How to Sell Newspapers, Adopting Children & What Makes a Great Teacher: #AskGaryVee Episode 194

How to Sell Newspapers, Adopting Children & What Makes a Great Teacher: #AskGaryVee Episode 194

– On this episode,
we get back to the cozy confines of the
fishbowl at VaynerMedia. (upbeat hip hop music) – [Gary] You ask questions, and I answer them. This is the #AskGaryVee show. – Hey everybody,
this is Gary Vay-ner-chuk and this is episode 194
of the #AskGaryVee show. It feels good to
do a normal show. We had the whole
show in the weird van. There was a porno vibe. I was weirded out by it. I’d be lying if I wasn’t. And in the London show which was
heavily, thank you Matt, which was heavily, Matt
actually get in here. This is a good opportunity to
actually announce this I was going to announce it. Matt, as many of you know from
watching DailyVee and things of that nature, is elevating within
VaynerMedia and going to our fastest growing
department, along with paid, in the video department. Matt, I love you so much.
– I love you too. – Say goodbye to the
Vayner Nation you’ll not be showing up as much. – Bye guys. It’s good fun.
Take it easy. – But I’m going
to two assistants. Tyler, who’s been
AJ’s assistant. If you haven’t heard AJ made
announcement a couple of weeks ago by the time you see this
or maybe a week ago that he’s actually leaving Vayner
for some health reasons but everything’s okay. You can link up
that Medium, Staphon, for a lot of you that don’t know. What is a big piece of news
is that India has joined the two-person headed
monster Tyler and India, Tindia as I call you guys. India you are now
one of my admins. – It’s true. – What you think about this?
– I’m excited. – You are?
– Yeah. – It’s going well, right?
– Yeah, it’s going well. – It’s intense.
– It’s intense. – Tell them even as close as
you are to me, how intense even DRock only the people Matt, me,
you, Nate and Playa and Phil and Sitomer, the historic
assistants, only we really know how intense it is.
– No, it’s true. – Tell them how
intense it is in there. – It’s so intense. Even writing your content and
talking on the phone and being on the show and everything, I
thought I knew how crazy was, I did not.
– Right. – It’s even crazier. Even if you guys watch every
single episode of DailyVee and you think it’s crazy, you’re
like that’s great, it’s crazier. Times 10 it.
Times 100 it. – I literally wish one day I
could just do a video Staphon where it was just my inbox. Incoming, what’s in there. What they don’t know and one of
the things that I’ll actually say this is a good opportunity
for all the people that watch DailyVee and if you
don’t that’s pissing me off. Is there so much I can’t show because think about
yesterday’s inbox. Whether it’s firing or
making tough decisions or firing clients or politics. Politics not like the
President just our internal. There’s really, the heavy stuff. That I eat for breakfast
because I love the pressure. And so India, I
think it is time, 194? – 194.
– Let’s get into the show. – I just mouthing it. – Ha ha.
Alright, let’s do it. – [India] First
one from Michael. – Guys, I miss you. I missed this normal
seat of the show, we’re kind of fading
out of book promotion. We’re going to be head of heavy
sign up for my YouTube, sign up for my Snapchat. I just recorded a
bunch of you saw this. So Staphon, you’re
putting out London today? Later today.
– [Staphon] Mhmmm. – And so you’ll put this out? – [Staphon] This can come out… – Tomorrow’s what, Friday? Tomorrow, great. A lot of you saw yesterday
that I’m taking over some Snapchat accounts. That’s fun so building
up my Snapchat that’s were going
to be focusing. Let’s do it, India. – [Voiceover] Michael asks, “As
a huge fan and student-teacher, “I’d like to know what you
feel makes a great teacher?” – I think what makes a great
teacher is one that doesn’t impose what they want the
student to learn but the person that actually audits
the student and understands where to point them. A counter puncher, per se, more
so than somebody who’s got a strict blueprint and
whether or not you fit into that blueprint is irrelevant. I, teacher Rick, am going to
make you go down this path and this is what you have to learn
and I think it’s a huge mistake. It’s my biggest problem
with curriculum in traditional schooling. It does not account
for the creative. The over smart the
slightly different. And what it’s trying to do is
to create an 80% of these type of output workers. And the 20% either pro or con
get kind of left along the way. And so I think a
great teacher listens. And a great teacher reacts and
