How To Quickly Find Profitable Keywords for Your Blog (Beginner’s Guide)

How To Quickly Find Profitable Keywords for Your Blog (Beginner’s Guide)

Hi guys, Harsh here and again I am back with
another video which is going to help you in your blogging, so in this video I am going
to show you how you can find keywords for for blog, so you have just started a blog
or any niche and you have no idea what kind of keyword that you should target, one of
the biggest mistake we do, we actually start writing just random stuff and there is no
continuation and its random topic, so that is, nothing wrong with that approach but if
you are actually blogging for money, where you want traffic and money to power-in, you
have to be very targeted, so one way that I work , I usually at the first of every month,
I make a content plan, I make a list of keywords that I’ll be writing blog posts in the month,
apart from those blogposts which I really like writing about, so that’s a way I do
and in this video I am going to show you how you can find keywords, so you have must gone
thorough google, google keyword tool for keyword research and all but that’s very time consuming
and you have to work a lot, so here we’ll be using a paid tool called SEMRUSH which
is going to be your goldmine for the keywords. so let me show how it’s going to work, very
first thing, lets assume you are in the technology niche, so you have to find out few blogs which
are quite popular in that particular niche, so let’s make use of an example which is
quiet popular. So what I’ll be doing, I’ll type makeuseof dot com and do a search. So
here I could see a report of makeuseof dot com and here I’ll click on full reports,
so this will give me the list of keyword that makeuseof is ranking and keyword that is driving
traffic or money. now depending upon your goal, you could select the keywords that drives
more traffic or that drives more money, when I talk about money that means cost per click
for adword ads, so a good way to do it, click on volume, you could sort the column based
on volume or cost per click, so here you could see drop box, there are ranking at position
8, so since I don’t want to target drop box because it’s a single keyword, I’ll
be looking for long tail keyword because they are easy to rank for so I will track for android
phone, that’s a very good keyword and the cpc is also high, cpc is around $3.41 which
is quite a lot plus 74 thousand keywords search and the keyword trend seems to be like going
down but again, a keyword that you should target because android smartphones are getting
popular. so apart from seeing this report, you have to use your common sense that what
keyword is going to be useful, so you will write a tutorial like ‘ how to track your
android phone” or “5 apps to track android phone’. so you have to plan your content like
that like this, you could see a lot of keywords, search engines for craigslist, you could also
click on I individual links and you could go and see what kinds of content is written
so your target should be write something much better than, so a good idea is checkout for
5-6 blogpost on the same topic, do your research and then start writing, this will help you
to come up with the best content, if possible add a video, if possible, add a slide and
add an image for sure because that is going to be very helpful for you, so this way, you
could find lots of keywords and similarly if you are just writing for AdSense, you can
sort the keyword based on cpc and here you could see the report, so ‘repair water damaged
phone’, a very simple post and clock per click is 69.15 which is like a lots o in a single
click has potential to make really good money for you, so this is one route that you should
always take and the best part, if you look at all the keywords which I sorted via cpc,
they all, most of them are long tail keyword, so in this way, you could generate the keyword
ideas or the content ideas in no time and most of this content is going to be very profitable
for you, so this is one way that I usually do when I’m just planning my content and
pretty much that’s it. so if you still have any question regarding
your content planning or using SEMRUSH, feel free to ask me via comments and I have also
added 14 days free trial link in the description, so you can advantage of that. Thank you for
watching, this is Harsh.

8 thoughts on “How To Quickly Find Profitable Keywords for Your Blog (Beginner’s Guide)

  1. harsh how do u manage to plan ur content as if we have different categories in a single niche. how to keep pace going in all categories?

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