How to sell Eventbrite tickets on your website with widgets

How to sell Eventbrite tickets on your website with widgets

I send a lot of people to my website to
get info and tickets for my events. By adding one of Eventbrite’s promotional widgets to my site, people can register right there. On your event’s Manage page, just click on “Widgets” under the Invite & Promote section to get started. You’ll have lots of options to choose from.
Let’s break ’em down. The Ticket Form lets attendees select tickets and start registering right on your website. You can also add a button or custom text link that takes people right
to your event page to register and buy tickets. Next, the Event
Page widget adds your entire Eventbrite page, complete
with event details to your site. The Event Calendar is pretty cool too. It displays a calendar and highlights the dates of all your upcoming events. Lastly, the Countdown widget shows a daily
countdown to your event. People can click it to go to your event page
and register on Eventbrite. The next step is to customize the widget and choose a color scheme to match your site. Hit the “Create your widget” button and Eventbrite generates the code for you to copy and paste into your site. Once it’s copied, just paste the code into the HTML for
your website and the widget will appear for people to start registering. Boom.

4 thoughts on “How to sell Eventbrite tickets on your website with widgets

  1. This has now changed though, you don't get all these widgets, and i've now designed my page to support an Event Page widget. Which no longer exists…are these on another subscription tier or do they no longer exist? So if they don't exist i've got to now spend time and money redesigning my website.

  2. There is no full page option that I can find. It's almost like Eventbrite doesn't want people to share the info on WordPress!

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