How To Setup Discourse On Digital Ocean Build Your Own Forum/Community

How To Setup Discourse On Digital Ocean Build Your Own Forum/Community

hello it’s Paul I want to show you how
to set up your own discourse forum on your website for twenty dollars a month
if you go to discourse and you’ve seen over people recommending it it’s a free
open source platform but it’s it’s a little bit funky to set up at first and
if you use their host and it’s 100 I think it actually works out for it to be
secure for you to have this little green secure on discourse it’ll cost you
hundred twenty dollars a month it’s a really good deal with them
but you don’t need to pay that you can do it on your own for twenty dollars a
month if you come to my website Paul Nicholson comm you’ll see that my main
website is just a forum I didn’t want a website I wanted to just talk to people
and help people out and then I have a blog off the side of it that then points
back to the forum on golf be happy we do it the other way around we have a
wordpress blog with all the golf articles and then the forum off the side
of it where people can talk about golf and then you can link between your forum
and your WordPress site there’s a plugin for that but in this video what I want
to show you is how to set it up in future videos I’ll show you how you can
put Adsense adverts above post below poll so you can put an advert below post
I’ll show you how to allow people to sign up with Google Facebook or Twitter
so you won’t be able to be able to sign up to your forum as fast as possible so
in another in another video I’ll go in more depth of how to set up Google
Facebook Twitter sign ons and and how to edit the header and stuff like this but
in this video we’re just going to get you up and running with discourse we’re
going to use digitalocean this is what they recommend you’ll
probably have come to this video because you’ve seen how to set up discourse on
your own and digitalocean will come up as the first place to host it they’re
going to say you have to use the $20 a month version
to have enough power to to manage and host your your forum so they’re gonna
say it’s got to be $20 a month but you can see 2 Giga memory to CP 2 times CPU
40 SSD 40 gig hard drive and 3 terabyte transfer if you see that vs. 10 gigabyte
of storage you’re going to get 40 with digitalocean
so I’ll put a link in the bottom to digitalocean and I’ll pull link to skip
to where out to start the introduction how to do it right so let’s get started
so when he come to digital ocean if you’ve googled I’ll put a link to this
page how to set up your you discourse forum you these is what this is what
you’re gonna need right you need an email address for an admin account
obviously up gonna be your email address and SMT SMTP credentials to allow
discourse to send email so you’re gonna need to go to your provider and find
your SMTP credentials right I use g3 I will set this all using magic suite
credentials right and I’ll show you how I do it using G suite and I recommend if
you if you’re in business or whatever to use G suite for your emails just because
for simple simply for the spam filter but if you’ve got your own email
provider then you’ll have your own SMTP settings and we’ll talk about that in
other videos if you’re struggling I could create videos to help you get past
that bit and a host name so are you gonna be like me and use it as your main
website or are you gonna be forum dot your website or whatever you need to
decide how you gonna host it away what what the website address is gonna be you
pretty much know all that stuff right so we’re gonna jump right in we’re gonna
create a droplet right so obviously you’re gonna sign up you’re gonna do
email and sign up and everything right I’m already a member so I’m gonna login by actually host to forums on my Ungava
me Happy’s wordpress on there so what i’m gonna do is create a droplet alright
so this is what they’re saying here you’re going to create a droplet
randomly followers it I’m gonna follow the instructions as is Ubuntu is that’ll
bun – I guess it’s programming language and then click one one click apps right
and then you’re gonna click discourse so Ubuntu if I’m saying that right it’s
gonna say $20 version sorry you’re gonna click one click outside up onto things
not to do with it you’re gonna click one click apps and then you’re going to
click discourse right now it’s gonna say everything’s gonna gray out up to the
$20 version saying you’ve got to use a 2008 dollar version which is what I said
wherever you want to host it you know I always think I look at traffic and I
always seem to get more from America so I’m gonna host it in America it’s gonna
be pretty much fast enough everywhere in the world because the way the framework
works so select additional options now they recommend discuss choose size
choose a datacenter select monitoring and we recommend you select monitor in a
