How to Repurpose Content On Multiple Online Platforms – WordPress Blogging Ideas

How to Repurpose Content On Multiple Online Platforms – WordPress Blogging Ideas

– Hello, Amber Vilhauer here, your online business growth expert, and I am excited for today’s
Four-Minute Fast Track video because so many people get frustrated when it comes to producing content because, at the end of the
day, you think what do I do? Everybody’s absorbing content in different ways these days, right? You’ve got some people who
will only listen to podcasts, other people who prefer video, other people who still
prefer text-based blog posts, just like, even in the book world, you have some people, like me, who still prefer to buy a physical book and read the paperback (laughs). And then you have other
people who will read it on Nook, or Kindle, or the audio version. I mean, there are so
many different formats that we have to use for
your content these days. But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It doesn’t have to stress you out. And, in fact, if anything,
it can make your life easier. What about that? Here’s a tip that I do in my
own business from time to time, and I really think, gosh, why am I not doing this more, because
it’s an awesome tip. I usually start by writing a blog post because I just prefer to write, generally. It just seems to flow better,
faster, easier for me. I don’t know, I just really enjoy writing. So, what I’ll do is,
I’ll write a blog post. In fact, I did one that
was about the 12 questions to know if your WordPress
website is secure. And I kind of formatted
it in the way of a quiz, where I asked you 12 different questions, and, based on the answer, yes or no, I gave you sort of a training
description on what to do. For example, are you changing
your passwords once a month? That was the question, and
then the answer would be yes, you should be changing
your passwords once a month. Here’s a good format for that. Here’s what you should do,
here’s how to keep track of it. Then I would move on to the next question, and so on and so forth. So, now I have this
rockin’ awesome blog post, and I’m promoting it
all over social media. But then I thought to myself
I could do more with this. So, I pulled out the video camera, and I recorded a 30-minute
video on the 12 ways to secure your WordPress website. And that was all based
off of, basically, I just, whatever I said in the blog
is what I said in the video. Now I have the text-based blog post that’s gonna be ranked inside of Google. Now I have this video that’s awesome, that’s gonna be going on YouTube, second-largest search
engine in the entire world. So, now that same content
is gonna be displayed in two, in Google and in YouTube, two different search engines, ranking high for those key word phrases. Now, another idea,
fast-forward, something else that I’ve done is, I start
by recording a video. And I’ve got tons of 30-minute, super-deep-dive, crazy-specific, over-the-top-value
training videos on YouTube. And basically what I did is, I would put the video on YouTube. Then I would embed that
video into a blog post. So, I would have the video embedded as my blog post for that week, so I didn’t have to write
a blog post and do a video. I just combined it to save my time. So, I add in the blog
post, embed the video, and I add some extra tags, talking about what I’m gonna be talking about inside of the video because that helps me rank for Google. Then what I did is, I go
on Google, and I type in how to strip the MP3 audio
out of my video on YouTube. And there are converters online, where you add in the
YouTube link to your video, and it will automatically
strip out just the audio, and it will let you download
the MP3 file for that video. Then what you can do is take
the MP3, just the audio file, and boom, you have a podcast now (laughs). It’s amazing! So, now what you can do
is, you can post that audio on iTunes, on Stitcher, on
SoundCloud, you name it. Now you are appealing to all audiences out of that one piece of content. All you had to do is sit
down and create a video. Now you have a blog post,
now you have a podcast, and you have a video. They’re all getting you
traffic from all of these different channels, and it’s
the best use of your time. And you can have a virtual
assistant do most of that legwork for you after you
just record the video. Did you love this tip? It was a goodie. There’s plenty of more
where that came from, which is why you wanna
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when I have future videos released and available for you. And I’m always talking about how to build your online platform, how to market, monetize, and grow your business, so lots of good information
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and we can do the same for you. Until we talk, and until
you watch the next video, just remember no guts, no glory. That’s what our company
name stands for, NGNG. I hope you liked this
video, and I’ll catch ya on the next one, thanks a lot.

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  1. Very handy! I jot down notes for some videos but I find that speaking (such as for a Youtube or Skillshare class) after I've done my research is much easier. I do my research then sort of rehearse it in my head while jotting down notes then later might make the video into a written form. Thank you for amazing information as always! 💜

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