How To Make Your YouTube Video AutoPlay on your Blog // 2017

How To Make Your YouTube Video AutoPlay on your Blog // 2017

Hello everyone! Jenny here and I am back with another tutorial
on How to Make your YouTube Embedded video auto-play on your blog. First you will need to go the youtube video
that you would like to embed. Click on share, and click on embed. Copy the embed link. Now go to your blog and sign in. My blog is on and I’ve already
signed in. Click on new post. You will see two tabs, make sure you click
on the one that says HTML because that’s the one that will read your embed code. Past the link of your YouTube video here. Between the two quotation marks is the address
to your video. You will need to modify that link to instruct
it to auto-play, using either of these two codes here:
?autoplay=1 or
&autoplay=1 Both of them have worked for me in the past. Let’s see which one will work today. I will type in ?autoplay=1 before the end
quotation mark and click preview. Ok, it’s not working. Let’s go back and try the &autoplay=1 code. And, it worked. And you see that my video has started auto-playing. And yes, that’s my Labrador Buddy running
around in the background. Thank you for watching. I hope you’ve found this video helpful. And if you did, don’t forget to give it a
thumbs up, leave a comment below, and subscribe to my channel to see more tutorials like this
one. And if you have any ideas of specific videos
you would like to see, please comment and leave a recommendation. Until next time, bye.

23 thoughts on “How To Make Your YouTube Video AutoPlay on your Blog // 2017

  1. that's great to know that this lady is fast with computer and technical stuff. That's awesome. If a girl knows how to download a video from torrent she is definately a genius

  2. i really need help on this. It only appears an image of my video, and i even try with any other youtube video and it´s the same thing. I have been around over a month and i don´t know what to do anymore : (

  3. So happy I found this. Took me a few hours to find a solution that really worked.. huge thanks for this.. Totally works! thanks JENGO!

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