How To Setup Ghost Blogging Platform on Digital Ocean

How To Setup Ghost Blogging Platform on Digital Ocean

hey this is Michael from simple setup
and today I will be showing you how to install the ghost blogging platform on digital ocean for those of you who
don’t know what ghost its you can check it out at basically it’s a new
blogging platform that started off as a Kickstarter campaign and it is now in
public beta for everybody to check out for this tutorial we assume that you
have a digital ocean account and let’s get started first you want to log into Digital Ocean then you wanna click on Create chocolate
now you wanna entering your hostname I’ll be using simple setup time me and
then you select a server size I’ll be using the 512
signs next unit choose a server close to you are using new york to and then click on
applications and you should see one for Ghost once
you select that free chocolate for the video be speeding up this process so
that you don’t have to wait but once your server setup you’ll see a page like this and up at
the top you should see a surfer address that you can use to access your page so I’ll type that into the URL once it’s loaded you should see your blog with the new ghost install but now we want to set up a user’s so
that we can start writing so go to your address bar and type in backslash ghost backslash sign up and hit enter now all BS to enter and are for name email address and password at the password I believe the minimum
character is eight characters long so once you type
in all the credentials click on sign up and now you should see a dashboard you want to create a new
poster click on your person that top left hand corner give it a title I’ll be writing and writing with logos blogging platform and the cool thing about ghost is you
can write and mark down like you see here on the
left and it will be rendered and the preview
window on the right I’ll put in a short paragraph about how I jest install and ghost blogging platform on my digital ocean account using the 1-click at install and as you can see as I’m typing in on
the left side the preview window on the right side
also updates it is quite awesomesauce some
gonna put that into my blog post and now I want to publish click on the
arrow in the bottom right hand corner and published now now I wanna see the published blog posts
so I’ll click on the logo in the top left and by default it goes to my ghost
blonde dot com because to DNS is not set up but if you go back and click on content you could see the plot twists of their I
will go to the base URL and as you can see the blog post I wrote
earlier is still there clicking on that ghosts link in the top left again we’ll go to
Micah slog dot com because the DNS is not set
up so let’s go set it up at Disha ocean dot
com click on login then click on DNS now at domain I will type in by URL which is simple
setup dot me. then select a droplet and create domain as you can see it says zone file DNS is propagating DNS is usually take
about 20 for it 48 hours to kinda figure things out if you’ve already set your domain name
to pointed digital oceans name servers issued a happen automatically next we’ll have to
change some settings and our actual go set up so click on
droplets then click on the domain name now select
access and consul access and issued give you
access to your server the to the command line you’ll be asked for your login by
default it is rude and your password should be the one that was emailed to
you when you set up your droplet to type that in hit enter and now all be
using the tech center nano to go to forward slash ETEC forward slash genetics forward slash com Watch .de forward slash default die but com hit enter and you should see a file now and we want to change that
server name as you can see the server name is what we saw earlier at my ghosts reblogged dot com we want to change it
to your domain name I’ll be using simple set up
to me and then hit control x2 exit out a nano it yes to see it enter and now we have to change that domain name and one other place sir taken nooo forward slash bar Fort slash WWW for slash ghost forward slash kind big dot JS and hit enter and and now we’ll be going down to a section
that says production which is where r lives who up blog is at so when she gets a production you go to URL and again
change your bill main or their domain from my ghost blog dot
com to your own and domain so I’ll be using
simple setup dot E again hit control X to exit out sense APS it enter now I wanna see if the
website is set up so I will go to www that simple setup dot and all to check if this site is
accessible and no so let’s go back to ditch your
ocean dot com and I let’s try restarting the server so
click on login then go to your server click on access and consul access to get the terminal 1 go to your server again
once the console no setup you on a tight been service space ghost space restart it enter and your ghost server should now restart and I’ll also do service QoS status to
check if the ghosts server is running a good at WWW that simple setup dot and E and my lot now cause a crackly click on the
post and the post comes up correctly as well
clicking on ghost for now I’ll take me to simple setup dot
and E and set up my ghost blood dot com like
it did earlier if you have any questions about
this tutorial please join us in our forums at WWW that simple setup .co if you want to set
up your own ghost account on Disher ocean please use the link below thanks

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  1. Hey Mike, you don't have to wait. As long as your domain registrar is pointing to Digital Ocean's name servers, you should be able to move on and once everything propagates, you should be able to point your browser to your URL and reach your Ghost install on Digital Ocean. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask in our forum on our website.

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