How To Reach Out to a Blogger to Promote Your Videos

How To Reach Out to a Blogger to Promote Your Videos

Today we’re going to talk with
you guys about tips and advice for seeding your content
to blogs with a pro blogger himself. That’s coming up. Our personal bubble is just
a little bit too small, right now. Hey guys, my name
is Tim Schmoyer, and this is Alan Van,
from New Media Rockstars. What’s your role,
and position there? I’m the editor in chief there. And what’s the site all about? What do you guys write about? We write about online
video, lots of YouTube, internet culture, fun things,
funny things, tutorials, et cetera, et cetera. Great site. I read it very regularly. So we want to talk to
you guys about when you seed your content, you
know it’s great to promote it, to send it out to
bloggers, and influencers. And Alan, do you
get a lot of people trying to seed their
content to you? How should they approach
you when they send you those emails, and such? They should approach
bearing gifts. That’s the number one way to get
our attention at NMR, for sure. Complements– we bloggers
are very hungry and starving. We’ll take anything we can get. Our egos are constantly
being squashed, so we love it when
people raise us up. Honestly, though,
I think that when you’re seeding a video,
whatever, I think first, you should know the site. What is the site that
you’re sending it to? What is their tone? How do they cover things? So if you send, I
don’t know, some kind of documentary
video to NMR, we’re probably a little less
likely to cover that. So you guys have like a
little sarcastic type of humor involved, so when they
write you, in the email, the email might be helpful
if it’s a little sarcastic, is that what you’re saying? Content– I think
that what it is, because we get a lot of
emails that are really just kind of like I can
tell that they’re uniform, that you basically send
it out to everybody. Right. You send it to BuzzFeed,
you send it to NMR, you send it out to everything. So you should definitely
address NMR, or whoever you’re wanting to
send it to at NMR. And say hey, I think
you’d love this video because you guys cover funny
videos that have gone viral. You guys covered this my
previous video and this one’s doing even better. So it’s got to be kind of
customized to us, and yeah. I notice like when
people send me emails, they wanted me to plug
and promote their stuff, you can tell from the
copy and paste email, because sometimes like they’ll
have a copy and paste email, but they’ll just change
the first couple sentences. And I can tell because the
font size is different. So a lot of times like when
they copy when they paste it back into another email,
like the font size will be like one point smaller,
or one point larger, or just doesn’t fit right. So just like be genuine, right? Unique emails for each person. Don’t like the copy and
paste thing, just isn’t cool. So anything else they should
do when they approach you? How long should the message
be, how short should it be? Should they include
the URL to the video? Should they just reach
out for a relationship first before even
promoting– what else? You know, honestly, one big
tip and this is like basic, but really, if you’re writing
to New Media Rockstars or whoever you’re
writing to, make sure you spell the
name correctly. Because I get a lot of emails
that are like Dear New Media Rockstars, Dear NMN, or just
something that is completely like oh, what is this? I’m not going to pay
attention to that. But really the email, I think
it should be pretty short, because honestly we go
through so many emails. We get so many submissions
that when it’s long, you just kind of tune out. It’s the same way when
you’re reading articles when you see a ton
of text, you’re probably like oh my gosh,
short attention span! I got to go watch
youtube video right now. So you want to keep it short. You want to the point. You want to know what are
the selling points to NMR, or whatever the publication
is that you’re sending it to. And sell them on that quickly. Obviously don’t spam. I would send the first
email out, and then wait a couple days, a few days
later to send the second one. Obviously, we’re not kind enough
to have an automated system we’re like oh yeah,
we got your email. We saw it, but we’re
just not that interested. Thanks for reading. We just don’t reply,
because we ain’t that great. So if you don’t hear response,
don’t get personally offended. Your next video, if it’s got
something noteworthy, if it’s relevant, it’s timely,
send the video. And obviously, another thing
too, is a lot of people send submissions, and
they’re always like oh, do you want to check this out? I’m not– just put the link
to the video in the email. Put it right there, and
we’ll go check it out. Don’t ask us, because then we
have to reply and be like yes, and who knows what
else there is? One thing that I
found is you got to send– you mentioned
this, relevance– but like if you’re going to
send it to me, for example. Like sending me your comedy
video, or your cooking video, like I’m sure it’s
nice, but like it has to have some sort of
value for the audience, like in my case for video
creators or for his case, people in the industry. Or, just whoever
you’re reaching out to, like the video has to be
relevant to their audience, in order for them to share it. I think like sometimes
too, we get emails and it makes me feel bad,
because they’re always like oh, you have to
check out this video, because we worked really,
really, really hard on it. And to be honest,
you working really, really hard on it is
just not a selling point, because
everybody works really, really hard on their
videos, I hope. So yeah, just like
Tim said, you’ve got to have a selling point. You’ve got to know
who our audience is. You’ve got to know what
our voices are like. And you have to sell
it to us on our terms, on our readers terms. Great. I want to hear from you guys in
the comments below, as always. I know a lot you guys have
been very successful with this, and if you have,
I’d love for you guys to share that wisdom and
insight with the rest of us. Make sure you go check out
New Media Rockstars dot com, I put a link to them in
the description text below. Go check it out. If this is your first time here,
I’d love to have you subscribe. Every week we do tips just like
this just to help you guys out. And then on, let’s see, we
also do YouTube Q&A with you guys on Thursdays. And then on Wednesdays,
YouTube News just to keep you up
to date with what’s happening in the industry. And again, New
Media Rockstars is where I get a lot
of that information, so go check it out. And I will see you
guys again next week. Bye. Remember to send me complements,
even if they’re insincere. I’ll even take those. Alan’s the best.

