How to Move from Blogger to WordPress

How to Move from Blogger to WordPress

Hi guys, I’m Subhang
from Today I’ll be showing you
how you can move your Blogger
site, to WordPress If you have an existing
blogger site and you want to move to wordpress,
this video is for you So, why move to wordpress? Even though, It takes lot more
time to setup wordpress You can do a lot more
with it than blogger For example, there is something
called as plugins in wordpress Which helps to you add
new feature to your website So, let’s say you want to
add a live chat to your site, you can do it, just
by installing a plugin in wordpress And finally, WordPress also
helps you to build your own website, just like this,
by using drag & drop So make sure you watch this
video till the end to see how you can do it So, Now let’s take a
look at the blogger site This is the blog which
I’ve built on blogger Now to move this
site, to wordpress, we’re going to do 3 things 1st, We’re going to ‘save’
the contents of this blogger site, into a file Then, in STEP 2 we’re going to launch
a New wordpress site and then finally, we’ll
import the blogger content into wordpress Okay! So let’s get started! The First Step is to ‘Save’ our blog’s
content, into a file So to save the blog’s content, let’s go to our
Blogger dashboard Now make sure your blog
is selected, here And then go into
‘Settings’ And go into ‘Other’ Now click ‘Backup content’ And ‘save to your computer’ So now you can see that,
we’ve downloaded our blog content in this file Next, let’s go to step 2 Which is, to launch
a new wordpress site So to launch a new
wordpress site, Just click the link below this video, And it’ll take
you to this page So to launch a new
wordpress site, we’re going to do 3 things First, we’re going to choose
a Name for our website So you can choose any
name you want I’m going to type
my name here So, I’m going to type & then click check
availability you can see that the name
is available, So, Once you get the name We need to then buy that
name & get our hosting account So to get hosting & domain
let’s scroll down and click get hosting This will take you
to, where we are going
to buy the hosting So let’s click ‘Get started’ Now enter the same name
that you choose and click ‘Search’ Then click ‘Select
and Continue’ And now it will take
you to this cart page So you can see that
we’re getting our domain, And our hosting Both of these are going
to be valid for 1 year So to complete
the purchase Let’s click ‘register’ And I will quickly
fill up these details and click ‘Create account’ Now click ‘Add payment’ and choose your payment method Enter the details And click ‘next’ Now click complete
to make the payment and it’s done! Okay! So now we’ve completed the
payment & we’ve got our domain & hosting Which means we can
now install wordpress! Okay So to install wordpress,
let’s click “add site” And click ‘Get started’ Now just select the domain
name you’ve purchased and click ‘Next’ then again ‘Next’ And now you need to enter
a username and password for WordPress This will be used when
you login to wordpress So, I’m going to type my name and the password and then click ‘Install’ Okay, So now we’re
installed wordpress So, let’s click ‘Get Started’ Now let’s skip this by
clicking ‘No Thanks’ and ‘OK’ Okay, so now we have
reached our WordPress Dashboard This is the place from where you
can control your website Now if you want to come
to this page again, you just have to
enter, ‘slash login’, after your domain name And it will take you
to your dashboard So once, you
reach this page, your new wordpress
site, should be live So to check that Let’s go to our domain name Which is and press ‘Enter’ And as you can see our
website is now running, So now we’ve launched
our new wordpress site Which means we can
now go to STEP 3 Which is to Bring in,
the blogger content into wordpress So to import our
blogger content, let’s go to wordpress And then go to ‘tools’ and click ‘Import’ Now as we’re going to
import the blogger content, Let’s click ‘install now’ next to blogger And then click ‘run importer’ Now let’s choose the file
which we want to import So select the file which
you downloaded from blogger, in step 1 And click, ‘Upload
file and import’ Now click ‘Submit’
to start the import and! all the blogger’s content
will be imported into wordpress! So now, let’s take
a look at our site Now if we scroll down, you can see that, all our content has been
imported from blogger Right now, we have the
default wordpress theme Next, we’ll quickly
change this theme so that our site
looks a bit better So to change the theme will go here and click themes And you’ll see the,
default themes, which are available
on your site But we’re going to Add a new
one, by clicking ‘add new’ And then go into popular, And choose any theme
you want from here I’m going to
choose this theme Just Click install to get the theme
into your site And click ‘activate’,
to apply the theme So now we have changed
our website’s theme! So let’s see
how our site’s looks now So, Let’s go
back to our site And this was our old design Now let’s click refresh And as you can see our
website’s design has changed Okay! So we saw, how we can import
the content & change the design of our site now let’s go to
the final step, which is to get our old
blogger links working So by doing this,
when people to go your old link It will redirect to the same
blog post on the new wordpress site This will ensure people are
still able to access your site, through the old links Your old links will still
work and bring people to the same posts which are
now on wordpress Now, This will also help you
keep your google rankings, you’ve gained
on your blogger So to get the old
links working we’re going to do 2 things 1st, we’re going to Change
the settings in wordpress, to match our new website
links with the Blogger links So to change the
settings Let’s go to our dashboard and click ‘Settings’ Now first, we’ll change
the time zone here Choose your location and Click ‘Save’ Now go to ‘Permalinks’ And choose Month and Name as this is the format which
blogger uses and we want to match with that And then click ‘Save Changes’ Okay so now we are done
with the settings part Next let’s install the
wordpress plugin which will redirect our
old blogger links to our new-site, totaltechicom So to install the plugin,
let’s go to our Dashboard And then go to ‘Plugins’ And click ‘add new’ now search for
‘Blogger to WordPress’ And install this plugin So let’s click ‘Install’ and then ‘Activate’ Okay so the plugin is now
installed on our site Now to set it up, let’s go to ‘Tools’ and then click ‘Blogger to
WordPress redirection’ Now let’s click
‘start configuration’ And it will show you
the blogger site, which you’ve imported
into wordpress Se we’ll click ‘get
code’ button, next to it And it will show you
something like this Now to setup the redirection
we need to add this code into blogger, so that it
can redirect the visitors, to our new website So to enable the redirection let’s select and
copy this code And then go to Blogger And go to Theme Then scroll down And click ‘Revert to
classic themes’ And click revert Now this is where we’re
going to enter our new code So let’s select
everything and delete it And paste the code, you
copied from the wordpress plugin Then click save theme Okay so now we have
setup the redirection And your old blogspot links,
will redirect to your new domain So now let’s check if
the redirect is working Let’s go to the
old blogspot URL Which is And press ‘enter’ you can see that it
redirects to our new website! which is Now if someone tries to visit
your post through the old link It will take them,
to the same post, on the new website This means you will keep
all your existing traffic So that’s it guys! This is how you can move
to your blogger to wordpress Now if you want to
start moving your site, just click here And it will take
you to the page, where you can get your
domain & install wordpress Now to see how you can
build your website using drag & drop you can watch this video So let me know if this
worked for you, in the comments
section below I’ll see you in
the next video Take Care Babye 🙂

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