How to Start a Bible Study Journal | Christian Bullet Journal 2019

How to Start a Bible Study Journal | Christian Bullet Journal 2019

How to Start a Bible Study Journal | Christian Bullet Journal 2019 today’s video I’ll show you how I use a
bullet journal to do my Bible study intake sermon notes I bought a new
bullet journal that’s separate from my regular bullet journal came with this
elastic to keep it close and it does have an index in the beginning I bought
it at Walmart and it was about eight dollars it came in several different
colors but I liked purple the best and I think I’m going to do monthly themes for
my Bible bullet journal this month I attempted to do lavender inspired after
Amanda Rachel II but it just it looks weird it looks like something under
water and then you’ll see when I add leaves the leaves look like seaweed but
that’s okay I did include a scripture in the beginning and I think I’m gonna do
that every month try to have a scripture of the month that I will try to memorize
I used to memorize Scripture in the past on a weekly basis and I think that was
too much so one scripture a month is probably what I can handle this calendar
will be a tracker and I’ll fill in the days that I use my Bible bullet journal
so on day that I do some Bible study I’ll fill in the number of the date and
then on the day that I don’t I’ll leave the box blank so hopefully the entire
thing is filled at the end of the month and then I included this gratitude page
just to journal things that I’m grateful for so the way that I’ve been doing it
is I will put the date and then I’ll put a line to kind of separate each date and
recently I’ve been working on the topic of love so it looked up a bunch of
scriptures on love and I’ll start off by writing out the scripture and this helps
because I’m taking a longer time to write it out I’m reading it over and
over and I then begin to take notes on it and break it down and see how I can
apply it to my life and how I can use the scripture on an
everyday basis in my own life I add some decorations and they use
different gel pens actually got a pack of 16 gel pens and they are amazing they
were only four dollars or four or five dollars at Walmart I was going to buy
another one which was I forget a name-brand one for 17 dollars but then I
saw this one with the similar colors and there’s only five dollars and it’s great
so I’m really glad that I bought that instead I think I’ll do a more in depth
video on how I actually do my Bible study in the bullet journal and how I
take sermon notes but for now this is just kind of what I did on this day I
know this is for May but I got really excited and I wanted to start it early
and so I started this in April it’s fine and I think that I like about this
journal is that it comes with two bookmarks so now I’m just erasing the
pencil outline that I created changing up the green on the leaves that’s pretty
much it what I do for my Bible study sermon taking journaling notebook I really like how every month will have
its own theme with color so that when I’m flipping through it I can tell which
month I’m looking at by the colors of that month also sometimes when I don’t
feel like being as creative I just write out scriptures plainly like you see here
in a different pen color and put a marker box around it and that way it
stands out a little bit better and you can just take plain notes in this
notebook don’t feel like you have to be super creative that’s it I hope you
enjoyed this video and thank you for watching

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  1. Cool channel. Cool video!!!! I cant wait to start mine. I've been using my planner but I noticed that I want to journal…. thanks for the inspiration.

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