How to Set up a Travel Journal

How to Set up a Travel Journal

Hi guys! I’m KM and welcome back to my channel.
I finally have a face to face camera set up so I can actually show you my face, rather
than just doing these videos as a voice over. Back in April I went on a really, really lovely
trip to Rome, and I took a travel journal with me.
I’m going to be showing you how I set up the packing lists, and travel maps, and all
the other little bits that I did to help plan the trip.
So without further ado, let’s get to the timelapse tutorial!
So this is a brand new scribbles that matter journal and I’m going to be setting it up
from scratch. The first page is going to be an emergency
contact and health details spread. I’m putting this right at the start of the
journal so that its easy to find should I ever – fingers crossed this doesn’t happen
– get into any trouble when I’m travelling. I’ve broken up the white page by sticking
down some pattern paper and creating an aged background with coffee and watercolour.
At the top of the page I’m drawing out the universal medical alert symbol so that the
page can be recognised no matter where I have travelled.
I’m then drawing out a series of boxes to write my emergency contact and medical information
in different languages. My plan is to fill out the box in the language
of the country I am going to be travelling to, to make it easier for my information to
be understood, but also as a little tracker for the range of countries and their languages
that I have travelled to. For the next few spreads I’m going to be
creating maps to track all of the places I have been to.
The first spread is a full world map. I’ve chosen to print this rather than draw
it by hand, as honestly I would never have managed to draw it accurately.
I’ve then warmed the colour of the page with some more watercolour.
After that I am painting in each of the countries I have travelled to in shades of green, blue
and yellow. My goal is to one day see most of this map
filled in. To add some detail to the page I’m using
these three-dimensional photo stickers and putting them in a little cluster in each corner
of the page. As a lot of these countries on the full world
map are too small for me to paint in, I’m creating a page with a closeup map of Europe,
and a closeup of the UK. These are the areas that I usually travel
in as I’m English, but you might want to chose the areas of the world closer to where
you are. I’ve then added a watercolour background
and I’m going through and painting each of the European countries and UK counties
that I’ve been to. I’ve then added some more travel stickers
to the top of the page to finish it off. The next spread is a staple for any travel
journal, and it’s the travel bucket list. This is a list of all the places and things
you want to do when you travel. I’ve wrote out a heading and added some
pattern paper along the bottom to create a footer.
I’m then drawing out a row of silhouettes for various landmarks around the world to
add some detail to the page. After that, I’ve then added two columns
of boxes that I can tick off when I fulfil the goal that I will write next to it in a
list form. I’m then going back in and finishing off
my landmark footer. On this page I’m setting up the title page
for all of my Rome travel planning spreads. I did lose some footage here, but all I did
was stick down some map pattern paper and draw out a silhouette of the Colosseum.
I’m now using a thick black marker to draw out a silhouette of the pantheon and adding
highlights to that with a whiteout pen. On the opposite page I’m then going ahead
and drawing out a silhouette of St Peter’s Basilica and adding detail again with a whiteout
pen. I’ve drawn out ‘Rome’ for my title and
thickened the vertical sections of the letters to create a handmade, calligraphy sort of
look. Underneath that I’m writing out the dates
of the trip in a silver pen and creating a drop-shadow on the left-hand side of the letters
to add some three-dimensionality. Using the same technique, underneath I have
written out a quote that reads, ‘Rome is the City of echoes, city of illusions and
the city of yearning’. This next page might seem pretty obvious but
it’s essential to any travel journal, and that’s the packing list.
I’ve stuck down some pattern paper and drawn out the title in an open calligraphy style
font. I’ve then drawn two columns of boxes so
that I can tick off item when I’ve packed them.
The first one I’ll tick off when I’ve packed it to go on the trip, and I’ll tick
the second one off when I’ve packed my suitcase up to come back.
I’ve then created some headings for each category of items.
In the corner I’ve stuck down some pattern paper and I’ve drawn a quick illustration
of some vintage suitcases to add some detail to the page.
Last but not least I’m giving the page and aged look with some brown shades.
And then I’m adding some highlights to the suitcases and the title with a whiteout pen.
This double-page spread is going to be for budgeting the trip and keeping track of what
I am spending when I’m out there. On the left page I’m drawing out four boxes.
These will be to write my budget out for the four key areas of travelling – travel or
transport costs, accommodation, food and activities. On the opposite page I’m creating a spread
to keep track of what I’m spending day-to-day to make sure I keep to that budget.
The first column is for the date, the second is for the item or activity bought or returned,
the third is for how much money came in, the next is for how much went out and the final
column is for the total amount that I have left.
Lastly I’m adding some watercolour to the boxes to finish the page.
The next page on the left is for important information such as flight and accommodation
details. I’ve added some pattern paper to break up
the whiteness. I’ve then drawn out two long boxes and given
them headings- the top for flight details, and the bottom one for accommodation details.
I’ve then added two smaller boxes for insurance details and airport transfers.
The page on the right is the last one I’ll be showing you which is much more fun.
This is for all the things I want to see or do, and I’m going to show each of those
with a little line drawing. Thank you for watching this video, if you
liked it please remember to give a thumbs up and subscribe if you want to see more of me. I post regular creative inspiration for you journal or sketchbook. Until next time guys, keep creative!

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  1. Hey Creatives! In this video I'm going to be showing you how to set up a travel journal- these are all of the spreads you will need to help plan your next adventure. What else do you include in your journals to help plan your trips? And let me know where your next adventure is to- I'd love to know all about it 🙂

  2. GAH! It’s so pretty!!! I love the scrapbook feel to it!

    On another note, the video is really professionally done! 😊

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