How to Make Party Hats : How to Make a Newspaper Hat

How to Make Party Hats : How to Make a Newspaper Hat

Hi, this is Ginny with Simply Beautiful Crafts
on behalf of Expert Village and we’re going to make party hats. There are so many fun
and different hats you can make out just a newspaper and some masking tape and things
to demonstrate. What you really want to have is someone’s head but if you don’t’ have
someone’s head a bowl or a container will do. You want to start out with two or three
pieces of paper, newspaper that are all the way two sides and then angle them a little
bit so that you have newspaper that goes all the way around. There’s certain newspaper,
certain hats that you don’t want to angle them so much, the baseball cap and the cowboy
hat you might not want to have quite as angled. But for the rest want to keep it in the middle
to have them angled around. This will give you more paper to work with. You going to
take this newspaper and put it over hopefully the person’s head but barring that over your
bowl and just smooth is down all the way around. Once you’ve got it down to the best of your
ability you’re going to take some masking tape and get it started and then hold it down
and go around with the tape until you’ve all the way gone around at least once. Once you’re
back to your starting point you’re going to want to go around at least one more time.
Make sure you have a good solid base for your hat. Now of course when you’re using the
person that the hat is going to be made for it will be a perfect fit for them. And once
you’re all away around it doesn’t really matter what your tape looks like because you’re
going to cover more than likely anyway. Once you’ve done that you have a base for your
hat. It can either have a deep crown or a shallow crown depending on where you put the
tape. If you’re doing it on someone’s head and you have the newspaper down over their
head, if you want a shallow base to your head you’re going to put the tape about up here.
Right around from the back of your head around to the forehead, but if you want a deeper
base you’ll start lower on the head and come up just above the ears and across the forehead.
If you want to use something like this you will also give you a deeper bowl for your
hat. Once you have your base made you’re on your way. We’re going to make a lot of
different newspaper hats.

8 thoughts on “How to Make Party Hats : How to Make a Newspaper Hat

  1. I want to thank you for your instructions. They are so clear and I will be making these with children at an Art's Festival at school. we are decorating them with paper flowers for the girls and for the boys we are making the baseball hats and the Pirate hats! Thank you thank you! I feel so bad with the rude comments given you before mine! It's amazing how they hide behind a "code name" and this is NOT useless! Great way to recycle! Thanks

  2. You were a hit at the Arts Festival and at Camp! With a pair of fourblade scissors (a present from my dad) we fringed the edges and made very funky looking "Lady hats!" the baseball caps were a hit with the girls and we even made the Pirate Hats also! Thank you ,Thank you! You made me look like the expert. ExpertVillage has a jewel in you!
    p.s. Mr ZydrateAddict; you as well are an inspiration!

  3. HI.I am currently making a hat for school-teacher's day.Thank you and i detest those stupid comments in the front saying that it is useless.If it is useless,then don't come to this website la!

  4. This is a good idea for art lesson. My student and I really enjoy making unique hat. Thank you….

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