How to Start a Blog | A Step by Step Beginner’s Guide You Can Download IMMEDIATELY

How to Start a Blog | A Step by Step Beginner’s Guide You Can Download IMMEDIATELY

– Hi ladies, it’s Erin and
welcome back to my channel. If you are new to my channel, welcome, hi. I do upload two new videos, every week, every Wednesday and Fridays, so don’t forget to hit
that Subscribe button, so you get the notifications, and you don’t miss out on any new videos. Today I wanna talk a little bit about a new resource I created
that will help anyone, or any of you, who are
interested in starting a blog. Whether that’s a food blog, a beauty blog, a fashion blog, whatever
your niche might be, I walk you through the
process step-by-step, in great detail, in a PDF
that I created called, the No BS Guide to Starting a Blog. I just had this idea a while
back that I wanted to do this, and I wanted to share all the
information that I’ve learned over the years, four plus years blogging full-time since 2014. This PDF is chockfull of
information about starting a blog. Everything from how to
pick a name for your blog, to how to monetize your blog, to how to take photos for your blog, to how to edit the photos for your blog. I cover everything, all of the basics, and I provide links to resources, and resources that I
recommend based on again, years of experience blogging. So back in 2014, I started blogging and doing YouTube full-time, and I’ve been doing it ever since. So I have four plus years of
experience doing both things, I really wish that I had
this kind of resource when I first started
because this did not exist when I first started, and I really do share
a lot of tips, tricks, secrets to success in this business. And it is a business, and
I know that’s something I do address in the PDF, that often times people may think it’s easy or frivolous, or “I can do that,” and the reality is it is a very time consuming business that you have to have a passion for in order to succeed at. So I wanted to share this
resource with you guys so maybe if you’re thinking
about starting a blog, you’ve had it in the back of your mind, but you haven’t really
known where to start, it’s very overwhelming,
it’s a huge process, this really will walk you
through step-by-step-by-step. Or maybe you know somebody
who wants to start a blog, maybe your daughter, or your
granddaughter, your cousin, whomever, you can share
this resource with them. As far as I know there is
nothing out there like this. I mean, there are similar-ish things, but I haven’t seen anything that’s quite this all-encompassing, in terms of really getting
into the nitty gritty of how you actually start a
blog, and how you monetize it, and how you do all of the steps in order to get it up and running. And not only get it up and running, but then, build a successful business. So I know this isn’t my traditional video, so apologies if you were hoping for some style and fashion tips, but I really wanted to
share this resource. I just hadn’t had the
time to talk about it, it’s been on the website for a while. I have sold a handful of them, but I wanted to share it with you guys because I know that many
of you maybe are interested in starting a blog, or again
you might know somebody who is. Take advantage of this resource, it’s like the most comprehensive,
intensive, consulting session that you could ever possibly have for $99. So it’s $99 per download, I
think it’s an amazing resource. I think it’s a tremendous value, and I think that if you are
serious about starting a blog, or you’ve already started a blog but you don’t know how to monetize it, or build it into a business, I think this is going to be
an invaluable tool for you, and really help you bring your
business to the next level. Or maybe it helps you decide
if you wanna do the business, or bring it to the next
level, maybe it seems like way too much work
after you read the 40 pages. So I wanted to share that with you guys right off the top because
that resource is new, I just hadn’t had the time to discuss it, to share it, and unveil it, so here we are, I’m unveiling it, and I worked very hard on it. It’s been a process,
and it’s finally done, it’s up on the website, so
it’s there if you want it. If you are interested,
if you have questions, you can always email me,
[email protected], and I will try to get back
to you as soon as possible to answer your questions. That is just right on my
homepage,, for you guys to download
if you are interested. A couple of other resources I just wanted to share with you guys that I haven’t had a chance
to talk about yet on YouTube, I did create a Gift
Guides page on my website, and that is full of
different themed gift guides. This year I did it a little differently than I’ve done it in years past. So in years past I’ve done
a magazine style gift guide, which always looks beautiful, but not necessarily the most practical, and not necessarily the most utilized. So instead of putting a lot
of time into that resource, I decided to break them
up into separate guides, and then also focus each
guide on a specific retailer. Because I was just thinking
about the way I shop, and if I’m gonna shop I
wanna buy all of the presents in the same place, so I’m
sure that a lot of you are like that as well, you
want to go to one store, get everything on your list,
and then be done with it. So each guide has a theme,
like either a price theme, like under $100, under $50,
for the men, cozy gifts, lux gifts, and they all are
from a specific retailer. So it should, I hope, make your
