How to publish a blog post

How to publish a blog post

Wie du einen Post veröffentlichst Du kannst einen Text bearbeiten Lass uns ein Bild hinzufügen! Du kannst Labels hinzufügen Und auswählen, wann dein Post veröffentlicht werden soll Schau dir eine Vorschau von deinem Post an Veröffentliche deinen Post. Es ist wirklich so einfach! Fröhliches Blogging!

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  1. Ok that good one, I like it, but I need page for write many my idea about Indonesia Match Commissioner (football)

  2. Hate music.Too small a print.Presented too fast.Great for the grues.Cut the music.Go slower and explain it for us.

  3. My blogging page does not have all the things you've shown. I have no symbol to click on the load the photos… Also I have the dreaded yellow triangle with the "!" in it. When clicking on that it tries to get me to use Windows Live to blog?? What's up with all that? The new format for posting is not working for me… HEEEELLLLLPPPPPP please.

  4. no, it's not that easy. with the old interface i could correct layout errors fairly easily. now sometimes i find it impossible, sort of like the latest version of my yahoo email. did the same people design the changes?

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  6. this video is great and helps the newbie to create it very fastly and easily.
    with i created my new blog about fisheries and its impact on climatic changes


  8. How do I publish my post?
    after completed a post when I click publish button it's appear
    below massege

    We're sorry, but we were unable to complete your request.
    When reporting this error to Blogger Support or on the Blogger Help Group, please:
    Describe what you were doing when you got this error.
    Provide the following error code.


    This information will help us to track down your specific problem and fix it! We apologize for the inconvenience.
    thank you

  9. I'm sure you had something interesting but, I don't want just music on a video. If you can't use speech to tell me what your video is about then I will find one that does. Thanks for trying

  10. To be yourself is to express yourself at all costs. Its not a matter of who likes you or who does not, the issue is to be true to yourself and celebrate life with the people who are your true friends thats it full stop. Life is to precious to worry over what people think or say about you its there problem not yours.

  11. Honest, I'm not being 'cute' but what is the point of having/writing a blog? I'm not new to computers and actually build my own high-perf systems. So it’s pretty sad that I've NEVER been able to get a grip on owning and maintaining a website, (I've had two in the last two years), and I understand "Blogging" even less, if that's possible!

    Here's a scenario that I THINK a blog is used for: The "Blogger" doesn't know anyone on line, doesn't use Facebook, Twitter, etc.. However, he wants to voice his opinion about a growing injustice being headed by employer backed, health insurance companies.

    So he writes a blog that covers the entire thing in detail, (we’re talking 1800 words, give or take. He hopes to gain public support eventually but more realistically, he wants those who are interested, to know they're not alone.

    Of course, he would like to have "those of opinion", post a comment or question. On the other hand, he wants the ability to restrict off-topic points, vulgar behavior, improper posts or publications, and doesn't want to get wacked by spammers.

    In other words, 'limited control' over the content. In addition, he wants the flexibility to begin a new topic of completely different content. 

    So that's the "scenario" and I know that a website URL would offer all that… to a point. But what about a blog spot, can it offer all that? 

    Very recently, I inadvertently became a member of a blog site, (seriously, that's how little I understand it all), and I think it’s called "G Blogger". In as much as I want to start one, I don't know what the 'downside' of that is.

    The reason I stay away from Facebook and those other Cyber-Social sites is that there's a degree of uncertainty as to what is actually being "seen" and what isn't. So goes a similar concern with blogs… I think.
    Thanks, Rich 

  12. I'm totally lost. After years of creating blogs on blogspot, I suddenly am unable to edit my blogs or add posts as the editing tools refuse to appear. My blogs are all listed on my reading list as of recently but that's as far as it goes. Is there a way to reset the mechanics of blogger?

  13. GOOOD . But,it ill be publish at home page i wanna change the page and publish at another  page ??? waiting for replay

  14. Bonjour  c'est pour tester  mon blog ,  et passé un bon week-end  ses pas  la canicule ses l'hiver  les esquimaux  sont  de retour  en Normandie ……..

  15. vi Bangladesher Health sector nie ekta video chai vi.eka amar new channel vi video ta view koren Plz

  16. how do i post or publish a text message to my blog, i did that once and now i forgot.. lol😂 please respond im waiting😞

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