy it the
fashion bloggers will then and get a percent of the purchase and whatever
that percentage is is worked out between the blogger and the company so the more
that the blogger promotes that product and the more sales that the blogger
makes from that product the more money she’s going to get the best part about
affiliate marketing is that the earning potential is sort of unlimited I use
affiliate marketing a lot to promote different things on my blog like
blogging courses and how to learn how to blog for example making sense of
affiliate marketing is a great online course that I took that teaches you how
to learn affiliate marketing so that is by Michelle from making sense of cents
and I will link to her course below the with affiliate marketing you’ll also learn how
to sell which is really important for making money blogging long term if you
want to sell your own products starting with affiliate marketing is really the
way to go because you’ll learn how to sell you’ll learn about sales pages
you’ll learn about email marketing without going through the process of
potentially creating a product that no one wants to buy so affiliate marketing
is a really great place for bloggers to start making money and it’s one of my
favorite ways to make money blogging the next way that bloggers make money
blogging is through selling digital product on their site whether it’s
ebooks online courses or something else entirely you can actually sell things on
your website like in a store that’s oftentimes how people do it like they’ll
have an online store or link to ebooks or courses and that’s where they’re
selling their own digital products the amazing thing about digital products is
that there’s absolutely no shipping or handling of the physical product you
just set it up to a customer or reader buys your product through your website
and then you have a system in place where the website sends that digital
product to the customer and you have to do nothing on the back end so once
you’re promoting your product it’s really passive after that after you’ve
created it and are promoting it you don’t have to constantly do the shipping
and handling that comes with physical product this is one of the best ways to
make money online I dabbled in it a little bit when I started blogging but I didn’t
know anything about sales or marketing or you know affiliate marketing so I
shut down my store I’m going to actually get back into it I’m working on a
product right now but for right now I focus on the other ways to make money
so I can do a better job of selling digital products once I feel like my
blog is ready the nice thing about digital products versus affiliate
marketing is that you’re totally in control of the product you’re selling so
if you want to stop selling your eBook or stop selling your eCourse or change
the price or do whatever it’s yours you created it and no one can take that away
from you whereas affiliate marketing you’re totally dependent on the company
that created the product now you didn’t have to do any of the creation of the
product but if the company turns around and says okay well we’re not going to do
this affiliate program anymore and you were making a lot of money every
month from it you are going to be SOL if they shut that down I mean just in a day
I had it happen a big affiliate just decided to no longer offer the program
through affiliate marketing and that just wiped it out for me so there’s a
little bit more of a risk there but on the other hand you didn’t have to create
any of the product so you’re not out much another way that bloggers make
money blogging is through selling physical products just like digital
products you can have an online store or some other way like through Etsy or other
platform that you can create physical products and sell them now as you heard
me say about digital products how nice it is we don’t actually have to do
shipping and handling with physical products there’s so much that you have
to do you’re basically running an e-commerce store this is something that
you know it takes a lot of work and you need to know what you’re doing
I’ve never really sold products I dabbled in selling jewelry for a little
bit but it was a lot of work and not something that I felt like I could
monetize very easily and make money from long term so I just decided to nix that
I’m not against it in the future but I think again you should start with
affiliate marketing and then go into selling digital products and then physical
products I think that there’s a certain level that you have to reach to really
master sales and marketing and making money online before you get to the
selling product point I just took a course actually by create and go called
six figure blogger that talked a lot about how to create digital products
online they have digital products and physical
products they have ebooks online courses and
things they sell a probiotic on their health and wellness website but they
also run create and go where they teach bloggers how to monetize their blogs so
if you’re interested in learning how to make money blogging with digital
products I will link to that course below the course is something that I
think will truly be a game-changer for me and monetization of my blog which
right now is a top priority for me so if you’re interested in learning more I’ll
send you the links below those are the main ways that bloggers make money
blogging strictly from their blog it’s either display advertising sponsored
posts affiliate marketing digital products or physical products but you
can also make money online not necessarily through your blog but
through doing freelance work and a lot of times this is one thing with blogging
but I like to make the distinction that it is different it’s not something that
you’re working on on your blog with freelance writing you are writing for
other sites and getting paid for it you’re doing freelance work you can do
this as a virtual assistant as well I have posts about how to become a
freelance writer and a virtual assistant that I’ll link to in the show notes
below these are great ways to make money blogging especially in the very
beginning of your blogging journey I did it and I know tons of other bloggers who
do that I would just encourage you to be careful over time if you want to really
monetize your blog and really make that income passive and really find a way to
make a lot of money blogging freelance writing and VA work isn’t necessarily
the route that I would recommend because you are going to be paid specifically
for your services so it’s not passive at all as I said in the beginning I use
display advertising on my blog I use affiliate marketing on my blog and I
hope to use digital products to maybe physical products in the future to make
money blogging last year I made thirty thousand dollars blogging and this is a
gross number so this doesn’t include the taxes that I paid and the expenses that
I had but it’s a legitimate side business
and that’s how I’ve been able to take a 50% pay cut by quitting my job as an
attorney and still be able to pay down my student loan debt so blogging for me
has been a lifesaver and I highly recommend it if there’s something that
you’re passionate about and want a way to make money on the side I’ll link below
to my five day blogging bootcamp it’s a free email course that can get you
started with starting your own blog and I also have recommendations for I’ll
launch a blog course and six figure blogger if you already have a blog this is
probably the best place to start monetizing and then I have a blogging
quick start guide which is an ebook that you can download for free and all
of it will get you up and running with a blog and I think once you have sort of
mastered that and have your blog up and running then you can take time and focus
on how to make money blogging okay that’s about it for this video if you
have any questions please let me know I know a lot of people are confused and
sort of you know glaze over when I start talking about how people make money
blogging but you can actually do it so please don’t be discouraged and just put
forth the effort and keep learning about blogging and you’ll be there before you
know it thanks again for watching and I’ll see you next week bye bye

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  1. Physical Products is difficult. I did it for 2 years and I am so glad I decided to get out of it. It was a lot of work and the profit margins aren't as high.

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