free service that will help you for resource usage so it’s going to show you
how much load you taking and sort of stuff like that resources as they say so
we’re gonna click monitoring I would recommend backups that they do once a
week for you because you’re gonna need a backup but I think they charge $2 a
month for that but you don’t after you can change this later you can add or
change it later add a host name for this droplet so you’re going to know so what
I haven’t actually mentioned to work I’m gonna create a forum for my happy domain because I want that to be a
conversation I you know I’ve been through trying to make it a wordpress
thing and tryna create a I I don’t know like a fairy
website where it’s all you know sunshine and rainbows
I wanted the happy me dis forum to be a real discussion for people chasing the
dreams and and wanting to get on and and what to do next so I want it to be a
forum so that’s what I’m gonna use so it’s gonna create the droplet and I’ll
pause you at this moment I’m gonna get an email with some login information and
then we’ll jump back in when I get that email tech maybe I don’t know maybe five
minutes they don’t set log but be back in a second right so it didn’t took more
than a couple of minutes I’ve got my email so here’s my settings here’s my
password I’m going to change it and I’ll change you again after all these videos
so but what is interesting here is this IP address is important which is this
one I’m going to now go back to the continue setting you up so access your
new droplet right so what you’re going to do before you go will the feed to
login drop those by SSH in order to complete
the signup so what you do is you grab this information here root up droplet IP
comm right and if I paste that in there and then copy this information and
change that this is what I’m going to put in so I’m going to open terminal I
go to access applications terminal if you’re doing it on Windows you’ll have
to find out how to get to it I think you do the search terminal and it’ll be an
app on you on your room I don’t have a Windows computer so I don’t really know
what I’m talking about but I did google it and it said I go to search type in
terminal and it’ll come up right so I’m going to paste that in and enter and
that will connect to that so that droplet so are you sure you want to type
in yes password it obviously is this I’ve pasted it and that comes up so
change your password so I pasted it in again now I’m gonna put in my new
password try not to read it out loud Paul which I’ve done in a few videos try
and put it in again right now I’m in so it says like we said
before let me go back to here now it’s gonna ask for if you’re prompted a
password now it’s going to ask for that information up the top there right oh
that we said the prerequisite information email address right so I’m
gonna please at a point in its screen email address host name and details of
SMTP right so I’m gonna put in here it’s gonna be much bigger
I want move it cuz I’ve probably assumed in email address Paul up Paul Nicholson
calm so that was obviously your admin email where we’re gonna host it we’re
gonna host it happy – me calm that’s where this discourse is gonna live
obviously if yours is forum dot or connect dot or or community dark what
you know you you will put in whatever your website’s gonna be SMTP now for me
it is mmm let me just pause a sec okay so this great article on crunchy Phi
this is not the SMTP settings for Gmail if you’re using Gmail or like me G sweet
so I’m gonna copy them because I want to make sure you will need to make sure you
get this bit right and wherever you’re hosting emails from make sure you do
this bit right so I’m gonna that’s why I just pause to make sure I couldn’t
remember if it was real a SMTP or is it is it SMTP relay so real a dart right enter five eight seven and now this is left blank before you
doing this you may need to put in your email and password so this is just a
little bit of a funky bit that you’re going to have to research on your own or
you have to connect contact me and we’ll work it out together but there’s ads are
you’re gonna have to type in a team at your domain comm or info at whatever it
whatever the connection is but for me I leave them both blank right and then it
does it it does it setting up and once it’s finished hopefully you don’t get
any errors if you do there’s an error log that you need to check to see why so
I’m happy it’s gonna keep going I may pause yeah I’ll pause you and I come
back to it when it’s finished it won’t take more than three second okay so II
it did it pretty quick I mean it was probably thirty seconds after I paused
it so what I did then I I jumped back in if you’re using G suis and I don’t wanna
slow this video down if you know if I jump back in and you’re gonna have to
