How To Plan & Build A Capsule Wardrobe With Your Bullet Journal | Project 333

How To Plan & Build A Capsule Wardrobe With Your Bullet Journal | Project 333

hi everybody welcome back to my channel
today I’m going to take you through how I decided to pick the 33 items that go into
my capsule wardrobe and I’m also going to show you how I use my bullet journal
to help me do that if you watched my last video you’ll know that I’m trying
out project 333 which is basically just a capsule wardrobe that you have for
three months that has only 33 items in it and that includes outerwear, footwear,
accessories as well as regular clothing so yeah if you haven’t check that video
out be sure to watch it you can kind of see why I decided to try Project 333 and
just a little bit more information about the project in general so if you’re
anything like me and you have like 300 items in your wardrobe and you want to
pare down to a capsule wardrobe that seems really daunting and kind of
impossible a little bit so I’m going to show you how I went through and picked a the 33 items that I’m going to have in my wardrobe so for a few months now I’ve
been tracking in my bullet journal every time I wear an article of clothing I
write it down in a spread that I created in my journal so I only put items in
there once I’ve worn them I don’t put in items that I’m planning to wear, items
that I really like and I think I’m going to wear or items I recently bought. I
only put down the items that I actually put on my body and wore for the day so
I’ve been doing this list for about two months now and I only have 43 items
listed so far so out of like the 300 items I have in my wardrobe in the last
two months I’ve only worn 43 of them so I was able to tell from that that I was
kind of on the right track towards something like project 333 where I only
have 33 items for three months but the difference with what I was doing and
what projects 33 does is that the 32 items include outerwear footwear and
accessories whereas I only was writing down clothing items so things like were
on my body so basically this clothing item spread that I have an ability
Arnall I have a couple sections on the page so I have an item number
then I kind of have an item description so basically what I can use to describe
it to recognize it in the list so it might be a brand of something it might
be a physical description a piece of clothing if it’s really unique and then
I have a color section and then I have a category section as well so like pants
or jeans of one category dress shirts and other categories sweaters is another
I basically just pick the categories that make sense to me
so this spreads this clothing item spread is kind of like a master list in
my journal and then every month I have a monthly spread where basically I list
out of the outfits that I wore with these article clothing in the monthly
threads per outfit I jot down the date that I wore pepcid on and then basically
what I do is I write down the item number so if I wore two items I jot down
which numbers they are from the master list so in this case I wore items three
and nine because I was saying what I’m wearing and I just live on the list what
numbers they are and then I put the numbers in the items section and then I
also just have a category to raise the outfit so I can kind of have an idea of
how I felt about it so I just do a plus or minus depending if I liked it or if I
didn’t so keeping this data is super helpful for me I originally did it just
because I was curious I wasn’t really planning to use it to help me create a
capsule wardrobe I just had a lot of clothing and it was hard to remember
what I had worn and what I hadn’t worn so I went through next and kind of
wanted to get all my items in my place so I went through like my big closets I
had all my clothing and I picked out all the items that are on the list and laid
them out on the bed and then once I had everything kind of organized in there
and I saw that there was nothing missing from the list that was in my closet I
moved everything to my clothing rack my clothing rack I was using is kind of an
overfull for my closet and then I kind of turned into a place where I put my
most worn items but there were some items on that clothing rack that worked
my list but I just wanted to get all the items plus whatever extra ones I had
onto my clothing rack all at once and then I could go through and organize and
pick out the ones better so basically once I had all my clothing
one place I ordered it by the list in my village and also basically one two forty
three and then anything that was left on the clothing rack that didn’t have a
number I just got rid of I didn’t try to think oh should I include this in my
capsule wardrobe I just kind of made a hard cutoff Inlet and said to myself I
haven’t worn it in two months so I probably won’t use it for the next three
months I had 43 items at this point still haven’t added in any outerwear
Footwear accessories kept paring down until I had 33 items of just clothing
and then I went and I grabbed all of my outerwear all of the footwear that I
knew I’d want to wear in the next three months and then any accessories so in my
case it was two belts and the purse that I wear pretty daily basis so yeah after
a eliminated the seven items over putting me over the 33 cap my couple
wardrobe was done so this is what it looks like before and this is what it
looks like after so that’s how I went about putting together my 33 items for
my capsule wardrobe I hope you guys enjoyed this video I hope you found it
useful comment down below some of the things that you like best about my
process and if you have any tips for me to maybe through my miss process even
more next time I do it let me know I’m always open to suggestions and make sure
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watching my journey through trying out projects trees and drinks alright guys
catch you later bye

