How to Remove Footer Credit Link In Blogger?

How to Remove Footer Credit Link In Blogger?

what’s up guys welcome back to my
another video this is me umesh shrestha. and today I am going to show you how to
remove footer credit from the blogger when we use third-party blogger template for free these templates usually come with credit link and just deleting the credit
text is not enough to remove the credit link because these templates comes with
encrypted code which automatically generates the credit link again or redirect
to another website. this is a blog I just created for this tutorial the template I used here is downloaded from sora templates dot com for free and here at the bottom of the page you can see a credit link return ads created by sora
templates distributed by goyabi templates yeah and to remove this credit link first of all go to your blogger dashboard and click on theme’ tab at the them tab
you can see edit HTML button click on that once you click a html editor should appper like this now to remove the credit we have to find the code
which is written for this credit so to make search easier
let me check what is written in the footer credit yeah it is written that
created by sora templates and I distributed by goyabi templates
okay now note this and let’s go back to HTML editor and search for created by
okay ctrl + F here search bar will appear like that and write
created by and enter yeah now we found the
code written for credit link now this code div class=jugas_footer_copyright is one which is responsible
for crediting let me check deleting this code will help me or not
for these select the entire division code and press delete now save the theme
and let me check what happens after that yeah here you go
you can see my blog redirects to another website this is sora templates dot come
now to fix the issue I’ll show you two methods now let’s go with first method
before starting first method let me just revert the change we just made
press control+Z or delete and the changes will auto revert right we just deleted
these fries and in these codes okay now what we just need to do is just add a
one line of code not even a line just a word or phrase let’s add the code the
code is style equal to display : none yeah that’s it
this is what we’re just gonna add and just save it once this is saved a left
sick work well with the result yeah this is safe now and let’s go and check what
happens it’s great to back click to the website we just made changes right this
is the website we just changed and okay okay oh yeah now stick to the
footer whether it is saying they’re not here you go
there is no quiet link in the footer yeah that’s it this is the first method
of removing the photo credit link now let me show you the second method before
showing the second method let’s rebirth the changes we just made for first meter
and make the template as it was before controlled it or removed the code we
just added then ultra let me show how to remove the photo link with second method
in the second method we will be removing the footer link or removing the
encryption for right we will remove the encryption code and then we will remove
the footer credit and first of all let’s go and find the exhibit codes quite
different codes with I just put it in the variable right we will just find it
delete the code and put a will be free from credit link right now let’s go to
do this let’s scroll it down and you will find the old like this like this
code we’re good are you still in a variable which is called var underscore
oh one epi nine yeah this is the variable and value stored in this
variable should be removed to remove the increase app now let’s remove this
select all the values and press Delete and once it is really there must be
another cool tool so let’s find another one scroll it down cool and yeah we
found another variable now with the encryption code the variable ETA R
underscore pf4 zero one yeah now let’s remove the Ballou is
thrown in this variable too now let’s remove this completely and
once this is removed let me save this and not just please but we have to do
another one escape now let me go and find the credit link as we did for the
first method let’s find it control f and type created by and once
this is we are found now let’s delete this too now if we
remove this there will no effect in the block because this is not on a redirect
again because we remove the encryption code and once we have done this with
save it and go to view blog and let us wait the stew loaded and yeah once this
is loaded go and check the footwork now here you cannot see the footer with
credit because we just remove it that’s it thanks for watching my video
if this helped do you like and fear if you have any opinion or physician
comment down below and subscribe to my channel for my upcoming videos bye see
you next time

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  1. Great performance that is all u r capable being youtub teacher for tutorials
    all other youtube posts 90% r fake or incomplete but yours are perfect

  2. After delete code var _ my blog loading forever. Plz help decode this template

  3. Does adsense will approve with free template by sora and without removing its credits? If someone know please answer

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