23 thoughts on “How To Reach Out to a Blogger to Promote Your Videos

  1. Great video. Couple of off video topic questions. Will you do a Patreon full video and also can you ever speak on using pets/animals in your videos? I had my pet lizard at vidcon 2014 and everyone loved it.

  2. Alan is a professional blogger at @NewMediaRockstars and shares some tips on how YouTubers can successfully get bloggers to share your videos with their readers.

  3. i was wondering how to start 'networking' videos for my particular niche as the majority of my subs are 8-12 yr olds.Do you know of any blogs off the top of your head that i could start reaching out to.Just the one site would help a great deal and i could take it from there.I do challenges with my 8 yr old son,rollercoaster ride vids and short comedy skits.Any info Tim would be of great help,cheers : )

  4. This is the one thing I can never be successful at. I just can't find blogs that would care for my content. And when I do, I can't find a way to contact them. It's super frustrating, so I gave up.

  5. Haven't had any success jet wit approaching blogs, so this time I will just follow the advice from Alan from New Media Rockstars (practicing on spelling the right way ;)) and Tim, and I will be reading the comments. After that I'm going to try again! Thanks again for the info.

  6. Awesome video @Tim Schmoyer!! I've always wondered how to go about talking to bloggers…and now I know. Thanks!! 

  7. I want to record pranks for a long time i've started to buy stuff i need i allready have and camera and wireless mic but i don't think i will get noticed so i want to create youtube ad that will be 10$ a week for like few months woud it help and how much if you coud tell me like proxy? msg is long sry :/

  8. Great job boys…. I thoroughly enjoyed the info, especially for a newbie youtuber like me. Mermaid Junkie love….

  9. Great information @Tim Schmoyer great timing for me as well!

    Love the 2014 issues in the background, the girls were walking around and found an open outlet! RUN grab it quick!!!

  10. Hi Tim, thanks for another helpful video.  I'm having a problem selling ads on my videos, and I suspect at least part of the problem is that the ads shown aren't well targeted.  I wonder if there's anything I can do to give YouTube/Google hints about what ads to serve to my audience?  Apologies if you already have a video on this – I couldn't find it.

    PS: Feels wrong to post this off topic question here.  Should I have posted it to your channel commentary or sent a private message instead?  I dunno.  :

  11. This is a great video with a bunch of great advice. We're a company that blends both video creation and promotion of other people's works. I definitely back everything Alan says in this video. Personalizing the email is key. I can tell within the first 5 seconds if an email is tailored to my website or just copied and pasted.

    A couple additional quick tips that I could offer:
    1. A great way for a site, like mine and NewMediaRockstars to get familiar with your name and content is to comment on their website's posts that are thoughtful/engaging. That way, the blogger is already familiar with your name when you email them. Trust me, bloggers read their comments, just like you video creators read your comments.
    2. Follow the submission guidelines that the website lays out, if they have them. If they clearly state on their website to send video submission via a contact form, that's probably what you should do. If they say to include links to their website/social networking accounts, it's probably best that you do.
    3. If they ever make a post about wanting to cover artists/creators/etc., take notice. That's how we actually got cover on the NewMediaRockstars website.
    4. If you read a post on their website and you're an expert on that topic, offer to do a guest blog for them or send them an email offering to yourself to them if they need quotes for any articles they are writing in the future.
    5. If they do end up covering your content/video, be sure to share it with your fans. Coverage is a two way street.

    Sorry for such a long comment, but I hope anyone who has gotten this far has picked up a couple quick tips they can use next time they are looking to get a blogger to write about them!

  12. In this video, Alan constantly talks about emailing him, but on the NMR website the link for submissions just takes you to a chat page which is visible to the public.
    What address should we use to contact NMR properly (and privately)?

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