Hello my friends and welcome to another
Tuesday of tutorial! I am Leonardo Pereznieto and today we
will paint a watercolor forest. The first thing we will do is to get the
paper wet. This paper is fixed to a pad specially made for watercolor. If you are using a loose watercolor sheet, you should tape it all around to a board, so that it doesn’t get too wrinkled with the water. Once it is all nicely wet we
will begin with the lightest color of this painting, in this case, a yellow which will indicate a glare of the Sun in the background. Then the next lightest color is a light blue that will be in the atmosphere. But with a tissue paper I
will pick up some of it because I want some small lighter areas that will be illuminated by the Sun coming through the foliage of the trees. This will be a forest slightly with a fantasy feel. We can start adding some trees and the
ground, but I will not make the ground solid because as I told you I want some
light to show through. The paper is dry now. I will get it all wet again to give a layer of soft foliage. Since the watercolor paint is transparent we should begin with the lightest colors and then add darker and darker ones,
because we cannot add a light color on a dark one. Ok good it is all wet now so it is ready to add these leaves I was talking about. Let’s add them in different sizes and intensities. Remember that when the
watercolor dries it turns a little bit lighter. Except for the yellow that we
added at the beginning, everything else is going to be in blues to give this a
bit unreal fantasy feel that I am looking for, it is not going to be a
realistic brown for the trunk and green for the leaves. These trees that are in
the background will be very light, a bit ghosty if that world exists [laughter]. One thing that I love about painting and drawing is that you can make up your own stories,
you can put your own visions on paper. These two trees are a little bit closer
to us and therefore will be just a little bit darker than the other ones
farther away and I get the paper wet again, this time just to even it out.
Sometimes the paint gets thicker or darker at the edges of what you painted
and we can even the paint out with that. Now that it is dry again, let’s paint a
closer tree much darker, when we paint the branches we can leave some spaces
blank in between to then paint some leaves down, and spatter a little bit of
paint like this… hitting one brush with the other one. All right! we can lift any unwanted ones with the tissue paper and now, with a very old and worn-out brush that I found in my studio, let’s paint the rest of the foliage. These old brushes are great for it because they are totally uneven. And we add some more. Good! Now the tree that will be the closest to us … right here and it will be of course
bigger and darker. I´ll draw the branches first, and then the leaves. With our ancient brush [laughter]. Let’s draw the shadow of the trees since the light is coming from the background, this one more over here actually and then I think we need a dark
ground, close to us of course further away will be lighter. And let´s paint the shadows of the other trees like so… Very good! ¡Excelente! It’s done! If you enjoyed it please give it a LIKE! subscribe to Fine Art-Tips, if you are
not already, and click on the little bell to get notifications of new videos. And I will see you on Tuesday 😉 Subtitled By Grethel Trejo You

47 thoughts on “HOW TO PAINT A FOREST IN WATERCOLOR – Very easy for beginners – FANTASY

  1. Absolutely Excellent! I love the flow of color and the vague outline of the trees! Congrats on reaching 1 million Subs! You’re a great artist!

  2. Excelente !! I love the transition of colors and the looseness of this Fantasy Forest painting. Minimal use of colors but still there is this WOW effect. You're a great teacher, yes you are. Thumbs up and Cheers.

  3. Such a humble beginning with the yellow and blue wash……and Voila! Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing

  4. Excellent. You are a great teacher.Hello sir. I am your new friend. i hope you support and teach me also.

  5. Watercolor painting has become a game here, a fun game, always new. My new idea comes from traveling, drawing on the trip, you can come and see the video I just made, in the winter, who is playing in the water. I am telling you the result in Melbourne.

  6. This is absolutely beautiful! It’s one of my my favorites by you. I could watch you paint watercolors and listen to you talk for hours and hours. Much Love and Respect from North Carolina, Stacy

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