How to make Santa Claus with newspaper – Sangeetas Kreations

How to make Santa Claus with newspaper – Sangeetas Kreations

In this video you will be learning make How to make newspaper Santa Claus Its very easy and simple. Namaste friend Welcome back to Sangeeta´s Kreations. If you´re new here make sure to subscribe my channel for latest updates and hit the bell button for notifications. Give this video a big thumbs up. So lets get started For this you will need Take a few newspaper tubes, if you want to know how to make this tube and how to color them please click the link in the description below Take 2 red tubes and insert wire in both the tubes like this and fold it in the center like this take another tube and apply glue and fix it in the center and hold it with cloth pin, now we´re ready to weave. Bend the tube downwards like this towards left take it back and bring it in the center top of the right tube. now again bend it backward and bring it in the front. bend it behind the left tube and bring the tube in the front keep on repeating in the same manner now here take new tube and apply little glue and join it and start weaving keep on adjusting and make sure that angle is not narrowed keep on repeating you have to adjust in between in the same manner keep on repeating ya, adjust it push little back yes, this way now again attach a new tube In my next video you will learn how to make newspaper Christmas Tree. Don´t forget to watch subscribe if you haven´t ? keep on repeating in the same manner and in between you have to adjust now here apply glue and attach another tube and start weaving in the same manner keep on adjusting if you want to learn how to make tubes or how to color them before weaving just check my videos the link is in the description below and I have mentioned how to soften the tubes in my coming video you will also learn how to make newspaper star combine all these 3 crafts and you and decorate as you want dear friends, if you haven’t subscribed my channel yet please click the subscribed button for latest updates now here apply glue at the end and press it this way and attach cloth pin same way bend the tube insert this way now to make fur edge take white tube and cover it this way all around turn it around this way here apply glue paste it and attach cloth pin to secure to make hand take red tube fold it into half insert in between the braid like this and twist the tube adjust and twisted this way same size cut the extra and apply glue and paste it, here if you want you can apply hot glue also attach cloth pin to secure take another white tube apply glue and paste it like this turn it around all over in between apply glue to secure cut the tube apply glue paste it and attach cloth pin to secure same way you have to do it here now for making beard, mustache, nose take whit tube and cut them into pieces and paste them as shown now place the googly eyes your newspaper Santa Claus is complete Isn´t beautiful, you can decorate anywhere or hang it on Christmas tree Hope this video was very helpful and if you make 1 share it with me on Instagram, Facebook or twitter dont forget to like, share this video with your friends and family, thank-you for watching, see you soon till than Namaste !!!!

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