a great teacher deploys empathy and understands there’s other
things can sniff out there’s problems at home if you’re in
the younger years or as an older I feel like I’m a teacher and
I feel like one of the biggest things that I try to say all
the time is I’m just telling you what works for me, please don’t,
I don’t tell you have to work 18 hours a day. I don’t tell you you
have to do anything. I tell you that
this is what works. These are some theories and
use the context around that. I think a teachers need a
lot more listening skills and adjustment to the reality versus
how they were taught or what they’re trying to
accomplish by year’s end. By year’s end, these
23 students are going to know how to do multiplication.
It’s so tactical. It doesn’t feel like a teacher
at all and I question and I push and I prod and I poke and I battle a lot of my
teaching friends of are you just checking
the box for your eight months a year job to get it through to
hit tenure to be in a union that never creates any vulnerability
or are you actually trying to teach these kids? And I hope everyone
understands I’m not pumped I’m not cynical against
teachers. I don’t think teachers, I don’t. I think a lot of times,
sometimes people when they hear micro answers from me think
I’m tough on teachers or this and that nature,
I’m mad at the game. I wish teachers got
paid $400,000 year. I send my kids to private
school I spent a lot of money. I don’t like the system that a
lot of people K-12 have to play within and I think a lot of
those talented teachers could be doing unbelievable things
and I’m so excited show the computer. Not that computer, by the
time it actually happens, I’m so excited actually
it’s probably contact lenses I’m so excited for this. Because so many of the great
teachers in the world won’t have to play within the confines of
the politics of the traditional school system and will teach, be
way more profitable and make a much bigger and this is a big
one make much bigger impact on their students lives. – [Voiceover] Ben asks, “Would
you consider adopting children?” – [India] That is
a real question. – That is a real question, Ben. I sent that you, India, because
of an something on my mind for a long period of time time. And Lizzie would tell you this
is something that I’ve brought up and I think she thinks
I’m joking at times and probably not as much. Somewhere around five or six
years ago I had a real kind of lightning feeling
that I should adopt. That I am exactly the
emotionally strong financially situated person that is
put on earth to adopt. And the truth is when
you’re in a relationship it’s a partnership and so I can’t
impose my will or my wants or my needs on Lizzie without being
completely aligned on it but I have wanted a top to adopt
the last five or six years. It’s something that is
in me and it’s something I think about a lot. I do. I’m fascinated by the
whole thing and I’m very undereducated. I know there’s a huge process. I’m undereducated on
how many kids need it. I’m sure there’s very big
difference in data of Eastern European or Asian kids,
American kids, poor families, minorities,
girls, boys. There’s so many enormously
complicated issues but for me I don’t know there’s something
just in my stomach that feels that I can help that I’m built
for it and it’s been something that’s been in my
mind for a long time. But before all the comments come
in and be like you should get Lizzie to do it.
This is such a personal thing. I know absolutely devastatingly
awful adoption stories. Personally. And so I’ve empathy
for spouses who one wants to and one doesn’t. I don’t think I don’t think I’m
the noble one or the good one. But no question the reason
I sent that to you is it is something that
I’ve wanted to do. And I’ve been curious about why. I think about it
quite a bit actually. Probably two or three times a
year I have a good think on it. It’s been an
interesting pillar for me. One of my best friends, my
best friend growing up, Robbie Turnick was adopted so I
think I’ve been around it and comfortable with
it for a long time. That’s it. Yeah. Have you ever thought about? – [India] Yeah. – But you’re in such a,
you’re not even married yet. You haven’t even
started your own family. You know. And I thought about it my 20s but it got interesting
as I got older. – I think it’s ’cause I know
a lot of adopted kids too. – [Gary] You do, yeah? Yeah, is that right? Staphon? – [Staphon] I haven’t
thought about it much. – You don’t think
about shit, huh? – [Staphon] I do
think about shit– – You’re just a
