99 thoughts on “How to Make Your Own Book or Journal

  1. u know you should try going to howcast .com everything is easy for me (crafts&hobbies) there is some thing for adult or teens to but i dont go there there r other different catagories too TRY IT !!!! lol

  2. @cheercutietot its to make it personal and crafty. Everyone knows you can buy cheap crap from hobby lobby, but getting to make it with your own hands adds a little emotion to having something like that

  3. hey great video,i'm interested on how to sew together a larger book with more signature booklets,could you make a video on that?pwetty pweeeez!

  4. I don't really get what the big deal is. People saying its to hard or they don't understand it. But actually its quite easy. :/

  5. really we dont need all these we just need a stapler or puncher papers and colour papers then its up to u how to make the rest

  6. My spelling isn't stoopid u r dumy u juss dunno how to txt witout being so proper its called being 16 ever herd of a shortcut

  7. Ur so cheep just buy a note book.its mor money buying the stuff.u can get a nb for 1.00 or 90cents.if u wanna b cheep den glu pics to a 1.09 nb a it'll look fine

  8. @noguysallowed – Maybe it's storming, and you need to make a homemade one. smartness. It's not cheap, it's called saving money, the economy is getting worse, so why would you buy a book if you can make 1 for FREE.

  9. I was looking for something that explained how to make a hard back book cover for a book I wanna write. Any suggestions?

  10. Shut up! Don't wanna no
    ur age! I'm older than u! Its called I.M. if u don't no! Ur proberbly the weird tipe n leeve me alone do not talk to me ever again! 13 year old pshhh I'm 16

  11. Its gonna be 2013 in 5 months and its July and you posted your comment three weeks ago so how could that be 2013???

  12. "as beautiful and unique as you are"
    Sorry, hun, but a bought notebook doesn't fit that bill. Seems you've missed the point of "making your own."

  13. people like to craft and make things.. for people who are into crafting, buys notebook. i am just saying.

  14. I have put together a book for my son, sewing the pages together. I have watched a number of videos on book making and book binding and your's is the first that I can actually use, to make a cover and finish off my book. Thank you!!

  15. Loved your film for the book. I am only 7 and I'm not aloud to use sorwing kit so my dad did the sowing bit!!!😀😁thanks for helping!!! My small book was all pink with golden Riben ! Text back when you want to.

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