shopping easier this season. And then, the other resource
I wanted to share with you all is I also created a Holiday
Shop tab on my homepage, and that has the boutique
style product listings. So if you like to see it all just sorta laid out in front of you, all you do is tap or
click on whatever product you’re interested in
finding out more about. So those are sort of the holiday resources I wanted to share with you, and then also that blogging
guide that I think is awesome because I feel like you know, I really have wanted to talk about this but because I’ve been traveling so much, and had so many things going on. I ran the New York City marathon for those that didn’t
know, I ran the marathon with Chris this year,
we didn’t run together, but we both ran it and we had
a couple of amazing friends to watch the kids while we both ran, and then Chris and I went to Poland on a sort of mini
education Holocaust trip. It’s just been crazy and busy, and between the holidays and Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, and the
marathon and the trip, and everything, I just
haven’t had a chance to like, just talk to you guys about this amazing blogging
guide that I created, and share that with you. And also the holiday stuff that I’m really excited to share as well. Here is just a couple of other reminders, I did do, I know a lot
of you have been asking about holiday party outfit ideas, I did do a video last year I believe, or maybe it was the year before, where I featured 19
holiday party outfit ideas, and I think that’s a
great video to re-watch. If you’re looking for inspiration, I also have created a few blog posts about holiday party outfit ideas. So again, I have my website,
and I have my YouTube channel, so there are different
resources on each of those. So if you head over to the website, and I will put links below
in the description box, I have a bunch of posts on
holiday party outfit ideas. So between those two resources, I think we’re good, I may
do another one this year, do you guys wanna see another
holiday party outfit video? Let me know, I am sort
of in this planning phase for new videos, so I am
definitely looking for new ideas. Another thing that I always do is my year-end favorites videos, I will be doing those again this year. But I will do those in January, so maybe the first few weeks of January you’ll see those year-end
favorites videos. And then also, coming up
I’m doing a ton of giveaways on the website, as well, so I’m doing 12 days
in a row of giveaways, I’m calling it 12 Days of Giveaways. It’s gonna be everything from
like Henri Bendel Jetsetter’s, to gift cards, to jewelry,
whole bunch of stuff. So you may want to subscribe to the blog if you haven’t already, so
you get those notifications. For those of you who
are already subscribed, you’ll definitely get the
emails and you’ll know okay, I can enter into this giveaway. I do wanna surprise you
guys with one last thing, and I’m glad that you’ve
stuck around this long, if you have, congratulations,
I’m about to surprise you. I wanna giveaway a $200 gift card to help you with your holiday shopping, and in order to enter all you’re gonna do is pop over to the website, and this is a little bit
different than a normal giveaway, so in order to enter
you have to do something to pay it forward, or
do some act of kindness towards someone else. So my act of kindness is to
give you guys a $200 gift card, your act of kindness is up to you. I’m not gonna require it
but if you could come back, and then comment in the comment
section below what you did, so that it sparks other ideas, and it inspires everybody
else, that would be wonderful. But essentially, you’re
gonna go to the website, I’ll put a link below,
you’re gonna fill out what act of kindness you
did, and that’s your entry. And then, there are gonna bonus entries, so that you can enter more than just once, but that’s how you enter. So you have to do some act of kindness, or pay it forward in some way, in order to enter this giveaway. So what that is, whether you help somebody with their groceries, you deliver dinner to somebody who just had a baby, you help a frail elderly
woman cross the street, you help a woman in the
store, like someone did for me when kids are freaking out and you help them back to their car. I mean, there’s any number
of things that you could do, but I just thought this
would be so inspirational and wonderful, if we could
all think about the ways that we can pay if forward, and that we can be kind to others, especially this time of year. I feel like it’s just a wonderful thing that we can all do
collectively as a community. So in order to enter the
giveaway for the $200 gift card you’ve got to do an act of kindness. It is an honor system, hopefully you’re not gonna lie
about your act of kindness. And if you could come back to the video, share in the comments what you did, I’d really appreciate that too, because I wanna read these, I wanna be inspired by
what you guys come up with, and what you do. To recap, we’ve got the blogging guide, that is something I created,
it was a huge effort, and it’s chockfull of
very valuable information if you’re interesting in starting a blog, and creating a business as a blogger. Second thing, gift guides on the website. Third, Holiday Shop on the website. Fourth is the giveaway. Thank you so much for watching, do let me know if you have
topics for me coming up, I am definitely in the planning phase, so I would love to hear your ideas. I will see you next time. Bye. (light music)

