How To Make Money Blogging In 2016?

How To Make Money Blogging In 2016?

John: Hey, John Sonmez from
I’ve gotten a few different questions around this topic. I figured I would address this
topic of how would I make money from my blog. I got an email basically asking is there ways
to make money such as selling ad space on the blog or should I put some content behind
a pay wall or even make a product, what are the different ways?
So I thought I would talk about how if you—if you’ve been following my blogging course
which—and it’s totally free so you should sign up right here. You can find the link
for it here. It’s a totally free blogging course delivered via email to you every week.
There’s a lot of people that have signed up. I think we’re at like 3000—more than
3000. Thousands of developers have signed up and started blogs now and I usually get
questions. One of the big questions that I’ve gotten but I haven’t actually really addressed
that much at this point is how to make money from the blog.
This is something you don’t have to worry about right away. Maybe we should start there,
right? When you’re starting out with your blog you’re not going to make money from
it. Let’s just be honest, right? It takes time. You have to build up an audience and
a following and a lot of my strategy around building a business of any kind is about building
an audience first. The bigger the audience that you build the more likely that you’re
going to be able to make money from that audience. A lot of people they have it backwards and
they try to build a product or build a blog or whatever and try to make money and they
think that that’s going to work. You usually have to build an audience first. That’s
the best way to be as successful as possible. What you shouldn’t do if you’re trying
to make money from your blog is to put it up and then think you’re going to make money
right away because that’s not going to happen. You’re not going to sell ads. Even if you
sold ads on there you have 5 people come into your blog. Click rates on ads are like 1 out
of 1000 maybe, maybe 1 out of 2000 and you’re getting paid like maybe a dollar a click.
You’re not going to make money, trust me. So there’s a few different ways and I’ll
talk about how Simple Programmer makes money. That’s probably a good example. When I first
started out especially advertising was the way I made money on the blog and I didn’t
make a lot of it. What you can do is you can put up some ads, some banner ads. I suggest
that you have a good enough readership before you do this because one, ads do kind of detract
from the blog and it’s going to make it so less people are likely to subscribe and
continue going to your blog. Two, you’re just not going to make much money.
Until you’re able to make at least 100 bucks or so from ads I wouldn’t put that there
but that’s a source. In Simple Programmer right now what we do is we sell ad packages.
We sell advertising at the bigger dollar, several thousand dollars a month to companies,
not just banner ads that get from AdWords and stuff like that. You can make some serious
revenue once you get big enough. The other way that Simple Programmer makes
money is through affiliate links. If you go through blog posts on Simple Programmer you
will find Amazon affiliate links in there, you’ll find affiliate links for different
products in there and that generates some revenue. You can do that with your blog. When
you write a blog post, if you mention a book, you mention a product, put an affiliate link
there and you make a few percent of the sale price of that. That can actually add up over
time especially if you have a lot of blog posts.
Another way is to build products. As you probably know I’ve got a couple of products. I’ve
got my How To Market Yourself As A Software Developer Course, I’ve got my 10 Steps To
Learn Anything Quickly Course, I’ve even got my Soft Skills Book. All of those things
generate money for me from that blog, so from that audience and I’m able to advertise
through there. I also have an email list that I’ve built up that I do a lot of sales or
I do my advertising through. The—I’m trying to think if there’s another way.
I think that’s really the main ways. Another thing that you could possibly do is I’ve
seen a lot of blogs where they have premium content where you pay a monthly fee to access
that premium content. The only trouble of that is that you’ve got to keep on producing
that premium content but you get people paying maybe $10 or $20 a month to access that content
especially if it’s really good. That’s really, really the big ways to make
money from a blog, but again, none of this is really going to matter until you reach
a certain size. Until you reach a certain size of audience you’re not really going
to be able to make a lot of money so you shouldn’t expect too. Blogs also have a lot of indirect
ways of making money which is obviously building a reputation and name for yourself is one
of the big things that can help you get a better job, can help you to get clients, right?
That’s another major thing. IT can help you to get speaking gigs or other types of
engagements where you can get paid indirectly. I hope that you find this useful. There’s
a lot more. I’ll probably do a whole course. Let me know. In fact, leave a comment below
if you’d like to see me do an advance blogging course where I talk about how to build an
email list, how to really build a business around the block because I took Simple Programmer
from—I mean at one point I was making 100 bucks a month to now Simple Programmer does
well like more than 6 figures a year of income from the blog itself. It’s not easy to do
but I can give you my steps. Leave a comment below if you’re interested in having that
kind of a course and if you have questions for me about blogging or anything like that
you can email me at [email protected] I will talk to you next time. Take care.

42 thoughts on “How To Make Money Blogging In 2016?

  1. Yea, Im definitely interested in starting a blog. Well, Ive already started it & got it setup. The only thing holding me back is actually producing the content. Im new to programming, just decided about a month ago that I want to make this career change.

  2. Hey John, nice video. I have a question. What is the size of the audience do you think that is needed to be able to make a decent money from a blog?

  3. I followed through your blogging email course, It was very helpful and has played a big part in inspiring me to get my own blog started.
    If you produced a second more advanced blogging course, I would definitely be interested in taking it. Maybe you could detail how to set up an RSS feed, build an email list, or add social media logins for users to post comments?

  4. In the video you asked if there is a need for an advanced blogging course. I think it is important for programmers to program their own blog. When you see a programmer's blog using something like WordPress or some pre-made online blogging site, that is a red flag that the programmer is a noob and a try-hard wannabe. A programmer should make the blog from scratch with something like PHP or Sinatra framework, or at least a blog library like Jekyll. There are web frameworks in pretty much every commonly used programming language, so the blog should be made in whatever the main language that programmer uses.

  5. I would love a how too of how you get stuff started. I have just started a blog like 2 days ago but I am still on the setup phase and have not really gotten started. I have checked out a few vids to get started but the more information the better. Maybe tips on how to generate more articles. Maybe other places to post your stuff to not seem spamy. I really like your site and am getting into it a bit. Thank you so much for your stuff!

  6. Thank you for this. I'm looking into getting a creative writing blog going. This was easy to follow and encouraging, so I subscribed. I'll have to be saving up for your books. Being a long-time fan of Batman comics and films, I have to admit I'm curious about the "Batman technique".

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  8. My friends making $500-$700 per months, i am beginner for blogging, i want to earn some money. How should i start? Please comment me.

  9. I've been consuming your videos as fast as you post them! Thanks for all of the quality content! The free blogging course you have is great as well. I'm still working through it and liking the challenges presented.

  10. That was motivating! I would like to hear more about blogging. I just put my blog out. I need to build my audience. Any tips? Thank you!

  11. When I first started blogging I began with some pretty advance stuff, but I didn't know how to leverage email marketing etc. It's actually a lot easier than newbies think. Not every blogger will write about the same things so to make money you could create information products from the things that you know.

  12. Thank you so much for being one of the only ones real enough to say, "You're not going to make money right away. You have to get traffic and build up your audience first." Almost all the others make it seem like if I start my blog today I'll be making $1500 a month next month.

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  14. Great video, I'm definitely going to use some of the tips covered here. Make sure to check out my blog and let me know what you think! Thanks.

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