How to MAKE time for blogging no matter what – Part 1

How to MAKE time for blogging no matter what – Part 1

I don’t have time to blog or I’m too
busy to blog consistently this is something that I hear too often
well blogging is a tedious job no matter what reason you blog for blogging is
time-consuming unless you have the dedication and willpower to pursue
blogging you are most likely to lose motivation and quit blogging is not just
about publishing blog posts let’s see what are all the possible tasks that are
consolidated in the single word blogging Content creation this comes as a major
task of course keyword research this should come prior to content creation
blog promotion blog maintenance networking blog commenting social media
marketing planning running and conducting guest blogging campaigns
periodically performing link and content audits keeping tabs with the SEO changes
in your industry and keeping tabs with the latest content created in your
industry this list is not exhaustive I know for sure that I’ve missed a few
items in this list and this list is different for different people depending
upon their blogging strategy and goals for instance if you’re blogging for your
own company then you might have a few extra items in this list so from my
personal experience I can say that blogging can become overwhelming it can
easily lead to burnout if you don’t have control on how you perform various tasks
involved with blogging while this is totally understandable it is
important to realize that you can actually stretch your time or make time
for blogging well I’m not gonna teach any science on time travel here we are
all given only 24 hours a day now before you say I don’t have time you
have to think about ways to make the most of what is already given to you now
enough with my philosophy let’s dive right in to the practical tips to help
you make time for blogging no matter how busy you are
tip number one is batch processing I add this as the number one tip because this
is my top tip this one tip has helped me save hours of my time in my blogging
routine batch processing is due something in batches so you complete a
big chunk of work for now and for the future for instance you can batch
process writing blog posts doing keyword research doing SEO audit and scheduling
those social media posts why is batch processing a huge
time-saver it is because you don’t have to switch back and forth between
processes and waste your precious time when you switch back and forth between
tasks you waste a lot of time in detaching yourself from the previous
task and getting engaged to the new task your brain gets tired soon if you do
this a lot talk about over battle and burnout with batch processing you don’t
switch back and forth between different kinds of tasks you deal with one big
chunk of tasks at the given point of time and then you have stock of work of
results for a week or a month you can use that time throughout the week for
other kind of tasks tip number two is a question do you watch TV if you have
time to watch TV you have time for anything watching TV is a total waste of
time feel free to disagree with me watching TV does no good to you as a
blogger you will be already spending a lot of time a screen time in front of
your laptop or computer and then if you watch TV in your leisure time to relax
let me tell you you are not relaxing you are doing bad to your total health you
could give your eyes a break and you could give you back some rest you could
grab a book instead you could refresh your brain or you could take a walk
outside your eyes your back your mind and your whole body will thank you if
you get some fresh air by just going out or you could play with your kids play
with your pets to gardening as you can see I can give you a lot of options
please note that I am NOT asking you to continue to work and make time for
blogging when you really feel like you want to take a break and that leads to
my next step actually but before going to the next step here’s what I’ve got to
say if you have time to watch TV you already have the time to blog tip number
three is to take in a productive breaks I can say this from my own experience
whenever I am tired and if I force myself to work I won’t be
productive if you force yourself to work when you are tired you will simply waste
your time on unproductive tasks and this is dangerous because it will create an
illusion that you have worked hard throughout the day but at the end of the
day you would have actually accomplished nothing I used to be a victim of this
illusion it is dangerous because it can create a serious toll on your physical
and mental health it can also lead to depression take enough breaks be it a
final break every 25 minutes or the hawala break or the weekend outings or
eat outs yearly vacations productive naps other
little activities like gardening playing with kids playing with pets whatever
suits you even if you do all of it just give yourself enough breaks so your
brain and body can recharge and be productive tip number 4 is to spend time
to analyze the time spent use a time tracking software you could identify a
lot of time wasting activities and optimize your time usage by analyzing
the time you spend use a time tracking software like rescue time or time doctor
to help you with us these software’s silently tracks what you are doing while
you’re online and offline from the reports you can identify what webpages
you visit what apps you use often and where your time actually goes tip number
five is to make use of the few minutes you get many times you would get about
five or ten minutes between tasks you could think what you can possibly
achieve in those five or ten minutes so you let that time slip through that is a
big mistake there are various blogging tasks that
can be done in five or ten minutes for instance you can reply to one or two
comments in your blog you can answer a yes/no email you could update the
software you can accept that friend request or you can share your old blog
post in any of the social media platforms that you prefer the list can
go on next time you get five or ten minutes in between tasks that you think
is of no use think again so I have shared five practical working tips from
my own experience that he can use to make time for blogging I’ll share five
more tips in an upcoming video so stay tuned
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from Jane

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  1. Awesome Jane. This is the problem with most beginners that they don't realize that there are so many things to do in blogging besides writing. Time management is crucial and if someone can make small targets and plan accordingly, then blogging will go smoothly. Keep uploading more such useful videos.

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