20-year-old dude. You think about
hooking up and basketball. – I learn from you.
(all laughing) – [India] BSU, BSU, BSU.
– Let’s do it. – [India] From Joshua.
– Joshua. – [India] Basketball.
– I keep it simple. (all laugh) – [Voiceover] Joshua asks “If
you owned a small newspaper, what would you do with it? How would you change how it
delivers news/earns revenue?” – If I own a small newspaper I
would hopefully own one that had big brand equity even
though in a small market. So even if it’s Bethlehem,
Pennsylvania if it’s the Bethlehem Times or
whatever the local paper, actually the Easton Express. Isn’t that their paper
there, the Easton Express? – [Staphon] Oh yeah. – Do you know the
Easton Express though? – [Staphon] Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– There is an Easton Express. So if I owned the Easton Express
that’s a very important thing in that part of Pennsylvania and I
would turn the equity and this is where Jeff Bezos was
brilliant with buying the Washington Post he didn’t
buy it for the print, he bought it for the brand. And to the Easton Express to
that small area of Pennsylvania matters quite a bit for Lehigh
Valley and I would try to make the digital modern version. Today, I would make an app that
is the absolute news app of the moment, notifications driven. I would digitize the IP and try
to milk the print revenue for as long as I could but I would
assume zero print revenue in a 10 year window all IP value being shifted into
something else. Same reasoning 92nd
St. Y is so insane. Do you know how this played out? You know how I talked about
Nintendo at 92nd St. Y and a month later they announce
that they were going to do it. A lot of people
were like you knew? Yes I’m that wired in. CEO of Nintendo’s hitting me up. That’s what I would do. Nintendo smartly finally has
understood that they’re going to take the IP and take it
to the relevant place. That’s what I
would do a newspaper. I would take the IP and I would
take it to and relevant place. I would also create
revenue around event marketing. Instead of taking advertising in
my print, I would take one full page to invest in my
own events business. Like the Fall Festival. And I can use the newspaper and
its awareness to build up this events driven business and every
year in Philipsburg, New Jersey there’d be a Fall Festival
for the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania and New Jersey area
and so I would siphon the waning attention and I would deploy
it into new environments like digital content and other
revenue streams like events. That was tangible and tactical. And really maps to
everything outside. I think of everything in IP
transfer to the modern world, not just the newspaper. So if about a 1980s
cartoon IP, the Wuzzles, – [India] The Wuzzles are back! – I would make a Wuzzles game. – [India]
Question from Alastair. – I like Alastair. – Yeah, he has a cool
setting for you too. – I don’t know Alastair
yet but this is amazing. – Hey GaryVee. So this is Alastair Banks coming
to you from the French Alps. You said you’d like
some new places– – I want to pause right there,
Staphon, cut back I’m so into this. Alastair, thank you so much. Other people have been doing
it. We need to do a good job and make sure I’m also debating
only going to video on the show. This is new thing after episode
200 I’m debating that all five questions are
only in video form. Video is exploding
with Snapchat, Instagram one minute video now. If you haven’t done it I
posted one yesterday, today. And I’m very hot on this. Keep that in mind and let’s keep
the really cool settings going. Alastair is rocking
this. This is cool. – So here’s mine. I run a digital agency in Exeter
in the UK and my question for you is this you have a team of
five or 600 people and you’re very prolific yourself in terms
of the knowledge you have etc. How do you ensure that the
rest of the team is speaking the same language as you
and saying the same things to clients that you would say? Very interested in your answer
and great work with the show. Keep it up. Thanks very much. – Alastair, thank you so much. One of the toughest things to do
here, it scares me to know right now somebody is on the phone
with somebody who has a slightly wrong or off tweak on the one
minute transition of Instagram video or the new Snapchat
messaging or the ability to caption Twitter
posts and pictures now. I’m very, I’m concerned and come
up with emailing the whole team, asking them to watch my content,
I’m going to be doing a recap of my own content and learnings and
