How to make newspaper basket with handle

How to make newspaper basket with handle

To make this basket you need: paper tubes, paintbrush, a knitting needle, pins, ribbon, thin cardboard, glue, thread, scissors and a container to give shape. Here I have two types of tubes. These are made by dividing newspaper in 4
parts and these tubes are made by dividing A4 printer paper in 4 parts. We will use these tubes made from printer paper for poles and handle. Using a thin needle roll paper strips to make tubes. Paint them to get colored tubes. Take 4 groups of 3 tubes each. Place 2 groups to make a plus. Place other 2 groups on top to make a cross. Bend a tube in half and weave using the rope technique. Bring the lower tube up and take the upper tube below. Lower comes up and upper goes down. After completing one round seperate one tube from each group. Fold a tube and insert inside. Again complete one round. Now, seperate the tubes and continue weaving. Separate the tubes evenly. The base of our basket fits the container. Now we will make the sides. We were weaving clockwise, but for sides it is easier to weave anti-clockwise. So, turn around the base and weave anti-clockwise. Bend the tubes upward and weave two rows. The basket has started to curve. Place it on the container. Hold at the centre and weave along the surface. Change the working tubes to green. Place the container. Put some weight in it and continue weaving. Add a drop of glue and insert another tube. Place the container and continue weaving. After completing one row, change one tube to yellow. Complete another row and change the other tube to yellow. After one row change one tube to green. Complete one row, change the other tube to green and weave another row. Cut extra length, make space and insert the tubes inside. Apply glue and hide the tube. Place something below the container to increase it’s height. Cut 1 inch strips from a thin cardboard. Weave in the technique of basic weaving. Weave above this using the rope technique to make a similar pattern. After three rows, attach a yellow tube to the right of every pole. Change both tubes to yellow and continue weaving. Make space and insert the tubes inside. Apply glue and cut extra length. Bend the tubes from behind the second pole. Leave one, behind the next. Leave one, behind the next and so on. Take the green tube, leave two poles and bend behind the third pole. One, two and behind the third. Leave one and insert in the second loop. Bend the yellow tubes and insert below the next tube. Apply glue at every tube. Cut extra length. And hide the tubes using a needle. Now we will make the handle. Take three green tubes and join them to make a long tube. Add a drop of glue and insert the tube. Make 6 such tubes. Insert the tubes 2 rows below the edge. Insert the other three between the next poles. Bend the tubes around the edge. Apply glue. Use pins to hold the tubes. Bend the tubes and insert at the opposite end. Bring three tubes in front and three tubes back. Use a thread to give shape to the handle. Take a yellow tube, insert here and wrap around the tubes. Attach two yellow tubes on both sides. Insert it below one tube. Now we start weaving the handle. Cross two tubes on top and cross the other two below. Take the tube below, bring it above this, then take below and bend to the other side. Similarly do on right side. Above this, then below and bend to the left. Now cross the other tubes on top. Continue weaving with this pattern. Take a yellow tube, insert here and wrap around the tubes. Make space and insert here. Carefully remove the thread. Also remove the cardboard. Mix glue and water in 1:1 ratio. Cover entire basket with this mixture. After it dries, weave a ribbon using basic weave.

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  1. What a gorgeous basket! I love how thorough your instructions are, but you talk and move so fast. I think this is why so many people seem to have a hard time following the instructions. If they changed the video speed to .75 or even .5 they might find it easier to follow. I know I did. Thanks for this, I'm actually going to give it a try – maybe in purple and magenta – as soon as I get enough tubes made. 😉

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