How to Set up a WordPress Blog – not on your home page

How to Set up a WordPress Blog – not on your home page

Hey y’all welcome to another WordPress
Wednesday. My name is Kori Ashton here in San Antonio, TX at WebTegrity.
It is another awesome WordPress Wednesday where we get to talk about all things
nerdy WordPress. If you’re looking at this video, you’re
probably trying to figure out how to move your blog from being just like your main homepage- kind of move it into some other section of
your website. Sometimes people want to have maybe a business website and just have the blog be a portion of their website. How do you kind of get it off that and
maybe have a link somewhere else? Let’s show you how to do it! This is an easy, quick tutorial
(simple.) I’m going to show you just a template site that I’m playing with right
now. We have the homepage set up to be
(you know) the typical default blog post that comes with
WordPress (the Hello World blog post.) If I had more blog articles they would all
appear down this page. I don’t want to do that. I want to have
like a welcome page here and move my blog into a blog area on the website. The first thing you’ll want to do is
create a page for a homepage. You’ll just ‘add new.’ You can call it “Home” or you can call
it “Welcome” (whatever you’d like to call it.) You would put all of your content here (well if I learned how to spell.)
(laughing) All right. You’d go ahead and publish that. If we go back and look at the front side
of the website though, it’s not going to appear right here because we haven’t told WordPress yet to
(basically) stop being a blog full time. We want to tell WordPress to make this kind of be like a business
website where we have a standard homepage and a blog be a part of the website. Now that we have our welcome page, we can go into ‘settings’ and go to ‘reading.’ Here we have an option. It says “Front
page displays.” Does it display all your latest posts from
your blog? Or would you like it to be a static
page? You’ll select ‘static page.’ From the front page you can choose
your welcome page that you just made. If you’d like to set a blog page, you can do that as well. (Easily) We would have a create a page called
‘Blog’ and set it here. So now we’ve got the homepage set. Let’s go back to pages and click ‘add new’ and we’re just going to title this,
‘Blog.’ We’re not going to put anything inside of
it because it wouldn’t render anyway. Over here on the right side you might have
different options for template depending upon the theme that
you’re using. Okay? Depending upon the theme that you’re using,
this could display your blog differently
depending upon what sort of template you select from here. The particular theme I’m using right now
gives me no options for how the blog could potentially change. It only has a default setting. We would just leave it in default. Go ahead and click ‘Publish’ here. Bouncing back over to ‘settings’, go to ‘reading.’ In that post area we’ll go ahead and
choose blog. If you want you can say how many blog
posts at each time- If you want to read the full article or
just a summary. The summary would be a little bit of an
excerpt with a “read more” option. You can do that. Scroll down-click ‘save changes.’ Go back to the front side of the website
now. Now we have ‘Welcome’ which is our home content. We could put
all the content we want there. We have no link to the blog still. We
have to assign it to appear. If you go into ‘Appearance’ and go to
‘Menus’, you can add your blog into your main navigation (or anywhere for
that matter that you’d like.) Click the ones we want-we’ll say,
‘Welcome’ to the top. Let’s go ahead and change that to say
‘Home’- ‘Blog’ and ‘Contact Us’ and click
“save menu.” Now if we come back to the website and
open it up , we have Home, Blog, Contact Us. If I
click ‘Blog”, WordPress is so smart (it knows)-it
connected those. It will now list every single blog
article that you have running down this page perfectly
(with your latest at the top.) It works perfectly. Just like that y’all! This is for a total beginner. If you’re interested in more videos just
like this, checkout our channel be sure to subscribe right here because every single Wednesday we are
releasing a video just like this to help you. We have almost 200 right now in the
library here on our channel. Go check it out. Give us your feedback and let us know if
we can help you in any way. Have a great one. Bye y’all!

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  1. Love your enthusiasm and happiness. Your energy permeates through the computer 😉 Makes my day.

  2. Love the way you describe how to do things with WordPress, you are clear, concise and make it easier to understand. I have learned a lot from watching your shows and love WordPress Wednesday!

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