How To Start A Blog And Make Money

How To Start A Blog And Make Money

Hey guys welcome back to my youtube
channel I’m Natalie and I blog at I am so excited to
share today’s video with you today because I’ve been doing a ton of
research about marketing and blogging and I feel like literally my mind has
just like exploded like I finally get it and I cannot wait to break it down for
you so that you can apply this stuff to your blog too. So if you notice on my
blog I’ve kind of done a mini rebrand I have new photos on there I’ve sort of
changed my message to design your dream life and I’m really really excited for
the next sort of phase of my blog but most importantly because I really want
to help you start your blog build your blog’s design your dream life with money
personal development and online business. So that’s sort of a little intro now
let’s get into the meat of how you can start a blog that makes money. The number one most important thing that you need to do with starting the blog to make
money is know what your end goal is. If you want to build a profitable business
through serving some sort of product or service that is that is amazing and that
is an amazing end goal it is totally different than trying to become a
popular brand and an influencer and they are completely different paths. So
from the beginning know which one you’re headed on and which one you want it’s so
easy and I’m totally guilty of this too right if you go to my blog and you look
at the new pictures that was just solely for myself that’s so self indulgent it
is not going to increase my revenue at all but I did it anyways because I knew
that I wanted to do it. The point is to know that when you’re working on things
like logos and images and kind of like making things prettier it’s really just
for you it doesn’t have any influence whether you make money or not and that’s
just the cold hard truth it’s not just blogging it’s business. You don’t make
money promoting yourself and trying to get famous you make money serving. So
when you are starting your blog of course try to make it look professional
spend some time make a logo just don’t focus all of your time on that. You
really you really do not need to focus too much on building your brand and
trying to get popular if your goal is to make money and turn your blog into a
profitable business. Once you have decided that you want to build a
profitable blog focusing on monetizing your business and not focusing on
becoming a famous online influencer you need to know who you are going to serve.
Your blog is going to make money if you serve an audience. It’s just like
anything else in business right your dentist serves patients your
financial planner serves a certain group of clients your doctor serves patients
your carpet cleaner serves a certain market you know every business serves
someone. Its client service. Now the way that you do that can be totally
different but the point here is that you need to pick a target market it has to
be about your target market and not about you. If you get anything else from
this video just know this you have to pick a target market. If you do this
everything else falls into place. I cannot tell you how much easier
everything else will be now I want to make a point that over time you can have
multiple target markets you can build multiple blogs but when you’re just
starting you want to build a profitable blog you need to know who your market is.
I just did this actually recently and the way I did it was I decided I
really wanted to serve kind of people similar to me you know educated women
in the US or Canada who are kind of interested in designing their dream
lives right through blogging online business personal development and money, but it’s it’s the educated women in their 30s in the US who I want to serve
and it’s very easy for me to choose that group because that’s kind of who I am
but it can be anyone you don’t have to choose who you are but the point is you
have to choose a target niche the more targeted the better. Some people might
even argue that mine isn’t targeted enough but the more targeted your target
customer is who you want to serve the better. I you don’t have any products
yet which you probably don’t if you’re just starting a blog and it’s in your
head it doesn’t matter you still have to choose a target who you want to serve
because all of your blog posts all of the affiliates everything that you do in
the future is going to be aimed at serving this one group of people. So step
one is for you to decide to build a profitable business step two is for you
to decide who you’re going to serve. Step three is going to be for you to
decide what are you going to serve this target audience with it can be with
digital products that you create it can be with your own services like coaching
VA work freelance writing something like that it can be with affiliate products
that’s usually the way to kind of start dabbling you know if you’re a brand new
blogger you’re like I want to make money blogging I think I want to serve this
group of people who’s kind of similar to me but you know I don’t make any money
blogging yet like what do I do what I would suggest is to kind of just have in
your mind kind of manifest ideas of how you want to serve them if you didn’t
have all those obstacles if you didn’t work full-time if you had more time if
you could just create – whatever product you wanted right now. So let’s say you
decide your own digital products and courses well
make a list of things that you’d want to serve your audience with
and then go out and find affiliates that do that or create blog posts reviewing
certain courses or things products that you think your target would want and
that’s why it’s easier to choose a target market that’s similar to you
because you kind of get a sense of what they would want over time if you build
your email list you can just ask them what they want but for right now you
really have to at least have a starting point of what you want to serve your