thoughts over the last 30 days, we did an internal podcast for
a while. We’re trying a lot of different hacks all hands-on
meetings, break out groups, lunch and learns but the
truth is there’s vulnerability because it’s a human situation. Here’s a big one,
I’m not crippled by them doing the wrong thing. I’m not crippled by Ricky Magoo
right now being on a call with a client and saying the wrong
thing because it just plays itself out meaning either we
have to apologize to the client and say Ricky gave the wrong
advice and that’s the human vulnerability and we can get
fired and things of that nature but I recognize the
inefficiencies in human communications and I own them
and I know that 89.7% of the time we’re 100% on point. 7% of the time we’re doing a
really good job and 3.3% of the job we’re not. I can live with that.
That’s a net-net game. The other day when I said speed
is better than perfection when you’re running a big company the
way you get to 650 instead of 9 is you don’t worry about every
person having everything exactly right plus you need to
leave a little room for them to do their thing. The Mark Evans and the
Katie Hankinson’s and the Matt Seigels of the world,
these are talented people, Steve Babcock, my new
chief creative officer, these are talented people. They need to have
the slight iterations. They’re allowed to
disagree a little bit with me. It’s not called Gary Vaynerchuk. This is VaynerMedia and
VaynerMedia’s a collective of us and so those are two ways
I actually get through that and I think a lot of you can learn
in management and leadership from that answer. – [India] I think you get this
question but I like to throw it in there every once in
a while because I know your answer changes enough. – This is an interesting start. – [India] This is Mark Kaye.
– Mark Kaye. – [Voiceover] Mark asks “What’s
one question nobody has ever asked you that you
really wish they would?” – You’re right, I hate
this question, India. I don’t know. I feel so comfortable bragging
and having my own ego and tooting my own horn because I
think that’s appropriate. I think you should be your
number one fan and as long as you’re balancing it with humility
and I know people will catch you in different moments and
that’s why you think you’re egotistical but as long as your
balanced for yourself the market will
come around to you. Because I’m comfortable I wish
people asked more about that I’m not a marketing guru that
build tens of millions, hundred million dollar
companies, right? But I don’t have to ask
that because I say it. Right? I wish people asked me more
questions about me being a good HR driven CEO and me having a
lot more humility and patience and kindness and empathy than
they are but I don’t need them to ask that question
because I say it. And so I don’t have a want or
need of any question because most people that have want or
need of a question is they want to use somebody else’s question
as is the disguise to brag. It’s why we
created humble bragging. And I think we should
just be more transparent. Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook so
many people love that and they learned and they’ve
been successful and right. Give, give, give
and then ask cleanly. Yet when acting humble
or acting with bravado, they want to mix it.
Humble brag. They want to mix it. They want people to ask
them questions because that’s their opening
to brag a little. My think the way you talk about
yourself and the way you paint a narrative to the world
should follow the jab, jab, jab, right hook. Humility, humility,
humility, ego. Maybe I’m in the jab, jab,
right hook, right hook business and so there’s equal
parts of both. But I think that the reason I’ve
never wanted anybody to ask me a question is because
anything I really want to say I’ll say.
Both pro and con. Somebody left a comment
in the DailyVees of like Gary admits he’s sorry a lot. I guess on the from the
phone calls like sorry team. Sure if you’re going
to amplify your W’s you have to accept your L’s. The reason I don’t I
want anybody to ask me a question, what’s that? – [India] Wins and losses?
– Wins and losses, yes. Thanks for following along. Yeah.
– [India] Wuzzles and– – Wuzzles and lollipops. That’s it?
– [India] That’s everything. It’s fun to be
back in the saddle. Really appreciate you guys. Heading home to episode 200. Really excited to wrap up the
series at episode 200 and focus on
DailyVee and stuff. (all laughing) I love when new people. Question of the day: What is your
current fascination? You keep asking questions,
I’ll keep answering them. (upbeat hip hop music)

