How to monetize your Blogger blog with AdSense ads

How to monetize your Blogger blog with AdSense ads

Hi I’m Peggy K. Today I’m going to show you how to set up Adsense for your Blogg blog. Note that if you created your AdSense account from YouTube or AdMob you need to upgrade the hHsted account to AdSense for Content before you can place ads on your own website or blog. If you have a full AdSense account, rather than a Hosted AdSense account you can generate the Adsense ad code in your AdSense account and then paste it into an HTML/Javascript gadget in your Blogger blog’s layout. You do need to link your Blogger account to your AdSense account if you want to be able to set AdSense gadgets or configure ads in the Blog Posts gadget. To monetize your Blogger blog with AdSense, sign in to your Blogger account, switch to your blog (if necessary), and click Earnings on the left menu. If your blog is not yet eligible to use in an application for AdSense, you’ll see “How to qualify for AdSense” on your Earnings tab. Click that for more information. That links to information in the AdSense Help Center explaining the eligibility requirements. Read all that information very carefully. Because you will be applying for a Hosted AdSense account you should not use the “Sign up for AdSense” button on this page, unless your blog already has a custom domain. When your Blogger blog is eligible to be linked to an AdSense account you will see an orange “Sign up for AdSense button on your blog’s Earnings tab. Before linking AdSense to your blog, do be sure to carefully review all of the AdSense program policies. To link AdSense to your Blogger blog click the orange “Sign up for AdSense button”. That will open the “Welcome to AdSense” page where you have two options:click “Yes” to use the Google account that you’re already signed in to, or click “Create or use another account” to use a different Google account. Just keep in mind that if you have an existing AdSense account you need to sign in to that account and not apply for a second AdSense account. On the next screen you can confirm that your blog URL is correct and that your email username is correct. If you are linking your blog to an existing AdSense account, you’ll see a button to confirm the association. Otherwise ,if you are applying for AdSense, you’ll see a “Save and continue” button. If you’re applying for a new AdSense account, the next step will ask you to enter your personal information. Once the process is complete you’ll see a “Congratulation” screen. Click the “Continue” button to finish the setup process. That will open your blog’s Earnings tab, where you can customize your AdSense ad display settings. No ads will show until your application is approved, but they need to be enabled for your application to be reviewed. You can also choose a basic layout for the ads on your blog. Note that if you’re using a new Blogger theme you may not see this “Sd setup for blog” section. Instead you can choose the option to “Customize further in advanced ad setup” to go to your blog’s Layout. To configure where the ads appear on your blog, open your blog’s Layout. To configure the ads between posts, click the Edit button for your Blog Posts gadget. When you configure the Blog Posts gadget you can choose whether to show ads between posts, how often the ads show between posts, and the ad format and colors. You can also add an AdSense gadget by clicking the “Add a Gadget” link. From the list of gadgets select “AdSense”. in the Adsense gadget you can configure the ad format and colors. When you’re done, click Save. Remember that it’s up to you to make sure that the placement of ads on your blog complies with the AdSense ad placement policies. You can review those policies in the AdSense Help Center. To check the status of your AdSense application or to see your earnings, sign in to your AdSense account. if you found this video helpful click my channel icon to subscribe for more tips and updates

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  1. Start at 1:35 to jump to the instructions for applying for AdSense from Blogger (or linking your existing AdSense account)

  2. hello mam, is it possible to monetize my blogspot using my nonhosted account adsense from youtube? if i apply my blogspot to monetize do i need to have costume domain name? or the free flantform from blogspot is fine?

  3. peggy please my adsense is stocked, with administrator says im not an administrator somebody is hacked my second email, what can i do now?

  4. How do you upgrade from a hosted account that you made from Youtube and be able to have ads on your blogger blog??

  5. Thank you for explain, please tell me,can'i use my hosted AdSense that I'm using in youtube to monitize my blogger blogs?this is the message that I see in my AdSense page:

  6. when will my blog say "turn your passion into profit?" … do I need to blog a certain amount of times?

  7. I don't see any of this. I only get an option to show the ads on my blogger and to click for more information…

  8. When I go to Layout I can click on adding a gadget, and then choose Adsense. I click ok, but nothing happens, it does not get added to my blog. What am I doing wrong

  9. Hello Peggy. I am trying to get AdSense for my Blogger account but it has been on the "We're working on setting you up" splash screen for about a month. Is there a certain amount of visitors I need to qualify for AdSense?

  10. Hello Peggy , i have a blogger website when i go to Earnings its show me "Turn your passion into profit" like 0:59 ,How can i get the Sign up for Adsense button , and should i put my website on google adsense Third Party Acces ?

  11. I followed all the steps but now I have empty spots where ads should be…help please! It also shows an icon ? that looks like a wrench

  12. excuse me you didn't complete it for i guess you skip some places where new blog can sign up you just bust into the orange key area

  13. "To continue with this you have to go back to your blog for sign up"
    the message popping up how do i go about this mrs?

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