49 thoughts on “How to Seal your Artwork + How to Keep Art Journal Pages from Sticking!

  1. I know a LOT of people struggle with how to seal their work and/or art journal pages, so if you know of any Facebook groups or people who could benefit from this info, feel free to share it! Have an awesome day!

  2. Thank you for your helpful video. All these products are confusing and overwhelming but I've learned a lot are the same type. I so agree with about the expensive products for mixed media journal work. I have a question though, I haven't used Americana brand but I have used every other one mentioned plus the mod podge spray in matte. My problem is after I spray and let dry complete, my pages still stick together. Another YouTuber advised frogger car wax. Have you tried that and does it work?

  3. Thank you for the info. I just ADORE liquitex gloss but that is a personal choice I think. But I will be looking for the deco fixative for the top coat it seems fabulous. Would there be an issue with using fixative that's for hair on artwork? There seems to be lots of opposite comments about this and I'm totally confused lol

  4. Love! But hey – I didn't catch which one is your favorite!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂 You know I'm just teasing you! This was so helpful. I also love "Billy was here" 😂😂 I haven't seen that since grade school! So cute!!

  5. One thing with the Kamar varnish. It will not reactive your alcohol products like alcohol inks, sharpie markers or copics.

  6. Thank you! I was @ Michael’s tonight trying to decide which fixative to get. I left empty handed. Now I can go back with confidence & purchase one! Love your videos. Great sense of humor!

  7. Hairspray can yellow over time, so I wouldn't use as a fixative. Spectrafix is a fixative that can be used safely indoors. It's not a finish coat like you are using on your art. Jason Morgan Wildlife Art did an excellent review of workable fixatives on his channel. He does amazing things with pastels. Thanks for this video Karen. I found the info useful for keeping pages from sticking together.

  8. Great video!! Since taking your classes I’ve used the Americana spray and it works wonderfully. I especially like it on the larger page journals like our cereal box journals we’ve made. Super cool like you❤️❤️. See ya in class💕

  9. You are so awesome❣️ Thank you for all you do, you are not only incredibly talented but incredibly generous as well‼️‼️‼️‼️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Happy New Year

  10. Love this video!!  I love the products too.  The americana, I've used on my polymer clay… I'm going to have to use it with some journals!!  Thanks karen!  btw, I don't see the Mod Podge spray!!  lol  BTW, It stinks to hell and back too!

  11. Oh gosh, I had to laugh so much when that HUGE bottle of MP showed up. Definitely shows your preferred medium there. I use MP too so I get it 😄 Will check out Americana fixitave, thanks! I used Cobra arts (I think the manufacturer was Thalens) spray varnish for a while and for no reason it just leaked out of the bottle and left a horrible sticky stain in my closet. What a pain was that to clean out. Did any of your spray cans just spontaneously started leaking?

  12. How do you work with PanPastels and other products? If I use it as a background color can I use a fixident like spray varnish and then add other products?

  13. WoW I gave up half way through……….sadly the music was so irritating over your voice I could not concentrate on what you were saying. You appeared to be talking louder to compensate. Excellent video idea though……Respect Mandy

  14. Super great info video! I'm so thankful for you! I have the spray you showed last, er, second to last spray…the Rust-Oleum one. I am hoping that one will work okay for me till I use it up, and next time I will get the DecoArt one, for sure! I'm getting ready to play with Mod Podge for the first time 🙂 I love ALL this arty stuff <3 Thank you, Karen, for all you do for the art and craft community! Wishing you a wonderful week <3 ~Stacey EDIT: I guess if my pages stick, I'll get the DecoArt spray sooner….'cause I want zero stick too 😉

  15. Have you ever tried the spray Mod Podge? I thought of getting it after my first attempt at making a journal resulted in a lot of smearing, but I haven't seen anyone use it.

  16. Totally rewatched this video because of my BIG ooopsie last night with massive graphite smears. Tears LOL. I had to cover it and re do it BUT question because you are awesome… so the fixative if I plan on adding to it and then Americana spray to finish or if Im done and nothing else will be added, just Americana?? Its a mixed media canvas but with a graphite face if that makes since. Any help would be amazing because you are the mixed media yoda 😂😂😘

  17. Loved the info! Thank you! Have to agree that the music competed with what you were trying to say and made me a bit insane. No music at all…pleeeze.

  18. Hi Karen. I need a fixative that is really matte and that I can layer or work over in mixed media projects. Am I wording this right?🤷🏻‍♀️ lol. Specially, oxide inks and watercolor. Thanks.

  19. Do you know if this would work for sealing a watercolor that's been painted on canvas? I noticed that the end product looked glossy to me, but still very nice. Maybe gloss would be extra shiny? Thanks!

  20. Same here, what you have to say is interesting and you seem charming but music is so loud it's distracting and giving me a headache. (although the music is nice, just lower the volume)

  21. I know the music is distracting on this video (sorry!) so I've added captions to this video file. To read the captions without sound, simply hit the little "CC" or Closed Captioning symbol on the lower right hand of the screen and then you can turn the sound off and still learn about all the sprays.

  22. im diamond painting and plan on sealing with either tombow aqua glue or decoart triple thick glaze. thing is i want the diamond painting and the mounting c canvas were rf proof? can the Americans be used over this

  23. Hlw…i painted my phone case with acrylic paint….plz suggest me which spray should i use for clear coat or how can i seal it

  24. I have been painting watercolors for over 40 years. I have never used any type of sealer on my art. In 40 years, no problems. To each his own, but beware in investing your hard earned money on something you do not need.

  25. I used sharpies to do art on canvas vans, I’m an amateur, but they came out super good! Now what do I seal it with? I’m afraid I’ve already had bad experience with the UV sealing and it bleed the colors of my designs on one of the shoes…I did a new pair and now I don’t know how to finish with sealing 🤓

  26. Thank you for this information. In Germany we cannot buy the Americana spray. Can you give me a tip, what else I could take for my art journal?

  27. I live in Canada and the americana is $50 on Amazon.ca.. so are all the other ones.. I will drive into the big city and buy it at Michaels. I was wondering if you can really get away with one coat?

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