sign into your G suite admin and allow smtp relay on the IP address which is
shown for your droplet for your hosting rights you need to go in and change the
settings to allow this IP address to send emails right so what now is it’s
saying if you go to this IP address on your browser you can finish setting it
up okay so that’s let’s do that so that’s where I just changed my SMTP
relay settings when I go to the IP address I get congratulations register
when it is me example when you drop down your admin should be here so I’m gonna
put in Paul and the password one that I’ll try and remember I don’t
know if I press that then you never know if you’re pressed in it you have to
delete the whole thing so Nate mm oh man I confused myself there because I
started to read you out you know I’m being a complete idiot now sorry about
this somebody HIV nope why don’t you use an app that does it for you I get it but
I have my own theory so hopefully I get the activation email and this is the
important bit if you’ve set up the SMTP properly then you will get the email
when it comes through so while that’s while that’s possibly sending that email
or not what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go to my domain which I’m gonna set up
which is happy me calm these are all the domains and I’m gonna go to the DNS
records of that domain oh for that’s the email yes
so the emails through which means they email was set up correctly click here to
activate your account or no it took me to ah I tell you why it’s done that
because exactly what I was just about to do that
happy – me calm it’s forwarding to my to my domain in the minute so I should have
done this first but it may slow this video down you’re gonna go
let me sorry I’m going a bit jumbled on us so let me you’re gonna go and you’re
gonna if it’s your main website you’re gonna go to the at the hostname is at
the main a record and change it if it’s your forum you’re gonna add something
like this you had a record that says forum I can actually delete that because
that’s an old on right and I’ll show you so your main a record will be either
parked or forwarded or going to a certain website
all I’m gonna do is edit that so the host is at points to is I’m gonna get
rid of the HTTP of course and just put the IP address and then change it so it
picks it up pretty quick on that TTL if though you’re looking at putting it to
forum you’re gonna go add an a record that’s going to be called forum which is
gonna be forum dot happy me calm and then point to the IP address again I
always change this to like six minutes because the lowest thing you can do all
right so now I’ve got forum at 4 sorry a
record forum host is forum but it points to the IP address right clear as mud
that bit we meet you know you need to it I don’t know if it comes in there and
this doesn’t show it in there does it but yeah but that’s what you need to do
is is go in and set up the DNF DNS record for it to point to that IP
address that you’ve been assigned right now let me see if it picks it up so I’m
gonna have to clear some stuff off because it’s still pointing so I’m going
to pause you again and I’ll jump back in and try and make some sense ok so I just
had to clear my browser caches ready to pick up properly so if I go to happy me
calm now it comes back to that set up the the discourse forum right so now
when I go back to this and click this link activate your account what language
do you want to in obviously if you’re speaking a different language there
isn’t an option for Yorkshire happy me I don’t know I didn’t think of this dream
chasing forum right you change all this stuff later how would you describe your
community while discussions for again I’ll just pop up in me dream
chasing for next public or private obviously you can lock it down so that
only people who are members can come in I’m gonna keep this as public email
address for the person or group responsible for the purity user so
that’s obviously web page web people so if you’ve got a separate
website use it but I haven’t so for me calm automate all automated discourse
personal message will be sent from this user such as welcome messages so I would
recommend leaving it assistant because it comes from a no reply email rather
than if you pork if you put my email address if I put my email addresses
sending that click here to sign up they could just reply to that and I’d be
bombarded we email so the better to leave it as system and then it says no
reply the emails are no reply email or to reply to it as you need to go on the
forum and click contact so leave it as system unless you want to change it
next company name it’s happy me company full name is happy me Limited yes that
really is my company name happy me calm so obviously if you’re a separate
company do that default you know your options are that or dark some people
like it dark I prefer the lighter version primary logo I don’t know if I
