how to overcome anxiety with a journal

how to overcome anxiety with a journal

A couple of months ago I was feeling down. My Youtube channel was flopping in a terrible
way, my job search was going awfully wrong and basically it seemed like all of my professional
plans were going down the drain. Since I’m not a person who likes to externalise
her feelings, I was in dire need of something that allowed me to take all of that stuff
out of my chest; so, for the first time in like – ten years -, I decided to restart journaling. I always thought that daily journaling was
an incredibly overwhelming project so I have been running away from it for as long as I
can remember… but I actually had a journal with prompts at home called the 6 Minute Journal
that I received in a PR package last year. It seemed pretty simple: it basically promised
that journaling for 6 minutes every day (with two sessions of three minutes, one in the
morning and one in the evening) would change your mindset; so I gave it a try. My only rule for this journaling thing was
not feeling forced to do it. I skipped tons of pages at first because I
couldn’t form the habit, but during this time, when I had a bad day, i always remembered
that I could now journal what was happening and what I was feeling. On uneventful days, I would forget all about
it because writing down the trivial things of my day-to-day seemed like it didn’t make
any sense. The problem was that journaling started as
way to externalise my negative feelings and that wasn’t making me feel better, and, most
of all, wasn’t a healthy approach. Only after a couple of weeks would I be able
to start looking at the more positive prompts and start answering those. In due time I started reaching some interesting
conclusions . The fact that I had direct writing prompts forced me to reflect on what I was
was doing wrong in my life. Reading past entries also allowed me to get
a certain degree of progress, even it that progress was simply understanding how my ideas
evolved. Eventually, I found out that through journaling,
I was able to work through my problems with no external help; it was like I had all the
tools to solve my issues but the lack of reflection and the lack of stopping to think and process
events were things that were blocking me from achieving those solutions. Eventually, the importance of pouring my heart
out was replaced by something even bigger, and that was gratitude journaling. I was felt that gratitude journals wouldn’t
work for me; I’ve always considered myself a pretty grounded, grateful person in general
so I thought that translating that into paper was simply a waste of time. However, I had a completely different result;
I noticed that in the section called “things I am grateful for” I was repeating most of
the items every single day. That repetition was basically creating a steady
stream of priorities that even in the darkest days I was thankful for: I was thankful for
being able to learn every single day, I was thankful for my family and friends; and I
was thankful that I had a work that was creative and allowed me to teach, even if it’s through
an entertainment format and allowed me to live a comfortable life. Those three items stood out in such a regular
way that they started “speaking” to me. It was just like my main priorities were written
down in stone in that journal and that it was meaningless to chase after other menial,
secondary goals that wouldn’t make me feel as happy. In a sense, journaling allowed me to ground
myself, to re-establish priorities and understand why the heck I’m doing what I’m doing. The fact that I was using a journal with short
prompts was the best possible way to fall in love with the habit without causing a huge
strain on my schedule. I was journaling whenever I wanted, without
tracking how many times I did it, and it was that organic way of doing it that helped me
out the most. Eventually, I switched from writing down everything
bad that happened and started focusing mostly on gratitude journaling and, in a certain
way, refocusing my actions and my work towards those three priorities that I mentioned. Right now, I’m a huge believer in journaling
as a way to overcome a bad period in your life or simply realigning your priorities
and purpose. My advice is to start as simple as you can
get with a journal that already has prompts (since following directions is much easier
than starting writing just for the sake of writing) and build up from there. If you want to know more about journaling,
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  1. I do my journaling in a seperate small notebook in my filofax planner so i can journal whenever i feel like it and no matter where i am! 🙂

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  5. I suffer from severe anxiety and depression and over the years I have kept a journal and it has helped me immensely ! I have no idea what I’d do without it

  6. I used this method few years ago when I needed the help of the most important person (myself), this method helped me knowing myself, my strengths, weaknesses and as you mentioned the things I'm blessed with. Nowadays I don't use this method but it became like a habit to focus on my strengths and how to control my weaknesses so they never become an obstacle and be always grateful even in the toughest times

  7. Journaling has always helped me. Ever since I was 14 I write my thoughts down and it helps me so so much to grow as a person through analyzing my own thoughts and behavior. Keeping a gratitude journal also helped me to grow a more positive mindset ✨🥰

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  11. Great video like always. I agree with this so much. I started writing in a digital version of five second journal by Mel Robbins. Having prompts and pointers definitely make it extremely easy. The whole idea of that journal is to make it guilt free and extremely effortless. I don't know if you have tried it but I think a lot of people can help from it.

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  17. I have been journaling for 13 years. My favorite part is going back and noticing progress in my struggles or reading about some random happening in my life that I had completely forgotten about (something funny, sad, cryptic, whatever).

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  27. I had started journalling last November. I after a couple of months I found its importance and how it helped me overcome my negative feeling and jot down my feelings at that moment. It directed me towards positivity again.

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  29. I really want to write in a physical journal but I just can't… I keep trying to use the uni ball micro pen but they ALWAYS seem to quit on me mid-writing.. It frustrates me more than the journal is supposed to relax me. There's nothing cathartic about it when I have to shut my journal in frustration because my writing utensil of choice sucks… I'm also in college tho too so I don't have the $ for buying expensive pens.. :/

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  31. I always thought of having different things to be thankful for everyday. I never thought that if you repeat it will actually help you. I would now not worry of repeating, and probably I should stop worrying of trying to make my journals perfect for filming and sharing here in youtube.

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  34. Please, stop mixing anxiety with feeling down or stressed. Anxiety is a mental disorder which needs to be carefully treated with MEDICAL, PROFESSIONAL help.

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