16 thoughts on “How To Plan & Build A Capsule Wardrobe With Your Bullet Journal | Project 333

  1. Hi Kay, I am also in the beginning of a minimalism journey and I am looking forward to see the way you are going through this process. xoxo Mona from Germany

  2. Hi Kay! Cool idea to keep track of your items worn and outfits in your bullet journal! I might try something like this too. Have you heard of the Cladwell Outfits App? That's what I've been using and it's really helped me keep track of my capsules and make outfits visually. I have a video on it on my channel if you want to check it out. Great video though! Thanks for sharing your journey 🙂

  3. Great idea! And I think this is also a good starter for freshmen. I only keep the track of all clothes before, which is not so efficient. Thank you for share!

  4. This is such a helpful video, and maybe even the most useful one I've seen for the process of creating a capsule wardrobe (and I've seen a lot 😉 I also have a spread I created to track outfits and another to take notes on issues with the outfit/clothing so I can learn what does and doesn't work for me. I really LOVE your numbered master list paired with your numerical outfit tracker. Writing out all the descriptive names of the pieces as I've been doing just takes up too much space. I think I'll try your system out the next couple months before doing a Winter capsule! Thanks for sharing!

  5. It’s awesome how you used your bullet journal to keep track of what you wear! I never would’ve thought of it cause I usually want to see change quickly, which isn’t really great. Doesn’t let me assess how I really feel about my outfits. Haha.

    Great way to tailor the 333 project specifically for your style!

  6. Loved your process, loved your journaling, and loved this video!!! I'm planning to do the same thing. However, I will FOR SURE be culling/decluttering my wardrobe FIRST!!! It would be too overwhelming for me to do it afterwards like you did. I have easily over 400 items of clothing. So shameful & disgusting, I know!!!! It will never happen again!!! I have Kon-Mari'ed our entire home. It feels so good and freeing. "The True Cost," on Netflix has changed my entire life. Also, my outlook on life!!! #KonMari #Project333 #CapsuleWardrobe #AspiringMinimalist

  7. I've been doing this in my BuJo since i discovered this video in January and it's been SUPER helpful! I actually just went and purchased some new pieces that I noticed I need in my wardrobe and hopefully I'll have a proper capsule wardrobe set up this month! And hopefully I can declutter my clothes and donate my unworn items ^_^

  8. Apologies if this sounds rude…..but this just seems like a bit much and boring. But if it works for you….more power to yah!

  9. I found it easier to limit the amount of clothes hangers, then org. clothes by type and color, I don't count items except outerwear and shoes. I'm not a jewelry person. Am paring down items not worn after season ends (two seasons where I live warm and cooler) Everything matches as neutral bottoms go with fav. tops. Shoes, purses and outerwear are in neutrals.

  10. This is the first time I heard about journaling what have been worn… such a refreshing concept… especially these days, lots of people use electronic devices instead of pen and paper/journals… Well done and I might start doing this… I've been using the hangers method (hang the clothes with hangers facing out and those that have worn the hangers will be turned back to face in, a year later, those items' hangers that haven't been turned can go for donation) and might introduce your journaling method too 🤗

  11. Hi Kay! This is awesome! This might be a weird question but I was wondering where you got your clothing rack? Im looking for a good sized one and im not sure which one to get! Thanks!

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