How to Make Money From YouTube – Earning Money on YouTube – These are My Numbers

How to Make Money From YouTube – Earning Money on YouTube – These are My Numbers

Oh what up YouTube my name is Jack Truong
and in today’s video I’m gonna show you how to make money from YouTube so let’s
get right into the video I just want to say thank you so much
that we hit 12,000 subscribers on the channel already do you appreciate it if
you guys would like to join the Jerome family all you do hit subscribe turn on
a post on a vacation and hopefully you comment on my next upcoming video thank
you very much all right so um I don’t really I started
you two about two years ago and uh I just want to grow my channel trying to
make money on YouTube for two years I gained about 2,000 won her subscribers
oh it’s 2400 subscribers then I just stopped uploading for about eight months
or so and I came back this February of this year 2019 and uh then most of my
money from you – is making this journal a live stream without us getting some
donations but uh unless you’re like a really big youtuber those donations are
really small so in my opinion most of people when they’re trying to make money
on YouTube is either there’s trying to be more ways but if
you’re just starting out by their main source of income on YouTube is probably
YouTube Adsense and I feel like you could make it as a full-time if you know
what you’re doing but right now I’m just starting out like I said I’m gonna show
you guys my analytics and uh how much I made in February until now all right I’m
not making a lot to be honest but uh it’s a slowly growing all right so I’m
just gonna what my analytics right now is show you guys the page all right we
are in Miami analytics I believe yeah all right this is my an Aloha shirt now
I’ll make right now about three hundred sixty five dollars for from the blasts
what 28 days yeah all right for this month I made three hundred thirty-five
dollars and 35 cents all right this is PI the highest I’ve ever been that’s
crazy to me but I feel like I’m slowly getting there but it’s taking a little
longer but I just want to be transparent you guys like you guys know how much I
make Oh already care cuz I I’m like being
honest with you guys the more you guys know the mark you guys enjoyed the
content so just me being honest with you guys
so like in February this me showing you guys how much I make this is my monthly
estimate revenue for the last six months I started my art before February I was
making like 79 cent a dollar that’s what not stopped uploading to be honest so
like I don’t up for some magic reason on February in like it was my first video
that made like over 3,000 views right as I oh shoot this is like amazing
I’ll show you guys that video later and how much that video make but then for me
I was like wow Isaiah I never get that much views before because like one
before that it wasn’t a video but with a live stream and I made like about like 3,200 views
it wasn’t like much money because it was a live string but under net the liar you
see March March of 2019 I made $65 you know this is slowly growing you know a
pro 140 than later made a 186 I’m a hundred eighty six then June is 294 then
July was 284 I wasn’t uploading that much I don’t understand why they later
August this month despite the highest ever made so far on YouTube and us like
all that total I made run $1,300 all right so like for me I feel like if you
can do your content research you can rank on YouTube so like I’ll give an
example like let’s show you guys how much I made on my top top video all
right but uh I tell you guys why like how like why you got so much means I
understand it now but like I’m still learning instead of process like all
right my top top my most popular video is 240 mm 193 alright that’s pretty
freakin cool to me alright my channel is stopped just past 1000
subscribers and um and that’s my best video right I guess how much I made for
two hundred forty two thousand one hundred nineteen thirty all right for me
maybe I thought would get like a $1 per thousand views so like I’m making about
two hundred and forty two dollars nah I didn’t get that
alright it’s a eight minute 52 second video I made dun dun dun dun
alright I made a a Walkman whoppin on the same
as one hundred and seventy nine dollars and forty three cents
alright uh based on this YouTube pays you on your CPM all right and I’ll show
you my CPM shows a very so I don’t know I don’t understand CPM buts this based
on that a lot of things but it’s basically the amount of people that
watch your content the CPM is based on how much advertiser willing to pay you
per thousand views for per thousand monetized meters so like you know
there’s some videos you clicked on there’s no ads or anything but like
whatever you click on a when it whenever it shows an ad and you watch it or
whatever where that right that converts into money and right now it’s very East
from like five dollars four dollars six dollars and whatever right so it varies
and that’s all know what’s the averages you guys I looked it up but this is for
this video I think each content is different CPM owner shit yet if I ever
figure that out let you know but uh alright
I think for me yeah why I gotta so basically added at 200 whatever thousand
bees I got great ninety six point eight thousand that was and I showed up from
ninety six point eight thousand monetize views I made one hundred and seventy
nine dollars and forty three cents so that’s like I know they just show you
the average right thing but there’s dip there’s there’s days where advertisers
look look at March 28 it’s for zero dollars that’s crazy
so like whatever reviews you get that day morning it let me check on that but
for March 28 I don’t never mind for whatever beers I get that day I did
not get paid unless since it’s messed up somehow but this is what this is a CPM
and this is what that every time is ruined okay
and it’s interesting though like most of my content or like I’m trying to diverse
my content and all that but let’s check my second video
all right 123 thousand dollars for my second most popular reveal
123,000 475 and let’s click on that we get a thing how much it makes I’m hoping
it makes about $100 but based on the 242 I’m hoping to make at least $50 right
what you guys want to guess I’m a I wanna show you guys to content so I make
sense all right I mean oh wow oh wow alright so I made
$117 half the booze that’s crazy alright CPM it’s about the same that’s
going up and down this one gets 62.1 monetize me yeah so like basically if you want to