46 thoughts on “How to Start a Blog | A Step by Step Beginner’s Guide You Can Download IMMEDIATELY

  1. As a photographer, I gifted my services for a local deserving Sr. The school counselor was the one that chose who would get the Sr Session. I try to do this every year.

  2. Thanks for sharing w those who need this info… blogging is the rage… I glean from those who do this. I am not a blogger😉

  3. I gave all the stuff from my closet to a friend who is struggling with 6 kids I know she loved them so much. ( extra to much not enough room trying to do a clean out )

  4. Erin, what a lovely and thoughtful gesture! I love the idea of "paying it forward." I am subscribed to your newsletter and just shared your blogging guide with a friend who wants to start a food blog. A few months ago I facilitated a connection for someone who was looking for work. I was thrilled when she told me the introduction led to a new job. Sometimes it is the small things in life that make a big difference. Thanks again, Erin!

  5. Video idea: How to find quality pieces at local boutiques. I live in a small town and like to support my local economy but sometimes the clothes aren't for me. What are criteria for pieces that will last?

  6. That blazer you're wearing in the first picture on your pdf with the buttons on the sleeves is to die for!!! where is it from!!! Loved this video btw! <3

  7. I spear headed a family to adopt and am dropping off all the gathered items today and I’m donation socks for the homeless:). Please enter me in the giveaway💕

  8. My pay it forward: I live in Thousand Oaks, California. Our area recently experienced a mass shooting and serious fires. I volunteer at a local thrift store. One of our customers was a lady who lost her house in the Woolsey fire. When she came to the register to pay for her items, I gifted her everything for free. She was overwhelmed and started to cry. I can only imagine what she went through and continues to go through in rebuilding her life. Thanks for being a great resource for all of us.

  9. Love your videos! I found you after losing 50lbs and looking for ways to dress my new body, all while in my early 50's. Always find a little encouragement and some great tips.

  10. I take my son to a story time class at the library & this last time we went I saw a little girl and her grandmother who was struggling to put the little girls jacket on because her arm was in a sling. I offered to help her put the jacket on her granddaughter so the little girl wouldn't hurt her by mistake <3, she was very thankful and I was glad to do it.

  11. Hi beautiful Erin !
    Thanks for this video !
    You are so giving that I am so uplifted by your warm presence !
    We just got back from a getaway and what we do especially around the holidays is over tipping the waiters !
    One could not stop thanking us !
    You can be kind in a million ways and this is one of ours !
    Love you !💖💖💖

  12. Great tips! I started my blog and youtube channel on life, home, health and style 3 months ago and so far, so good. These are great tips! It is a much bigger job than I realized, especially since I have a full time job too! But so much fun and helping others is something I have always wanted to do!

