How to make window envelope pockets | Junk Journal ideas

How to make window envelope pockets | Junk Journal ideas

in today’s video you’re going to learn
“How to make Window Envelope Pockets” so that would make it a double pocket, I’m
Donna and I have these envelopes that I want to show off because it’s got the
old postcode on the front here. I designed the envelope pocket after making this
single tag style one using up the old junk mail envelopes to make the double
pocket you’ll need two envelopes this one will use the whole envelope with the
postcode on the front and this one with the window will recycle the window part
of it now I really like the idea that you can see the postcode through the
window or you can pop a tag in it if you prefer so okay let’s make this one up now I decided to go ahead and
tea-stained one of the plain white envelopes and what I’d done is I made a
very quick video to show you how you can tea stain an envelope or a sheet of paper
that you need on the fly I needed this envelope tea-stained a
real quick I needed to use it right now and I didn’t have any done so go on head
on over and check out my the video I just made right now how to t stain on
the fly and we can get this made now because I just thought it wouldn’t be
the same if I made it in white it just would not have look at that
it would not have looked as good okay so the first thing we need to do is
turn this envelope into a pocket we need to make the back a bit longer than the
front here so we’ll just put a mark say just for instance we’ll use this here
just as a guide now with a sharp knife I’m just gonna take off a very small
slither off the side here and that will open that envelope up there the same on
this side a very very small slither off the side it’s gonna make hardly any
difference to the envelope at all then the same at the top here because I need
that to open up so they can turn an inch or pocket there I’ve got a pocket but
I’m going to shorten this this front piece here but I’m gonna shorten it by
tucking it to the inside but before I do that I’m going to fold it but I’m going
to fold it this way first just to give it some a guide so that when I fold it
back to the inside that it knows where to go so I’m just gonna fold that over
that way but I’m now gonna fold it back inside but before I do that I’m going to
put a little bit of color on the ends just in case they’re seen for any reason and I’ll get rid of my pencil marks as
well okay throw a little bit of glue here because we’re gonna send this fold to
the inside you might end up with a little bit of glue on yourself here but
you can’t help it so once it knows where to go
it’ll just follow it’s that line across and there because we’ve already made
that crease there okay so we’ve got the start of our pocket now this part here
all this is is a mat on top so we’re going to glue a mat on top of that but
the mat will have this clear pocket in it so you just pick the paper that you
want to use what we might use is this one we use this purple so we’ll trace
around and what it’s only going to the top here and it will end up being a
little bit shorter than the top so it only needs to be to that shape there cut
that out and I’m going to trim it down like I did
before a little bit narrower so that I’ve got that little bit of border
around the edge okay this way so you can see so there’s my cut there’s my draw
line of the envelope but I’m going to come back in a little bit so we still need to trim it down some
more gonna trim it down there because of that little ugly doggie from being
packed away so I know I can cut off that much because I’m going to cut off enough
for the left side and the right side there and there and when I distress ink
this it will grunge this up a bit more and look a whole lot better so there you
go got a little border around the edge de-stress your in below just put your
fingers in there don’t pull in here because that will rip if you put too
much stress on those corners that’s it there do the same on this and just come in a little bit more if
this was too bright like I said you can grunge it up the Purple’s a bit bright
give it a bit more character so now I’ve what I’ve done is I’ve put a piece of
tape under this matte board here so that this that’s only the size of the pocket
there is no pocket there there is there inside the envelope is a whole pocket
but this front piece is only a small skinny spot for a pocket and that is
what gives it that nice look it just looks asymmetrical so we need a window
so what we could do is very easily use this here so we want that to show like
it does there so we work out where that would go say round about there I’ll pop it here. it’s just estimated everything
is estimated, handmade is always gonna vary it’ll never work out the same so
I’m just going to trace around that so I’m going to now cut this out and I will
cut it out I’m going to cut before the corners turn it around and work whatever
way your hand cuts best and before the, stop before the corners it just
gives me more control for when I’m ready going to in to cut the corners because I
don’t want to cut too far too close to the corners because you’ll then get a a
weird corner so you can see there I’ve only cut the ends and not the corners
just yet you can use your craft knife to cut the corners but I’ve got a swivel
craft knife or swivel knife and I’m just going to swivel around and
cut the corners just by hand following that all that pencil line starting with
the straight line coming around and meeting back to this straight line there
same here just take your time because this is you know a feature so
you want to take your time and you want it to look straight rub out I’m gonna
color like coming up to the inside and just come around color it the best you
can you only want a little bit to get rid of that white side the white edges
and that’s good enough for the bush okay so that is pretty much in a good enough
spot to show that area there so now we need a window for it so that there
should fit perfectly you see when I cut that out that is the same size as that
pretty much except for when I well it was when I traced it and then I’ll cut
it out smaller right so because I cut it out smaller I know when I cut this
window out to reuse it that it’s going to fit because I cut this a bit smaller
so you won’t see any edges of this window so we can just use this window
here I’m going to cut this and I’m going to use this as a cluster we’re going to
decorate this up later for another project I’ve made a video on how to do
that so be sure and check out how I made
those little pre-printed postage stacks I have this here okay so we can now glue that behind
there I’ll put a little bit of glue fairly close to the edge of this not too
close because I don’t want it to leak out into the window and I’m going to use
the paper side of it just so that it will stick properly and I’ll also put a
bit to the outside of the window frame on this side so that it I know that it’s
going to lay flat because I’m going to use the a part of this this part as a
pocket remember so we don’t want any interference when we start sliding stuff
down into here we don’t want it to to be in the road so we’ll just put that there
now over there my pocket looking good alright now remember we’re going to put
a you could definitely just leave this one whole pocket one big open pocket
I’ll show you how I made it a smaller pocket and then it’s entirely up to you
whether you have a slim pocket at the front here or a full pocket and have two
full pockets so what I’ve done is I’ll measure roughly a centimeter there and a
centimeter there so I’m going to roughly put a liner tape around about here I
don’t want to take roughly go around about there I’ll put a thumb hole there
so mark to the center so it’ll come from this side so we’re going to mark from
there because that will be glued down so our center and it will be glued down
there so our Center mark will be right there so we know that’s how thumb hole and you can make it as wide and as deep
as you like and call that thumb hole so it’s best to color before you glue down
because it is a lot more difficult to color it once you’ve glued it down and
I’m going to glue all of this down flat on this side keeping my glue away from
the edge again it’s going to lay flat everywhere, here square it up. I’m just going to remember
that you’ve got tape here as soon as it hits the envelope it’s going to grab all
so there you go forgot to tell you forgot to glue that didn’t I
why didn’t you tell me you probably did you’re probably yelling at me, okay so I’m gonna be the glue down here before
you do that that’s a actually it’s probably not a bad error to have done
because it is a bit easier to to place it to get it in the right spot so now
that’s in place all that’s left to do is put a mat there and that’s finished and
what I’m going to do is use the other side of this to do that mat so again
it’s got to go down into the back so we will make it a little bit deeper all
right it’s going to be longer so it goes down into there so make it generous not
too generous because it’s a bit harder to glue if it’s too long to there and to
there that is the bit that will be showing there so that’s the only piece
you’re gonna see you always need to trim this to be able
to have it to fit inside the pocket there you want it to be snug you don’t
want it to be too loose or you’ll see all of this which I think will give a
little bit of ink to anyway just in case in here the edges do pick out that to
fit inside see how it’s just a little bit tight when you bring this back bring
it back a little tiny bit like that at a time because if you’re a just show up it
won’t look quite as good this one here you can have a little bit showing at the
top if you want but because it’s the raw envelope and I can’t color it like that
side it’s the actual inside of the envelope I don’t particularly want to
see that so I want my mat to go all the way to the edge so before I glue it in
I’m going to distress it and we’re ready to glue that in place now we’re gluing
the whole piece not too close to the edge because it’s tight but taking off
that tiny sliver did help and wiggle it up
you can always round these corners too if you didn’t like them
squared off and that’s it it’s I think this is a pretty effective pocket this
one any loose bits hanging around like this you know you don’t really need that flapping around those back bits you
could very easily have not glued this side down and use it as a flap to have
in your journal so you could open that up as a flip and journal behind it on
your page that would be lovely as well for now I just thought it would just
keep the step simple that I would do it this way and show you this is just a
lovely little journal pocket on Donna thanks for watching and bye for now