audience with when you focus on service and serving your target customers
instead of focusing on you know being this popular influencer that is the key
to making money online or offline in business. When you focus on service and
providing value and really helping someone that is when they will pay you
which is totally different than “hi look at me I’m great and I can teach you
something about whatever your blog is about.” Focus on who you’re serving and
what you’re going to serve them with. The fourth step that you need to take for
starting a profitable blog from the beginning is for you to understand what
it takes to sell something. Now you might be thinking well I just want to start a
blog and I just want to make money online and I don’t understand how this
applies the truth is that if you want to make money online in from your blog you
have to get out of the mindset of doing everything about you and for yourself.
It is 100% all about who you’re serving and once you make this switch and really
start to focus on serving your target with whatever you want to serve them
with that they want that you have to offer you will bring in the money. So
here are the things that you need to think about when you’re serving them. First of all there needs to be a market for what you want to sell you know you
might want to give them something and they don’t want it at all. So it might
take a little bit of trial and error but you have your
market and you need to figure out what it is that you’re gonna sell. This can
either be a product or a service well like I already mentioned you know
it can be an affiliate product your own product it can be a service whatever but
it’s something you have to figure out what you’re gonna sell and that is the
market okay you have to look at the market. The
second thing is the message. Now you have to be very clear about your message that
you are giving to your target audience about the product or service. I learned
this from the I Love Marketing the podcast with Joe polish and Dean Jackson as well
as from Brendon Burchard. This amazing analogy that Brendon gives when he’s
talking about delivering the message he says I’m not selling the spatula I’m
selling Thanksgiving dinner. And when I heard that I was like whoa everything
changed for me okay so you know it’s it’s not just about the spatula it’s
about Thanksgiving dinner it’s the story it’s how you deliver and craft the
message so you have to know what it is you’re gonna sell to the market they
have to want to buy it you have to have a clear message that the target audience
that you’re aiming towards actually receives this is why it’s so much easier
to come up with crafting your message once you’ve picked your audience like I
know how to talk to educated women in their 30s because that’s me it’s super
easy like all of the copy on my website just got so much cleaner because I
understand who I’m talking to. The problem I see the most is that people
are trying to kind of be themselves not be themselves be kind of like salesy or
whatever because they don’t know who they’re talking to. When you decide who
you’re talking to you know how to talk to them. You’re gonna talk very
differently if your pitches to your grandma versus to your little sister
versus to your best friend versus to your boss. You have to know who you are
selling to because the you know how to position your message. So again the three things you need to sell it’s the market the message and the
third thing is the medium. This is the delivery system for your message so this
would be like your blog your email list your podcast you know letters in the
mail whatever. But that is just the delivery message the Facebook Instagram
Twitter and when I learned this I thought oh my gosh now I know no matter
what changes happene with Facebook no matter what changes happen with
Pinterest my blog will always be successful because it’s not about the
delivery system it’s about me serving my target audience with whatever they want
me to serve them with that I can provide value to their lives with I’ll give the
right message and if the mediums change if Facebook’s algorithm change at
Pinterest algorithm change I’ll find the next algorithm the next platform to
deliver my message to the right people to. So I hope that this helps you
understand that the Facebook the Pinterest the podcast the blog and all
of these ways of communicating with your target audience it’s just the medium
it’s just how you’re delivering the message. But it’s not the message and
it’s also not the product or service. You have to have a product or service
wrapped up in a message that you’re delivering to your target audience and
you can pick whatever platform that you want to do it on and kind of changes
technology changes. If you want to start a profitable blog focus on what product
or service you eventually want to provide to a specific target market kind
of figure out how to craft a message to them figure out what they want and and
help them serve them and when you do that when you focus on your customers
and serving them instead of on building your brand
and on you you will make money blogging. Okay I will link to my 5 Day Blogging Bootcamp below which is a free training that you can get more of this stuff on
thanks so much bye-bye.

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  1. HI Natalie, I've been doing a lot of reading on blogging the last few days. I have a few youtube channels and want to get into affiliate marketing. I already have the blog and amazon affiliate setup. I'm making a little money but pennies on the dollar. I bought your book just now. Looking forward to it. Steve

  2. Hi Natalie, what is the best way to private message you. I have a business proposition for you regarding blogging. Thanks for your time.

  3. This is so helpful. I’m in your exact target audience and I have blogged on and off for years, but haven’t been able to monetize effectively. Great tips.

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