How to publish research paper in unpaid/Scopus/SCI/peer-reviewed Journals….

How to publish research paper in unpaid/Scopus/SCI/peer-reviewed Journals….

Hello Friends, today in this video we will be discussing many points regarding paper publication what is research paper? and what are its various types This we will discuss at start and then we will move to the next phase which is research paper publication. But where exactly to publish it?? If in conference, then which type of conference and why? and if in journal, then which type of journal and why in that particular journal? What is Impact Factor? H-Index? and Citation Score? Difference between paid journals and unpaid journals All these points we will discuss in today’s video which will clear many of your doubts and then we will discuss the most important part of it Means if you want to publish your research paper in refereed/unpaid journal I will tell you what these journals are? So it may takes 6 months – 2 years duration But I will tell you one methodology If you are opting this then definately the same paper you will publish in 3 – 4 months We will discuss this with few examples So, Keep watching this video and I welcome you all to this channel We will first start with research paper How long should be the research paper? It may be of 5 pages, 10 pages, 20 pages or even more than that and we have usually heard one thing that if we do not have any experimental results then we cannot publish a good research paper This is not at all correct I will tell you even with the perfect theoretical analysis or theoretical study you can write a good research paper You need to only categorize ti In which type it can be published In context of this research paper, I have written few types first one is short communication Suppose you have made a theoretical analysis on a particular topic and you have made a short document on that that document you can publish in short communication It can also be called as rapid communications So, the second part is Review Paper we have also heard about it that without experimentation we cannot publish it It is not like that Review paper can also be published in very good journal I would like to give you one example ok so now I will tell you that how good should be the one’s review paper how to structured it and that paper can also be published in very good journal we will go to the browser Now I will show you one of my papers that I have published in a good journal without experimentation this is the journal homepage name of Journal is This is open access document means I can easily download it later we will discuss what these categories are I am just downloading it you can just observe these dates Upload date is January 2015 and Published date June 2016 It has taken around 1.5 years to publish it I was unaware of many things otherwise it could be published quickly We will discuss these points later in this video that how to reduce the publication time Shortly I would like to make a comment on this review paper abstract, then in first paragraph topic introduction and then in second para past literature contribution Then i have started writing main content Here I have just compared three brake testing procedures opted by three countries You can see here in the keywords Here we will find different tests for example this is type P Test This is used to measure dynamic performance of a braking system The procedure to carry out this test in all these three countries is different So I came to know that If I carry out this test using European Standards Then I could get better dynamic performance if i am performing this test by using Indian standards then I will get better performance In this way I have compared all these standards If any country combines all these three standards and drafting a new and improved policy then definitely It will get excellent braking performance In this way, I have written my comments in the last section This way I had organized my manuscript In this way by comparing different methods, testing procedures and making strong comments then definitely you can publish your document in very good journal ok so in these way many papers have already been published in top rated journals and the next comes is Research Elements Here you need to present the experimental results This document will be around 5 – 6 pages average This is basically original contribution of researchers the last one is full articles It may be of 30-40 pages or even more than that These papers usually published in this category Here also you should have experimental and analytical data Now we will see that if you have written a research article then where exactly you should publish it you have basically two choices conference or journal? we will go one by one first we will see how to select a conference and why to publish in that particular conference first we will discuss who should opt for conference publication Friends if you are working in a new area or if you have many doubts related to your research area or field then you can go for conference because conference is the platform where all the researchers gather at a place to exchange there thoughts in that particular field but still to select conference you should keep in minds two points first one is theme or subject If conference is specialized then only you should prefer it for example if your research area is Materials and the conference title is and if you are attending this conference you will not find many researchers working in you area So you will not get a much benefit in this types of conferences so keep this in mind if it is This types of conferences will benefit you a lot you will learn many things and will get more insights in your area Now the second part you should keep in mind is organizer This is again very important that who have organized the conference Prefer some well known organizization arranged conference like IIT,s, NIT’s, IIM’s etc in India These conferences are having very good journal tie-ups There is a specific methodology for these These conference never directly accept the manuscripts Most probably you should first submit the abstract Then you need to submit the full length paper Then few revisions will be carried out and finally your paper will be accepted So you can think whoever come in this conference with obviously a quality research articles This was regarding paper presentation This is not a paper publication then the phase will come that you need to publish your document Not necessary all conferences publish research articles Few conference do not publish there proceedings Few conferences only publishes the abstracts Standard conferences publishes their proceedings It is basically equivalent to journal Second part is journal publication through conference on conference homepage you will see the tie-up journals There might be written that This is really a good option to publish in quality journals through standard conference But still sometimes you need to again go for revisions those will be minor Because already you had made corrections at the time of submission to the conference Second choice is you can directly publish your document in a journal you are again having two choices paid journals and unpaid journals but I would like to give you an example One student has completed his bachelors from unaided newly formed college where no library facilities are there proper teaching staff is there then you can just imagine the quality of that student and now you can compare the student with one who has completed his bachelors from premium institutes like IITs, NITs in India this difference and quality you will find in paid and unpaid journals you will waste your time money and document if you are publishing it in Paid journal If you are publishing in a paid journal Then you cannot use your own document again and if you are using a part of it then it will be considered as a plagiarism Never publish in non indexed paid journal It has really having no values I would like to convey one more reality