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  42. Loved your comments about teachers. I do a lot of training but could never fit in with a "system" as you put it. I work with people as individuals. This really hits home because my granddaughter was diagnosed as mildly autistic. I tell her it's okay to be herself but the school wants to "help" her be mainstreamed.

  43. Gary, you're so awesome man. You answer questions in ways I just can't even anticipate. One day I will learn to think more like you. My current fascination is with education and the observation that nearly every student hates learning, reading, and "work" in general. I'm just keeping it in the back of my mind until I can uncover some solid reasons… I've loved all your little blurbs on educations. I find myself agreeing with your sentiments.

  44. I'm behind and catching up. Where did The Express Times reference pop up from? Born and raised in that area so it's a little funny. Don't forget the Allentown Morning Call. ;)QOTD: Meeting new individuals through Reddit. The wide range of people and backgrounds is really interesting.

  45. I am not a fan of Daily Vee. I listen while I work. I like practical content not entertainment. But I'm a fan for life.

  46. QOTD: VR events. Just started working for a company that hosts virtual events and I'm keen to see the first VR event when VR becomes more popular.

  47. Current fascination: people and how they work though challenges(without technology) together, and how tech can improve the efficiency of that.

  48. Current Fascination = More like Inspiration = GaryVee (not just the man himself, his entire practice) = Life Changing

  49. WHAT IF ON A TRIAL basis you only took questions from Snapchat?..Thank you for the hustle Gary..

    carlossaldivia – Snapchat

  50. Adoption is amazing!!! We adopted our son from South Korea and my husband was adopted from there too. Our son is such a blessing to us as well as our two biological children. It's definitely a must to educate yourself on the whole process and the possible outcomes from different countries and age ranges. Not for the faint of heart or the impatient, that's for sure. We have a very large adoption community where we live. I would honestly say 1 in 10-15 families in our community have adopted children. If Lizzy's on board at some point, i say go for it!! 🙂

  51. QotD:

    My current fascination is with being a firefighter. This has always been a profession on my heart and something I've considered doing. I think that regardless of what I do in life, I'll be a full time/volunteer firefighter for some portion of my life.

  52. I didn’t know much about Belarus. I didn’t even know where it was when I received my placement. After the phone call, I had to look it up on a map.

    “Nobody knows where Belarus is.” Sasha poured a shot of balsam into his plastic cup. He was heavy-handed with the bottle. We were on a train from Minsk, rolling south through the contaminated zone.

    “Especially when I visit America,” he continued. “They have no idea. I tell them I’m from Belarus, and they say ‘Ah yes, Belgium!’ ‘No,’ I say, ‘BEL-A-ROOS.’ ‘Oh right, part of Russia,’ they say…as if they recognize it.”

    “I have this joke,” Sasha tilted the red cup back and forth while he spoke. “I always tell it to foreigners. Want to hear?”

    “Of course,” I answered.

    “Okay. Do you know where Russia is?” he asked.

    “Well, of course,” I smiled.

    “K. Do you know where China is?”


    “Well Russia is between China and Belarus. Ha!”

    He dumped the shot into his laughing mouth.

  53. Current fascination is the brain. I love to see how different people think when we talk about things related to my industry.

  54. Wuzzles… I even spent good ( parent's ) money collecting their stickers… now people collect app characters. Food for thought.

  55. Love the mention of Bethlehem and the Lehigh Valley. I'm curious…you mentioned the Express Times and not the Morning Call. Ironically MCall (the bigger of the two) has recently come out with an app for their "event" publication "Go Guide".
    Q: I own 3 restaurants in The Valley and we do little to no paid advertising outside of Facebook and a local restaurant direct mail mag. Should I explore this mobile app and own a section head for the summer?

  56. I have decided to try as much as possible to answer ever #QOTD while i watch the 194 first episodes.
    #QOTD : Gary, your content is my current fascination.

  57. I am adopted and I just want to thank you for discussing adoption on your show even though it was not necessary at all. Although I recognize it is not for everyone, you may have just encouraged people to think about adopting and that is just plain awesome.

  58. "What's the one question that I wished I were asked but haven't been asked?" It's the question that someone doesn't ask.

  59. Nintendo should and is probably going to make a VR Mario Cart and when that does come out it will be insane!

  60. My current fascination is trying to go through the entire library of #askgaryvee shows from start to finish. I'm getting close only taken me a few months to get this far! I'm glad your slowing down so I can catch up.

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