20 thoughts on “How to make window envelope pockets | Junk Journal ideas

  1. Could you please call tell me where did you find the glue with the pointed top?I really like the beautiful envelopes you just made.

  2. Donna, Thank you so much for this tutorial. It is going to be so fun to make. You make an awesome tutorial and it is so easy to follow. I like all the envelopes you made but my favorite is the "On Tour Pamper Pass one"…reminded me of my friend, she will love it. I want to purchase the Hinged CD envelope from your shop but it won't leave it in the cart long enough for me to purchase it…can you help me with that? Thanks in advance, JoeyAnn

  3. Your glue comes from where I live. Never knew that. I’d like to do a pocket but I think without the pattern paper. I’m thinking 🤔 I do have some window envelopes. I think I’d like to make one using gelli prints. Time will tell. Thank you for taking the time. Love watching you create and talk.

  4. Just subscribed. Found you on Facebook. Love your tutorial skills. Very clear and precise for us newbies.☺ Was wondering what collection the gorgeous purple flowered paper is from?

  5. Thanks for the great tutorial. I made mine out of card stock to make an insert for my Fauxdori. If you would like to see it, it's on my blog at:

  6. Hi Donna, I found your link on Facebook~!!! My Daughter and I are going to be trying our luck with making a junk journal soon and I can't wait to show her your channel, thank you for sharing your talent and Ideas.

  7. I am loving your channel! It's like a TV programme! The way it's filmed, the clarity, the sound, and I love the music you choose and the way it filters in and out so seamlessly! Very professional! Are you well known in Australia? Like on craft channels? Or as a guest crafter? A teacher??? Your videos are so well done. And you have a lot of ideas I've never seen before! Bingeing over here! Lol, I've been here hours today watching you! 😘😘😘

  8. I get all my bills on the computer, so I don't get many of the windowed envelopes, but thanks to your video on the CD envelope, I know how to make the windows myself! Thanks.

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