set this up but again you can change it later so if I go to happy me logo I
haven’t got I’m not sure I’ve got a flat one but lots of other ones right whatever going where we’re going Paul there’s lots of there’s been happy me at
the media it’s a lot this app him he’s been around a while where is it there’s
a the happy me final PNG this one it’s
quite a big one this one so I may change that layer oh yeah that one’s I’ll leave
there are that then this a little square one
so I usually have a up in me final small so that’s gonna put it up in the top
there and the favicon I usually use the same one and then the app for a phone
I’m gonna use the same one again but you could set it up you could change this
stuff later this is not all set in stone stuff is what it’s what’s good with
discourses you can tinker about later how do you want your homepage Dipsy
latest topics I want I liked categories and topics but again it’s tinker herbal
you can change it what set of emojis do you want I mean I have no real
preference I just put Twitter and then invite anybody else who might be in your
organization who runs it you can you know change the regular user or a
moderator and you can go in later and make a madman if you want to but I’m
gonna click Next it’s going to tell me you ever added
anything and that’s it you’re done so here’s my happy me discourse forum all
set up running you know on categorise I can post a new topic
I can change stuff I can edit edit things in here which you’re going to
need to go through and edit basic stuff so I’ll do more videos from this point
in because like I said if I want it to you know I want you to be able to pour
adverse at the top edit that customize this pour put in Google Analytics and
things like that so you can see when people are visiting make it so that when
people log in or sign up there’s a Google login with Google login with
Facebook log in with Twitter but I didn’t see a video that showed just how
easy it was to set up your your discourse forum I’m also going to show
you in another video how to make it secure because at the moment this is
HTTP happy me calm it you need that little you know the secure thing you
tacky people’s email addresses you took your people’s passwords you don’t want
people to drop in on that information so you’ll see on my discourse it’s it’s got
a secure and a HTTPS it’s free to use it’s quite easy to do I will create
another video on how to do it if you come to my website Paul Nicholson comm
and see create your own discourse forum all my videos will be here I was gonna
do a training course on the thing but you know I’d rather get you in and
talking and helping you out and you know up and running and flying me your own
forum get you interacting with your customers and your community you know
and interacting with me hopefully so if you come to political soon calm you’ll
see the category creating your own discourse forum all the videos are gonna
be on there if you watch me on YouTube I’ll put some links below so you can
jump to stuff and now I got a bit sketchy in the middle there cuz I wasn’t
ready with the I forgot that happy happy – me comm was forward into Paul
Nicholson calm but I think you’ll see that it’s not as scary as when you start
seeing these lines are cold it’s not as hard as it seems you’d need to make sure
though you know your SMTP settings because this is the bit that falls down
the first time I tried it I couldn’t get this working properly so find your SMTP
credentials if it’s on GoDaddy or if it’s on G suite or wherever you’re
hosting that email it’s the primary thing that you need to work so just make
sure you get that round you’ll be fine any questions as always answer below or
you know come to my forum and ask the questions because the question you’ve
got will be questions the people have got so we can help everybody out I hope
this helped I hope it wasn’t too Scott I see you all soon thanks for watching

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  1. Lol 😀 Four times to type the password in right. Hi Paul. Do you have a Facebook that we would be able to communicate on? I would like to ask you some questions if possible.

  2. Hi Paul, thank you so much for making this video, my head was spinning with the different options $100 pm on one site and then $20 on the other. You have made it so clear 🙂 – Though I see the discourse hosting at $20 pm and then you show the D-O hosting – are they different platforms or is it all still discourse? -Im setting up teachable too and have a WP site so the single sign on is great 🙂 thanks again buddy

  3. Whats with DigitalOcean? confusing that, its a server I take it? so if I was running my own server with the specs they recommend then I will be okay right?

    Thanks for this video by the way, not many people have made such for Discourse 🙂

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