  13. That's a great requirement to anter a giveaway – so much cooler than just liking something or subscribing to someone! I'm already thinking about the best act of kindness…

  14. Thank you for doing this. My act is and will continue to be the spaying, neutering, fostering and caring for the feral, abandoned and abused cats and kittens in my neighborhood. I'm just doing my part.

  15. I help the needy with food, housing and utility resources. My latest act of kindness was to keep a glass door that opens to an upward slope from shutting on someone who is handicapped. Glad to have been in the right place at the right time.

  16. I would like to see the most savvy spring wardrobe possible. Shopping off season is where it is at. Isn’t it? Love all your positive vibes.

  17. We do pay it forward adventures with the kids. I want them to know how fortunate they are, trying not to raise entitled little meanies :). Locally in Wisconsin this week is Children's Hospital of Wisconsin's annual toy drive. The kids love to pick out toys to donate. Today after school we are going to donate the toys. They get so much joy from putting those toys in the bins. I get so much joy from seeing that on their sweet little faces. <3

  18. My son and I donate our time to help with sporting events with Special Olympics as well as help with fund raising for the organization. 🙂

  19. My husband and I bought 5 cords of wood for a disabled veteran who lives nearby. We know that he struggles on a very limited income. We live in Northern Maine, and it gets very cold here. This was our way of giving him a warm hug, and thanking him for his service to our wonderful country. ♥ Thank you for what you do, Erin. You really are an inspiration!

  20. Love this! If I may suggest something: you may want to implement some sort of evidence for any future pay-it-forward giveaways you have. Usually youtubers will ask that a video or photo be uploaded on YouTube or Instagram and the youtuber tagged or sent the link so they know the act of kindness has been done. It’s to keep from having to scroll through potentially thousands of written stories, and to show proof that it was actually done. 🙂 ❤️

  21. Your so helpful in every way to women, your amazing and I must say the more I see you in that green outfit (on your blog) the more beautiful it looks xxxx Are your give aways international???

  22. I can't enter your give away as I'm from the UK, but I'd like everyone to do an act of kindness similar to mine anyhow! I work (well volunteer) for a charity that helps homeless, some are tragic stories , some are heroin addicts and some just prefer living outside! In any case all need an ear just kind words. Not preaching for example, you don't tell a drug addict they must get help , these people and all that I've spoken to have clear mental health issues, but sometimes just by listening not judging you can help, if they beg for money don't give unless you wish to with no expectation of how they will spend it, for example the drug addict probably will buy drugs but instead of thinking your an enabler take a step back and think ok he will buy drugs but I've given him the money to, so he hasn't had to commit a crime as he will need the drugs regardless of who gives him the money etc, and drugs is what he most needs now! Maybe tomorrow he will finally see enough he needs help, but now you have stopped a potential crime, you have stopped him becoming very sick with withdrawal, his life has been made a tiny bit easier for the time being as he can relax not panic he needs to get money for drugs etc and as the giver of any monies you can't expect him to spend it how you would wish, what makes your life better doesn't his at the moment, if he buys food don't chose him a sandwich and give him that instead! By doing that your saying I don't trust you and your not capable of closing even what you want to eat! Be an ear if he wants, but be an ear of compassion, he prob hadn't had much of that in his /her life! ,most of all don't judge no matter the persons appearance, no mater if they look drunk or high treat them as you would anyone be polite smile ask if you can help in anyway, treat them as an equal as they are no less a human being than you!!! Show someone less fortunate the world can be a compassionate place and that nobody thinks they are any less important than anyone else, also I do this but it would be nice if we all did, treat animals dogs, cats, insects,birds whatever as you treat humans show kindness and love for them too, I treat my dog and anyone's animal like I treat my children, they are just as precious and I want to know they are fed, warm loved comfy etc, my dog has clean sheets on his bed daily washed toys daily and he eats chldren,beef and mainly what we do,he'd a big Dogue de Bordeaux (turner and hooch dog) called Dave and I treat him as I do any family member, in return he knows he is secure and loved and he is so loyal and soft and sweet , what I'm trying to say though I've rambled on I know is, treat ever one and every living thing with the kindness and compassion you want to receive yourself, expect nothing in return for the feeling in knowing that's what you have done (or do) is the best feeling ever and show everyone from high court judges to beggars on the street the same respect as nobody is a better human than anyone else just had different life experiences and choices , wishing you all Merry Xmas with love xxxxxxx