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  1. Hello sir,i am from electrical.will you plz add some journal paper formats so that i could understand it more better

  2. you are wrong about paid journzls..

    comment if journl is SCI INDEXD,



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  4. Thank you sir, for your great effort for this video, please upload more and more videos related to Research work and paper publications and conferences…..really appreciated sir, helped us a lot….

  5. Good explanation about the topic
    Kindly provide me name of scopus articles related to law journal and social science journal in which I can publish my article related ro law and social sciences

  6. Good presentation. However I would like to correct some misconception. 1. Most journals nowadays demand publication charges. Their point is that publication of journals is expensive. While generally good amount of money goes as research grant for a project, why not a small portion is spent for publication, since publication of the research work is part of successful research. Most reputed journals require publication charges. If you make a payment that doesn't mean they will publish your work unless it is of good quality. Nowadays journals receive more papers than they can publish. So they won't compromise on quality. Of course recently many online journals have cropped up. They charge money and publish anything. One should avoid such journals, because they have poor impact factor and hence your paper may get poor citation, even if your work is good. 2. Don't be in a hurry to see that your work gets published as early as possible. If the Journal is good having good impact factor, it is worth waiting a little more. Sometimes some reviewers may not return manuscripts promptly, which may be the main reason for delay. 3. To reduce time of publication please don't revise your manuscripts in a hurry. This may further result in unchecked errors in your manuscripts causing additional delay

  7. Never published in open access journal it has no value. Those that asked processing charge are wake. In IIT we are not allowed to publish any paper that is supposed to paid. Go for Elsevers; Springer; Taylor Francis. These are the most genuine one where you will not ask any amount

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    can we publish a review paper in SCI journal?
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  9. Can also make a video relating to Publication in SCOPUS indexed journal for papers and case studies pertaining Business Management

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  13. We want to publish my paper in scopus paid journal .due to time limit. Please suggest me name of journals. My whtsp number 8005032667.
    Please it's important. Share details and journals name which are scopus index and paid

  14. There are many Scopus and web of science journals who charge money for publishing the article .. and the cost also around 200usd to 500usd… Don't say what you know… Who told you that if you publish a research paper in paid journal.. and who told you that if you publish a paper in unpaid journal then it will not be plagiarized… Any journal from Scopus or web of science or sci indexed will encourage plagiarism free manuscripts only they will consider below 10% plagiarism.. then only the paper will go for review and the concept must be novel though the percentage of plagiarism is about less than 10%… Don't mislead the scholars

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    I m in class 9 and i feels very sad that there is no one to guide me what to do
    As "I DISCOVERED SOMETHING IN THE FIELD OF INFINITE SERIES i proved something very astonishing….."

    I dont know what to do ,how to publish it etc….

    Please help me to do so….

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