How to make `Newspaper Napkin Holder`- DIY – Cómo hacer un servilletero de papel.

How to make `Newspaper Napkin Holder`-  DIY – Cómo hacer un servilletero de papel.

Namaste friends, welcome back to
Sangeeta`s Kreations. If your new here please make sure to subscribe my channel
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to teach you how to make a newspaper tissue holder, for this you will be
needing….. let’s start…. fold the newspaper into three folds, press them and with a
cutter cut into sections, place the barbecue stick on a corner adge and then
roll with your fingers at the end apply a small amount of glue and roll it twist
it and take it out the stick press down bit of the tube and start rolling this
way take out the stick and continue rolling and at the end apply glue and
paste it and attach cloth pin make five more, take another stick and any object
to roll over I used nail polish roll it this way and apply a small amount of
glue and continue rolling at the end apply glue paste it and very slowly remove it make more repeat again the same way but here you have to press and give a
shape this way make few more don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t now
you have two sets of these apply glue to all of them take a newspaper to measure
the distance and fold it this way repeat it at the end paste it with glue you can
paint before pasting or after pasting and you can create your design as per to
your imaginations glue them with hot glue one by one in my next video coming
up with my special video on Eid mubarak so don’t forget to watch and hit the
subscribe button if you haven’t subscribed with hot glue pasted as shown a beautiful tissue holder is ready hope
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12 thoughts on “How to make `Newspaper Napkin Holder`- DIY – Cómo hacer un servilletero de papel.

  1. Well done video, Sangeeta, and a great project! You were easy to follow, thank you so much for sharing how to do.

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