get higher pain you want this CPM higher the way you do that I don’t know all
right I’m trying to figure that out and I do not know but I’ll show you what up
I think why I’m getting so much views on these two video all right let me go back
to the details right this is videos call how to create custom
matching fortnight right well point just show you two examples alright alright so
if you download a vinik you chrome extension right this would work on
google chrome and you can also I have a download a special link if you want to
use it in the description you can use that alright for me I used vid IQ for to
understand what’s the ranking up I’m in alright you see all these numbers right
here alright so vid IQ is more accurate with the ranking system so like right
now I’m ranking for how to create a custom mention fortnight how to create
custom match fortnight how to create custom end games in fortnight so I all
these combined admit I get an X amount of views a day because I usually if you
type in a Content what you do usually click on whatever content on the first page right
some people barely go to the second page right so if you can rank your videos on
the first page that’d be easier for you to get more views in my opinion alright
so like this video ranking 1:8 it gave you an estimate number just showing you
how much abuse again it makes it with the vid IQ keyword volume the higher
that number the more people searching that phrase alright and the competition
score is 53 and the lower this is what this is the magic phrase when you want
to do you want you want high keyword volume so the higher number the better
but it also vid IQ competition score you want it lower all right yeah still
trying to understand that what’s the magic number and all that but uh I was
taking my competition of us not now but now I understand of it
it’s unless you know how likely you can rank for this video I didn’t know any of
that back then but uh glad I do it now I’m still learning if I have any other
ideas I will share it with you guys but uh that’s I got lucky with these videos
site I think the only thing I might want to change is maybe change thumbnails
update the thumbnail something for some because I is if I show you guys my
analytics I show you guys that engagement right if I scroll it’s an
engagement reach my men should reach so right now if this video has a depression
of nine hundred seven thousand and only ten percent actually click on my video
ten point five percent if I can make it thumbnail where people will click more
this will probably get more views but right now all I understand a bit yeah I
like this though it shows you what’s your top YouTube search and they show
you from where’s Google search bings what’s that Facebook Instagram that’s
crazy I barely Primeau on Instagram then uh that’s if you can manage to rank your
videos on the first page of YouTube for like certain keywords then you have a
higher chance of being clicked on all right if you’re a small channel I’m a
small channel but you know there’s people smaller channels in that right
like the chance of you like someone click on your beauty unless they know
you this really low so like for me all will make content based on their search
ability so like uh-huh I’ll give an example let’s ask it
on YouTube how to make eggs all right I was looking that earlier kids mad hungry
and I look up Gordon Ramsay how to make eggs to see how to make egg scramble all
right is click on that and Viet Kieu I use via that cute and to buddy alright
so based on Fitbit IQ search volume no one’s barely click on this specific
phrase alright and on keyword alright so right now I’m trying to understand the
search volume because two buddy I also have it in the description if you want
to download to buddy for free alright just a free version it’s also a paid
version if you want to get 10% off use my code
JT yep in to money but um I’m trying to understand the search volume versus the
competition right right now that means search volume this one I know it’s like
if when you looking for keywords you don’t want to look for that red you
always try to go for a Lisa green or just based on this like you always try
to aim for like 50 ER or at least on 50 right but if you have the pay tube buddy
it will show you like how likely you can rank for this video if you have based on
your channel but uh I’m not sure this search volumes
accurate it’s the same 1 million six volume a month that’s crazy
but on here on Varick ela said with search volume zero and it was really
hard competition but I was like look at Polly’s I don’t know I’ll do it based on
like how old this video is like this video had 13,000 subscribers get that’s
about six years old some five years old eight years old one year old and so on
like seven there’s no no reason the old that the newest video sank one year ago
so like I feel like you can write for it if you Galen exit Matthews that’s my
opinion right but um chance cuz like YouTube filters
on most relevant so like if you have newer content based on this you might be
able to reap for it but huh I don’t know I’m still working on tanks I can’t
really explain it so on right now but like like I said if you can write on the
first page you can make some money from you to buy with Google Adsense right
another thing if people can do it instead of Google house cent is uh
affiliate marketing it’s like when you promote video on Amazon associate on on
him azhagiya this car Amazon Associates where you’re like you get your own link
and you promote e product not sure on that or another option you make money
from YouTube is so your merch online I think that’s the three main thing is
Adsense sell your March Amazon Associates what else I think how could you make
money from me too I mean I think Adsense the most one like if he can rank your
videos on the first page your have a higher chance of getting more views all
right I just find pinyin hope you guys enjoyed
this video if you do please drop a like cuz I really appreciate that
I didn’t Wow top 16 minutes but I hope you guys find this video and from the
formative alright guys got any question or any type of videos you guys want me
to make let me know right now I’m making how to videos how to make money in
gaming content alright cuz I don’t want strict myself to making one type of
content alright I don’t want to be restricted on my content because I want
enjoy what I make alright if you guys don’t like that
alright I’m sorry go look for someone else you guys do thank you for your
support and I see you guys in the next video take care peace out

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