How To Pitch Your Music to Blogs, DJs and Playlist Curators

How To Pitch Your Music to Blogs, DJs and Playlist Curators

in this video I’m showing you how to
create the perfect email pitch for bloggers DJs and playlist curators what’s up guys it’s Brandon from KDMR Music. If this is your first time here on this channel we give you real
tips so that you can make it in the music business so please consider
subscribing something we talk about a lot on this channel is the importance of
relationship building and networking but what about those times where you need to
pitch something with someone that you don’t know so in this video I’m gonna
walk you through the steps of a perfect cold email pitch so the first thing you
want to have as a part of your email is your introduction it’s simple my name is
Brandon I’m also known as let rapper little such-and-such my influences are
jay-z and Kendrick Lamar simple that tells them who you are who you sound
like and why you’re relevant to the platforms
that they manage now part 2 of your email pitch is how you found out about
the person that you’re reaching out to so if it’s a podcast host hey I found
out about your podcast through your interview that you did on The Ellen
DeGeneres Show and I really enjoyed listening to the episode that you did
with Gary Vaynerchuk you really got great insights out of him and I thought
it was amazing it’s really good to be detailed and specific in the compliment
that you give them because that shows them that you’re not just somebody who’s
like a fly-by-night person just trying to use them for their platform but you
really know something about them you really are a fan and it’s genuine please
don’t just lie for attention cuz it’s obvious and that should lead into part
three the ask this is obviously the most important part of your pitch because
it’s what you email them for in the first place now what’s important in your
ask is to be direct to be deliberate and to be concise so I’m writing to ask or
to ask if you would consider me to be a guest on your podcast and now another
thing that’s important to include in your ask is any supporting information
that means be there so let’s say you know you’re a
musician include a link to your neck to your last single or include a link to
your press kit it’s important not to have the link or not to have the
attachment actually attached to the email because that box down the servers
and it’s just an etiquette no no it’s just bad so have your ask be direct and
then follow your ask up with any supporting documentation they need you
don’t want them having to go all around the web to search for you and figure out
who you are so include all the relevant links right there if you want someone to
support you you have to make it easy for them to do so and that leads us to par-5
Thanks you want to thank this person for their time thank them for their
consideration thank them for listening to you and then of course ask for any
constructive criticism if you know they can’t give you the thing that you’re
asking for you at least want to know why so don’t leave it open-ended to say hey
you know I’d love to be on this platform if not I’d love any constructive
criticism you have to offer and then if they do come back with an O be gracious
in that way it’s always important to be thankful because it goes a long way and
if you’re easy to work with if you take criticism well it makes you someone who
they feel like they can trust and maybe it opens you up for other opportunities
in the future so there you have it those are the five key components of an
effective cold email pitch and you can use these for bloggers or DJs from
playlist curators for venue owners you know as you start to perfect your skills
you’ll use some form of this template for everything that you’ll ever need to
pitch speaking of templates I’ve actually included a link this week so
you can download my cold email template in the description below it’s gonna help
you you’re gonna be able to use this just fill in the blanks email people
that you need to speak with and get results quickly so until next time keep
dreaming and make reality you

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  1. Question? I have my contact for Spotify playlist and curators (independent). Should I send emails to them like 7 – 10 days before the release? or the day of?

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