  23. I keep packages of peanut butter crackers in my car and when weather gets cold I add a basket of gloves, socks and small fleece throws. I hand these out to the people holding signs instead of giving money which won’t go far. The gloves I find at dollar stores and other discount stores. The throws I found for $3. I try to help where I can. I figure if they haven’t eaten at least I’m putting something in their belly. If they stand out there in the cold maybe their hands won’t be so cold. And maybe that throw can give them some warmth. Good for all of you who have paid it forward.

  24. Wish it wasn’t so expensive, $99 is just too much for a guide in my opinion and will be out of reach for most. It looks amazing though and I wish you every success! 🌷

  25. First off I love your hair that way. 2nd you are the best your so encouraging and inspiring I love fashion and you are on point
    And this video is excellent.

  26. Love the pay it forward idea, can't wait to read everyone's story and be inspired to do more this holiday season. I would love to see a video on how to organize my closet and things, you are the queen of organization!

  27. Donated a large amount of money to my local church to help pay for roof repairs. Whenever I donate above and beyond my normal amounts I make sure that large donation stays in the community. This is also the time of year when we go through the house and donate as many things (clothes, furniture, housewares, etc,) to charities such as the Salvation Army.

  28. A great video…I personally feel like we should always pay it forward. Not just at this time of year…but always. No matter what we all can do things that are helpful to others. Great reminder Erin. Congrats on the marathon..a fabulous accomplishment!

  29. I ran a race on Thanksgiving that raised money for the local help center. Thousands of $s we're raised to help people in the small town.

  30. This almost makes me want to start blogging again! 🙂 I paid it forward by "adopting" a 3 year old boy for Christmas. It was so much fun to shop for him and to explain to my kids what we were doing. They were so concerned that he wouldn't be getting anything for Christmas. I hope that little sweetheart has the best Christmas ever.

  31. My husband is a firefighter, and every year the dept takes needy children in the area Christmas shopping. We take a bus, go to Walmart with the kids, and let them pick out toys, clothing, etc. My husband and I love volunteering for this! This year, we also got the name of a needy child from my Sister-in-law, who is a teacher, and are going to buy some things for that child for Christmas. Thank you for all you do, Erin! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!

  32. Such a great idea, Erin! One of my 2018 resolutions was to find something every day to pay it forward. Some days it was more and some days it was just a smile or a well deserved but unexpected "thank you for what you do" to someone. Today I purchased and donated hats, mittens and a couple of children's coats to a local charity. Thanks again for what you do for us! Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

  33. I'm part of a conscious community group, and part of that is a monthly a Seva project that is hosted by one of the group members. The Seva — or service — is anything that resonates with the person hosting that month (blood drive, holiday decorating homes of foster kids, supporting local charities). Recently we've been helping out a family in desperate need get back on their feet. The community has really stepped up here… finding them housing, donating money, diapers, formula and furnishings. This morning I heard someone was taking the husband to the dentist. Everyone does what they can, when they can, no pressure. It's great because we're helping others and we're also cultivating community.

  34. Hi Erin, After reading some of the comments I have decided to think of my problems as a challenge rather than a hardship! Best wishes on your endeavors!

  35. I work in a Title 1 special needs preschool. One of my little guys (4 years old) kept coming in the same clothes so I anonymously bought him some new pants and shirts. Makes me smile when I see him wearing his new things. Thanks so much Erin, love the idea of paying it forward.

  36. Hi Erin,
    I just purchased the PDF and I wasn’t able to put my email address in using lower cases. I received a confirmation from American Express for my payment. I have not received an email from your website. I’m super excited to get started. Thanks so much! -Lisa

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